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Luckily, today you can add a vintage-inspired painting to your space with the help of an easy-to-follow special 50s paint by numbers kit. Ready? Keep on reading to learn more about these fantastic paintings.

Action painting, pop art, and bright colors are evident traits of 1950s and 1960s art. Paintings from this era are characterized by the vintage yet fun vibes that take you through a journey in time to explore the beauty of this world.


50s Paint by Numbers Kit – Pop Art


Art is evolving all the time, and artists use their brushes and other tools to express their time, the challenges they face, and the way the world changes around them. It’s quite easy for an art lover to guess the era an artistic project belongs to, thanks to the elements they incorporate.

Pop Art is a popular art movement that started in the 1950s and became extremely popular in the 1960s, combining elements from art, music, cinema, and fashion that lead to the definition of the Golden Age, where everything was elegant and well-made. It also marked the revolution against the classical norms that were becoming out of fashion and less popular as the world stepped away from classicism.

After World War 2, the world was embracing the freedom movement that traveled across the globe. Reflected in artistic creations, artists become more liberal with their use of colors and created representations of their everyday life while focusing on showing off the sense of fashion that characterized this period.

Pop Art caused a sense of optimism after the war and was combined with the globalization of music and diminished borders between cultures. It was also concerned with mass production and mass culture, which resulted in the creation of multiple artwork projects that everyone fell in love with.


Choose a 50s Paint by Numbers Kit


The same good vibes your parents and grandparents experienced in the past can still be added to your space with the help of a paint by numbers kit that was created to remind you of this special period.

Ledgebay cooperates with some of the most talented artists to provide art lovers with an easy yet foolproof way to create art according to their pace and convenience. The artist will work on an amazing scene and make sure that it incorporates all the needed elements to create a complete artwork project that doesn’t need any addition.

Once the scene is completed, a specialist will create an outlined version of this piece of art and divide it into small parts. Each part is marked with a number that corresponds to a special color. When you fill in the spaces with adequate color, you will be able to recreate a replica of the scene you choose.

Moreover, these art projects can add the needed elegance to a contemporary or modern room, combining elements from the past and present to create an addition to your room. Luckily, there are several paintings to choose from, so you can definitely find something that works for you. Here are some reasons why you should choose a 50’s-inspired paint by numbers kit.


Reasons to Choose a 50’s Inspired Paint by Numbers Kit


  • Finishing your art project won’t take much time. While artists make sure they’re creating a flawless piece, you will only follow the steps of talented artists. All you have to do is follow the guide, and your painting will be ready in no time.
  • Your kit arrives with all the tools you need to finish your art project. There are also framed and unframed versions, so you can hang your painting minutes after it’s finished. You won’t have to worry about buying extra tools because everything will be ready.
  • The result is guaranteed. You won’t have to wonder what your art project will look like. You already have a photo that shows how it will look once it’s completed. Even if you’re confused, you can take a look at the finished photo and see your progress.


Our Best 50’s Paint By Numbers Kit


Looking for a 1950’s-inspired paint by numbers kit? Our artists have created unique paintings to add an elegant sense of vintage to your space.


1. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Scenic Overlook



In this scene, you see people watching the majestic mountain while enjoying the breeze on this mountain road. In the background, we can see the vintage-style cars with their bright colors and classical designs that still appeal to car lovers to this day.

We see a family looking at the tall trees, probably heading somewhere fun where they’re going to spend their vacation. Hanging this painting will definitely remind you of the romantic drives that you probably watched in the 1950s and 1960s. Movies where people didn’t worry so much about time, texting, or checking emails on the spot.

We love how the bright colors add to the simplicity of the background with its neutral hues. The white mountain stands at the back of the photo to create more light. This can be a great addition to an office or a modern-style living room to add the needed balance.


2. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Vacation in The USA



The ancient Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac cars stand in the foreground to draw our attention to this era. We can see the old town in the back with the classical shops and kiosks that people can visit to grab whatever they need to enjoy their vacation.

Below the road, we see the movement of the water in a stream that makes the scene look more vivid. The 50’s vibes are evident from the people’s clothes, as we can see families and couples, all dressed in bright colors as they enjoy their vacation.

We know that the striped umbrellas will definitely remind you of this wonderful era, or probably your childhood. Don’t hesitate to add this painting to your living room or bedroom and enjoy the cool vibes.


3. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Day to Remember



This scene is a clear representation of the movies of the ’50s and ’60s. When people had time to enjoy every moment and boat rides were the norm. When it was quite normal to see a loving couple enjoying their time in peace while rowing their boat.

The painting seems intimate. We see the couple heading somewhere where they will probably swim a little to cool off. The curious dog looks happy, and if you have a pet, they will probably feel intrigued by its presence.

Thanks to the bright colors, this scene will bring a lot of positivity to any room. The different shades of green reflect off the surface of the water, adding more brightness to your space. Think about hanging this painting in your living room or dining room, and it will immediately lighten up the mood.


50s Paint by Numbers Kit – Wrap Up


Our 50’s-inspired paint by numbers kits are trendy. They look great, have bright colors, and add this sense of nostalgia.  Which reminds us of our childhood or people that we are no longer with. Luckily, there are several paintings to choose from, so you’ll definitely find a suitable painting that works for you.

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