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Art Therapy for Dementia – Easy Ways to Get Started


Let’s see the benefits of art therapy for dementia patients and some of the best kits to get started with.

Dementia patients generally find it hard to express themselves. Sitting down and having a conversation with someone is challenging, and what’s even more complicated is keeping their brain engaged in any activity.

That’s where art therapy comes in; it’s used as a relief therapy for dementia patients because it keeps their brains stimulated and their memories awake. Being able to form a picture with a few brush strokes may seem normal to you, but it brings an unrivaled sense of achievement for patients with Alzheimer’s and similar conditions.

All that said, painting can prove hard if you don’t have enough skills. For dementia patients, it’ll be irritating to work their minds and get nothing in result. That’s why paint by number kits are the best and easiest way to start art therapy. They’re easy to follow, but they still keep the brain stimulated.

Art Therapy for Dementia – Benefits

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Paint by numbers kits are magical in a way. On the one hand, they’re easy to follow without putting much stress on your senses. On the other hand, they end up looking great if you follow the instructions, so you gain a sense of achievement without stressing much.

Let’s see what painting by numbers can do for dementia patients.

Art Therapy for Dementia – Brain Stimulation

Dementia patients need to keep their brains constantly engaged to avoid progressive declines. And, it’s not easy to engage a dementia patient because he’s likely old, so he’s not interested in most everyday activities.

Art therapy stimulates the patients’ minds, keeping them engaged in a simple activity that doesn’t cause stress. Besides, it improves cognitive development, which delays the brain’s decline.

Better Memory

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Painting by numbers includes looking at a reference picture and redoing the artwork on the large print. The small act stimulates the patient’s memory, which may bring up past memories. While it won’t have a long-term effect, it’ll improve the short-term memory and keep the patient with a sense of joy.

Art Therapy for Dementia – Room for Creativity

Older people are mostly incapable of expressing their feelings or creativity. For dementia patients, it’s even more challenging because their memory isn’t helping them, and their brain is working against them.

Letting them paint gives them room for creativity. They’ll be free to add the colors they see fit, and they’ll be able to put their thoughts on the canvas. Painting lets them unleash their unexpressed thoughts, and it helps them develop a pattern of thinking, otherwise called cognitive development.

Improved Mood

Feeling lonely or bored has a direct effect on the body’s health, especially in older people with dementia conditions. Feeling down can cause the brain to go into a progressive decline, which is inevitable in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

However, painting lifts the mood significantly and rids the body of stress. Feeling well and happy even for a short amount of time can make a massive difference for dementia patients.

Art Therapy for Dementia Patients – Best Paint by Number Kits

Paint by number kits for dementia patients need to be easy enough for them to follow, but they should give a good result to give them a sense of achievement. With these considerations in mind, we compiled the best kits for art therapy.

Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner Mountain Landscape

Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner Mountain Landscape Painting by Number for Kids Sunset DIY Oil Painting Mountain Scenery Painting Kits Nature Pictures for Living Room House Decor, 16"x20"
  • 【Painting by Numbers Kits】Paint by numbers kit included 1pc pre-printed textured canvas (without framed), 1 set acrylic pigment, 3pcs...
  • 【Easy to Paint】Paint by numbers suitable for all skills levels adults kids. You only match the numbers of the paint and the figures on canvas...
  • 【Quality Canvas】The paint by number is made of high-quality canvas, and even creases can be easily eliminated. The latest color printing is...

The beauty of this painting lies in its simplicity. It only features four or five colors, and they’re easily distinguishable by the eye. On top of that, no blending is required. Each area in the painting is closed on its own without blending onto the other, making painting much more manageable.

The painting is also ideal for dementia patients because it leaves room for creativity. The mountain landscape is unrealistic, which means it can be painted in any color the user prefers. If the patient has a complete acrylic set, he can unleash his creativity and use his own color combination.

The canvas is 16 x 20 inches, making it a perfect artwork to hang on the wall afterward.

Kimily DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults Kids Tulip Paint

Kimily DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults Kids Tulip Paint by Numbers DIY Painting Acrylic Paint by Numbers Painting Kit Home Wall Living Room Bedroom Decoration Pink Tulips
  • 【Release Pressure】- Pink Tulips DIY paint kit suitable for all skills levels, most popular DIY decoration, easy-to-follow instructions, DIY a...
  • 【Unique Gift】- Acrylic paint by number is a perfect gift for parents, lovers, friends, children on birthday, weddings, parties, Christmas...
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This kit from Kimily is incredibly soothing to look at. It features a bunch of tulips in a soft rose color that blends seamlessly against the pale background. The painting is easy to follow because it doesn’t contain many objects. Yet, it’s breath-taking with its overall warm tone.

Like the Mountain Landscape painting, this one leaves room for the user to use different colors. If the painter wants each flower in a different color, the painting will still look magical, giving him a chance to express his ideas on the canvas.

The canvas comes bearing mounting clips in case you want to hang it after it’s done.

Paint By Number Kits for Kids – Beautiful Flowers

Diy oil painting, paint by number kits for kids - Beautiful flowers 20x30cm
  • 3 size high quality painting brushes
  • Using high-quality safe acrylic paints
  • Pre-printed textured art canvas

The Beautiful Flowers painting is originally targeted at kids; that’s why it’d make for a great project for dementia patients. It’s easy to follow, and its colors are vibrant and clear. Painting it will keep the patient’s brain engaged and mood lifted, thanks to the cheerful flowers.

The canvas comes with three brushes in different sizes, along with an acrylic color set and mounting clips. If you’re buying it for someone who loves flowers, you can pair it with the Kimily Tulips canvas as a perfect gift.

iFymei Paint By Numbers for Kids & Adults & Beginner

ifymei Paint by Number for Kids and Adults Beginner, DIY Gift Canvas Painting Kits for Boys and Girls, 16x20 Inch Colorful Cute Dog [Without Frame]
  • ✅ You Can Get - Painting by numbers kit include 1 pc pre-printed textured art canvas (without Framed), 1 set acrylic paints, 1 set...
  • ✅ Diy Oil Painting - This pre-printed textured art painting kit is not finished,which need to paint by yourself and make you feel like a...
  • ✅ Easy To Paint - Paint by numbers suitable for all skills levels adults,beginner, Kids, Student .Follow the instructions, paint by color...

The iFymei paint is pretty soothing to look at. Every detail in the canvas drives a feeling of contentment, starting from the relaxed cat lying on the flower’s stem without worry. Then, there are the three sunflowers that stand proudly facing the wind. The blue sky also adds a sense of calmness to the overall beautiful canvas.

The palette of the painting is refreshing, thanks to the unique mix of warm and cold colors. It’s also relatively easy to paint because there’s not much blending required. However, it’s more challenging than the previous paintings, so it may serve as a nice gift for an old fellow who likes challenges.

Paint by Number Mountains DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner

This painting by Acerich features a mystical forest lined by mountains and topped off by a bright autumn moon. The alignment of trees at the front also adds a sense of mystery to the painting, hiding the lake that’s peeking through the shadows.

The kit only has a couple of colors, with a large chunk of it being black, making it easy for dementia patients to follow. Its areas are also large in case the patient’s hands are shaky.

What makes it a great choice for people with dementia conditions is the ability to change its colors. It features purple mountains, so it’s not realistic per se. If the user wants to change any of its colors, he can do it seamlessly.

Art Therapy for Dementia Patients – Final Thoughts

Art therapy is one of the best natural ways to keep dementia from progressing. It helps the patients stimulate their brains and express their creativity. It also serves as entertainment for old fellows, which is a bonus.

All the kits we listed are easy to follow, and they’re pretty enough to hang on the wall as artwork afterward.

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