Paint by Numbers for Visually Impaired – Top Large Number Kits

Paint by Numbers for Visually Impaired – Top Large Number Kits


Paint by numbers kits aren’t just fun to complete, but they can also offer a great release for the disabled. There are sets designed to suit the visually impaired, which makes the paint by numbers hobby more inclusive.

In this article, we’re reviewing our top 6 paint by numbers for visually impaired individuals. And also sharing tips on how to create the best painting. Let’s get started!


Top 6 Paint by Numbers for Visually Impaired


1. Ledgebay DIY Paint by Numbers Durango the Dinosaur



You can never go wrong with a Ledgebay, and this adorable purple dinosaur is no exception. They’re acrylic masterpieces on high-density, durable canvas. It has been rolled and kept in a more sturdy package to protect its integrity.

Capturing imagination at its loveliest, this entire painting requires very few paint colors to complete. You can pretty much tell apart all the colors from a simple look at the painting. Additionally, the lack of intricate shapes makes it ideal for visually impaired folks to get right.

This kit comes with a 12″ W x 16″ L pre-framed canvas, a set of acrylic paints, and 3 paintbrushes. The fact that the brushes are made of nylon means they’re quite easy to clean.

The included acrylic colors go on beautifully, and the numbers are easy-to-read to help users identify the correct color to use.


2. Paint by Numbers Kit Welcome Home



If you’re looking for a large paint by numbers kit for visually impaired individuals that uses limited colors, then then this DIY kit from Ledgebay may be exactly what you need.

This kit can effectively help you unwind after a busy day by directing your attention to painting its sections. The best part is that once you’re done, you end up creating a stunning beginners view of home with a soothing minimalist approach.

There’s no need for you to mix or blend paint, which makes this kit all the more convenient for visually impaired folks. The included set of acrylic paints has adequate pigmentation to cover the easy-to-see numbers and lines using one coat only.

The Ledgebay Paint by Numbers Kit also comes with a paintbrush set offering 3 different brush sizes to facilitate painting big or small areas with decent precision. With a durable high-density frameless canvas, this paint by numbers kit makes for an elegant gift for beginners of all ages.


3. Princess Ava and Her Kingdom Paint by Numbers Kit



Included in the package is a set of high-quality acrylic paint that’s heavily pigmented and requires no prior blending. It produces more vivid colors on the canvas with a higher-than-average concentration, making it easier to see by visually impaired individuals.

This Ledgebay paint by numbers with large numbers also offers a set of 3 high-stretch paintbrushes made using natural solid wood tenon and tenon structure. They’re strong and will retain their shape for an extended period so you can expect a long-lasting service. The bristles are also made of elastic nylon to let you paint more comfortably.

If you opt for this kit, you get a pre-framed 12 x 16 canvas, featuring clear print so you can easily read the numbers and protect your eyes.


4. Simplicity Vintage Paint By Number Vintage Collectibles



Next up, we have a paint by numbers kit with large numbers from Simplicity Vintage that displays a set of vintage collectibles once you’re done adding colors. The finished still life painting has a size of 14 x 11 inches, which works as a nice frame on your bedroom or hallway wall later on.

This kit comes with a set of high-quality acrylic paints, a pre-printed textured art canvas, one paintbrush, and simple instructions. It’s a good option for painting enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


5. Ledgebay DIY Paint by Numbers – Climber Frog



This kit by Ledgebay is an excellent paint by numbers for visually impaired people. It includes a 16″ W x 20″ L frameless canvas, a set of acrylic paints, and 3 paintbrushes. These brushes are made out of nylon so they’re very easy to clean.

You don’t need to mix or blend paint before coloring in the canvas, which makes this kit more convenient for visually impaired individuals. The included set of acrylic paint offers enough pigmentation to cover the easy-to-see numbers and lines by applying only one coat.

This beautiful painting of an adorable frog comes with 3 different brush sizes to help you paint big or small sections with decent precision. The high-density durable canvas has been rolled and stored in a more sturdy package to protect its integrity.


6. Maomaomi Paint by Numbers Eagle King



Last but not least, we have a majestic eagle painting from Maomaomi. Not only does this large paint by numbers feature rich colors, but it also uses simple, mostly straight lines to paint.

This is one of the best gifts for a visually impaired painter who needs some color therapy. However, make sure you remind them to check the labels on the containers before dipping their brushes to avoid accidentally mixing paints.

This kit comes with premium quality acrylic paints that are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and completely safe to use. It also includes a 16 x12 inches non-crease canvas and 3 unlimited paintbrushes of different sizes.


Paint by Numbers for Visually Impaired – Tips for Applying Color



Now that we presented you with our top paint by numbers for visually impaired people, here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

  1. You should paint the larger sections first, then go smaller as you progress. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll also help you avoid accidental smudging.
  2. Start painting at the top section of the canvas, then move to lower areas as you progress. This will also help you avoid smudges.
  3. While painting, try to fill in all the sections corresponding to the color you’re using before moving using a different color. This will help take away any confusion in terms of the coloring sequence.
  4. Always clean your brush before going in with a different color.
  5. Don’t rush the painting process and allow enough drying time.
  6. Cover the numbers by using multiple layers of paint if the pigmentation is lacking.
  7. Plan the amount of paint you’ll lay down carefully. You should use enough paint to provide good coverage but still try to be as precise as possible. Don’t apply too much paint so you don’t run out of colors mid-painting.
  8. Close the paint cup when not in use. Otherwise, the paint may become too dry to apply.


Paint by Numbers for Visually Impaired – Wrap Up



There you have it, our top 6 paint by numbers for visually impaired individuals that are sure to deliver hours of stress-relieving fun.

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Extra Large Paint by Numbers: Top 5 Kits to Try in 2021

Extra Large Paint by Numbers: Top 5 Kits to Try in 2021


If you feel confident in your paint by number skills, consider trying an extra large canvas. Here’s our top selection of extra large paint by numbers!


1.  TwoSteps Colourful Cat



If you’re a big fan of vivid, bright colors and cats, you’re sure to love this paint by numbers kit by TwoSteps. This image is designed with large, easy to paint shapes, making it suitable for both children and older adults with gradually diminishing eyesight. Even the smallest detail is easy to paint!

This paint by numbers kit comes with finely tipped miniature brushes that allow you to paint small spots and tiny points. The paints are environment-friendly, non-toxic, and don’t dry out even when left uncovered outside. It also has an anti-freezing aspect, which works great for those who are planning to paint in their backyard during colder months.

The Abstract Colourful Cat kit measures 24 x 30 inches, large enough for an eye-catching living room or dining room focal point.





  • Some may run out of paint


2.  SROOD Fiery Dragon



Unleash your inner fantastical creativity with this Srood paint by numbers kit. It depicts a scene that looks like it came straight out of the Game of Thrones novels—a fiery, unstoppable beast turning villages into ashes during a bright, full moon.

This piece of art comes in a massive 41 x17 inches pre-printed textured canvas with easy to follow instructions and lines. The acrylic paint it comes with passed the national quality inspection standard and is 100% non-toxic and odorless. Plus, it’s naturally glossy. No water or blending is required, either!

The brushes are of similar quality, made of high nylon water-absorbent material. Unlike most paint by numbers kits who only give four, Srood provides a total of six differently sized brushes to make painting easier and compensate for the large painting size.

Users took anywhere between a week or two to complete this project and the result is stunning and true to form. Best of all, because the instructions are so clear, people of all ages can partake.



  • High-quality paints and brushes
  • Incredibly detailed
  • Clear numbers and instructions


  • Paint dries easily if left uncovered


3.  COLORWORK Full Moon



The Colorwork paint by numbers Full Moon kit is a thing of beauty. This set contains four 12 x 16-inch canvas that perfectly accentuates the other when set side-by-side. In total, the canvases measure around 32 x 24 inches when hung against the wall.

This paint by number kit is among the most popular sets you can purchase online, and for good reason.

For one, the canvases are perfectly flat and don’t have any creases whatsoever. The acrylic paints have enough pigment to cover the numbers with only one coat, plus they don’t need any mixing or blending to achieve the colors on the original artwork. The brushes are fairly high-quality, too, and come in three different sizes.

This paint by numbers kit isn’t the easiest to complete, but the clear-cut instructions and easy-to-read numbers make it relatively hassle-free and simple. With enough patience and time, you’re sure to bring this stunning scenery to life.



  • Only one coat of paint needed
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Beautiful design
  • Good quality canvas



  • Canvas needs to be flattened as it comes tightly rolled


4.  YXQSED Wooden Framed Lush Tree



This pack of three paint by numbers kits adds a touch of nature to your home. Each frame measures 16 x 20 inches, giving it a total measurement of 48 x 20 inches when placed side-by-side. Furthermore, each image comes with its own wooden frame, making it ideal for home decor.

Along with the three pre-printed canvases, this kit includes three sturdy nylon brushes, a set of bright, acrylic paints, and several hanging hooks. The pre-printed canvases are easy to color and have a relatively decent density.

The paints don’t require water or mixing and can be directly colored into the given images. The brushes are soft and easy-to-use, all of which come in three different sizes.

The image we have here depicts a healthy, all-green forest with the sun rising bright in the background. It perfectly complements a nature or cottage-inspired living room or bedroom.

If you’re not a big fan of the color-scheme provided, you’ll be glad to know that the company provides five different other images, ranging from Van Gogh-inspired Apricot Flowers to Elegant Women.


  • Multiple design options
  • Stunning color schemes
  • High-quality canvases and brushes
  • Wooden frame included



  • Paint may have varying consistencies


5.  Texture of Dreams Personalized Kit



If you’ve always wanted a unique oil painting wall decor for your pet, a loved one, or yourself, you’re sure to love the Texture of Dreams Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit.

As the name suggests, this paint by numbers kit is a customizable kit that allows you to turn your precious memories into a canvas. Simply attach the image you desire on the “custom” tab, select the canvas size you prefer, and submit. In just a few days, you’ll receive your very unique paint by numbers kit to spend an afternoon or two in.

The canvas sizes available range from 12 x 16 inches to 24 x 36 inches. According to the manufacturers, each piece is well-inspected and packaged before shipment to ensure it arrives at your doorstep unharmed.

Along with the canvas designed, this kit comes with a wooden interframe, two high-quality paintbrushes, a line draft memo, and up to 30 different colors.



  • Customizable
  • Good quality materials
  • Incredibly detailed guides



  • Paint may require multiple layers


Extra Large Paint by Numbers – Helpful Tips to Follow


Painting extra-large canvases is time-consuming and challenging. To guarantee your success, make sure to follow these easy steps:


Choose a Clean and Large Work Space


Since you’re going to paint on a relatively large canvas, we highly recommend working in a brightly lit, clean, and spacious environment. Doing so prevents spillage or any accidents that may ruin your work.


Decide on a Color Pattern


There are multiple ways to color a large painting. Some find it easier to color one number at a time to prevent constantly changing and washing brushes. Others recommended starting from the top, the middle, or the background. Choose which pattern is the easiest for you and stick to it until you complete your painting.


It’s Okay to Make Mistakes


Accidentally colored the wrong number? Spilled paint on your canvas? Smudged paint across the image? That’s okay—it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of patience!

Paint by numbers is a relaxing hobby, but mistakes happen all the time. If you happen to paint the wrong number or outside the lines, simply wait for the area to dry and paint over the wrong color. It may require several extra coats, but it’ll have the area covered up as if nothing ever happened.


Extra Large Paint by Numbers – Final Thoughts


Paint by numbers is a creative and relaxing way to spend your free time, regardless of your expertise. It’s a perfect first step for beginners and young children, especially those who are planning to go pro in the future.

All the listed extra-large paint by numbers kits are chosen based on individual reviews, material quality, and overall design. Our personal favorite is the TwoSteps Colourful Cat—what’s yours?

For a complete gallery of all of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!




Paint by Numbers Tram, Trains, and Other Railroad Goodness!

Paint by Numbers Tram, Trains, and Other Railroad Goodness!


Trams are the kinds of transport that evoke childhood memories, also giving a sense of security and predictability. Here’s a list of paint by numbers tram, trains and other railroad goodness, so keep reading!


Paint by Numbers Tram – Ledgebay Rolled Canvas Summit Pass



Ledgebay is known to create some of the most stunning and original paint by numbers kits. Unlike most kits, Ledgebay’s designs are 100% original, while also being licensed exclusively to the company. And best of all, all proceeds directly go to the artist who created the painting!

The Vibrant Color of Summit Pass brilliantly captures the essence of winter, also it features detailed landscapes and cool, vibrant colors, which make it a great focal point and conversation piece.

This kit comes with everything you need to get started, which includes a high-quality wooden easel, a carrying handle, paints, brushes of different sizes, and a full set of instructions. But, if you’re not a big fan of the wooden easel, you can buy a piece that comes without it.



  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • HD photo provided as a reference
  • Good quality wooden frame and canvas



  • Paint is sometimes insufficient


Paint by Numbers Tram – BOSHUN



The Boshun Train paint by numbers is a monochrome piece that evokes feelings of dreariness and gloom. It also depicts the never-ending hustle and bustle of the city, with men and women dressed in 50s-60s clothing awaiting to board the train.

This piece is incredibly detailed and complex. Because it’s primarily painted in hues of black, gray, and white, the Boshun Train gives out an almost Harry Potter vibe.

The acrylic paint set that comes with this painting is highly pigmented, which means it doesn’t require water. Also, the brushes have decent water absorption capacities, which makes them extremely easy to clean.

Similar to the Ledgebay paint by numbers kit, the Boshun Train kit also can be purchased with or without an easel.  Also, detailed instructions are included, which make it an ideal project for anyone of any age to partake in.


  • Strong paint coverage
  • Backup map of numbers included
  • Includes hooks to hang the finished product
  • Limited color palette, keeping it simple and straightforward



  • Some shapes are too small and challenging to fill out


Paint by Numbers Tram – Fuumuui Framed Train Carrying Wood



If you’re looking for a solid yet affordable paint by numbers kit, for instance, you should definitely check out the Fuumuui Train Pre-Printed Canvas.

This piece is bright, cheerful, and warm, as well as incredibly scenic with flowing river banks, autumn trees, and smoking cottages. The grass and foliage are lush and green. The image it represents looks like it came out of a dream—a perfect depiction of a warm, autumn day away from the city’s pollution and rush!

What I like most about this paint by number set is that it’s printed on a high-quality pre-printed canvas with a wooden frame, also the canvas coating itself is completely even and smooth – no bubbles, pinholes, or particles, which guarantees even, clean results. It also comes with three differently sized nylon brushes and a set of healthy and vibrant acrylic paints.



  • Acrylic paints are safe and 100% non-toxic
  • No mixing required
  • Beautiful landscape



  • Paint may thicken over time


Paint by Numbers Tram – Wowdecor Christmas Santa Claus Snowman Train



The Wowdecor Santa Claus Snowman Train isn’t your traditional paint by numbers kit. Instead of paint, tiny diamond-like rhinestone material is used to create a beautifully detailed Santa Claus image. This kit is suitable, for instance, for people who find it difficult to paint incredibly small spaces and those who are not used to painting in general.

This kit includes a painting canvas, also a plastic tray, diamond stitch pen tools, as well as differently colored diamond-cut rhinestone beads. Similar to regular paint by numbers kits, you’ll simply need to place the diamonds on the corresponding symbol of the canvas using the provided pen or tweezers.

The resulting image is a gorgeous depiction of the North Pole, with Santa Claus waving good-bye to Mrs. Claus and his loyal little elves on a gift-filled train. We can assume that Santa is on his way to give presents to thousands of good boys and girls as he does every year!

The Christmas Santa Claus Snowman Train is a lovely art piece that’s especially suitable for Christmas family projects. Additionally, it’s a fun and beautiful Christmas decor addition to your home!



  • Easy-to-see markings
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Clear beginner instructions



  • Rhinestone beads might be a choking hazard
  • Final result may look a bit pixelated


Paint by Numbers Tram – XDXART Big Train



The XDXART Big Train is a great piece for beginners, because it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and safe, high-quality acrylic paints that require no blending or mixing. The design itself is relatively large and kid-friendly, which make it easier for little hands to work on.

Despite its easy-to-follow design, the artwork itself is sufficiently detailed and colorful. The train you see in the picture is painted with blacks, reds, and greens, while the surrounding aspects are vibrant shades of grass-green and sky-blue. It’s a clear, summer day—not a cloud in the sky!

Similar to most paint by numbers kits, for instance, the XDXART Big Train comes with three high-quality paintbrushes and a pre-printed textured art canvas. Additionally, you can purchase this piece with or without a wooden frame.


  • Clear instructions
  • Large, easy-to-fill shapes
  • Vibrant color palette



  • Paint quickly gets dry if left uncovered


Paint by Numbers Tram – HiStone Night Town



The HiStone Night Town Tram is a stunning piece of art that depicts a wet early-90s mid-afternoon. Whether it’s set in London or New York is unknown, but one thing’s for sure: this piece is warm, eye-catching, and gives out feelings of intimacy.

The Night Town Tram is designed and created by professional artists, making it unique as it is beautiful. The details are exceptional and precise to make the painting as true-to-form as possible.


  • Stunning design and detail
  • Vibrant color scheme
  • Easy-to-follow instructions



  • Not the best brushes
  • Paints are sometimes of varying consistency


Paint by Numbers Tram – Kimily Railway Starry Sky



The Kimily Railway Starry Sky is sure to keep you busy all throughout the weekend. First, it’s among the most detailed paint by numbers I’ve come across, and also one of the most beautiful. If you love the serene look of the night sky as much as I do, you’re guaranteed to love this one!

This piece makes me imagine two lovers walking hand-in-hand in an abandoned railway, mesmerized by the vast night sky. Best of all, it’s incredibly detailed. And, as long as you follow the instructions given, expect the end result to be identical if not incredibly similar to the image provided.

The art materials included in this kit are all high-quality, and the paints are non-fading, pigmented, and vivid, so there is no water required. The nylon brushes are smooth and have good water absorption, and the canvas is number marked clearly, which make it easy to fill in. It’s the ideal piece for people who have a bit of experience when it comes to painting.


  • Extremely detailed
  • High-quality paints and brushes



  • Might be difficult for beginner artists


Paint by Numbers Tram – Final Thoughts


Paint by number is a relaxing activity, because it improves your tolerance, patience, and artistry. All the listed trams, trains, and railroad-inspired pieces are picked because of their easy-to-follow instructions, also their beautiful design, and material quality, which means you can’t go wrong with any of them.

A personal favorite of mine is the Ledgebay Rolled Canvas Summit Pass, which is because it’s unique and suitable for all talent levels. Additionally, it comes with high-quality paints and brushes!

To view a complete gallery of all of our high quality paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



Top Paint By Numbers For a Nursery – The 2021 Selection

Top Paint By Numbers For a Nursery – The 2021 Selection


Are you ready to take a look at our top 8 paint by numbers for a nursery?

If you’re running a nursery, chances are you’re constantly looking for fun activities to keep the kids busy and entertained. If that’s the case, why don’t you consider buying paint by numbers kits?

Not only are those art projects a breeze for children to complete, but you’ll also get to decorate the nursery with them. It’s a win-win situation!


The Best 8 Paint By Numbers for a Nursery


According to several studies, engaging in art projects can boost children’s academic, social, and emotional lives. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to introduce drawing and painting to preschoolers in a nursery.

Without further ado, here are our favorite products to consider buying.


1. Climber Frog Paint By Numbers Kit



The first painting on our list is this adorable piece that depicts a frog on a tree branch. The reason why we like it so much is that it’s one of the easiest projects to do, which makes it perfect for beginners.

This picture doesn’t include too many color shades so it won’t confuse little kids. Plus, the color areas are large, giving the children plenty of space and freedom.

The Climber Frog kit comes with three high-quality painting brushes of different sizes, and they’re suitable for small hands. Better yet, the canvas is already framed and ready for use the moment you take it out of the package.


2. Princess Ava and Her Kingdom Paint By Numbers Kit



Kids who are fans of bright colors will probably love working on this picture. This painting combines the colors green and blue along with pastel hues for the background.

Again, what makes this kit so special is that it has simple, large elements to suit younger kids. Also, it should look good on your nursery walls once it’s finished, especially if it matches the place’s color scheme!

With sturdy brushes, pre-printed canvas, and a durable wooden frame, getting this kit can be a great investment.


3. Pink Small Whale Paint By Numbers Kit



Here’s another option that’s a piece of cake to paint for a preschooler. The best thing about it is that it consists of only three colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to finish. Plus, it’s divided into big sections to leave no room for mistakes.

For kids who may be hesitant about creating art, this paint by numbers kit should be a wonderful choice. Because this piece requires minimum effort, coloring it should encourage kids to be more creative.

Once the children master this easy project, you can recommend them more challenging paintings.


4. Welcome Home Paint By Numbers Kit



Some kids can be passionate about home, and vibrant colors. In that case, it’s time that you introduce this pretty painting to your little flowering artists.

Welcome Home has a solid background, and because the painting contains primary colors, and large areas to color, we consider it to be low level of difficulty.

We’re pretty sure that many kids out there are up for the challenge, especially if they’ve painted other projects before. With the easy-to-hold brushes and framed canvas, a lot of children should finish this piece in less than an hour.


5. Durango the Dinosaur Paint By Numbers Kit



What are two things that most children can’t resist? Colors and dinosaurs!

You may want to combine both elements by buying the kids this paint by numbers kit. It shows a cute dino with adorable eyes and polka dots. What makes the painting even more interesting is that it has a mix of colors to capture anyone’s attention.

The kids will most likely be thrilled to paint with green, orange, purple, brown and blue to create this lovely picture. It is low painting level just like the previous painting, and it’s a favorite of many children and adults alike.


6. Daisy the Unicorn Paint By Numbers Kit



A kid who adores animals might also like to paint a unicorn in all sorts of colors. That’s why you should consider buying this painting.

Same as the product before, Ledgebay’s Daisy the Unicorn kit includes the vibrant colors red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and more. Because the color sections are a bit tiny, this painting might require advanced painting skills.

Still, with the help of the perfect-sized brushes, filling these small sections with color should be an easy task. Eventually, you’ll end up with a beautiful painting to enhance your nursery’s aesthetics.


7. Liam the Lion Paint By Numbers Kit



A lot of children show an impressive talent at art at a very young age, so you’ll need to shower them with more challenging paintings. We think that the Ledgebay Liam the Lion kit can be the perfect candidate for this role.

This one is a treat to paint with it’s shades of green and brown. Plus, just looking at the cute lion can give you a sense of calm.

For the artistic kid with advanced skills, this painting should be a welcome gift. Using the high-quality brushes and canvas, he or she should be able to complete it in no time.


8. Colorful Sea Turtle Paint By Numbers Kit



Last but not least, here’s our final pick for the best paint by numbers kit for a nursery. This sea turtle painting can be another great treat for a little artist who likes small details.

Better yet, the picture features a wide array of colors, which many kids will mostly love to work with. They’ll get to explore the vibrant depths of the sea and make the beautiful scene come to life using their paint and brushes.

Another thing we liked about this kit is that it includes non-toxic acrylic paints. Thus, it’s eco-friendly and safe for anyone to use.


Paint By Numbers Dos and Don’ts to Teach the Kids


Once you’ve purchased your favorite paint by numbers kits, it’s time to get to work. But, before you give your little cinnamon rolls some empty canvases to paint on, you may want to offer them a few tips first.


  • Make sure that the table you’re working on is clean
  • Start painting from top to bottom
  • Begin coloring from the top left corner of the canvas if you’re right-handed and vice versa
  • Color the background first
  • Close the paint pot lid after use so that the color won’t dry



  • Don’t worry about replacing one color with another
  • Do not use up all the paint before the entire painting is done
  • Don’t forget to clean your brushes after use
  • Remember not to apply a huge amount of paint to the canvas so not to cause smudges


Final Words


One of the best experiences in life is to watch kids play, only beatable by monitoring them being creative. To increase the children’s sense of art, it’s always a good idea to invest in the top paint by numbers for a nursery.

You’ll also end up with a bonus since you’ll have many art pieces to decorate every room in the place. Pretty cool, right?

To view a complete selection of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



Types of Canvas for Painting – An Overview

Types of Canvas for Painting – An Overview


Not all canvas are created equal. These types of canvas for painting are the most common on the market and in the paint by numbers kits:

Do you know that the very first canvases were worth a fortune? In today’s money, a medium-sized canvas could cost around $1500. Still, artists bought it and used it to create timeless works.

That was around the 16th century when the norm was painting on hardwood. That medium was perfect for oils, but it was quite heavy, and there were clear limits to how large the painting could be. That’s why canvas quickly gained popularity, and it’s still the preferred medium for most artists.


The Basic Types of Canvas for Painting


There are five basic types of canvas that you’d readily find in art stores. Most artists dabble with a bunch of these varieties depending on the kind of work they’re doing. For example, they’d use a fine brand of linen canvas for a commissioned painting, while canvas paper would be their medium of choice for an outdoor study.

Let’s get into the details of what characterizes each type of canvas, and what’s the best way to use it.


1. Cotton ‘Duck’ Canvas



This type of canvas is the most popular and versatile among artists, in particular, the 12 oz primed variety. It’s a heavy fabric with a visible texture and relatively flexible nature. It’s not difficult to stretch on a frame, and it lends itself nicely to various kinds of priming.

Cotton Duck canvas is available in various weights, weaves, and formats. Plus, it’s easy on the pocket and not at all hard to find. Some artists buy it wholesale from fabric stores, then prime it as they prefer.

This might be a bit too complicated for other artists who aren’t too keen on cutting and prepping. They would rather work on a previously primed canvas. Hobbyists naturally share the same sentiments and prefer getting a canvas they can use right away.

There are also framed canvases, and these encourage even more people to start painting. Hobbyists who enjoy paint by number kits often use this type of canvas as well. It usually comes with the package, and even if they download patterns online and buy the supplies separately, it’s often a good choice.

By the way, this type of cotton has nothing to do with ducks, and the word comes from the Dutch word ‘doek’, which means cloth or fabric.


2. Italian Poly-Cotton Canvas



This type of canvas is made for detailed paintings where the hard texture isn’t too suitable. It’s perfect for portraits, soft landscapes, and other works where a smooth surface is needed. Italian poly-cotton is a fabric that’s finely woven to the point that you can’t discern the grain in its super-fine varieties.

This canvas usually has a bit of polyester mixed with cotton, which gives the fabric higher flexibility. It’s known to retain its shape more than the cotton duck which becomes a little loose after a while.

This blended canvas doesn’t come cheap, and that’s one of the main reasons that it’s not too widespread. In addition, the extra fine texture isn’t always desired. Many artists like the grainy textured surface of the cotton duck canvas, and they employ its effects well in their paintings.

Moreover, the roughness of the cotton duck canvas can be tamed by applying several layers of gesso and sanding the surface after each layer. It wouldn’t be as smooth as the polycotton though.

The Italian poly-cotton canvas is thus a niche fabric that appeals more to professional artists than enthusiasts or hobbyists. It’s certainly a beautiful weave that adds glam and elegance to artworks.


3. Linen Canvas



Linen or flax canvas is among the oldest fabrics used in making canvases. Interestingly, linseed oil which is the base of oil paints is extracted from the same plant. This material has proved its durability and stability through the thousands of masterpieces in museums. These paintings have already lasted for hundreds of years, and still, look great.

Linen is characterized by its fine threads and tight weave. It’s a stable strong fabric that wouldn’t warp, relax, or shrink after use. However, it’s a bit difficult to stretch on a frame.

It’s a textured fabric with a naturally dark color. Priming and prepping this canvas changes that base color into a white surface. You can further tint it with a suitable ground to compliment your subject matter.

This canvas doesn’t come cheap, and it’s a medium that adds value to any painting. There are three well-known brands that make exceptional linen canvases, which are Claessens, Belle Arti, and Artfix. The first one is Belgian and it’s more popular with professional artists than the latter types.


4. Watercolor Canvas



This type of canvas is often made from 100% tight weave, but it’s different from the kind that’s prepped for oils. It has a higher affinity for water, supports the diffusion of color, and it doesn’t absorb the paints excessively to the point that they look flat or dull.

A watercolor canvas is also suitable for gouache and tempera. Some varieties are also primed for pastel and acrylic work. These canvases come in a variety of forms, weights, and thicknesses. You can even buy them framed if you like.

The heavy-weight pure cotton varieties are often the best kinds, so it’s expected to find a hefty price tag attached to them. And that naturally increases if the canvas is prepped with gesso.


5. Paper Canvas



This isn’t a canvas in the traditional understanding of that kind of fabric. Paper canvas is often made from heavy-weight paper that’s textured like a canvas. It comes at an affordable price, and usually, you can get a glue-bound tablet of sheets that you can take anywhere.

A paper canvas can be primed for oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, or it could be a general usage medium. It’s best suited for outdoor sketches, Plein air studies, or simply for practicing different painting techniques.

Most students and hobbyists are well acquainted with this type of canvas. It has the same feel of cotton or linen canvas, but it’s much easier on the pocket. It thus encourages beginners to experiment with styles and colors without a costly investment in supplies.


How to Choose the Right Types of Canvas for Painting?


As you browse through the multitude of canvases in art stores, you might become a little giddy with all the varieties on display. To narrow down your choices a bit, you might want to consider the following points:

  • What is the medium you are using? Canvases are often designed specifically for different types of paint. A canvas primed for oils is very different from one made for watercolors.
  • What is your skill level? If you’re a hobbyist, then, cotton duck or paper canvases should be appropriate. As you gain more experience, you can work with the more expensive linen or fine grain cotton canvases.
  • What’s your painting style? If you like to do detailed work then a fine-grained linen canvas should be good. On the other hand, a rough texture might give a dynamic feel to your paintings.
  • How often do you paint? If you’re a prolific artist, then you might want to buy rolls of canvas rather than smaller panels. You could also buy them folded, but this manner could leave a few creases here and there.
  • Do you prefer a ready-to-paint or a bespoke canvas? Some canvases come primed, prepped, and framed. While others are shipped as blank fabrics of any size. You can pick and choose as you like.


Types of Canvas for Painting – In Conclusion



Canvases are essentials for any artist. And choosing the correct type could augment the appearance of a painting and add to its value.

Material, weave, and weight, are the most important factors to consider. And luckily, there are many choices easily available in art stores.

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Should You Start with Light or Dark Colors? The Paint by Numbers FAQ

Should You Start with Light or Dark Colors? The Paint by Numbers FAQ


From the correct order of shading to the proper stroke technique. We’ll be thoroughly answering the question should paint by numbers start with light or dark colors.

Paint by numbers kits are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.  A way to relax after a long day, let out creative energy, or shape up your painting skills. Whether you take it up as a hobby or use it as a de-stressing outlet, you’re in for a good time.

As simple as this activity seems, some aspects may be confusing to customers. This guide is here to help with one that’s frequently asked about painting.


Should I Start with Light or Dark Colors in Paint by Numbers Kits?



All paint by numbers manufacturers mention this in their instructions, yet people still get it wrong too often – so should you start with light or dark colors?

The conventional way of painting when you’re using oil or acrylic colors is to start with dark shades and move to light ones. On the contrary, watercolor requires you to start from light and move to dark.

Do these rules also apply to paint by numbers? Well, the general rule, in this case, is to start with dark colors and finish with light ones. Most people follow this principle whether they’re using oil, acrylic, or watercolor paint.

The reason behind this rule is that dark colors are typically part of the background, which means that laying them down first will give you a better idea of how the painting will look as well as teach you a couple of things about color composition.

But if we dive a bit deeper into the matter, we can find a more thorough answer based on the type of paint as follows:


Paint by Numbers Start with Light or Dark Colors – Oil paint



When painting with oil, starting with the darks is simply the most convenient way to go. After all, light is the most important tool of a painter, so it makes sense to start from the darks, then add the middle, and finally move to the lightest shades. As such, you’ll be re-creating the light in your canvas.

Keep in mind, however, that you should start with darks only where they’re necessary for the final composition.

The advantage you get from this technique is that the brushwork will seem cleaner and more spontaneous when entering with a medium color into a dark area, or a light color into a medium area than if you’d have gone in with a darker shade on a lighter one.


Alternatives to Try


Lucky for you, there are a couple of alternative techniques you can try instead:

  • Use a wash under-painting: in this technique, you need to really thin-out the paint, then color in the entire painting like you colored when you were a child. The goal is to cover all the canvas with color.

Next, you’ll take a clean brush and use only the solvent to lift out the lights where you see them. The result is a map of your lights and mid-tones.

Now, go in with your darks and work up to the lights using the paint with or without a medium. Since one of the main reasons for painting dark to light is the ‘fat over lean’ rule with oils, this method solves the issue as the paint dries almost instantly.

  • Go from light to dark, then go back: another technique you can give a shot is to start with light colors then go in with the darks. After that, you’ll need to go in with the lights once again when you’re done. Consequently, your final lights will lay over the darks.


Paint by Numbers Start with Light or Dark Colors – Acrylic paint



As for acrylic paint, the situation is pretty similar to oil in that the darkest colors should generally go on last to help provide depth. This means that starting from lowlights and working to highlights is better recommended.

But when it comes down to it, acrylic paint is actually quite versatile. It allows you to work from light to dark, from dark to light, or even to start with a mid-tone and work both up and down from there.

If you want to start with lights when using acrylics, then you can try applying it like you would watercolor; highly diluted with water. From here, you can just use a watercolor technique to paint from light to dark.

The resulting color will be more transparent so you can layer it on as necessary. However, be careful not to thin out the paint too much, otherwise, it might not adhere properly to the canvas.





While it’s true that many will advise you to apply watercolor dark first in your paint by numbers, the best way to get the job done is the exact opposite. With watercolor, you want to start with your light colors first then work towards the darker shades.

Yes, this will take longer, but have patience. It’s better to not rush than make irreversible mistakes. Starting with the light colors first gives you flexibility with errors because once you lay down the dark colors, undoing is practically impossible.

The high transparency of watercolors prevents light colors from showing if they’re covered up by dark colors. Also, you should plan in advance the areas you want to keep white as they’re coming from the paper rather than the paint.


Tips for Applying Color in Paint by Numbers Kits



Now that you have a better understanding of which color to lay down first, here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

  1. Paint the larger sections first, then go smaller as you progress. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll also help prevent accidental smudging.
  2. Paint the top section of the canvas first, then move to lower areas. This will help you avoid smudges.
  3. Cover the numbers by using multiple layers of paint.
  4. Always clean the brush before going in with a different color.
  5. Don’t rush the painting and allow enough drying time.
  6. While painting, try to paint all the areas corresponding to the color you’re using before moving on to another color. This will help eliminate any confusion regarding the coloring sequence.
  7. Carefully plan the amount of paint you’ll lay down. You want to use enough paint to provide good coverage but stay as precise as possible. Don’t use too much paint so you don’t run out mid-painting.
  8. Close the paint cup when not in use. Otherwise, the paint may become too dry to paint with.


Paint by Numbers Start with Light or Dark – Wrap Up



So, should paint by numbers start with light or dark colors? We’d have to say the answer depends on your preferred technique.

For the most part, you can’t go wrong by starting with the lights then going in with the darks as this will help you get a better idea of how the painting will look at the end.

However, if you’re having trouble sticking to this rule, we’ve mentioned a few methods you can try to make things work the other way around.

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