Acrylic Paint Blending and Mixing for Paint by Numbers Kits

Acrylic Paint Blending and Mixing for Paint by Numbers Kits


Here’s our detailed guide for leveling up: Acrylic Paint Blending and Mixing for Paint by Numbers Kits. You’ll find here everything you need to know about creating any shade you desire!

The internet is rife with designs for paint by numbers kits, but they don’t often supply the necessary materials. You can download the painting layouts, but you’d need to buy the other things.

Not all the colors would be readily available in tubes though. Or, it would be too expensive to buy each and every required color. It’s far better to buy the essential primary colors, and learn how to blend and mix the rest.


10 Pro Tips for Acrylic Paint Blending


Here are my best tried and tested tips for acrylic paint blending for a paint by numbers kit. A rudimentary knowledge of color theory would be great, but these tips should get you started.


1.    Add a Touch of White for a Richer Color


With acrylics, there’s another usage for a white color, in addition to brightening colors.



It actually adds vigor to weak colors and makes them far more wholesome. There’s also a touch of opacity that you can achieve by increasing the white continent into a mixed color. And it comes in handy as you brush in an extra layer of color.


2.    Use White for a Lighter Tone


Professional artists often have titanium white in bushels! Oil painters can even mix it up from its main ingredients, and keep it in big jars. That’s because of its versatility and endless necessity to blend colors into lighter tones.

Add the titanium white in small increments. Blend it in with a palette knife and see how it changes the original color. Then, you can add some more if you need. Starting with a large amount of white from the outset could be too much, and then you’d have to figure out a way to make it darker.


3.    Don’t  Use Black for a Darker Tone


Real artists rarely use black to get a darker shade of a color. That’s even more important with acrylics, as the resulting color is often a muddy and shapeless mass that you wouldn’t want to use.

Using a color that’s a tad darker often does the trick. Then you can adjust the desired tone by adding a touch of the primaries, or a hint of white.

For example, you have a sienna and you’d like to go for dark copper. Don’t ever add black here. Just a touch of red would do the trick. Depending on the mood of the painting, adding a bit more blue or green could add depth to your perfect new color.


4.    Experiment with the Primary Colors


What would happen if you mixed all the primary colors together? You get a deep skin tone.



Some colors are easily available in a tube, while others need some skillful mixing to be created. Most professional artists work with a limited amount of tubes, and blend their way to all the different tones they like.

It’s worth trying, since the colors you blend on your own are like your favorite words or musical notes. They express who you are, not only what your painted subject looks like. So experiment with the primary colors, and see what you’d come up with.


5.    Mix Up a Suitable Amount


Reaching the right color that works for your drawing can sometimes be tricky. You’d try several primaries, then add white to lighten, and a darker shade to deepen. You’d then iterate by adding warm and cold colors for the mood you’re after.

This process could take a while, and by the end of it, you’d probably forget how many colors you used, and with what ratios?

Blending the perfect color is a skill you gain with experience and most of it needs playing by ear. Replicating specific shades is thus arbitrary, and doesn’t always succeed. It’s best then to mix sufficient amounts of the color you like.


6.    Go a Shade Darker and a Shade Lighter


You’ve now mixed several colors and reached the perfect skin tone for a portrait, or the right shade of orange for a copper urn. In most cases, you’d need lighter and darker shades for the different parts of your composition.

The best approach is to blend in a bit of white on one side of the mixed color, and burnt umber on another. This way, you’d have graded colors on your palette.

Depending on the complexity of the paint by numbers kit you have, you can blend any range of shades you like. Starting from just  the basic lighter and darker shades, all the way to a family of shades with varying tonalities.


7.    Don’t Blend the Colors Thoroughly



Leaving traces of the original colors showing gives a nuanced effect to the blended color. This is especially beautiful when the two colors are in close proximity on the color wheel.

Mixing a light tone with a darker tone also makes for lovely hints of continuity. In addition to rendering a realistic feel to the painted areas. After all, in the real world, you’d rarely see a pure color that never changes at all.

Even the white roses have blue, grey, yellow, and red inside their pale petals. If you need further proof, take a look at the pristine snow, the darkest night sky, and the reddest rose. There’s a million shades of color and tone inside them.


8.    Add Different Colors to Get Vibrant Shades


Once you mixed the shade that matches an area in your paint by numbers kit, try to add a touch of blue, green, red, or yellow. These colors wouldn’t overpower the mixed tone, but rather, give you vivid varieties you can use around the main color.

For example, a touch of red added to cobalt blue will make it significantly deeper. That’s of course as long as you don’t go overboard with the added color. If the amount of red increased beyond the right intensity, it would drag the blue into becoming purple or violet.

Another common demonstration of this rule is in skin tones. Reaching the right skin tone takes plenty of practice, as it often involves adding 3 or more colors, then lightening the shade or darkening it. But what would happen if you added blue or green in the end?

As opposed to what several people might think, the skin tone wouldn’t start looking like a scene from monsters inc. The added blues, greens, or even reds, would simply adjust the tonality of the skin to different lighting and moods. In addition to rounding up the midtones and highlights.


9.    Keep the Colors From Drying


Blending acrylic paint is a rather complex process, and it could take you several trials till you reach the right tone. Acrylics have the nasty habit of drying quickly though. So if you take your time in painting, you might find that the colors on the palette are already flaky and unusable.

You might start all over again, and mix in all the other colors you put in before. But still, the previous tone doesn’t want to be re-created. That’s why it’s best to keep the colors from drying for as long as possible.

Some palettes are designed to keep the colors hydrated. Alternatively, you can use a sprayer to mist your palette from time to time.


10.  Store the Colors in Labeled Plastic Containers


Paint by numbers kits often come with an assortment of colors in tiny plastic containers. Each little tub is neatly labeled with the name of the color and the relevant number. And that’s how we know where each color goes in the empty painting.

After mixing and blending your acrylics, you can store them in such containers. A detailed stick-on label should hold all the necessary information on that shade. The best part is, that as long as these colors are stored properly, they won’t dry on you. This way, you can use them in many projects.


Conclusion: Acrylic Paint Blending for Paint By Numbers Kits


Acrylics are supposedly easy-going colors. But as you set out working with them, you might feel that they’re a bit tricky and unpredictable. That’s because they’re a bit different from watercolors and oils in the way they are mixed and applied. However, once you learn the basics of acrylic paint blending, you’d see the sweeter side of acrylics.

To work with a paint by numbers kit, you need a palette with specific shades and tones of colors. You can mix them on the spot, and improvise as you go. Or, you can prepare them ahead of time, and store them in plastic containers.

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17 DIY Acrylic Paintings You Can Use as Home Decor

17 DIY Acrylic Paintings You Can Use as Home Decor


If you’re a painting enthusiast, then this article is for you! Today, we’re sharing 17 DIY acrylic paintings you can use as home decor.

Whether you’re moving into a new place and want to put your artistic side on display or simply feel like livening up your old living room, there’s nothing like a DIY project to make the process both fun and rewarding.

So let’s not waste any time and put this show on the road!


1. Try them pixels


Let’s face it, a perfect DIY acrylic painting is one that’s easy to complete. Well, it doesn’t get easier or quicker than pixel painting, so why not try your hand at it?

How do you do it you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. You’ll need to plan a pixelated pattern by using a grid of shades that are hues of the same basic color.

Then, you’ll use acrylic paint to draw squares of equal size across the entire surface of your canvas. Remember, each square should be a slightly different tone so you really get that pixelation effect.

Once you’re done, hang your modern-looking painting in your living room, office, or bedroom.


2. Throw in your favorite quote


A DIY acrylic painting can be anything you like, even if that means putting words on it. One awesome idea to do here is to feature your favorite quote on the painting, because not only will it look cool, but it’ll also let others have a peek through your mind.

Here’s how you can get this done: first, find a quote that you appreciate, and stencil its letters on pieces of tape. Then, stick the letters onto your canvas.

Next, choose a mix of acrylic paint and apply the colors across the canvas in large strokes (precision not needed – yay!). After the paint dries up all the way, remove the tape to reveal a beautiful canvas with a personalized message.


3. Splash some color


Ever get the feeling that you can just throw some paint on a canvas and call the result a piece of “contemporary art”? This concept actually makes for a quick and easy DIY acrylic painting idea that’ll take “it’s supposed to look like that” to a whole new level.

The process is beyond simple; just cover a canvas with acrylic paint in one solid color then splatter brighter colors on top of it after it dries. Be sure to make this magic happen outside to avoid getting paint stains splatter on your stuff.


4. Go for acrylic pouring



Are you a fan of the fun, colorful style of tie-dye patterns? Then you’re in for a treat, because we’ve got the perfect DIY acrylic painting idea for you and it’s only two words: acrylic pouring.

This painting technique creates a unique result every time, so you never know exactly what you’ll end up with. All you need is fluid acrylic paint and a blank canvas to make some beautiful home decor.

The best part is that you won’t have to buy any special brushes or palette knives. You just pour, puddle, or drip the paint on the canvas and let gravity do the rest of the work for you.


5. Get a paint by numbers kit



If I told you that you can make a gorgeous acrylic painting while unwinding from your busy day, would you do it? Don’t believe it? Then you haven’t tried painting by numbers yet.

Painting by numbers is a fun activity that lets you unwind while enhancing your eye-hand coordination and improving your concentration capacity, all the while requiring nothing more than knowing how to read numbers and hold a paintbrush.

Paint by numbers kits is available in a wide variety of designs so you’ll have no trouble finding a painting that matches your home decor. Once you’re done with the project, you can frame and hang your creation or just pick a kit that comes with its own frame.


6. Make it a family project – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


Some of the best memories you can have with your family are created during group activities. A DIY acrylic painting can be a fun project to get the family on board with, and you’ll even get a decor item that’ll forever remind you of all the fun you had while making it.

If painting with the family sounds appealing, then choose a simple shape and just have everyone paint their own design inside this shape using a similar color palette. Not only will each shape be unique to a certain family member, but they’ll end up forming a cohesive hanging on the wall.


7. Paint a whimsical animal



If you’re not sure what you should paint, a fun painting of your favorite animal as a cartoon can save the day. Once you’ve picked the animal to paint, then look for a tutorial on how to draw it on your canvas. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of those online!


8. Whip up some bubbles


Bubble painting produces beautiful DIY acrylic paints that people will have a hard time believing that you created yourself. It’s also an entertaining project to do with your kids or friends.

Sticking to the main theme, the main painting is made using acrylic paint. As for the bubbling action, you can learn it from A Piece of Rainbow.

9. Keep it symmetrical – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


If you’re into clean lines and symmetrical patterns, then a geometric canvas might be the best way to go. It’s also super easy to create; just paint vertical lines across your canvas using complementary colors.

To make sure it comes out perfect, use a pencil and yardstickto outline your design before filling it with paint.


10. Create an everlasting ocean



You can never go wrong with a simple yet stunning ocean painting, plus you’d have a view of the coastline all year round!

This acrylic painting can look great in your living room or bedroom. DIY this one by brushing blues and greens on your canvas in even lines.


11. Choose a pillow


Think outside of the box and seek inspiration from items around your house for a change. This particular acrylic painting idea is based on mimicking a pattern from a pillow in your room onto the canvas.


12. Modernize your walls


A pinwheel acrylic painting is a shortcut way to add a trendy, modern vibe to your home. First, outline triangular sections then paint each one with a different color. For a natural look, randomize the palette.


13. Add an assortment of flowers – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor



One of the simplest things to paint is floral images. Choose an easy flower to start such as a daisy or tulip. Paint a few to keep it simple or add more to create a bouquet and add as acrylic paintings home decor.


14. Color it ombre


Another hassle-free DIY acrylic painting idea is creating an ombre design. Paint your canvas using one color and use more paint gradually as you go down.


15. Use your garden as models


Sometimes you can find inspiration if you simply take a look around you. Use your houseplants as a muse to decorate your home with beautiful green hues.


16. Glow in the Dark – Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


One interesting idea that won’t cost you any time is making your paintings glow in the dark. Just use an acrylic paint that glows in the dark and watch your creation light up at night.  A different aspect or view of acrylic paintings home decor.


17. Let the kids do it


A rainy day (or quarantine) is a terrific chance to let out your kids’ creative side. Set up a bunch of colors so they can make patterns such as stripes or polka dots.


Wrap Up – DIY Acrylic Paintings Home Decor


There you go, 17 DIY acrylic painting ideas to decorate your home in under a week. Remember, don’t stress too much about perfecting the details and just have fun!

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Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift

Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift

Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift


Cool paint by numbers kits are quickly forming a trend that’s disseminating through adult communities. All you need is a printed outline, a kit, and a canvas for your soon-to-become masterpiece. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest kits you can give as gifts.

How many hours did Leonardo Da Vinci take to paint the Mona Lisa?

The answer is: who cares? Now, you can make your masterpiece, and in as quick as fifteen hours!

Now, we’ll take a look together at the top 11 cool paint by numbers kits. These are the best picks in terms of quality, ease of use, and imagery.


1. Country Sunshine


You’ll feel that the mysterious dark fairy in this painting is about to jump out of it! The impending mystery and the cat account for the painting’s exciting look.

This one is an excellent option for first-timers. After finishing it, your friends won’t be able to tell it wasn’t painted from scratch. Its how-to is relatively easy, too. You’ll have to match the figures on the canvas and the numbers on the painting so that you can allocate proper colors to their figures.

This cool paint by numbers kit has a wide range of applications. It can be used for decoration purposes, as well as for gifting friends.



  • Detailed instructions and ease of use
  • Versatile
  • Beginner-friendly



  • The canvas might be smaller than stated


2. Ballooner’s Rally



After finishing this painting, you’ll find the soulful stare of a colorful cow looking back at you. This cool paint by numbers canvas doesn’t need any preexisting painting skills.

That makes it perfect for children because it’ll have a dual nature: it’ll be a tool and a toy. It’ll also help them upgrade their color coordination and enhance their intelligence and self-confidence.

This painting will be the perfect DIY project you can do with your kids to bond with them.



  • An excellent gift for your kids
  • No skill needed
  • Suitable for impatient people



  • Suboptimal packaging; it’s folded to the point of pesky creasing, which may necessitate ironing.


3. Aurora Bliss



Here’s a painting that will bring Paris home to you. The Eiffel tower depicted in this artistic way merely is mesmerizing.

This Eiffel painting will make a great gift. It already comes in a unique gift wrapping, and it’s suitable for both adults and children. However, it’s not ideal for kids under six years old.

This Eiffel tower painting needs necessary painting skills. So, it won’t be the best option if you don’t have enough experience in the field. Apart from this, it’s a cool paint by numbers kit that allows you to paint in your style.



  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Great color coverage
  • Easy correction in case of miscoloring



  • Needs painting skills


4. COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers – Lakeside Boat



This painting has a boat in a twilight setting that will make you wish you were there. Colorwork Lakeside Boat is the way to go if you’re up for a challenge. The outlines of this printed painting have fine areas, which will put your concentration to work.

Also, the density of the canvas is high, increasing its durability. As for the brushes, the kit comes bearing three sizes of them. There’s a size for the big areas, the smaller ones, and a third for nailing the details with finesse.



  • No need for blending or mixing paint
  • Great paint coverage
  • Durability



  • It may be heavily folded upon arrival.


5. COLORWORK Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting – Wild Flowers Pots Chair



This Colorwork painting appreciates the pot of beautiful flowers to the point where it gave it a special seat. This is an upgraded version of colorwork. It takes painting details to another level. With the intricacy of this painting, you may need to get yourself a magnifying glass to get it all done.

The manufacturers have also put more work into packaging with this upgrade. The packaging is sturdier, and the canvas is rolled, which helps minimize the creases.



  • Intricacy and details for those who love a challenge
  • Better packaging and less creasing
  • The numbers are easy to follow



  • Not ideal for kids and impatient people


6. Christmas Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting Kit – Santa Claus



Now, let’s take a look at the coolest paint by numbers kit for the holiday season! With a group of cheerful Santas, you’ll be feeling the Christmas spirit. This is a Christmas gift that your friends will appreciate for many years to come.

The colors in this painting are vibrant; they don’t fade. On top of that, they’re environment-friendly. The guiding numbers are clear, which helps minimize the chances of miscoloring. Finally, the cherry on top: the painting comes with beautiful gift packaging.



  • Environment-friendly colors
  • Long-lasting
  • The colors don’t fade



  • The pigments of the colors dry too quickly.


7. Sunflowers Paint by Numbers for Adults and Kids



Who doesn’t love sunflowers? With such a vibrant-colored sunflower, you’ll love the yellow plants even more.

With the instructions being detailed and the outlines not complicated, this is a great pastime for people at all skill levels. It’ll just need some time and patience. Regarding the colors, they’re of top-notch quality.

The colors are manufactured using eco-friendly materials. They dry quickly on the painting so that they won’t leave a mess. They’re also bright, clear, and long-lasting.



  • Eco-friendly colors
  • Not complicated
  • Wrinkle-resistant canvas



  • The colors in the reference picture aren’t the same as the real thing.


8. Paint by Numbers for Adults by BANLANA – Van Gogh The Starry Night



Ready to unleash your inner Van Gogh? Because this cool paint by numbers will help you do so. The special canvas of this painting is made out of cotton. Also, for you to have room to roam with your coloring, just like Van Gogh, this kit packs an extra amount of colors.

The brushes are premium, and the canvas is rolled. The high-quality packaging also helps fight against the creasing issue.



  • Packs extra amount of colors
  • Colors are of high quality
  • Durable cotton canvas



  • The paintbrushes can be bigger than they should be


9. DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults – Tree of Life



The look of this painting, once it’s finished, is astounding. It’s a painting of the mermaid-equivalent of solid land: a mystical, breathtaking creature.

The Tree of Life is the perfect painting for home wall decoration. It comes fully equipped with acrylic colors, which are of high-quality. Upon purchase, you receive 24 different colors.

These featured colors are much better than their oil counterparts. They’re also easy to use and user-friendly.



  • Aesthetically pleasing for wall decoration
  • Simple instructions
  • The colors are of high quality



  • The quality of the brushes isn’t the best.


10. Newsight DIY Oil Painting – Cute Dog



The simplicity of the cute dog with the rainbow colors makes this painting stand out. This adorable dog painting is another option for a child-parent joint DIY project. The acrylic paints stand out, as they’re thicker than the usual. This thickness eliminates the need for adding water frequently.

The colors are vibrant to form a beautiful final result. On top of that, the brushes are sturdy and of good quality.





  • There are creases in the backside of the canvas.


11. Tonzom Paint by Number – Our Romance Under Umbrella



This one is the perfect gift to give to your lover, reminding them of that rainy night you spent together. The brushes that come along don’t shed hair, and are also easy to clean, which is a bonus.

Regarding the canvas, it’s made out of linen, which gives it prolonged storage time. The acrylic paints are safe, easy to color with, and easy to modify.



  • Linen canvas
  • Durable brushes
  • Safe, easy-to-modify colors



  • The instructions aren’t as comprehensive as they should be


Final Words – Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift


You won’t have to look for any giftable items lying around when you forget a birthday anymore. Now you know your go-to birthday gift!

A cool paint by numbers kit constitutes a great gift for first-timers. Now, you’re set to be the best gifter of the year!

For a complete selection of all of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



Top 5 Coolest Vintage Paint by Number Kits

Top 5 Coolest Vintage Paint by Number Kits

5 Coolest Vintage Paint by Number Kits to Get as a Gift in 2021


Today, we’re presenting you with the 5 coolest vintage paint by number kits to get as a gift for yourself or your art-loving friend:

In the midst of our hectic schedules and fast-paced days, being able to sit back and relax is just about the greatest gift anyone can get!

Painting by numbers is a fun activity that lets you unwind while improving your eye-hand coordination and boosting your concentration capacity – all without requiring more than basic skills!



1. COLORWORK Acrylic Pigment Lakeside Boat DIY Paint by Numbers Kit



If you’re looking for a beautiful canvas that looks like a vintage oil painting but doesn’t cost nearly the same hassle, then this DIY Paint by Numbers Kit from COLORWORK may be exactly what you need.

This kit helps you de-stress after long days by focusing your attention on painting its many small areas. The best part is that once you’re done, you end up creating a stunning scenery of a lakeside boat.

You won’t need to mix or blend paint, which makes this kit all the more convenient. The included set of acrylic paints simply provides enough pigmentation to cover the numbers and lines with only one coat.

The COLORWORK Paint by Numbers Kit also comes with a paintbrush kit that offers 3 different brush sizes for painting big or small areas with impressive precision. The fact that the brushes are made of nylon means they’re quite easy to clean.

With a durable high-density canvas, this paint by number kit makes for an awesome gift package for adults of all ages.



  • Paint dries up quickly
  • Vivid colors
  • Great price



  • Can be a bit challenging for beginners


2. CaptainCrafts Wild Flowers Pots Chair Paint by Numbers Kit



Nothing says vintage like a painting of potted flowers sitting on some rustic furniture, right? If your answer is yes, then look no further beyond this paint by numbers kit from CaptainCrafts featuring a pot of wildflowers on a wooden chair.

It comes with a set of acrylic paint with high-brightness pigment that requires no blending. It gives you more vivid colors with a higher concentration than average.

This CaptainCrafts paint by numbers kit also includes a set of 3 high-stretch paintbrushes that are made using natural solid wood tenon and tenon structure. They’re durable and retain their shape for a long time so you can keep them for extended service. The bristles are made of elastic nylon for more comfortable painting.

You get 2 options when purchasing this kit, either framed or frameless. With the first option, you’ll get a solid wood 16 x 20 inches frame. Otherwise, you’ll only receive the HD linen canvas made of high-quality pure flax with clear print so you can easily read the numbers and protect your eyes.



  • High-quality materials
  • Framed option
  • Clear print



  • On the pricey side


3. Maovy Vintage Flower Bouquet Canvas DIY Oil Painting by Number Kit



Another candidate that portraits lovely vintage flowers is this DIY Oil Painting by Number Kit from Maovy. It shows a gorgeous bouquet in a 16 x 20 inches canvas.

This kit includes a set of acrylic paint that completely dries up in a matter of a few hours so you can hang your creation as soon as possible. You won’t just be calming down after your busy day, but you’ll also enhance your hand-eye coordination with this activity.

The Maovy kit is especially suitable for people who love to paint yet doing it free-hand isn’t their strongest suit. It’s also a good option for those looking for a project that’s a bit challenging than usual.

Since this kit comes with an easy-to-follow guide and requires no particular skills except knowing how to hold a brush, it makes a great gift for beginners and students. You even get a set of 3 brushes so you can start painting right away!



  • Comes with an easy-to-follow guide
  • Good for beginners looking for a challenge



  • The canvas may arrive folded


4. Simplicity Vintage Paint By Number Vintage Collectibles



Next up is a painting by number kit from Simplicity Vintage that shows a set of vintage collectibles once you’re done painting. The finished painting has a size of 14 x 11 inches, which makes for a cute wall frame later on.

This kit comes with high-quality acrylic paints, 1 pre-printed textured art canvas, 1 paintbrush, and an easy-to-follow instructions sheet. It’s a good option for painting enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


  • Suitable for all experience levels
  • The painting size isn’t too big or too small



  • The included brush can be of better quality


5. TOYVIP Vintage Cartoon Car 5D Diamond Painting by Number Kits



Saving the best for last, this painting by number kit from TOYVIP is just about as cool as they get! Not only do you get a badass picture of a vintage cartoon car, but you actually get to create it entirely out of beads!

That’s right, you use the included beads to cover the whole painting, which also adds texture and makes it more fun to look at. The drill diamond is made of high-quality resin materials that are brighter and more attractive than other types of diamonds

The provided canvas is waterproof with an even texture and the car pattern itself has a sticky background with a plastic protective film to preserve the stickiness of the picture. This DIY paint by number kit is perfect for users of all skill levels and includes an easy-to-follow guide to make the process more convenient.

The unique TOYVIP kit is great for both painting enthusiast and handmade craft lovers. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone!



  • No paint needed
  • Perfect for painting and craft enthusiast
  • High-quality resin beads



  • Can take a long time to finish


Tips for Painting by Numbers


Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your painting by numbers kit:

  • Start painting larger areas first and then go smaller as you progress. This will save you time and helps prevent accidental smudging.
  • Use the darkest color first then move towards the lighter shades.
  • While painting, try to paint all areas corresponding to the color you’re using to avoid any confusion regarding the coloring sequence.
  • Always clean your brushes before switching to a different color.
  • Cover the numbers by using a second layer of paint.
  • Be patient with the painting and allow plenty of drying time.
  • Avoid smudges by first painting the top section of the canvas then moving to lower areas.
  • Close the paint cup when you’re not using it to prevent it from drying. Otherwise, the paint will dry up and become useless.
  • Carefully plan the amount of paint to apply. You want to use enough paint that it provides good coverage while staying as precise as possible while painting. Don’t over-use the paint so you don’t run out mid- painting.


Wrap Up


Painting by number is both soothing and fun, which makes such kits ideal for gift-giving. If you’re looking for a vintage themed gift, take your pick from our list of the 5 coolest vintage paint by number kits.

To view a complete gallery of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!


10 Abstract Paint by Numbers To Display In Your Living Room

10 Abstract Paint by Numbers To Display In Your Living Room


Living rooms are the heart of every home, and this heart deserves an artistic touch that would match your taste. But what if i told you, that you can make your own artistic piece all by yourself? This is when painting by numbers makes a grand entrance. Yes, it’s that simple, the childish activity turns into a grown-up therapeutic one. Read more to know about our top abstract paint by numbers masterpieces you’ll be able to use in your living room.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me first break it down to you. The painting by number kit consists of a sheet with printed numbers on it. Each number matches a color of the set sent to you along with the sheet.

You color each section as it’s numbered and voila! You’ve gotten yourself a piece of art for your home.


Our Top 10 Favorite Abstract Paint by Numbers


Choosing the right painting to meet both your taste, and your living room style is an underrated art. But no need to worry, as we consider ourselves to be the masters of the craft.

Here are our top picks for an elegant living room, and a fun activity with abstract paint by numbers.


1. Lady With a Fan



Gustav Klimt is an Australian landscape artist of the 19th century. In his portraits, Klimt likes to mix the colors of nature to show the fascinating natural life away from all human interventions.

The mixture of colors in this painting could come in handy, especially when you’re trying to blow off some steam and pour yourself into an activity.  Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the different shades of green along with the bright yellow and red. Also, with this painting you’ll add a little piece of nature to your indoor space.


2. Mulberry Tree by Van Gogh



This world-renowned artist is known for his nature portraits. The Mulberry Tree painting is said to be one of Van Gogh’s favorite paintings. He painted it in the Autumn of 1889, less than a year before he passed away.

This painting shows a tree coming from a rocky ground, standing alone in a vast space. Surrounded by other greens growing in distance.

I believe, the contrast of colors between the tree and the space around it, gives the painting a strong spirit that would add a sense of luxury to your living room.


3. Blue Flower Sea



For a nature geek like myself, sea and flowers are the best example for a combination between two of life’s natural elements: water and earth.

For some additional elegance to your wall, both the flowers’ and the calm water of the night will surely give you that.

The painting is beating with a contrast between pink and blue. These two colors will give your living room the serenity it deserves.


4. Road With Cypress and Star




For starters, having a piece by this brilliant artist on your wall is definitely a bonus. Not just this, you’ll also manage to express whatever you’re feeling while coloring this gorgeous piece.

This painting is said to represent his fears. I believe we can notice that in its gloomy atmosphere.

One more interesting aspect of this painting is the mirroring style. Unlike the new moon turned to the cypress, Van Gogh painted Mercury and Venus in a mirror image.

With too many subjects tackled in the painting, you’ll have the perfect ice-breaking discussion with your guests.


5. Modern Instruments



If you’re into wild artistic pieces, then this one is right for you. It’s a very controversial piece of art. Some might describe it as the result of colors merging together after water spilled over a bunch of different colors.

Each color, texture, and material used to create an abstract painting reveals a unique subjective aspect of life. Even though some may think that abstract paintings are a bit messy, the interpretation of each piece will differ from one viewer to another according to their state of mind.

This painting is suitable for modern and semi formal living rooms. The mixture of blue, green and yellow is perfect for a natural energetic atmosphere.


6. Study Squares with Concentric Circles



This is one of Wassily Kandinsky’s most recognized paintings. He uses these many colors to show the different sides of each personality. After all he’s always believed that each color has a soul that could be heard.

The concentric circles have a soothing effect on the eye, along with the squares that divide the painting into symmetrical parts. This gives a satisfying feeling when looking at it.

I believe this piece has everything you’ll need to add life to your furniture. The multiple different colors of the painting will suit every taste and style.


7. African American Woman With Pink Gum



This painting represents the African style of clothing and accessories, along with a side of the African heritage that no one usually sees.

The strong confident look of the woman adds magnificent energy to the piece. It could be one way to shed some light on women’s rights in general, or in the African culture in particular.

Besides the deep message this painting sends to the viewer, having an African piece on your wall has become more stylish than ever.


8. Psychedelic Kaleidoscope



Space is probably the first thing that pops into one’s head when they hear that name. That’s why in this painting, the artist used mostly geometrical shapes to present the idea of infinite space.

Kaleidoscope art has only started to get popular in the 90s. It’s derived from shapes of nature and space seen from a kaleidoscopic lense. The art is usually made digitally to ensure perfect symmetrical shapes.

The fascinating mixture of colors along with the defined shapes will add a space to your living room.


9. Mr. Cat



If you’re an animal lover then you’d surely fall for this one. With what looks like wings, a bow tie, and a man-like mustache, humanizing animals has been an artistic mystery for centuries.

Whether it’s used literally or figuratively, cats have been considered as Gods in ancient Egypt. However, in contemporary art, the meaning started differing from one artist to another.

With its colors, details, and perfect size, this painting is suitable for all living room styles, from modern, to formal, to semi formal.


10. Composition IV



He is known for his landscape and abstract oil paintings. This piece is intended to represent music through painting.

Kandinsky was always drawn to spiritual ideas, that’s why he used chaotic shapes and colors to convey emotional and spiritual meanings.

This painting is the perfect example of improvisation to disconnect from the real world. It will send you the intended artistic sensation the moment it’s on your wall.


Abstract Paint by Numbers – Conclusion


Abstract art has a way of expressing different layers of emotions. Adding it to your wall will give your living room the depth, warmth, and colorful sensation it needs.

Through paint by numbers, not only you will be adding your signature to your wall, but also you’ll be able to relax while doing so.

To see a full gallery of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



Paint by Number Animals Canvases: Top 5 Newbie Friendly

Paint by Number Animals Canvases: Top 5 Newbie Friendly


Channel your inner artist and paint your own masterpiece by checking out these top 5 paint by number animals kits that are newbie friendly!

Ever thought painting from scratch is challenging? Well, painting by numbers (PBN) has become many people’s new friend during the recent lockdown.

Whether you’re a thriving new artist, an animal lover, or you’re just looking for stress relief after a long day at work, PBN will do the trick.

And guess what? It requires zero talent! The only skills required are coloring inside and outside the lines!


How to Start?



After unpacking your PBN package, take a deep breath, and follow these step-by-step instructions before you kick off.



1.   Set Up Your Tools


Start by laying down your brushes, paint, canvas, and a cup of water — you’ll need this water to clean your brushes when changing colors!



2.   Prep Your Canvas


After laying down your tools, iron your canvas so it becomes free of any creases. Then tape it to a flat surface for simple control and to avoid paint smears.



3.   Pick Your Music


Painting is always more fun with some music. So plug in your headphones, play your favorite song, and start painting!



4.   Start Painting!


Dip the tip of your brush and start painting the sections in an ascending or descending pattern. Make sure you don’t leave your paint lids open as acrylics dry up quickly!



Top 5 Paint by Number Animals Choices for Beginners


Different animals make you feel certain ways: While some are tempting, others are warm and lovely!

The choices for animal canvases are almost unlimited — available for all preferences, and for all ages.

But for newbies, we recommend these 5 customer choices of paint by number animals canvases.


1.   Lovely Monkey



Monkeys can be funny, but they can also look cool!

The sharp blend of modern art and jungle vibes will certainly be a wonderful addition to your wall.

The Lovely Monkey canvas will take you to another perspective. The choice of color here is absolutely stunning.

The inviting orange color on the monkey’s face accentuates its features and attracts your eye to the other muted shades.

If you’re a laid-back person who likes to listen to music and chill, this kit is definitely for you.



  • Beginner-friendly wide numbered sections
  • Perfect for beginners
  • A delightful gift




2.   Colorful Dog



A dog is a man’s best friend and a loyal house member. That’s why if you don’t have a dog, this kit will be a keeper on your wall.

The different colors used on this canvas will give you an insight into the colorful personality dogs have.

You will definitely lose yourself in the process of painting it. You might even consider adopting a dog if you don’t have one!



  • Heartwarming, colorful details
  • Relaxing art therapy
  • A gift your child will love



  • You might need a magnifier to see the small sections and numbers
  • Frameless canvas



3.   White Tigers


Although tigers often seem intimidating, this PBN kit says otherwise. Nothing feels more relaxing than painting with a sense of security.

The blend of wilderness and comfort surrounding the magnificent white mother tiger will surely take your breath away. The dominance of the white color gives the painting a special peaceful vibe.

This canvas will take you on a trip to the warm dimensions of the jungle, where green and white contrast with both security and ferocity.





  • Takes time since it’s detailed
  • Frameless canvas


4.  Two Cardinals in the Snow



Perched on top of tree branches, birds welcome the sun with their melodic chirping, giving us the best Cinderella experience in the morning. The red berries on the branches give the painting a warm feeling.

The picture you see surely doesn’t do this canvas justice. Painting this beautiful canvas will give you the most satisfying result.



  • Easy sections
  • Great time killer
  • Perfect gift idea



  • Some sections require two coats of paint


5.   Deer Elk in Winter Snow



This magnificent deer in winter snow canvas will claim your heart and make it explode.

Simple details make life look better, and this mother and father deer in the snowy forest is no exception.

You can almost picture the fawn exploring the depth of the forest, while its mother and father look on with pride. We also like how the clouds in the sky above find a peaceful haven over these antlers.



  • Induces a feeling of relaxation
  • High-quality paint
  • Suitable for painters of all levels



  • Small sections
  • You might need to mix colors to get accurate shades



Paint by Number Animals Kit Features Checklist


Your all-inclusive PBN Kit will have:

  • Numbered acrylic-based paint set
  • Pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas
  • Set of 3 brushes with varying bristles
  • Hanging kit
  • Set of easy-to-follow instructions for use


While the beginner kits are supplied with all the things you’ll need, you might want to level up for a more professional result.

Since the provided brushes are a bit basic, we recommend investing in a set of higher quality brushes.


Paint by Number Animals – Extra Tools You’ll Need


Since we all love paying attention to details, going the extra mile will enhance the final look of your canvas and make you feel like a professional!


Magnifying Glass


Since some of the numbered sections might be too tiny to see, we recommend using a magnifying glass.

If you don’t, you can just take a digital picture of your canvas with your phone and zoom in!


A Cup of Water


You’ll need a cup of water by your side to wet your brushes before dipping them in the paint. This will fix the paint better to the bristles and give a lighter paint texture.


Paper Towels


The paper towels will help you dry your brushes from excess water. A little water is necessary, but be careful not to soak your brush, or else it’ll ruin the whole canvas.


Why Should I Start With Paint by Number Animals Canvases?



Because who doesn’t love animals? The best part about painting animals is that you even get to choose your favorite!



Although PBN doesn’t require any skills whatsoever, animal canvases make it even easier to visualize the end results.


Fun activity


This one is for those who have children at home. Painting both your and their favorite animals can give you valuable bonding time with your child or sibling.




PBN is generally known for having a de-stressing effect called ‘art therapy’, which will enhance your mental health and boost your concentration.


Could Be Used in Many Ways


After finishing your PBN masterpiece, you can simply frame it and hang it on your wall.

PBN canvases can also be a beautiful gift to the ones who love art and appreciate the effort. So whatever your choice is and however you will use your finished masterpiece, you won’t regret it.


Paint by Number Animals – Wrap Up



While you’re in the progress of learning how to paint, the art therapy that comes along with those DIY kits is totally worth the time and money.

Painting by number will guarantee peace of mind. If you’re striving to be an artist, it’s never too late!

If you can’t find your spirit animal among the top 5 list, check out other paint by number animals canvases that will take your breath away.

For a complete selection of all of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



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