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Color Therapy and Paint by Numbers: The Obvious Link


This brief post attempts to shed light on the connection between color therapy and paint by numbers. Before we do that, though, we believe that getting a glimpse of both parties first will set a better focus on the big picture.

Can you imagine a world completely void of colors? To remotely think about a colorless world, you’d have to subtract a key ingredient of life: light. Color, after all, is a reflection of light.

This reflection has brought meaning to our lives in many forms, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that humans have developed a healing, therapeutic function in color.


What Is Color Therapy?


Our world is a canvas painted with a plethora of colors that may have shaped our perceptions, emotions, and actions.

Nevertheless, colors not only surround us, but they’re in us as well. Our bodies are crafted with colors. Each part contains different colors that operate at assigned frequencies and vibrations.

When your body is experiencing an imbalance, it’s most likely due to a hindrance in the frequency of an organ. This can happen when your body is afflicted with a disease.

This is where color therapy serves its purpose. Exposing your affected body part with the needed color will synchronize the deviating frequencies and, ultimately, restore balance.

The colors produce energy that activates the hormonal and biochemical compositions in your body. These compositions are paramount in balancing your body’s systems and functions.

While this provides a scientific explanation behind color therapy, you might wonder how it can be applied.


Color Therapy in Action


How many times have you heard of people complaining about pain? We assume plenty. The solution might be easier than you think!

It’s green. Simply looking at the color can sap your stress away. Culturally associated with growth and peace, green has been at the forefront of pain relief research.

The research behind green color therapy emerged when people had reportedly felt their migraines relieved when sitting in their garden. The patients recorded a 60% decrease in their migraine intensity.

Alternatively, blue has been associated with calmness and meditation. The color has been used to aid insomniacs and drug addicts. Nevertheless, too much blue can produce unwanted side effects.

It can easily wear away your energy. If you’re exposing yourself to too much blue, you can risk feeling depressed and hollow. We recommend using it with caution.


How Can I Use Color Therapy


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After gaining some insight into the workings of color therapy, you might be thinking about giving it a go. There are various approaches to color therapy.

We’d recommend the most straightforward method, which entails just using your eyes. Yes, it’s that easy. You should approach this technique with mindfulness and keep in mind that what has worked for others may not work for you.

Also, note that colors can hold ambiguity. You might associate the color red with energy, but others might associate it with a traumatic event. Everyone wears different glasses.



What Is Painting by Numbers?


Painting may not be for everyone, but recently developed products have worked to change that. Paint by numbers kits were made for those too overwhelmed by a blank canvas, muddled by where to start.

Such kits showcase an image already outlined. Inside each part of the image, there’s a number. The numbers correspond with distinct colors. Essentially, it’s an instructive canvas with a given palette.

While this seems like we’re straying farther from true art and creativity, this art form serves as an introduction for painting amateurs.

It’s both kid and adult-friendly, allowing kids to flourish in art and offering adults stress relief from a demanding life.



Tips on Using Paint by Numbers



Here are some helpful tips to ease you into using paint by numbers kits.

  • Avoid painting in sections. Instead, we recommend using one color at a time. It’ll eliminate the need to keep washing your brush after each section.
  • Color from the top first. Then, make your way to the bottom. This will help prevent you from smudging the wet paint.
  • Begin coloring the larger sections first. Smaller sections require a steady hand, which you can build up to by starting with larger sections.
  • Start by coloring either the darker or lighter parts first. It’ll build your tone-setting skills.
  • Only coat the tip of the brush. This will give you better control over the color’s distribution.


The Connection Between Paint by Number and Color Therapy

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Now that you have a clear understanding of color therapy and painting by numbers, you may have already started to notice the obvious link.

Choosing a paint by numbers kit can happen consciously or unconsciously. Each has its own set of advantages

You can either consciously or unconsciously make a choice on which paint by numbers kit you want. Each has its benefits and explanations. Stick around to learn more.


Consciously Choosing a Paint by Numbers Kit



Choosing the right paint by numbers kit can give you the desired effects of color therapy. But what would it mean to choose the right kit?

The kits can range from landscape to abstract images. Since color has an undeniable emotional effect on us, you can choose kits with a major color that’ll attain the desired result.

For instance, choosing a forest and greenery landscape will expose your eyes to a calmer emotion. As mentioned earlier, green can alleviate your physical pain.

Opting for a richer canvas that incorporates a lot of reds and oranges can build your energy and supplement your mind.

If you’re looking for an outlet to de-stress, picking out a blue-toned paint by numbers kit might just be the perfect solution. Blue naturally slows down your blood flow. This, in turn, will soothe your nerves.

Known for its detoxification elements, purple has a notably high frequency. This means that its elevated vibration rate will break up your toxins into smaller fragments. Moreover, the color’s been notably used for meditation and relaxation.

Unconsciously Choosing a Paint by Numbers Kit


Unconsciously picking out a paint by numbers kit can reveal a lot about yourself.

Whenever you’re angry, do you see red? Well, that’s because we associate colors with our emotions. Since we’re surrounded by color, our brain configures certain colors with their corresponding emotions.




Therefore, colors we unconsciously use or select can indirectly express how we’re feeling. For example, you might feel like painting an ocean landscape today, but the next you’re feeling a more violet abstract image. It all boils down to how you’re feeling, your thoughts, moods, and your behavior.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that color interpretation varies from person to person. One person’s red can be another’s blue.

Currently, color is gaining a lot of momentum in the medical field, where doctors are more willing to explore its potential. And thanks to painting by numbers, color therapy is gaining a wider influence and recognition.


Color Therapy Paint by Numbers – Conclusion


Painting by numbers can give you the medium you need to unwind and express your emotions. Whenever you’re feeling out of focus and need something to do, this activity will promote your concentration level and give you a healthy pass time.

Seeing as color therapy has seen a lot of success in delivering healing benefits, both physically and mentally, painting by numbers can be viewed as a creative and simple channel for color therapy.

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