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Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers?

Do you need an easel for paint by numbers? Embarking on the enchanting journey of paint by numbers opens up a world of artistic exploration, where every stroke brings a canvas to life. In the realm of creative expression, one might ponder the significance of an easel – that unsung hero standing silently behind the artistry. As the popularity of paint by numbers kits continues to soar, the question lingers: do you need an easel for paint by numbers? In this exploration, we unravel the mysteries and unveil the secrets behind this artist’s essential tool. Join us as we navigate the realms of comfort, precision, and creativity, with tips for deciphering whether an easel is the missing piece to complete your kit and the tips to elevate your first paint by numbers experience.

Paint Pot: What is an Easel?



An easel is a fundamental tool in the world of art, serving as a support structure for artists to place their canvas while working on a painting. It typically consists of three legs that form a tripod, providing stability, and a vertical section to hold the canvas in place. The primary purpose of an easel is to elevate the surface of the canvas to a convenient and comfortable height for the artist, allowing them to work on their artwork with ease.

Wet Paint: How Do Easels and Paint Pots Work?



Easels and paint pots are crucial tools in the artist’s arsenal, working hand in hand to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable painting experience. Let’s delve into how these components function and contribute to the artistic process.


1. Support and Stability

Easels provide a stable and upright structure to support the stretched canvas, while an artist works the paint brush. This support is essential for maintaining the integrity of the lines in the artwork and allows for a comfortable painting posture.

2. Adjustable Features

Many easels come with adjustable features such as wall and table height and table tilt. Additionally, artists can customize these settings to suit their preferences, ensuring an ergonomic setup for prolonged painting sessions.

3. Versatility

Easels come in various types, each catering to different needs. Additionally, a-frame easels are portable and simple, ideal for smaller canvases, while H-frame easels offer robust support for larger artworks.

Paint Pots:

1. Containment and Accessibility

Paint pots, also known as paint containers or palettes, serve as containers for holding and organizing different paint colors. Additionally, they keep the colors separated, preventing unintentional mixing, and make them easily accessible to the artist.

2. Mixing and Blending

Paint pots often have mixing wells or areas where artists can add water to blend and create custom colors. Additionally, this feature is particularly fun and useful for achieving subtle variations and gradients in the artwork.

3. Portability

Some paint pots are designed for portability, making it convenient for artists to carry and store their paint supplies and work on their art outside of their studio. Additionally, this is especially beneficial for plein air painters or those who enjoy painting outdoors.

Finished Painting: What Are the Advantages of Using an Easel?



Using an easel in your artistic endeavors brings forth a multitude of advantages that extend beyond mere convenience. Additionally, whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner venturing into the world of creative expression, incorporating an easel into your workflow can significantly enhance your painting experience. Furthermore, let’s explore the various advantages of using an easel:

1. Comfortable Painting Position

One of the primary advantages of using a desk as an easel is the ability to achieve a comfortable painting position. Additionally, placing the canvas at the desk or eye level reduces strain on your neck and back, allowing you to sit, relax and focus on your artwork for extended periods without discomfort.

2. Stability and Precision

Easels provide a stable platform for your canvas, ensuring that it remains steady as you apply each brushstroke. Additionally, this stability is crucial for achieving precision in the rest of your artwork, especially when working on intricate details.

3. Improved Concentration

Painting on an easel allows you to step back and assess your work from a distance. Additionally, this change in picture perspective enhances your ability to concentrate on the picture and overall picture composition and make informed decisions about picture color, form, and balance.

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Different Easel Materials and Styles



Do you need an easel for paint by numbers? Easels come in a diverse range of materials and styles, each catering to the preferences and needs of different artists. Furthermore, the choice of easel material, colour, and style can significantly impact your painting experience, influencing factors such as aesthetics, portability, and durability. Additionally, let’s explore the variety of easel materials and styles available in the art world:

1. Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers Canvas: Wooden Easels


Wooden easels are classic and timeless, often crafted from sturdy hardwoods like beech or oak. Additionally, they provide a traditional and aesthetic appeal.


Wooden easels come in various styles, including a wooden frame, A-frame and H-frame designs. Additionally, a-frame easels are more straightforward and portable, while H-frame easels offer robust support, ideal for larger canvases.

2. Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers Canvas: Metal Easels

Material: Metal easels are constructed from lightweight yet durable materials like aluminum or steel. Furthermore, they are favored for their modern look and easy portability.

Style: Metal easels often feature sleek, minimalist designs and flat top. Additionally, they can be collapsible or tripod-style, making them suitable for artists who require mobility or have limited studio space.

3. Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers Canvas: Plastic Easels

Material: Plastic easels are lightweight, affordable, and often portable. Furthermore, while not as thick or durable as wood framed canvas, or metal, they are suitable for beginners or artists on the go.

Style: Plastic easels typically come in simpler designs and are ideal for smaller canvases. Additionally, they are great for kids or those looking for a budget-friendly option.

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Why Ledgebay Paint By Number Kits are a Better Alternative



Painting with paint by numbers kit has become a beloved pastime for art enthusiasts of all levels, offering a structured yet enjoyable and easy way to create stunning masterpieces. Additionally, among the myriad options available in the market, Ledgebay Paint By Number Kits stand out as a superior alternative for several compelling reasons. Furthermore, let’s explore why choosing Ledgebay can elevate your painting experience and contribute to artistic excellence.

1. Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers Canvas: Unmatched Quality in Materials

Ledgebay takes pride in the quality of materials used in their paint by number kits. Additionally, from the canvas to the paints and brushes, each component is carefully selected to ensure durability, vibrancy, and ease of use. Furthermore, the result is a painting experience that surpasses expectations, complete with colors that pop and a painted canvas that stands the test of time.

2. Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers Canvas: Thoughtfully Crafted Designs

The designs featured in Ledgebay’s paint by number kits are not just images; they are thoughtfully crafted compositions that inspire creativity. Additionally, from intricate lines new colour and details to captivating scenes, these designs are chosen to engage artists and provide a fulfilling painting journey. Furthermore, the diversity of options ensures there’s a perfect fit for every artistic taste.

3. Do You Need an Easel for Paint by Numbers Canvas: User-Friendly Numbering System

Ledgebay understands the importance of a clear and user-friendly numbering system. Additionally, their kits feature intelligently labeled sections of instructions that correspond seamlessly to the included colours and paints. Furthermore, this precision simplifies the painting process, allowing artists to focus on their creativity without the frustration of deciphering unclear instructions.

Purchase a Ledgebay Paint By Numbers Kit Now!



In conclusion, Ledgebay Paint By Number Kits stand as a better alternative to acrylic paints due to their commitment to quality, thoughtful designs, user-friendly features, and comprehensive inclusions. Additionally, choosing Ledgebay ensures not only a delightful start painting experience but also a finished artwork that reflects the true joy of artistic expression loved painting. Furthermore, elevate your paint by number started painting journey with Ledgebay and witness the difference in artistic excellence.

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