Easy Paint By Numbers for Adults – 5 Options For a Smooth Start

easy paint by numbers for adults
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In this article, we’ll explain what is the paint by numbers technique and why you should give it a try. We’ll also suggest amazingly easy paint by numbers for adults that you can give a try.

Do you feel fascinated by paintings but believe that you can’t create something similar? Even if you think that you’re not a naturally-born artist, you can still finish amazing paintings using paint by numbers kits.

Simple paint by numbers kits are designed to allow everyone to become artists at their own pace. The kit arrives with all the tools and tips that help you execute an impressive art project with the best results, even if you haven’t held a paintbrush before.


What is Paint By Numbers?


Paint by numbers is an effortless and fool-proof technique that helps everyone create a fantastic art project of their choice. The kit shows a painting on the box and comes with all the tools needed to help you recreate it. Like any big project, dividing the project into smaller segments or sections makes it easier to execute, and this makes paint by numbers kits extremely enjoyable and fun.

You’ll receive a piece of canvas with an outline that imitates the drawing you’ve chosen. The painting itself is divided into smaller pieces, and each one has a number that corresponds to a shade. By following the numbers and applying the right shade in the correct spot, your painting will start to come to life.

You won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong shades because the kit comes with all the necessary instructions. There are also tips about the right paintbrushes to use to apply the paint. Adults, teens, and even kids can use paint by numbers kits because they’re easy, and the results are guaranteed.



What Are the Benefits of Paint By Numbers Kits?


Even if you’re not a skilled artist, nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams by creating your own piece of art. The finished project can be an excellent addition to your space, where you celebrate the sense of achievement. You can also create a piece to send to a loved one, a family member, or a friend to show them how much they mean to you.

Although there are lots of techniques that should help beginner artists master their painting skills, paint by numbers kits are extremely helpful because they offer lots of benefits.

Some Benefits of Paint by Numbers

  • The best thing about paint by numbers is that it’s a potent way to help you get rid of anxiety and stress. It allows you to live in the moment as you focus on your painting’s details and teaches you about patience and accuracy.
  • Paint by numbers kits are fun and less stressful. If you’re overwhelmed by the process of painting and not sure about the end result, the kit is a great way to help you see that you’re on the right track. As a result, it eliminates the risk of mistakes, so you can focus on the fun associated with finishing your art project.
  • Some people love art, but they lack the talent to create it. Paint by numbers kits make art more accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. You can be an artist, even if you haven’t touched a paintbrush in your life.
  • If you’re not a skilled artist, you might be restricted to a single painting technique. A paint by numbers kit will help you become familiar with other painting styles, so you can explore their beauty.
  • People who study art can use paint by numbers kits to help them understand more about different art topics. These kits will show you how colors and shades complement each other.
  • Following the pattern of the paint by numbers kits is an effective way of training your mind. It boosts cognitive functions and improves memory. It also enhances the overall functions of the brain, especially the ones related to creativity.


5 Best Easy Paint By Numbers Kits for Adults


Starting your journey as an artist is easy if you choose a high-quality paint by numbers kit. It arrives with the needed paintbrushes and paint to help you recreate a replica of the painting you’ve picked.

There are lots of amazing kits that you can experiment with, and we’ve picked 5 of the most fun and easy paint by numbers for adult. The ones to help you embark on your journey.


1. Ledgebay Country Sunshine



The warm and vivid shades of this painting make it an excellent addition to your kitchen, living room, or dining room. It features uplifting sunflowers and fresh fruits that you can almost smell out of the canvas.

The painting takes you to a country house where the smell of delicious freshly baked bread brings everyone to this warm spot. As they sit to soak up the sun’s warmth and enjoy the aromas and tastes, this drawing is like a dream about serenity.

This kit is unframed, but you can also buy the framed version. It arrives with all the paintbrushes and paint shades to help you add life to a plain piece of canvas and turn it into a fantastic creation.


2. Ledgebay Scenic Overlook



The scene of white snow combined with the tall trees seems so realistic, and the vintage-style cars add a pop of color to this painting. The painting combines several elements, including the rocks, the mountain road, and the bright sky.

This painting will be the perfect addition to complement the look of solid upholstery. There’s no risk of messing this up because it comes with all the needed paintbrushes and the paint shades to recreate the exact scene. You can choose the unframed version or the framed one to send as a gift to someone you really like.


3. Ledgebay The Road Home



Showing a barn, a boy on the swing, a playful dog, and the mansion at the end of the road, this painting will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face. It looks like a photo that reminds us of our childhood or the movies that we watched in the past, showing us what family vacation should feel like.

The lights from the house at the end of the road make us feel the warmth of the family, so this painting can be an excellent gift for a family member that you love and appreciate. If you choose the framed version, the present will be ready in no time, or you can pick the unframed version if you want to customize a frame.


4. Ledgebay Day to Remember



This painting is a true representation of summer fun. Featuring a guy and a girl enjoying their time, the boat slides smoothly on the water to take you on a journey in time and space. You can notice the shiny reflections on the surface of the water, making this painting look almost like a high-quality photo.

The combination of shades of green and blue makes it an excellent addition to living rooms and bedrooms. You can also give it to someone if they’ve bought a new beach house. With the vintage 50’s vibes, this painting is an amazing gift to any friend or loved one. It arrives with all the needed paintbrushes and paint shades, and you can choose between the framed and the unframed versions.


5. Ledgebay Ritas Pansies



Light up any room with this colorful painting. It features five pots with bright flowers of different colors to add glow to any living space. It’s an amazing gift for someone who is passionate about flowers or gardening because the shades are vibrant and uplifting.

Although this painting looks sophisticated, you can actually finish it in no time. The kit arrives with all the paintbrushes and paint shades that you can use to recreate it. The framed version is ready to be hung, while the unframed version allows for more customization.


Easy Paint by Numbers for Adults – Wrap Up


Picking a high-quality paint by numbers kit will help you start your journey as an artist. It arrives with all the tools needed to help you recreate your favorite painting with no risk of messing things up. There are lots of designs that you can choose from, depending on where you want to hang your painting, your favorite color, and the theme that resonates the most with you. But, be sure to check out our suggestions for easy paint by numbers for adults.

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