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Extra Large Paint by Numbers: Top 5 Kits to Try in 2022


If you feel confident in your giant paint by number skills, consider trying an extra large canvas. Here’s our top selection of extra large paint by numbers!

1. TwoSteps Colourful Cat

If you’re a big fan of vivid, bright colors and cats, you’re sure to love this oversized paint by numbers kit by TwoSteps. This image is designed with large, easy to paint shapes, making it suitable for both children and older adults with gradually diminishing eyesight. Even the smallest detail is easy to paint!

This paint by numbers kit comes with finely tipped miniature brushes that allow you to paint small spots and tiny points. The paints are environment-friendly, non-toxic, and don’t dry out even when left uncovered outside. It also has an anti-freezing aspect, which works great for those who are planning to paint in their backyard during colder months.

The Abstract Colourful Cat kit measures 24 x 30 inches, large enough for an eye-catching living room or dining room focal point.

Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes Fine Tip Brush Set for Micro Detail | Hand Crafted Perfectly Balanced & Weighted Wood Handles, Taklon Bristles for Painting Model, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor (12, Wood)
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  • Some may run out of paint

2. SROOD Fiery Dragon

No products found.

Unleash your inner fantastical creativity with this Srood paint by numbers kit. It depicts a scene that looks like it came straight out of the Game of Thrones novels—a fiery, unstoppable beast turning villages into ashes during a bright, full moon.

This piece of art comes in a massive 41 x17 inches pre-printed textured canvas with easy to follow instructions and lines. The acrylic paint it comes with passed the national quality inspection standard and is 100% non-toxic and odorless. Plus, it’s naturally glossy. No water or blending is required, either!

The brushes are of similar quality, made of high nylon water-absorbent material. Unlike most paint by numbers kits who only give four, Srood provides a total of six differently sized brushes to make painting easier and compensate for the giant paint canvas size.

Users took anywhere between a week or two to complete this project and the result is stunning and true to form. Best of all, because the instructions are so clear, people of all ages can partake.



  • Paint dries easily if left uncovered

3. COLORWORK Full Moon

COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting Kit for Kids & Adults, 12" W x 16" L Drawing Paintwork with Paintbrushes, Full Moon 4 PCS Set
  • COLORWORK UPGRADED VERSION: Rolled the canvas, enough paints, more sturdy package to guarantee the integrity of the canvas, no creases. Anyone...
  • No Paint Mixing or Blending: provide good paint coverage to cover the lines and numbers; enough pigment to cover the numbers with one coat of...
  • Paintbrush Kit: comes as 2 kits of 3 different sizes separately for big or small areas to do the super fine lines and details easily;...

The Colorwork paint by numbers Full Moon kit is a thing of beauty. This set contains four 12 x 16-inch canvas that perfectly accentuates the other when set side-by-side. In total, the canvases measure around 32 x 24 inches when hung against the wall.

This paint by number kit is among the most popular sets you can purchase online, and for good reason.

For one, the canvases are perfectly flat and don’t have any creases whatsoever. The acrylic paints have enough pigment to cover the numbers with only one coat, plus they don’t need any mixing or blending to achieve the colors on the original artwork. The brushes are fairly high-quality, too, and come in three different sizes.

This paint by numbers kit isn’t the easiest to complete, but the clear-cut instructions and easy-to-read numbers make it relatively hassle-free and simple. With enough patience and time, you’re sure to bring this stunning scenery to life.



  • Canvas needs to be flattened as it comes tightly rolled

4. YXQSED Wooden Framed Lush Tree

This pack of three paint by numbers kits adds a touch of nature to your home. Each frame measures 16 x 20 inches, giving it a total measurement of 48 x 20 inches when placed side-by-side. Furthermore, each image comes with its own wooden frame, making it ideal for home decor.

Along with the three pre-printed canvases, this kit includes three sturdy nylon brushes, a set of bright, acrylic paints, and several hanging hooks. The pre-printed canvases are easy to color and have a relatively decent density.

The paints don’t require water or mixing and can be directly colored into the given images. The brushes are soft and easy-to-use, all of which come in three different sizes.

The image we have here depicts a healthy, all-green forest with the sun rising bright in the background. It perfectly complements a nature or cottage-inspired living room or bedroom.

If you’re not a big fan of the color-scheme provided, you’ll be glad to know that the company provides five different other images, ranging from Van Gogh-inspired Apricot Flowers to Elegant Women.


  • Multiple design options
  • Stunning color schemes
  • High-quality canvases and brushes
  • Wooden frame included


  • Paint may have varying consistencies

5. Texture of Dreams Personalized Kit

Texture of Dreams Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults, Acrylic Painting Oil Painting on Framed & Stretched Canvas, Customized DIY Paint by Numbers Set Painting for Beginners (12" x 16")
  • MADE THE "PAINT BY NUMBERS KIT" BY YOUR OWN PHOTOS AND PICTURES - Turn your precious memories and moments into a special and unique oil painting...
  • EASIER INSTRUCTION FOR EVERYONE - Doesn't matter you are an oil painting beginner or an expert. Age and skill level doesn't matter! With the...
  • HOW TO PAINT - Use the acrylic paint which is marked with numbers to fill in the areas which labeled with the same numbers and corresponding...

If you’ve always wanted a unique oil painting wall decor for your pet, a loved one, or yourself, you’re sure to love the Texture of Dreams Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit.

As the name suggests, this paint by numbers kit is a customizable kit that allows you to turn your precious memories into a canvas. Simply attach the image you desire on the “custom” tab, select the canvas size you prefer, and submit. In just a few days, you’ll receive your very unique paint by numbers kit to spend an afternoon or two in.

The canvas sizes available range from 12 x 16 inches to 24 x 36 inches. According to the manufacturers, each piece is well-inspected and packaged before shipment to ensure it arrives at your doorstep unharmed.

Along with the canvas designed, this giant paint by numbers kit comes with a wooden interframe, two high-quality paintbrushes, a line draft memo, and up to 30 different colors.


  • Customizable
  • Good quality materials
  • Incredibly detailed guides


Extra Large Paint by Numbers – Helpful Tips to Follow

Painting extra-large canvases is time-consuming and challenging. To guarantee your success, make sure to follow these easy steps:

Choose a Clean and Large Work Space

Since you’re going to paint on a relatively large canvas, we highly recommend working in a brightly lit, clean, and spacious environment. Doing so prevents spillage or any accidents that may ruin your work.

Decide on a Color Pattern

There are multiple ways to color a large painting. Some find it easier to color one number at a time to prevent constantly changing and washing brushes. Others recommended starting from the top, the middle, or the background. Choose which pattern is the easiest for you and stick to it until you complete your painting.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Accidentally colored the wrong number? Spilled paint on your canvas? Smudged paint across the image? That’s okay—it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of patience!

Paint by numbers is a relaxing hobby, but mistakes happen all the time. If you happen to paint the wrong number or outside the lines, simply wait for the area to dry and paint over the wrong color. It may require several extra coats, but it’ll have the giant paint by number area covered up as if nothing ever happened.

Extra Large Paint by Numbers – Final Thoughts

Paint by numbers is a creative and relaxing way to spend your free time, regardless of your expertise. It’s a perfect first step for beginners and young children, especially those who are planning to go pro in the future.

All the listed extra-large paint by numbers kits are chosen based on individual reviews, material quality, and overall design. Thinking of a wedding gift? You can even give a giant paint by number for wedding. Our personal favorite is the TwoSteps Colourful Cat—what’s yours?

For a complete gallery of all of our beginner paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!

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