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How can I fix dry paint?

Our kits come with Acrylic paint, if you just add a few drops of water to the paint pot and mix it up the paint should come back to life. Hope this helps!

What type of paint and how are the brushes cleaned?

Our kits come with a full set of acrylic paint. We also provide (4) assorted sized paint brushes to complete the painting. We have several resources on our website under the “inspiration” tab, including a full article on how to properly clean and care for paint brushes.

What’s the best way to paint this if you don’t have an easel?

We recommend laying the canvas flat on a large work surface and use weights (anything small and heavy) on the corners. Some of our customers have also shared they prefer to attach the canvas to a backerboard prior to painting.

Where are these made?

The designs are licensed exclusively to Ledgebay and a portion of all proceeds goes directly to the Artist. Our Paint By Number kits are manufactured in China with our designs and QC standards.

My paints are dried out. How do I contact them for replacement paints?

Thanks for your question. Please reach out to our support team:

There are grey spots on the canvas that are not numbered?

The grey sections that are already filled in are the structure for the house and will not need to be painted. Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy your painting experience.

What are the exact dimensions of the 16×20 canvas? Does it include extra space at the side for a canvas wrap?

The actual dimensions of the canvas are 16″ x 20″. Several of our customers advise they mount this style to a backer board that can be found at local hobby/arts and crafts stores. Hope this helps!

What do you have in smaller sizes? Don’t want something 16×20.

We have several new 12” x 16” framed kits arriving in stock in May. Hope that helps!

Are you getting real cloth canvas with this kit or a piece of vinyl that looks like cloth?

It’s a true canvas. There’s quite a heft to it & it has extra space to spread on a frame, like a true canvas.

How many canvases come in the order?

Each kit includes (1) canvas, full set of paints, and 4 paint brushes. Hope this helps!

How do you clean the brushes?

We recommend to wash your brushes with warm soapy water right after you finish your painting session. Rub the paint brush bristles in circles on a napkin or cleaning cloth. Ensure you are able to get between the bristles. Rinse the bristles.

Do you have to put the frame together?

No, you do not have to put the frame together the canvas comes mounted. Hope this helps and enjoy your painting!

I have received my order of this painting, but there is no edge to frame it. Is it available with space?

We sell unframed kits that are designed to be mounted to backerboard or a standard picture frame. We also sell pre-framed (stretched) PBN kits as well in 12″ x 16 and 16″ x 20″. Our newer unframed kits do have 2″ of canvas on all 4 sides so the DIY can stretch and mount to a frame if desired.

Does this kit come with a paper copy of the unpainted canvas?

Yes! If you need an extra copy please email and we will email you the digital version so you can print.

This comes as a flat canvas. How do you paint it. On a flat table? Do you need an easel

There are a few options for the unframed paint by number kits. You can lay the canvas flat on a work surface and anchor the corners with weight. Another option is to mount the canvas to a backer board and set on an easel.

Are the sections very tiny?? Bc I want this for a senior citizen

I am a senior citizen and did this PBN. I did not have a problem with it but I use a large magnifying lens when I do such a project.

Do these require mixing colors?

No, absolutely not… None of our kits require you to mix paints. Thanks!

Does this come with a detailed list of colors used in case you need or want more?

It comes with all the paint you will need. I have done several paint by number paintings and have NEVER used all the paint. I do not recall a list or a reorder option on the paint, but what comes with the package plenty. You will not need more.

Does these paintings come from China

Our company is based in the U.S. and pays U.S. taxes. Our paint by number kits are manufactured in China.

I recently bought this. How do I get the wrinkles out of the canvas?

All of our unframed kits are rolled in a tube to prevent wrinkles. If you have received a canvas with wrinkles on it you can iron them out.

What to do if my paints dried up?

The paints are acrylic and water based. Just add a few drops of water and stir, repeat this process until the paint is back to the consistency you like.

Is there any 18×24 paint by numbers?

We currently do not sell 18″ x 24″ Paint By Numbers. We do however have a new size launching in April 12″ x 16″. Thanks!

Are this acrylic or water colors?

All of the Ledgebay Paint By Number Kits come with a full set of acrylic paints. Hope this helps!

Hi, is there an option to customise the painting?

We do not offer customer paint kits at this time. We will look into this as we continue to expand and grow. Thanks!

Hi, is there an option to customise the painting?How do i find a kit for beginners

Some of our kits could be considered “Beginners” but some are more detailed. Generally if you look at the design and the details are very fine it will take more time and be considered “Advanced”. However all of this is a guessing game and really depends on the artist.

Free instruction booklet?

Yes, each kit contains a set of instructions. We also email the instructions with every order.   Lastly, you can download the Ultimate guide to paint by numbers from our website. Ultimate Guide To Paint By Numbers

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