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How to Make Paint by Numbers Look Better

How To Make Paint By Numbers Look Better

Have you ever heard the saying that talent is earned, rather than gifted to us by birth? It’s true! With enough practice and experience, anyone can learn how to paint. Here at Ledgebay we often get asked “How to make paint by numbers looks better?”

People would ask, “How can I make my paint by numbers for adults look like a professional artist did it? Should I get a paint by numbers black and white? Should I watch YouTube paint by numbers tutorial? Should I opt for the flow method paint by numbers from Paint Plot?

Get the Right Paint By Number Kit

Paint by number kits for adults no mixing are the perfect starting point for any artist. They help you learn how to use different brushes and how to control the paint. They also boost your painting confidence every step of the way. You just need to follow the paint by numbers instructions.

Once you’ve done a few of these projects, it’s time to figure out how to make your own bling painting by numbers look even better. You’ve got the basics, but now you want to make it look professional and stunning.

You will find all kinds of paint by numbers products including colour in canvas for adults, painting by numbers kit young and free and paint by numbers UK adults. You can get these pre printed canvas sheet at affordable delivery fees from a painting by number factory or store.

Listed below are several tips for doing paint by numbers to bring your paint by numbers projects before you start painting.

Get the Right Materials

You could get your numbered painting from the best paint by numbers company (like the Royal and Langnickel paint by numbers or Ledgebay), but it doesn’t guarantee that you will have a great output.

If you want your paintings to look better, you have to get the right art materials like dreams personalized paint. You definitely need a clear gesso, white paint tubes, and other materials to make your paint by numbers wall hanging extra special!

For instance, you might want to get a great easel for pour painting techniques. Also, just don’t grab the first paint by numbers leaves that you want.  Check out other options when it comes to a paint by numbers printable.

You should also check painting by numbers kit category sizes, so you would end up with the best paint by number kit. You could check out Artist’s Loft paint by numbers or Artskills paint by number.

Triple Check You’re Using the Right Color on Your Colour in Canvas for Adults

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It may seem like a basic tip, one you might roll your eyes at, but it’s one of the most important parts of an artherapy paint by numbers project. Even veterans with ten projects under their belt can make this simple mistake.

When you’re hours in on your painting process, it’s easy to get into a calm trance so make sure to triple check you’re using the color you want. Be careful about following the paint by number instructions.

If you do happen to put down the wrong color, wait for it to dry before messing with it. Then try painting over it with the correct color. It may take extra coats of that color to cover up the accident, but acrylic paints are very opaque with enough layers.

Apply Extra Coats of Paint

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Even when you’re not trying to cover up accidents, you should apply several layers of paint to each section. These extra layers give a polished look to the whole painting. The Artist’s Loft Paint will help give the layers you need, and the polished look you want for your painting. Artist’s Loft is one of the best brands in the market.

The first layer you paint is more for blocking in the area and laying down the base coat. The layers after that help fill that color and smooth out any streaky areas so that the section is flat. It also covers up the little numbers on the canvas so that you won’t see them in the final painting.

Two layers are often all you’ll need but don’t be afraid to add on as many layers as you want until you get a consistency you like.

Use White Pencil to Cover Numbers

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While extra layers of paint cover up most of the numbers printed on the canvas, sometimes lighter paints are tricky. In certain angles or lighting, you’ll still see a ghost of that number through paler colors that can distract the eye.

Before you begin working on a particular section, use a white colored pencil to cover up the number instead. Don’t press too hard so that you don’t dent the canvas surface. One or two layers of gentle pressure are enough to soften the dark print.

It often won’t get cover the print all the way, but that’s where your multiple coats of paint come in. With the printed number covered in white pencil, it no longer shows through even the lightest of paint colors.

This is also a good technique to cover up any dark paint accidents that invade your lighter paint areas.

Blend Your Edges

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Many of these projects use small blocks of color to make an image pop. It’s abstract and beautiful, but sometimes we want a painting that’s well blended with soft edges.

Instead of putting down one color at a time, pick an area with two colors and work on both at the same time. On the edge where the two colors meet, swipe your brush back and forth so that the two paint colors blend and soften. Use zigzag motions and wipe off your brush every once in a while so that the transition is seamless.

Blending edges is something to try once you’ve mastered a lot of the beginner skills. When you try it for the first time, stick to small areas so that you can easily cover it up if the result isn’t what you wanted.

It’s best not to apply this technique to every single section. Instead, pick the places where it makes the most sense. Skies, for instance, have gradients of different colors so it would be a great candidate for trying out this technique.

Buy a Solid Frame

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One easy way to make your paintings look more professional is to buy paint by number kits that come with a frame. These frames keep the canvas pulled tight so that there’s no warping to the surface as you apply the paint. Without a frame, sheets of canvas tend to crinkle and warp, making it look messy even if the painting is beautiful.

Many companies sell hobbycraft paint by numbers canvases already secured in a frame, making it easy to get started.

If you have several paintings without frames, a good way to show them off is to put them in actual picture frames. This gives them a fancy border and flattens out any of those crinkled edges so that no one sees them.

Use Water to Your Advantage

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Acrylic paint is water-soluble, which means you can thin it out with water to get interesting effects. Water makes acrylics look more transparent, making it great for adding subtle shifts in color.

For example, a lot of flowers have petals that have soft color shifts or reflect colors around them. Instead of having a simple flat color for the petal, why not add a thinned out layer of paint to bring even more life to the petal? A pink petal with subtle hints of orange looks beautiful.

It’s good to test out the color on a spare piece of paper before you paint it on your canvas. Sometimes the color will be too dark or too thin and you want to see what it looks like before committing to it.

Be careful about how much water you mix into your paint. Too much water breaks down the binder in acrylic paint, so test it out in small batches first!

Allow Plenty of Drying Time

If you’re having trouble with smudged paints ruining the perfect look of your project, then add in an extra 10 minutes to your drying time. Even if the paint looks dry, it’s best to wait a little longer to be safe. Try not to touch it too much while it’s drying so that you don’t pick up the wet paint onto your finger.

Use a hairdryer on the coolest setting to speed up the drying time if you’re itching to continue painting, especially if it’s a paint by number on textured art board. By ensuring that each layer is completely dry, you eliminate the risk of accidental smudges and smears.

Add Extra Details

Painting by numbers projects gives you a great base to play around with once you’ve got the basic skills mastered. Sometimes, when you’re done with a section, you might feel as though it’s lacking something.

A good example is the fur area on animal paintings. Blocks of flat color look great for abstract painting, but if you want to add some realism to it, you’ll need to add it in yourself.

For fur texture, you’ll need a tiny brush as you apply small amounts of paint in quick lines. Vary the color in small increments so that it looks more life-like. Make sure to test everything on a spare bit of paper until you find the right brush and technique to achieve what you want.

These projects are the perfect stress-free way to test all kinds of techniques. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still learn a whole lot in the process.

You can also check out paint by number Reddit threads for tips on how to add more details and texture to your paint by number wall art.

Seal the Painting

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Once you’re done with your painting, it’s a good idea to apply a sealant over the entire thing. A sealant protects the painting from damage and also gives it a luxurious finish.

Depending on the sealant you choose, your painting will end up with a matte, glossy, or satin finish. Spray sealants are great for their ease of use and even application but are often a little more expensive. Sealants you paint on top of your colour in canvas for adults are more accessible but work best with a deft hand.

All of these look great on the final result so it’s all up to personal preference. Painting several coats of this onto your finished project will make it look like it was done by a professional.

Make Your Own Colorful Paint by Numbers Look the Way You Want

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Even though paint by numbers kits, like Artist Loft paint by numbers kits, take away all of the guesswork, there’s still plenty of ways to let your creativity run wild. Make your own adult paint by numbers UK into something unique by changing up the colors or adding in extra details. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to painting, so let go of your inhibitions and have fun with it!

Remember to keep the above adult paint by numbers tips in mind no matter what you’re creating so that your painting always looks its best. Come back for a refresher whenever you need, or print them out so that you always have these tips by your side. Now, you’re ready to grab cool paint by numbers kmart or numeral paint kits like some beautiful city paint by numbers kits or animal paint by numbers for your home.

Looking to start a new project? Check out our most popular and best hobbycraft painting by numbers on Amazon and grab colour by numbers for adults now! You’d also find large painting by numbers UK on Amazon as well. You can even place paint by numbers bulk orders!

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