4 Creative Ways to Add More Art to Your Life in 2020

Art is everywhere in the world around us. From the paintings on your wall to the designs of the buildings you pass every day, there’s no escaping it. But did you know that letting there be more art in life has a huge positive effect on your psyche?

Well, it’s true! Scientifically speaking, art can help your mind open and expand by increasing overall brain function. It also has vast healing properties, lowering stress levels and decreasing the risk of anxiety disorders.

These benefits are obviously awesome, and you’re likely asking how you can reap them to their fullest potential. Read on to learn how to do this by expanding the role of art in your life by taking it in and then creating it yourself!


1. Read!

It may seem strange to put a seemingly benign activity like reading on a list about becoming more artistic, but studies show that reading opens pathways in the brain that allow you to become more creative. Not only that, but books are art in and of themselves. Read on for some reading tips (and author/series recommendations) that will help you get more art in your life!

Getting Imaginative

To get started on your literary journey, a compelling fantasy novel by Cassandra Clare or VE Schwab or one of Neal Shusterman’s sci-fi works might be for you.

Reading about worlds that we don’t live in- namely, those in fantasy and sci-fi novels- expand our minds by getting us to question what could be out there. The willing suspension of disbelief allows us to look through a window into the life of characters in different worlds and wonder: what if?

Keeping Grounded

Still, it’s important to keep grounded when letting art into life sometimes. Best not to let your imagination run away with you completely- you still live in the real world, after all! Art can reflect that in a lot of ways, and contemporary/realistic fiction can help show you some of those ways.

Authors like Colleen Hoover and Jojo Moyes do an excellent job at capturing the realities of daily life while staying creative.

Graphic Novels: An Art Form

When you want to let art into your life while getting all the benefits of reading, there’s nothing quite like graphic novels and manga. Not only do they transport you to another world with cool characters, but they also allow you to analyze the drawings. When you do this, you take in techniques and styles that you can incorporate into your own art experiences (like painting by numbers!)

There are wonderful character-driven manga like the sci-fi Urusei Yatsura that have cartoonish drawing styles and exaggerated facial expressions. The Victorian fantasy world of Black Butler has detailed and darkly-styled art, if you’re into that. If you’re into American comics, Scott Pilgrim is a fun read where you can really see the strength in line art and inking.

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2. Draw!

Of course, one of the best ways to let a little extra art into your life is by drawing. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, you can have an awesome time letting the images from your mind flow onto paper. Click here to learn some awesome ways to see your sketches in lights!

Fetching Sketching

Sketching is an incredibly simple and fun way to show off the ideas running through your mind and experiment with different styles. Whether you want to try emulating the style of your favorite graphic novel artist or come up with one that’s all your own, there are so many ways to explore art with a simple pencil and paper.

Coloring in the sketches you’ve drawn is also a treat. It allows you to experiment with various color schemes and palettes that you can use for other artistic endeavors. If you get good and are proud of your sketch work, they make perfect gifts for family and friends!

Digital Drawing

Don’t want to use traditional pencil-and-paper sketching techniques? Want to express yourself using a slightly more technologically-inclined medium? No problem! There are tons of digital drawing apps out there that you can play around with.

Tablets make digital art easy, as do plenty of pieces of online software. Still, digital art is no substitute for running a brush across a canvas. If you like technology a lot, though, you can continue to use it while doing this. Check out some amazing YouTubers who like to indulge their creative needs!

Coloring Books and More

If you want to do something that relaxes both your mind and body while still giving you a creative outlet, adult coloring books are really popular. These require little in the way of skill and allow you to instead express yourself through color.

Plus, coloring books and color-by-numbers also are awesome in that they prepare you for a really fun (and, in our admittedly biased opinion, superior) paint-by-numbers experience!

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3. Paint!

Painting is one of the most unique and versatile art forms. It’s fun for people of all ages and experience levels, especially when you have the right tools to create the perfect explosion of shapes and color. Painting comes in a variety of forms, so read on to learn some of the best ways to practice this amazing art form!

Choose Awesome Materials

Before you can start painting, you’re going to need to get the right materials. Luckily, shopping for these supplies is a creative process in and of itself since you’ll need to think about what ways you’ll want to express yourself.

The sizes, colors, textures, and material on which you’re going to paint are all factors in choosing the right brush. You’ll need to select all the materials based on what you plan to paint. For example, a smaller painting will require a fine-tipped brush. Certain textures will require a foam one. Just think before you buy!

Paint By Numbers

paint by numbers is quite possibly the best outlet for you to get your painting fix. It allows you to be creative while still giving you guidance on what to do, making it calming rather than frustrating. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to see the entire picture coming together, especially when it looks so professional!

When you first begin, be sure that you have a painting plan and the appropriate materials (including those for cleaning). Click here for some tips to get you started on your first paint by numbers experience- you won’t regret it.

Picturesque Painting Ideas

There are so many options for pictures in paint by numbers kits that you’ll never get bored. Still, if you want to practice using your paint supplies in other ways, you can always take a brush to bare canvas in between these paint by number adventures.

Varying the way that you paint allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways, get creative, and feel amazing while doing it!

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4. Photograph!

Photography is also an awesome way to express your creative desires. If you look for it, there’s so much beauty- both natural and man-made- in the world around you. In this section, we’re going to discuss not only the ways to look for this beauty but also how to capture it.

Creative Photo Tips

Photos are a lot of fun to take. In order to have the best possible experience with photography, look for things in everyday life that you find beautiful. Some of the best photographs come from natural things we take for granted- flowers, the sky, sleek buildings- because we look at them from a new angle.

This may sound like cheating, but you can also paint in such a way that it looks like photography. In fact, many painting masterpieces done by you can be submitted to contests despite the fact that they look like they were captured by cameras!


When you have many photos that you’re proud of, you can put them (and your paintings) into a scrapbook. These scrapbook pages can tell a story of our daily life, your passions, and the way that you see the world.

If this sounds like fun to you, think about possible schemes for your scrapbook before you begin taking pictures! This will let you work creatively toward an amazing final product that everyone is sure to love.

Art in Life = Happiness in Life

There are lots of ways to get a little art in life, but none of them are possible without you making time for it. Luckily, art is more fun than pretty much anything else, so you’ll never want to stop once you’ve gotten started.

Now that you know about how to let more art and creativity into your life, it’s time to actually get cracking and make this happen. Painting by numbers is one of the most fun and affordable ways to get your creative juices flowing. Click here to purchase one of our most popular paint by numbers designs at a reasonable price!

Have fun!


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