Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift

Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift


Cool paint by numbers kits are quickly forming a trend that’s disseminating through adult communities. All you need is a printed outline, a kit, and a canvas for your soon-to-become masterpiece. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest kits you can give as gifts.

How many hours did Leonardo Da Vinci take to paint the Mona Lisa?

The answer is: who cares? Now, you can make your masterpiece, and in as quick as fifteen hours!

Now, we’ll take a look together at the top 11 cool paint by numbers kits. These are the best picks in terms of quality, ease of use, and imagery.


1. Country Sunshine


You’ll feel that the mysterious dark fairy in this painting is about to jump out of it! The impending mystery and the cat account for the painting’s exciting look.

This one is an excellent option for first-timers. After finishing it, your friends won’t be able to tell it wasn’t painted from scratch. Its how-to is relatively easy, too. You’ll have to match the figures on the canvas and the numbers on the painting so that you can allocate proper colors to their figures.

This cool paint by numbers kit has a wide range of applications. It can be used for decoration purposes, as well as for gifting friends.



  • Detailed instructions and ease of use
  • Versatile
  • Beginner-friendly



  • The canvas might be smaller than stated


2. Ballooner’s Rally



After finishing this painting, you’ll find the soulful stare of a colorful cow looking back at you. This cool paint by numbers canvas doesn’t need any preexisting painting skills.

That makes it perfect for children because it’ll have a dual nature: it’ll be a tool and a toy. It’ll also help them upgrade their color coordination and enhance their intelligence and self-confidence.

This painting will be the perfect DIY project you can do with your kids to bond with them.



  • An excellent gift for your kids
  • No skill needed
  • Suitable for impatient people



  • Suboptimal packaging; it’s folded to the point of pesky creasing, which may necessitate ironing.


3. Aurora Bliss



Here’s a painting that will bring Paris home to you. The Eiffel tower depicted in this artistic way merely is mesmerizing.

This Eiffel painting will make a great gift. It already comes in a unique gift wrapping, and it’s suitable for both adults and children. However, it’s not ideal for kids under six years old.

This Eiffel tower painting needs necessary painting skills. So, it won’t be the best option if you don’t have enough experience in the field. Apart from this, it’s a cool paint by numbers kit that allows you to paint in your style.



  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Great color coverage
  • Easy correction in case of miscoloring



  • Needs painting skills


4. COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers – Lakeside Boat



This painting has a boat in a twilight setting that will make you wish you were there. Colorwork Lakeside Boat is the way to go if you’re up for a challenge. The outlines of this printed painting have fine areas, which will put your concentration to work.

Also, the density of the canvas is high, increasing its durability. As for the brushes, the kit comes bearing three sizes of them. There’s a size for the big areas, the smaller ones, and a third for nailing the details with finesse.



  • No need for blending or mixing paint
  • Great paint coverage
  • Durability



  • It may be heavily folded upon arrival.


5. COLORWORK Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting – Wild Flowers Pots Chair



This Colorwork painting appreciates the pot of beautiful flowers to the point where it gave it a special seat. This is an upgraded version of colorwork. It takes painting details to another level. With the intricacy of this painting, you may need to get yourself a magnifying glass to get it all done.

The manufacturers have also put more work into packaging with this upgrade. The packaging is sturdier, and the canvas is rolled, which helps minimize the creases.



  • Intricacy and details for those who love a challenge
  • Better packaging and less creasing
  • The numbers are easy to follow



  • Not ideal for kids and impatient people


6. Christmas Paint by Numbers, Canvas Oil Painting Kit – Santa Claus



Now, let’s take a look at the coolest paint by numbers kit for the holiday season! With a group of cheerful Santas, you’ll be feeling the Christmas spirit. This is a Christmas gift that your friends will appreciate for many years to come.

The colors in this painting are vibrant; they don’t fade. On top of that, they’re environment-friendly. The guiding numbers are clear, which helps minimize the chances of miscoloring. Finally, the cherry on top: the painting comes with beautiful gift packaging.



  • Environment-friendly colors
  • Long-lasting
  • The colors don’t fade



  • The pigments of the colors dry too quickly.


7. Sunflowers Paint by Numbers for Adults and Kids



Who doesn’t love sunflowers? With such a vibrant-colored sunflower, you’ll love the yellow plants even more.

With the instructions being detailed and the outlines not complicated, this is a great pastime for people at all skill levels. It’ll just need some time and patience. Regarding the colors, they’re of top-notch quality.

The colors are manufactured using eco-friendly materials. They dry quickly on the painting so that they won’t leave a mess. They’re also bright, clear, and long-lasting.



  • Eco-friendly colors
  • Not complicated
  • Wrinkle-resistant canvas



  • The colors in the reference picture aren’t the same as the real thing.


8. Paint by Numbers for Adults by BANLANA – Van Gogh The Starry Night



Ready to unleash your inner Van Gogh? Because this cool paint by numbers will help you do so. The special canvas of this painting is made out of cotton. Also, for you to have room to roam with your coloring, just like Van Gogh, this kit packs an extra amount of colors.

The brushes are premium, and the canvas is rolled. The high-quality packaging also helps fight against the creasing issue.



  • Packs extra amount of colors
  • Colors are of high quality
  • Durable cotton canvas



  • The paintbrushes can be bigger than they should be


9. DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults – Tree of Life



The look of this painting, once it’s finished, is astounding. It’s a painting of the mermaid-equivalent of solid land: a mystical, breathtaking creature.

The Tree of Life is the perfect painting for home wall decoration. It comes fully equipped with acrylic colors, which are of high-quality. Upon purchase, you receive 24 different colors.

These featured colors are much better than their oil counterparts. They’re also easy to use and user-friendly.



  • Aesthetically pleasing for wall decoration
  • Simple instructions
  • The colors are of high quality



  • The quality of the brushes isn’t the best.


10. Newsight DIY Oil Painting – Cute Dog



The simplicity of the cute dog with the rainbow colors makes this painting stand out. This adorable dog painting is another option for a child-parent joint DIY project. The acrylic paints stand out, as they’re thicker than the usual. This thickness eliminates the need for adding water frequently.

The colors are vibrant to form a beautiful final result. On top of that, the brushes are sturdy and of good quality.





  • There are creases in the backside of the canvas.


11. Tonzom Paint by Number – Our Romance Under Umbrella



This one is the perfect gift to give to your lover, reminding them of that rainy night you spent together. The brushes that come along don’t shed hair, and are also easy to clean, which is a bonus.

Regarding the canvas, it’s made out of linen, which gives it prolonged storage time. The acrylic paints are safe, easy to color with, and easy to modify.



  • Linen canvas
  • Durable brushes
  • Safe, easy-to-modify colors



  • The instructions aren’t as comprehensive as they should be


Final Words – Top 11 Cool Paint by Numbers to Give as a Gift


You won’t have to look for any giftable items lying around when you forget a birthday anymore. Now you know your go-to birthday gift!

A cool paint by numbers kit constitutes a great gift for first-timers. Now, you’re set to be the best gifter of the year!

For a complete selection of all of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



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