13 of the Hardest Paint by Numbers Kits For the Advanced to Try in 2021


Many people think that paint by number kits are made for kids. In fact, there are plenty of these kits dedicated to adults and even advanced painters.These take around two weeks to finish and can be used to learn some professional techniques like color mixing, shade adjustment, highlighting, and creating movement. Many professional painters use these kits to master certain techniques or just to escape everyday stress. Apart from the usual, boring kits, we listed some of the hardest paint by numbers kits that you can try in 2021.


Our Top Picks for the Hardest Paint by Numbers Kits to Try in 2021



These kits require a lot of patience and attention to detail because they produce the most realistic paintings. Here are our choices for the hardest paint by numbers kits to try in 2021.


1.  Måla Greece




Mala Greece is one of my favorites. It shows the beauty of Greece and its unique culture. It’s a cheerful painting with bright colors, in which we can see the balconies and white houses in a colorful, harmonious scene.

The canvas is 16×20 inches. The kit comes with 3 brushes of different sizes and 1 set of non-toxic acrylic paint. This type of paint requires no mixing and can dry super fast.

This kit’s price is a little bit higher than the rest of the kits here, yet we love the fact that its accessories come rolled in a tube, so you won’t have to iron it before usage.


2. Up, Up and Away



I know that at first glance, the number of balloons might seem overwhelming, but it’s tons of fun if you do it with a partner or multiple. Who wouldn’t love to color our loved house from Up?

You can get this kit without a frame, or add 10 bucks and get it framed in a solid wooden frame to document your artwork. The set is composed of non-toxic acrylic paint, a 3X card magnifier to better see small areas, and one big brush and a small one.


3. Four Season Tree of Life



This painting contains the 4 seasons of the year blended together in one tree. Similar to Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, this painting depicts the connection of the seasons and elements of nature.  It teaches how to represent anything using colors.

The kit comes with 6 brushes and a set of acrylic paint. The finished size is 16×20 inches. Keep in mind that the paint isn’t safe for children, and there’s no frame included.


4.  Multicolor Cat




You’ll love this cute cat the moment you see it. With a very unusual but attractive style, this painting can be used to decorate your home or office. The way colors blend in the picture makes it appealing to the eye.

You can get this painting with or without a frame. It comes at a finished canvas size of 16×20 inches. The set features some high-quality brushes and healthy acrylic paint.


5. The Great Wave off Kanagawa




The famous painting of Katsushika Hokusai is a representation of the power of the sea against the weakness of man.

This is an extremely tough painting to finish because it’s full of curves and thin lines. You can get high-quality canvas and paint for a pretty affordable price. It doesn’t include a frame, though.


6. Ballerina in Motion




Shadows and dark colors give this painting life and motion. It’s not always bright colors and splashes that make a painting come to life. The right amount of shadows can make a ballerina dance!

This kit teaches the technique of manipulating lights and shadows to give the illusion of movement. The size of the finished painting is 20×16 inches. It contains a set of high-quality brushes and acrylic paint.


7.  Woman Wearing Ethnic Style Headdress




Native American is literally what the title says, a native American. It shows the beauty of native American culture by emphasizing on their colorful costumes. You can feel that the girl in the painting can speak to you through her eyes and face paint.

This kit comes in three different sizes, which are 12×24, 16×32, and 20×40 inches. Whatever the size is, every package contains 3 brushes, a set of acrylic paint, and a frameless canvas.


8.  Sailing Boat at Sunset




A beautiful take on the stunning scenery of sunset with warm and comfy colors. A nice decorative and simple painting.

This kit comes with 3 different sizes of professional brushes and 24 high-quality acrylic paints. The canvas’s dimensions are 16×20 inches and it comes with no frame.


9. Solar System


This painting dives deep into one of the universe’s biggest mysteries, space. The kit is exceptionally imaginative and full of vibrant colors.

The kit includes 3 brushes, 16×20 inches canvas, and a set of non-toxic acrylic paint. The paint can be used right out of the pot without the need of adding water.


10.  London Streets



An honest portrayal of the crowded streets of London city. The people in the painting appear vaguely with minimal details, showing how they don’t care about each other. This type of portrayal shows how you can make something lack emotion. Somehow a representation of our modern life.

This kit contains 1 unmounted frameless canvas, 3 brushes, and a set of oil paints. The finished size of the painting is 16×20 inches.


11. Santa Claus Under The Christmas Tree


This painting captures the Christmas spirits in one scene. The usage of colors is brilliant, as it gives that feeling of warmth that comes from the fireplace in cold December. A festive painting with bright colors that can be used as a nice gift at Christmas.

This kit has high-quality accessories, yet it’s among the cheapest on our list. It contains 3 nylon brushes, which can help you paint smoothly and are good at absorbing water. In addition to a high definition 15.7×19.7 inches unframed canvas, and a set of non-fading environment-friendly acrylic paint.


12. An Elephant Mother’s Love




Bringing emotion into a painting is a hard thing. Showing emotions in animals is even harder. This kit depicts the strongest bond ever, which is maternal love.

You can see how elephants here represent power, strength, and love.

This kit comes with 2 hooks, 3 high-quality brushes, a set of acrylic paint, and a 16×20 inches canvas. There is a significant amount of paint, so you shouldn’t fear running out of it, and the paint is propylene dye and non-toxic.


13. Winter Wolves


Snow is tricky to capture. You need to pay a lot of attention to the usage of blue and white. Besides, making the snow look soft needs a professional. You can produce all of that with this paint by numbers kit.

This is one of the trickiest kits because it’s full of tiny details and small spots. It has 3 brushes, 2 hooks, a set of acrylic paint, and a 16×20 inches canvas.


13 of the Hardest Paint by Number Kits to Try in 2021 – Final Thoughts


So, should you paint by numbers?  Definitely!

Whether you’re an experienced artist who’s up for a new challenge, or a stressed-out individual who wants a to make a decorative piece, you gotta give these kits a try. They’ll help you free your mind, release stress, and end up with a beautiful piece of artwork!


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