Kids vs Adults Paint by Numbers: What’s the Difference?

Any adult who’s tried paint by numbers for themselves will be able to testify just how fun it is, but what about versions made for kids? Paint by numbers for kids is indeed a real thing and it’s a hugely beneficial activity to get your children involved in, whether it’s for fun or learning.

These days, our children spend so much time watching television, playing video games, or staring at their phones. As parents, finding something that actually engages them and is good for them can seem like a challenge, but it’s entirely possible with paint by numbers.

There are a few key differences between paint by numbers for 5 year olds and one designed for adults, but at their heart, they follow the same approach. For any parents or carers looking for a new way to keep children entertained while also giving them an accessible way to create art, this is a wonderful solution.

What’s the Difference Between Kids and Adults Paint By Numbers?



Creating art is something that can be done by all ages, and even if you don’t have the skills to get started, it won’t matter with paint by numbers. Adults who’ve enjoyed the painting system in the past might want to involve their kids, but is there a difference between those kits made for adults and the ones made for children?

The short answer is no, as both systems come with varying degrees of difficulty, but the children’s kits are usually a lot easier to paint and with fewer numbers and color choices. This allows your child to start out simple and slowly build their confidence to a more challenging picture, just like adults.

The other main difference is the content of the pictures, with kids paint by numbers being aimed at more child-friendly topics. There are characters from their favorite Disney movies, cute animals, and brightly colored images that are more appealing to a younger eye. Adult paint by numbers are quite detailed and might be a famous artist’s work that a child would otherwise find confusing.

What Are the Benefits of Paint By Numbers For Children?

The paint by numbers trend became huge in the 1970s as a way for everyday people to create their own art. What we didn’t realize was the methodical system of painting for fun would also come with a huge number of other benefits. These benefits can be especially helpful for children, and for adults looking to fill their time with something more valuable for their minds.

Interest in art

If you suspect your child might be a natural artist or just want to get them in touch with their creative side, paint by numbers is a great place to start. These kits can show them the joy of painting and spending time on a creative venture, and when they see what they’re capable of creating they might want to continue with the passion.


There’s a lot of satisfaction to be earned when you finish your very first picture. Even though some people see paint by numbers as a more methodical and basic approach to creating art, it’s still something you did on your own, and this can give a huge boost of confidence to children.

Builds cognitive function

Studies have shown that spending time each day working on art, whether it’s painting or drawing, can actually boost your brain power and improve memory. This is valuable for children who have problems with concentration or are looking for an education pastime that doesn’t feel like learning.

Reduces stress

Believe it or not, kids and teens also get stressed out just like adults. Taking your time off the problem at hand and putting your energy into something creative like paint by numbers is a proven stress buster for all ages.

Enjoyable and educational pastime

Paint by numbers for teens and kids is a great alternative to screen time and a way to get them away from their phones and computers to do something enjoyable and educational.

Where to Get Paint By Numbers Kits for Kids

Getting your kids involved in painting and its benefits is as easy as purchasing a paint by numbers kit made for kids. To ensure they’re involved in the process and get excited about starting, let them sit with you while you choose something they’d really like to paint.

There are great options online for a paint by numbers kit and they’re sometimes categorized by their difficulty level or age recommendation. All you have to do is find one that they like, order it, and then set them up a space of their own at home to get started with the creative process.Once they begin, you’ll probably find they gladly spend hours a day of their free time working on it and will be ready for their next challenge in no time at all.

A Fun and Beneficial Activity For All Ages

No matter your age, the benefits of paint by numbers and other forms of art are plentiful. For parents or carers looking for a healthier and happier alternative to all of the screen time that our kids are used to these days, there really isn’t a simpler solution that getting them their own paint by numbers kit.

Art is something that can enrich your life and there’s no need to be an expert to enjoy it. The whole premise behind the paint by numbers is that anyone can be an artist, and this includes children and teenagers too. The sheer joy that’s possible when you finish your own work of art should be experienced by all ages, and it will surely start them on a lifelong passion for all things creative.  Want to learn more?  Check out the Ultimate Guide For Paint By Numbers – HERE


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