Most Popular Paint by Numbers YouTube Videos and Online Accounts

When paint by numbers first took the world by storm in 1951 at Macy’s in New York, this in store demonstration blew people away. From there, millions of people jumped on board with the popular new trend and word quickly spread about this innovative approach to creating your very own art.

In the 21st century, paint by numbers is still alive and thriving, but the methods that we use to witness demonstrations and other’s works have changed. These days, there are plenty of great paint by numbers YouTube videos, Pinterest boards, and Instagram feeds dedicated to these DIY painting kits.

If you have an interest in seeing just how far paint by numbers has come or want to get tips and tricks from the experts, online is the place to be. We’ve compiled some of the best paint by numbers videos and accounts so you can see just what’s possible with this method creating art and expand your horizons even further.

Popular Paint By Numbers YouTube Videos and Users

DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults - Inspiration - Popular Paint by Numbers YouTube Videos and Users

YouTube is the easiest way to view free videos on just about any subject you can think of. It’s not surprising to learn they have a huge database of art related videos and streamers who dedicate their feeds to showing how they create beautiful and amazing pieces. There are some great videos and accounts focused on the paint by numbers process, so consider checking these out for inspiration.

Aroha Koura

Aroha Koura offers tips for artists on all types of art forms and gives detailed tutorials on all aspects of the painting process. She has some great videos for beginners including how to paint by numbers and the best way to get started by choosing the right image.


PaintyKat is a channel for people who want to learn how to paint. There are heaps of tutorials to try and a huge focus on paint by numbers as a way to learn. PaintyKat uses different brands and kits and gives reviews on each of them so you can see which one rates best.

Hobby Masters

The Hobby Masters channel is all about hobby art and it explores many types of artistic and creative methods you can try. They have a few videos specifically aimed at paint by numbers, how to videos, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your kit.

Color With Faithfulgirl1978

Faithfulgirl1978’s entire channel is dedicated to adult coloring methods and the user gives a detailed review of each of them. She has a lengthy video about paint by numbers that shows you the basics and what to expect when you commit to completing a piece, as well as other recommendations for coloring activities similar to this one. There are reviews on specific brands of paint by numbers kits with the pros and cons of each.

Paint By Numbers Instagram Accounts

DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults - Inspiration - Paint by Numbers Instagram Accounts

Instagram is an easy way to get snippets of videos and pictures on all kinds of subjects. The art world has a huge presence on this social media platform and it’s a great way to share with others what you’ve created or get inspiration from others about what’s possible. Here are some paint by numbers accounts that you can check out next time you’re Instagram.


With close to 200 different images of paint by numbers pieces that followers have created, this is a great feed to scroll through to show you the range of possibilities you have with these kits.


Detailed paint by numbers pictures for advanced painters, including detailed portraits and landscapes of foreign lands.

Pinterest and Other Online Paint By Numbers Resources

DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults - Inspiration - Pinterest and Other Online Paint by Numbers Resources
Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for all aspects of life, from art to weddings to home décor. The online pinboard has a great selection of paint by numbers pieces that others have completed, so you can get inspired by what others have created. Once you’ve made your own pieces, you can upload photos of your own work, share with others, and become part of the huge community online.

There are other great places to find paint by numbers resources and tips online, with millions of people sharing their love for these painting kits with the world. You can check out the Paint By Numbers Museum that has over 6,000 kits and catalogs to peruse from the 1950s and beyond. The Smithsonian also has a page for their paint by numbers display where you can read about the history of the art form.

Bringing A 70 Year Old Art Form Into the Modern Age

When paint by numbers was first released in the 1950s, its creators likely had no idea just how far it would go. This special art process has truly made its way into the 21st century and made use of social media and online sharing to help people all around the world to learn about and master it.

Nothing will ever compete with the joy of painting your own picture and it’s something that just can’t be recreated on a computer. These online accounts and resources let you get the best of both worlds by sharing your hand painted pieces with others on the internet, and getting worthwhile feedback and inspiration from the experts.

The next time you’re looking for some inspiration about what painting kit to try next or need some help with perfecting your lines and colors, you know there is plenty on offer online. Whether it’s a YouTube tutorial from one of the pros or an inspirational and colorful feed on Instagram, there’s no shortage of paint by numbers fans out there.


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