My Paint By Numbers Reviews & A Great Alternative

Painting by numbers has been gaining huge market attention recently, and it’s easy to see why. It serves as an opportunity for people who can’t paint, enabling them to make beautiful pieces of art. Not to mention that it’s a fun activity that brings peace of mind.  We will focus on my paint by numbers reviews and take a look at the good (if any) and the bad.

There’s been a lot of claims about My Paint By Numbers, which is a popular company that specializes in these kits. Between satisfied users and buyers who have had unfortunate experiences, we’ll shed some light on common complaints from customers.  We will also recommend a quality supplier for Paint By Number Kits that is known for Legendary customer service.


5 Common Complaints Listed In My Paint By Numbers Reviews


Take a look at what customers had to say about My Paint By Numbers. That way, you’ll know what you’re in for once you decide to buy a product of theirs.


‘My Kit Didn’t Get Shipped’


This is the most common complaint among buyers in my paint by numbers reviews. Nearly all of those who ordered kits in April didn’t receive their orders yet. Although some of these orders were shipped in August, some customers were unsatisfied with the company’s way of dealing with the problem.

For one, the customer service didn’t provide a solid reply as to when the orders will arrive. On top of that, some users couldn’t get their shipment tracking numbers. They reported that customer service employees just refused to disclose them.  Let’s take a look at some of the actual my paint by numbers reviews.


‘My Custom-Made Order Arrived Wrong’


Giving someone you care about a photo of them you painted is a warm gesture. A lot of buyers order custom painting kits as a gift for their loved ones. However, some of them reported that the orders arrived wrong.

Surely, no one wants to order a custom-made painting and open the shipment to find a painting of an owl! So, think twice before ordering a tailored painting from My Paint By Numbers.


‘The Delivery Estimates Are Inaccurate’


The manufacturer’s website claims that kits in the US take four days to ship. However, this estimate was proved wrong when users waited for their orders for over two weeks. Although some customers received theirs in a week, the 4-days claim still proved to be a scam.

Not to mention that kits from outside the US sometimes take months to arrive. So, if you’ll place an order from My Paint By Numbers, be prepared to wait for a long time.


‘I Can’t Communicate With the Customer Service’


All buyers who had an issue with the shipment or the order weren’t able to communicate with the company. The only available communication means are an email address and a phone number.

Users reported that no one replies to the phone number. And as for the email, they all got the same automated reply, which still didn’t solve their problem.


‘I Couldn’t See the Printed Numbers’


A lot of users complained that the printed numbers on the canvas aren’t visible enough, which made it hard to paint. This can be especially hard for beginners to deal with because it’ll mess with the color arrangement. Also, the customer service wasn’t of much help when buyers requested a refund.


How About an Alternative?


Painting by numbers is a relaxing, fun activity. There are alternatives to My Paint By Numbers that’ll enable you to enjoy this art without suffering from the aforementioned complaints. Let’s see how Ledgebay managed to make a name for themselves in the field.


About Ledgebay


Ledgebay was founded to inspire more people to use art in their daily lives. Ledgebay believes that the lack of talent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the relaxing sensation and the fun of painting.  So, they dedicate their products to everyone who needs a mental break from daily struggles.

They specialize in paint by number kits and accessories needed to create a masterpiece. You’ll find a wide variety of kits on their website that’ll allow you to express your inner artist.


7 Ledgebay Paint by Number Kits That You’ll Love


If you want to consider the overall quality of Ledgebay’s products, take a look at these options. We handpicked them in a wide variety to fit different preferences. They’re also available at affordable prices to match all budgets.


Moonlight Bay



If you’re a landscape enthusiast, you’ll love this one. It’s a mesmerizing painting of a lakeside boat, bathing in the subtle light of the moon. The canvas has relaxing colors that’ll steal focus from everything else.

If you’re a painting beginner, you don’t have to worry about the process. This painting has no color mixing or blending; nothing will get messy. Plus, if you want to change the colors or add some effects, you’re free to do so, and the numbering will help you get a pleasant result.

The kit comes with three paintbrushes in varying sizes, thereby giving you more control of delicate details and small areas. The brushes are made of high-quality, durable nylon that’s easy to clean. Additionally, you get a set of numbered acrylic paints that match the numbers printed on the canvas.


Vacation In the U.S.A



If you want a piece of Miami on your wall, you should consider this painting kit. It features a lot of vivid colors mixing together to come out with a photographic view of a seaside road. Besides, it’s suitable for beginners because it doesn’t have too many small details.

You can carry this kit anywhere, thanks to the handle on the box. On top of that, the shipment includes an easel that’ll perfectly fit the 16-by-20-inch canvas. It also comes with the usual acrylic color set and paintbrushes that accompany every Ledgebay canvas.





The October kit is ideal for flower lovers. It features four colorful vases that are packed with fall flowers. The colors will look brilliant on any wall; its vibrant hues will certainly catch people’s eyes.

This 16-by-20-inch kit is suitable for beginners and experts alike. It’s simple, yet captivating. Not to mention that it comes with four paintbrushes, so you can choose the one you’re most comfortable with. You’ll get the mounting supplies and the acrylic paints as well, and you’ll receive a color reference for the painting to make your mission easier.


Rails West



The Rails West canvas features a perspective view of a coal train that’s riding alongside a water stream. The painting is fixated on the stream and the lush trees scattered around the forest. You can nearly hear the soft squeal of the steam as it escapes the train’s chimney; that’s how alluring the painting is!

It’s recommended for experienced painters because it contains a lot of delicate details. Despite that, its numbering will make it easier for you to follow the color arrangement.

The canvas measures 16 by 20 inches. You can hang it on a wall after you’re done with it; it’ll go perfectly well with blue, beige, and apple green walls. Additionally, it comes with a color reference that measures 4 by 5 inches. This will make it easier for you to visualize the end result.

To prevent your canvas from arriving folded, Ledgebay ship their kits rolled. Also, you’ll receive a full set of numbered acrylic colors with the package. Additionally, this kit comes with four paintbrushes in different sizes and mounting supplies that you can use for wall art.


Scenic Overlook



Scenic Overlook is one of Ledgebay’s most popular painting kits, and it’s easy to see why. The canvas is a masterpiece; it features a small family overlooking a huge forest that’s dipping down a hill. The colorful cars on the right are the only thing that stands out among the sea of deep green on the painting.

The painting contains a lot of intricate details, but users mentioned that it wasn’t difficult to paint. However, some users had to buy an extra tiny brush because the accompanying brushes weren’t small enough. Plus, they said the brushes aren’t of the best quality, but maintaining them and cleaning them regularly will make sure they last.

The high-quality colors that come with the kit adapt smoothly on the canvas. They’ll glide easily on the painting surface without messing up.


Evening at the Country Fair



If you want to bring the country fair to your room, you can opt for this canvas. It includes vibrant colors that’ll look attractive on any wall. In addition to that, the substantial difference between hues will make it easier for you to pick the colors you need among the many options.

The kit arrives in a high-quality box that’s topped off by a handle for easier carrying. Furthermore, it comes with an easel, four paintbrushes, and a set of numbered acrylic colors. The quality arrives as promised, and the canvas comes rolled to avoid fold markings.


Final Thoughts


Paint By Numbers are a great way to relax and spend your “ME” time.  Don’t let My Paint By Numbers reviews discourage you. As long as there’s a worthy alternative, go for it.

Ledgebay paintings are worth the time you’ll spend on them. You’ll receive them with the quality you’re expecting, and you’ll love how they’ll come out in the end.  Ledgebay is known for LEGENDARY customer service as well.   Take a look at the Ledgebay Designs –> HERE.






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