Paint by Number Flowers Even Beginners Can Repeat

In this article, we will cover a few of our favorite paint by number flowers kit that can be done over and over again, whether you’re a beginner or a more skilled painter.


1. Sweet Petunias



These beautiful petunias are first on our list.  These bright pink flowers would make a gorgeous addition to any home or office gallery.  Classic flowers like these also go well with any design style.  Included in this kit; 16 x 20 premium canvas, full set of acrylic paints, assorted size brushes, wood easel, hardware hanging kit, carrying handle built in to the box, and full set of instructions.


2. Country Sunshine



This list of paint by numbers flowers wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful sunflower painting.  This masterpiece combines the classic beauty of sunflowers with the fruits of different colors, making it perfect to display on that blank wall in your kitchen.  This kit comes complete with a 16″x20″ premium canvas, a full set of acrylic paints, a wooden easel, paintbrushes in assorted sizes and a complete hanging hardware kit.


3. Apple Harvest


The beautiful, vibrant colors of the apples and plants in this painting makes this an obvious choice for this list of paint by numbers flowers you can do time and again.  This piece would make an excellent addition to any kitchen, office or restaurant.  This kit comes complete with: 16″x20″ premium canvas, a complete set of high quality acrylic paints, paintbrushes in a variety of sizes, wooden easel, sample painting for reference, and a hanging kit to display your masterpiece after it is finished.



4.  Sunflowers Color by Number Kits Acrylic Oil Paint



At first look, this might look like it’s challenging to execute because of how beautiful the end result is. However, this sunflowers painting has made it to Amazon’s choice list for a reason, it’s easy to implement and it produces a good looking end result!


The beautiful sunflower comes with a painted outline on a 16”x20” linen canvas. It comes folded, so it might need some flattening using steam, and it’s best to be stored flat. The paint is made of acrylic green material with three nylon brushes of different sizes to allow you to get to the most intricate details.


After you finish this cheerful piece of art, you can hang it on the wall using the pegs and metal hooks it comes with. We gotta warn you, though, it’s frameless, so you’ll need to get a frame.


The sunflower kit comes at a pretty reduced price and it’s super easy for beginners to follow. It’s practically a bargain!


5.  COLORWORK DIY Paint by Number Flowers – A Window Flower



Here’s another painting for the romantics. This window flower looks so minimal, yet it gives a sublime vibe. Like the sunflower painting, it seems to be a bit hard to master when you check out how the finished product is supposed to look. Fortunately, this is a false assumption.


You won’t have to to do color gradients or learn shading techniques to paint this scene. Instead, the fairly simply painting is divided into small detailed numbered parts. This way, you’ll know exactly where to place each color. When colors come together, you’ll achieve the subliminal painted look!


The set comes with three brushes with different sizes, along with an acrylic paint set. The canvas is of high density so as not to bleed color and its size is 16”x20”.


6.  Newsight Paintworks Paint By Number Flowers (Peony Flower)



Classic paintings lover? This one is for you.


A classical vase full of peonies on a table with warm colors, this is a perfect companion for winter!


This moderately-priced kit by Newsight is targeted towards beginners. Like its counterparts, it’s full of details and features a multitude of sections so that you can get the look right.


This kit will need some work from your side, though. The colors are slightly different from the painting, so you’ll have to apply several coats, or accept the color difference. The canvas dimensions are the standard 16”x20” without a frame. Like the rest, it comes with 3 brushes and 30 small paint pots.


To view a complete selection of our paint by number kits, CLICK HERE!





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