Our Top 7 Favorite Paint By Number Landscapes

Many adults have found paint by number landscapes soothing for the nerves to the point of being therapeutic.   After a long, busy week, it’s never a bad idea to collect your art supplies and work on a painting by the fireplace.

Still, when it comes to choosing paint by number landscapes, it might take you ages to make up your mind. For this reason, we’ve put together this article to recommend some of the best pictures you can paint.

Let’s take a look at our top 7 landscapes, shall we?


The Best Paint By Number Landscapes to Revive Your Inner Artist


The following landscapes are all created by one of the most talented artists, Kim Norlien. Looking at these paintings, you’ll come to appreciate how he has the ability to capture Mother Nature in all its glory.


1.    Aurora Bliss

If you’re a fan of the color blue with touches of orange, you might find an instant liking to Aurora Bliss. This painting depicts a cozy-looking cottage surrounded by trees capped in snow with an almost-frozen lake in front of it.

To complete the perfection of this painting, there’s a small fire by the lake, radiating warmth that you can almost feel. Its orange and yellow flames balance out the rich blue that makes the most of the scene.

We’re pretty sure that you’ll have a fantastic time working on this calming piece.

What’s great about this kit is that it includes a wooden easel, a carrying handle, and a detailed instruction manual. All these items should help you bring your masterpiece to life after a few days of work.

Not to mention that it’s available in three different canvas sizes that you can pick from according to your preference. You can also choose between framed and unframed canvases.


2.    Cabin Fever

Our second favorite landscape is Cabin Fever. Just like its predecessor, this picture captures the beauty of nature using vivid colors and the shifting of light and shadows.

This scene comes in shades of green and violet to draw your inner artist. Yet, the best thing about it is that anyone can enjoy painting this piece. It doesn’t matter if they’re professional artists or hobbyists.

Ultimately, we think this kit would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your children. Even better, a family can gather around this canvas and have some quality time painting together.

Same as the previous product, this kit includes almost all the supplies you might need. Also, it comes in different sizes and frame options.


3.    Guiding Light

For fans of rocky cliffs, vibrant greenery, sea view, and the endless sky, we suggest that you go for the Guiding Light. This landscape painting combines all these elements plus many more.

Yet, the entire focus of this picture seems to go to the lighthouse, which radiates its guiding light in the direction of the horizon.

People who love paying attention to details should admire this scene. However, it might not be the easiest for a beginner because it includes many tiny spots that require a higher degree of accuracy.

In fact, the manufacturer placed this paint by numbers landscape in the medium to advanced range for that reason. Still, with an array of brushes of different sizes available, you should be able to color the smallest areas with ease.

Looking for a challenge? Guiding Light might be the best option for you.


4.    Moonlight Bay

Some people are fans of the night sky, while others prefer clear, cloudless mornings. However, this paint by numbers landscape is for those who enjoy the lovely colors of twilight.

This picture perfectly captures this time of the day and how it changes the elements of nature to shades of blue. The overall vibe is calming to the nerves and brings out feelings of silent wonder.

Again, this scene might be tricky for someone who’s just starting their paint by numbers journey. It includes frequently changing numbers and colors, which can be a bit tiring to follow for a first-timer.

However, according to several users, things should go more smoothly after a while of practice. Matter-of-factly, a lot of people who painted this picture commented on the high quality of the canvas, paint, and brushes.

Another great point that makes these paintings stand out even more is that the canvas comes rolled and not folded. This way, it can withstand distribution and shipping with no defects.


5.    Mountain Paradise

Here’s an easy landscape that all paint by numbers beginners will most likely appreciate. If you take a look at Mountain Paradise, you’ll notice that it doesn’t include small areas of paint unlike the previous two.

This picture shows a nice, little cottage on the outskirts of a forest with a snow-capped mountain in the backdrop. A few minutes before sunset, all the elements of this scene are overlaid with hues of yellow.

Lovers of the color green should have a fun time coloring all different shades of it. Also, we’re pretty sure that painting that background mountain as well as the sunset sky will make you feel proud of your artwork.


6.    Still Waters

Another one of our favorites is Still Waters. This beautiful scene combines the colors green, violet, and pink, although you’ll find that green covers most of it.

It depicts a house with a surrounding porch on a lakeshore. Smoke rising out of its chimney, it gives off feelings of calm, security, and coziness. Not to mention that the greenery and the flowers add a natural vibrance to the painting.

Many people who painted this picture admired the end result. Yet, some commented on how it was hard to see the numbers and lines sometimes because the areas were so small.

Others suggested wearing magnifying glasses to see the numbers more clearly.

Still, if you have a steady hand, unwavering focus, and determined eyes, Still Waters might be your next masterpiece.


7.    The Road Home

Set in the early morning light, The Road Home can be the perfect painting to start if you want to explore the country life. It contains elements such as a barn, ranch house, dirt road, and lots of green grass and trees.

All these combined draw a picture of warmth that’s often associated with coming home, which explains the name. Plus, the way that lights and shadows shift throughout the scenery completes the perfection of the artwork.

As for its difficulty level, most people concluded that it was medium to advanced due to constantly shifting colors. You’d need a stable hand to make sure you don’t mix different hues together.

Regardless, we think that this picture will be very calming to work on. Eventually, you should have an award-worthy Paint By Number Landscapes to hang in your living room.



5 Paint By Numbers Tips to Help You Create Beautiful Masterpieces


Everyone says that paint by numbers is effortless. Yet, you might need a few tips to reduce the chances of making mistakes. Especially as a beginner, doing the following can make your experience much easier.


Prepare Your Workspace


The first thing that you can do to reduce the chances of mistakes is to create a proper setting. A lot of things can happen if you paint in a messy place, like spilling paint or water on your canvas.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the table you’re working on is clean and ready for you to paint on.


Eliminate Distractions


Watching the TV or talking over the phone while painting can cause several missteps. You can mix colors with different numbers before realizing it’s too late.

To ensure that you produce a painting that’s similar to the reference image, try not to paint with any distractions nearby.

Yet, what if you accidentally fill a number with the wrong color? Luckily, you can fix that without breaking a sweat.

All you’ll have to do is wait for the paint to dry, then apply a layer of the right color on top of it. If you can still see the old paint through the new one, you can add another layer of the second color.


Start From the Top


You’re all set and ready to begin painting one of your new paint by number landscapes, but where should you begin? Many artists advise that you start from the top right corner if you’re a leftie. If you’re right-handed, you should commence from the top left corner.

It’s also a good idea to start with the background. This way, the rest of the painting will be outlined first, which should give you a clearer view of all the remaining elements.


Don’t Oversaturate Your Canvas


Using too much paint on a section of your canvas can leave you with smudges. This is because the canvas becomes unable to absorb all the paint, so the color remains wet on its surface.

Since the paint doesn’t dry out, it can easily be smudged across the canvas by your finger or hand.


Clean Your Brush Properly Before Dipping It in a New Color



Brushes will always contain remnants of the paint that you’ve been using previously. Thus, if you want to use the same brush on a different color, make sure that you clean the brush over and over with water.

Forgetting to do that will result in you developing a third hue. In this case, if you use this new color on a section of your canvas, you’ll have to fix it using the method that we’ve mentioned earlier.


Wrapping Up


Whether you’re a first-timer, advanced painter, or a pro, you must enjoy painting by numbers. It’s quite easy for everyone, and even if you make mistakes, you can fix any missteps along the way.

After coming across our list of paint by number landscapes, finding your next work of art should be a few taps away.


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