Paint By Number Tips: 15 Tips to Create Stunning Works of Art


Are you planning to buy a paint by numbers kit for the very first time? Or are you someone who already does painting by numbers and wish to improve on your work? Keep reading for 15 paint by number tips to help you create a stunning work of art.

Though paint by numbers is popular among kids, it also caters to adults who love art. More than a way to express their creativity, people try paint by numbers for its numerous benefits.

Some people consider its impact life-changing.

But regardless of your reason for trying it out, did you know that you can come up with stunning outputs? You don’t need to be a seasoned artist to create outstanding artwork.

Continue reading below as we discuss some tips that will help you come up with your paint by numbers masterpiece.


The Keys to Creating a Masterpiece


There is no question that some people look at paint by numbers like recreation and nothing more. Unlike traditional methods of painting, it uses numbers that serve as guides as to which type of color you should use for a specific part of the canvass.

As simple as it may seem, there are valuable tips that can help improve your work many times over. Let’s take a look at some of the keys to creating your masterpiece.


1. Know Where to Start


Before anything else, you need to know where to start. One of the factors to consider is the hand you use for painting.

Are you right-handed? Then start from the top left down to the bottom-right portion. Are you left-handed? Then start at the top right down to the bottom left section.

Moreover, you should also consider working on descending order. This means working on a larger area first then slowly moving to the smaller ones. This will help you save more time.

It will also keep you from accidentally smudging your work.


2. Care for Your Paint



Another key to creating impressive artwork is maintaining the quality of your paint. This involves closing your paint cups when you are not using them.

Keeping the lids open may cause the paint to dry up quickly. When this happens, it will affect the quality of the acrylic paint. In much worse cases, your paint becomes useless.

Additionally, you may consider covering your paint cups with a light coating of clear acrylic sealer. This will keep the paint from drying up and will prolong its shelf life.


3. Lighting Matters


Using the right kind of lighting is also crucial in creating quality work. Invest in a good lamp that is strong enough to help you paint even at night.

If you are painting during the day, try to find a spot with excellent lighting. Painting next to the window is a good idea. Also, stop painting if your eyes feel tired.

Give yourself a few minutes to rest your eyes. Painting with tired eyes affects the quality of your work. Take a short nap if you must then go back with a rejuvenated pair of eyes.


4. Dark to Light


Another important tip involves your color choice. Take a look at your canvas and use the darkest color first before using the lighter ones.

This will give you a better perspective of how the colors affect each other. Moreover, you will better appreciate your work as you slowly transition from the darkest shade to the lightest.


5. Hide the Numbers


You also need to learn how to “hide” the numbers. This means making sure that the numbers do not show through. To pull this off, you need to look closely at the number of coats you use.

Generally, a single coat of paint is enough to cover most numbers. Using lighter colors, however, may require an extra coating or two. Give your work a closer look to see if it requires additional coating.

But make sure not to overcoat it.

Additionally, you can also consider covering the number using a white-colored pen. You should do this right before you apply the first coating.


6. White Paint for Errors



Speaking of the color white, use white paint to cover your errors. Sometimes, you use the wrong color on the wrong box. Instead of covering it with the right color, apply some white paint first.

White paint also helps clean out the edges of your artwork.

Additionally, you can use white paint to enhance other colors. Simply apply a single coat of white paint under the color you are intending to use.


7. A Magnifying Glass Helps



One of the keys to creating a masterpiece is attention to detail. And one of the tools that will help you do so is a magnifying glass.

When working on an intricate paint by numbers kit, use a magnifying glass to get a better view of the small areas. These tricky areas can cause you to go over the borders.

A magnifying glass can also help you find numbers in those small areas.


8. Flat Surface and Some Newspaper


Another key to achieving flawless artwork is stability. Thus, if you are using a canvas, you need to work on a hard and flat surface. To ensure that your canvas doesn’t move, tape it against your table.

But if you prefer working while on the sofa, mount your canvas onto cardboard. You may also use a foam core.

Furthermore, make sure to cover your workspace with newspaper. Even if paint by numbers is not messy, there is a risk of spilling water all over your desk. You may also use plastic as covering if you don’t have newspapers at home.


9. Thin Out Your Paint


Going back to the paint, you need to make sure to thin out your paint. This is important considering that acrylic paint gets thicker as it dries.

To thin your paint, you can opt for some paint thinner. You may also try using a flow-improver. This is a kind of liquid that you add to the paint to thin it down.

One drop of flow-improver at a time is all you need. The good thing about the flow-improver is that it doesn’t affect the strength of the color. It also allows the paint to spread evenly.

You can also use water as your final option. But make sure to use the right amount. Additionally, try using less paint than what you initially think you need.


10. Practice Patience 


Like in any form of art, paint by numbers requires patience. This means taking your time as you go through each number. Keep in mind that this is not a race.

Even experts agree that patience is the key to creating marvelous artwork.

Appreciate the color transitions. Marvel at the small details and how the colors affect each other.

Also, you should give the paint some time to dry before painting on another area. Work on one number at a time. Enjoy every step and feel the relaxing benefits of painting.


11. Iron the Wrinkles



Make sure to flatten out the wrinkles. Some canvases tend to wrinkle, creating uneven areas. When this happens, place a damp towel over the iron board and place the canvas facing down.

Take a steam iron and work on the back part of the canvas. Make sure to use low heat as you straighten out the wrinkles.

Furthermore, you should also consider using a framed canvas. The frame around the canvas helps stretch the latter and keep it tight.


12. Acrylic Sealant Against Dust



To keep the beauty of your artwork, you need to protect it from the elements. Thus, keep the dust away by applying some acrylic paint sealant.

Before applying, make sure to give your painting a week to dry. The sealant not only gives your painting an elegant finish, but it also extends the life of your artwork.


13. Care for Your Brushes



Your brushes are like your magic wand. To keep the magic going, clean your brushes as you go.

Acrylic paint tends to dry fast. When it dries up, it becomes thick, making it hard for you to rinse off.

Make sure you have a glass of water and some paper towels beside you. Use them to clean your brushes immediately after use. Don’t dip your brushes into another color without washing them first.

Also, you can use some paint thinner to clean the brushes.


14. Varnish for a Perfect Finish



Once you’re done painting, you can put on the finishing touches. Apply some varnish to give your artwork that glossy shine.

Varnish helps highlight the details of your work and it also makes your painting look better on camera.


15. Give It a Good Frame



Last but not least, frameyour canvas to give it the proper presentation it deserves. You may use traditional frames if you are planning to hang your work inside your home.

If you are planning to showcase it on contemporary galleries, mounting it on stretcher bars is the way to go.


Enjoy Paint by Numbers Today!


Painting by numbers is fun, relaxing, and easy. But for serious painters, you can take your work to the next level by keeping in mind the tips we discussed above.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you should go for some of the best paint by numbers kits available. Check out our different kits and offerings. We offer high-quality products that will help you appreciate painting by numbers on a much deeper level.

Send us a message and start painting today!



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