Top Paint By Numbers For a Nursery – The 2021 Selection


Are you ready to take a look at our top 8 paint by numbers for a nursery?

If you’re running a nursery, chances are you’re constantly looking for fun activities to keep the kids busy and entertained. If that’s the case, why don’t you consider buying paint by numbers kits?

Not only are those art projects a breeze for children to complete, but you’ll also get to decorate the nursery with them. It’s a win-win situation!


The Best 8 Paint By Numbers for a Nursery


According to several studies, engaging in art projects can boost children’s academic, social, and emotional lives. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to introduce drawing and painting to preschoolers in a nursery.

Without further ado, here are our favorite products to consider buying.


1. Climber Frog Paint By Numbers Kit



The first painting on our list is this adorable piece that depicts a frog on a tree branch. The reason why we like it so much is that it’s one of the easiest projects to do, which makes it perfect for beginners.

This picture doesn’t include too many color shades so it won’t confuse little kids. Plus, the color areas are large, giving the children plenty of space and freedom.

The Climber Frog kit comes with three high-quality painting brushes of different sizes, and they’re suitable for small hands. Better yet, the canvas is already framed and ready for use the moment you take it out of the package.


2. Princess Ava and Her Kingdom Paint By Numbers Kit



Kids who are fans of bright colors will probably love working on this picture. This painting combines the colors green and blue along with pastel hues for the background.

Again, what makes this kit so special is that it has simple, large elements to suit younger kids. Also, it should look good on your nursery walls once it’s finished, especially if it matches the place’s color scheme!

With sturdy brushes, pre-printed canvas, and a durable wooden frame, getting this kit can be a great investment.


3. Pink Small Whale Paint By Numbers Kit



Here’s another option that’s a piece of cake to paint for a preschooler. The best thing about it is that it consists of only three colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to finish. Plus, it’s divided into big sections to leave no room for mistakes.

For kids who may be hesitant about creating art, this paint by numbers kit should be a wonderful choice. Because this piece requires minimum effort, coloring it should encourage kids to be more creative.

Once the children master this easy project, you can recommend them more challenging paintings.


4. Welcome Home Paint By Numbers Kit



Some kids can be passionate about home, and vibrant colors. In that case, it’s time that you introduce this pretty painting to your little flowering artists.

Welcome Home has a solid background, and because the painting contains primary colors, and large areas to color, we consider it to be low level of difficulty.

We’re pretty sure that many kids out there are up for the challenge, especially if they’ve painted other projects before. With the easy-to-hold brushes and framed canvas, a lot of children should finish this piece in less than an hour.


5. Durango the Dinosaur Paint By Numbers Kit



What are two things that most children can’t resist? Colors and dinosaurs!

You may want to combine both elements by buying the kids this paint by numbers kit. It shows a cute dino with adorable eyes and polka dots. What makes the painting even more interesting is that it has a mix of colors to capture anyone’s attention.

The kids will most likely be thrilled to paint with green, orange, purple, brown and blue to create this lovely picture. It is low painting level just like the previous painting, and it’s a favorite of many children and adults alike.


6. Daisy the Unicorn Paint By Numbers Kit



A kid who adores animals might also like to paint a unicorn in all sorts of colors. That’s why you should consider buying this painting.

Same as the product before, Ledgebay’s Daisy the Unicorn kit includes the vibrant colors red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and more. Because the color sections are a bit tiny, this painting might require advanced painting skills.

Still, with the help of the perfect-sized brushes, filling these small sections with color should be an easy task. Eventually, you’ll end up with a beautiful painting to enhance your nursery’s aesthetics.


7. Liam the Lion Paint By Numbers Kit



A lot of children show an impressive talent at art at a very young age, so you’ll need to shower them with more challenging paintings. We think that the Ledgebay Liam the Lion kit can be the perfect candidate for this role.

This one is a treat to paint with it’s shades of green and brown. Plus, just looking at the cute lion can give you a sense of calm.

For the artistic kid with advanced skills, this painting should be a welcome gift. Using the high-quality brushes and canvas, he or she should be able to complete it in no time.


8. Colorful Sea Turtle Paint By Numbers Kit



Last but not least, here’s our final pick for the best paint by numbers kit for a nursery. This sea turtle painting can be another great treat for a little artist who likes small details.

Better yet, the picture features a wide array of colors, which many kids will mostly love to work with. They’ll get to explore the vibrant depths of the sea and make the beautiful scene come to life using their paint and brushes.

Another thing we liked about this kit is that it includes non-toxic acrylic paints. Thus, it’s eco-friendly and safe for anyone to use.


Paint By Numbers Dos and Don’ts to Teach the Kids


Once you’ve purchased your favorite paint by numbers kits, it’s time to get to work. But, before you give your little cinnamon rolls some empty canvases to paint on, you may want to offer them a few tips first.


  • Make sure that the table you’re working on is clean
  • Start painting from top to bottom
  • Begin coloring from the top left corner of the canvas if you’re right-handed and vice versa
  • Color the background first
  • Close the paint pot lid after use so that the color won’t dry



  • Don’t worry about replacing one color with another
  • Do not use up all the paint before the entire painting is done
  • Don’t forget to clean your brushes after use
  • Remember not to apply a huge amount of paint to the canvas so not to cause smudges


Final Words


One of the best experiences in life is to watch kids play, only beatable by monitoring them being creative. To increase the children’s sense of art, it’s always a good idea to invest in the top paint by numbers for a nursery.

You’ll also end up with a bonus since you’ll have many art pieces to decorate every room in the place. Pretty cool, right?

To view a complete selection of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!



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