Top Famous Mountains You Can Paint By Numbers In 2021


The paint-by-numbers mountains kits have been gaining wide popularity since they joined the market. They enable everyone to paint masterpieces without the need for experience or skills. Therefore, all art-enthusiasts are rushing to buy them.

One more thing to love about these kits is that they come fully equipped with the brushes and colors. Not to mention that they come with the hanging tools, in case you want to put your work on the wall.

Mountains have been the center of attention of a lot of art pieces throughout history. Here, we’ll shed some spotlight on the top paint by numbers mountains of 2021.


Crystal Mountain



People have always been drawn to mountain landscapes. If you can’t climb one, you can paint it instead!  This Paint By Numbers painting is a masterpiece, to say the least. It features a snow-capped mountain that stands over its own reflection in a lake.

The lake is topped off by a sea of green that’s full of trees. The painting is an aesthetically beautiful combination of warm and cold colors. It’ll go perfectly well on most colors of the walls.

Upon purchase, you receive the numbered canvas, along with a numbered acrylic paint set Additionally, you’ll get three brushes in varying sizes, as well as an instructions manual and the hanging kit. You won’t need to buy anything yourself, which will save you a lot of money!


Green Mountain River – Paint By Numbers Mountains


If you want an extra-large painting to take a generous space on your wall, you can go for this one. It only contains various shades of green, so the numbered paint set will be easy to use. On top of that, the canvas will steal focus in any room you hang it in, thanks to its eye-catching design.

The painting’s core focus is the green mountains in the center. The houses below and the trees above also add to the overall beauty. There’s a river that’s streaming between the trees to add a splash of blue as well.

If the canvas is too large for you to do it alone, you can always let some friends join in. It’s a fun activity that doesn’t require any skills. The only skill you need is the ability to paint inside the lines!


Floating Mountains



Another extra-large painting that made it to our list. Floating Mountains is a hauntingly beautiful painting that features tall mountains bathing in the serene moonlight. Below, there’s a dark lake that adds an ethereal touch to the scene.

The canvas’ palette is mostly black and white. There are subtle touches of pink among the overall gloomy colors of the painting. This paint by numbers mountains kit go well with gothic, contemporary, and modern interior designs.

The painting comes with a hanging kit, so you can easily elevate it on one of your walls. Besides, the kit contains non-track hooks to prevent scratching or chipping the paint off the walls. You also get three brushes to make your mission easier; one of them is tiny for the small details that require precision.


Sunrise in the Mountain – Paint By Numbers Mountains



Sunrise in the Mountain is a dramatic painting that conveys the beauty of the golden hour. The glaring rays of sunlight provide a great source of the drama that shadows the whole picture. In addition to that, the trees in the valley underneath the mountains add a spark of life to the scene.

If you intend to hang the painting, it’ll go particularly well with beige and blue walls. It’ll also match various interior designs, whether your house is classic, modern, or eclectic.

As for the painting process, it requires some patience and precision because of the tiny details. We wouldn’t say the painting is for experts, but beginners may struggle with it. Fortunately, the canvas is accompanied by a set of brushes that fit every detail of this paint by numbers mountains kit. There’s a small brush that you can use for the delicate trees.


Crystal Mountain Lake


This painting is strikingly similar to Crystal Mountain, but it has an extra wintery vibe to it. Plus, the glaring sun adds a dramatic lure to the scene. The mountain is the dominating feature of the painting, even if it’s placed further than the lake. The perspective is only added to create a sense of depth to the picture.

While the mountain in Crystal Mountain seemed lighter and hazier, this one is sharp and clear to show off its grandeur. The cold colors are shadowing the painting, which makes it an ideal option for grey and blue walls.

The canvas measures 16 x 20 inches. It’ll need a large wall in order to show off its colors and hues, and it’ll take some time to paint.

Despite the sharp details, the numbering is relatively easy to follow. The colors are limited, which reduces the chance of getting the wrong color. Plus, the brushes that come with the kit will make your mission easier.


Reflection Mountain – Paint By Numbers Mountains



Reflection Mountain is a panoramic painting that depicts mountains, trees, and a serene lake. The realistic details of the forest are the main emphasis in the scene, along with the dramatic light of the golden light that shadows over the mountains.

The flickering light of the painting is captured by the reddish color that caps the mountains. Additionally, the variety of textures from the lake to the forest creates a depth to the picture.

The best thing about it is the ease of use. Literally, anyone can paint this paint by numbers mountains kit, even if they lack the skills required. However, it includes a lot of colors, so you need to pay attention while picking.

The wide array of colors will go on any wall of any color. The painting will also go with different interior designs, thanks to its unique combination of hues.


Hidden Valley Stream



Although the mountains aren’t the main focus of this painting, it’s still every bit as mesmerizing as the others on our list. The hill is deep inside the painting. It appears hazy, and the green shades dominate its color palette, with random blue touches here and there.

Instead of the traditional inverted cone shape, the mountains in this painting are lopsided and elongated. They direct the attention towards the narrow lake that centers the painting.

This painting is one of the easiest paint-by-numbers mountains kits. The colors are limited to blue, green, and grey. You won’t get confused when picking the color you should go with. The numbered paint set will also help you a bit.

The painting is suitable for both beginners and experts. You can let your friends join in the fun too!


Final Thoughts About Paint By Numbers Mountains Kits


Now that you have a wide variety to choose from, the purchase should be easy to make. It would help if you decide according to the number of details you’re willing to deal with, and the color of the wall you’ll hang it on. We included various styles on the list to help you with that.

Our favorite out of the list of top paint by numbers mountains is the Crystal Mountain painting. It’s a brilliant combination of cold and warm colors that’ll go well on any wall. Besides, the aerial perspective view of the mountain and the lake creates eye-pleasing scenery!


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