Top 11 Junior Paint By Numbers Kits – And How To Select Them

Junior Paint by Numbers Kits: The Top 11 Paint by Numbers Kits for Juniors and How to Select Them

Have you gotten a junior paint by numbers kit for your little one yet? You may want to.

There’s so much literature about the benefits of paint by numbers for adults. If you have kids, younger siblings or nieces and nephews, you’ll probably enjoy knowing that the same is true for junior painters.

When they complete a paint by numbers project, they get a sense of achievement, self-confidence, perseverance, patience and so much more. On the physical front, they gain hands-on ability, ocular motor control, and fine motor skills. To top it off, you can easily turn painting by numbers into an invaluable bonding experience if you help your little one along the way.

Luckily, all you have to do is purchase the best junior paint by numbers kits for them. At least two kits will keep them sufficiently busy, engaged and entertained. Don’t know which ones to buy? Here are our top 11 recommendations.

  1. Breyer 3D Paint by Number Pinto Horse Craft Activity Set


Recommended age: 4+ years

Breyer’s 3D set is arguably the best junior paint by numbers kit right now. And it’s all down to the 3D design of the horse. Your child’s final masterpiece will look as realistic as they come.

It’s the perfect kit for introducing your little one to animal painting. They’ll thoroughly enjoy matching numbers with paint color, especially if they’re horse lovers.

What’s included in the kit?
  • Canvas surface with a 3D horse design
  • 3 paint brushes
  • 6 paint colors
  • 16-page instruction booklet


  1. Schipper 609450774″ by The Torrent Painting by Number


Recommended age: 12+ years

You can never go wrong with a Schipper painting set. This particular kit is ideal for older kids who are 12 years and above. It’s therefore the perfect junior paint by numbers gift for teenagers.

The best part? They actually paint on specially designed boards which have canvas textures. And it’s not just one board, they are 5 in total. Moreover, the final piece is the closest thing you will see to a professional painter’s work.

What’s included in the kit?
  • 5 painting boards
  • 2 brushes
  • 40 plus extra acrylic paints
  • Instruction booklet and control sheet


  1. Norris Paint by Numbers: Paris Nostalgia (Tryptych)


Recommended age: 10+ years

This is not exactly a beginner paint by numbers kit because it’s a very detailed painting with small shapes to paint. As a result, it’s more suitable for a junior artist who has been painting by numbers for a few months or years and is looking to up his/her craft.

Nonetheless, the rich colors and super-wide canvas (canvas is placed on board) will make your young artist feel like he/she is in Paris painting the “City of Love”.

What’s included in the kit?
  • Canvas on board
  • 1 paint brush
  • Pre-mixed acrylic paints
  • Instructions booklet


  1. Creativity for Kids Faber-Castell Paint by Number Museum Series


Recommended age: 8+ years

Looks familiar? If you’re an artist or painting enthusiast, then you’ve probably noticed that the above painting is a recreation of Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh.

Your up-and-coming artist can paint a similar recreation with this junior paint by numbers kit. Although it won’t be a Van Gogh masterpiece, it will be just as nice.

The beauty of the painting is that it’s simple. For example, there are no overly intricate shapes. For that reason, it’s perfect for kids who are as young as 8 years old. Besides, it’s an easy design because of the fairly large shapes.

What’s included in the kit?
  • Canvas surface
  • Brushes (including extras)
  • Paints
  • Easel
  • Hang tabs


  1. Schipper 609340687 “Culinary Herbs Quattro Paint by Numbers Board


Recommended age: 12+ years

How about getting your young painter an artwork that will gussy up your kitchen’s decor when you hang it there? If you’re sold on that idea, then you’ll love this junior paint by numbers kit by Schipper.

It’s actually a set of 4 painting boards (with canvas), each with a nice green-white contrast. Moreover, they all don’t require painting excessively many colors. And that makes this kit perfect for young painters who are not ready to switch between 40 or more colors.

What’s included in the kit?
  • 4 boards with canvas texture
  • Pre-mixed acrylic paints
  • Painting brush
  • Instruction booklet and controlling sheet


  1. MindWare Color Counts: Travel The World


Recommended age: 8+ years

For its price, this paint by numbers kit for kids is an absolute steal. It has 24 pages, half of which have numbered designs for painting. When painted, the pages reveal cultural images from around the world.

The other half don’t have numbers. Therefore, your little painter can use his/her creativity to paint them however he/she wants.

Although the designs have many shapes to paint, they are pretty simple. So it might take your junior artist some time to complete but they’ll get it done eventually. It’s a perfect buy if you want a kit that will take fairly long to complete.

What’s included in the kit?
  • Paint by numbers booklet with 24 pages

Note: this kit requires coloring markers, not paint.


  1. ES Art DIY PBN-Paint by Numbers Romance 16-by-20 inches Frameless


Recommended age: 8+ years

It wouldn’t win an award for the most intricate design but this painting is fairly detailed. For that reason, your junior painter will require some extra care in order not to paint outside the lines.

Although it’s a challenge, it’s a good challenge because that’s how he/she will learn to paint precise lines even with freehand techniques.

Needless to say, the final painting looks awesome. It’s good enough to go on the living room wall.

What’s included in the kit?
  • Unframed canvas with design
  • 3 paint brushes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Instructions sheet


  1. DIY Digital Oil Painting,Yalatan Paint by Number Kits Sets


Recommended age: 12+ years

Does your kid enjoy painting plants and flowers? He/she just might be the next Franz Bauer (1758 – 1840). Often regarded as one of the greatest botanical painters, Bauer produced masterpieces of plants and flowers effortlessly.

Your little one can get a taste of the same with this junior paint by numbers kit. The finished artwork depicts a nice flower in a vase. Additionally, it has a book and mug to add to the aesthetic appeal.

What’s included in the kit?
  • Canvas with design
  • Oil paints
  • 3 brushes
  • Binding tools (2 sets)
  • Hooks (2 sets)
  • An instructional sheet


  1. Ledgebay October Paint by Numbers


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Recommended age: 12+ years

Although it’s designed for adults, this Ledgebay paint by numbers kit is just as good for junior painters. It combines some of the most vibrant colors to create a beautiful masterpiece. And yes, it’s another must-have for your up-and-coming botanical painter.

One of the best things about Ledgebay kits is that their proper packaging. In addition to a sturdy package, you get a rolled canvas, not a folded one. Because of that, every adult and junior paint by numbers canvas is wrinkle-free. You can frame, gift or even sell it.

What’s included in the kit?
  • 16 x 20-inch canvas
  • 4 paint brushes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Wall-mounting tools
  • Reference of painting
  • Miniature design of canvas


  1. Apple Harvest


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Recommended age: 12+ years

Yet another beautiful junior paint by numbers kit by Ledgebay.

If you’ve been having trouble getting your little one to eat fruits and vegetables, maybe you can inspire them towards that direction by introducing some fruit and vegetable painting projects. And there’s no better place to start than with this kit.

The design is not excessively detailed but it will take them some time to complete. When it’s done, the painting will turn any room into a cozy and bright dwelling spot.

What’s included in the kit?
  • 16 x 20-inch canvas
  • 4 paint brushes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Wall-mounting tools
  • Reference of painting
  • Miniature design of canvas


  1. Wolf


Recommended age: 8+ years
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There’s something about wolves that makes them look awesome in paintings. The snowy background in this particular design makes the final painting even more realistic.

You can let your little one to have fun recreating it on a pre-printed board. The board has a canvas texture that not only makes painting easier for juniors, but also guarantees an eye-catching artwork

What’s included in the kit?
  • Pre-printed painting board
  • 1 paint brush
  • 7 acrylic paints
  • 1 desk easel
  • 1 paint organizer


Paint by Numbers Buying Guide: How to Choose a Junior Paint By Numbers Kit

Are there differences between adult and junior paint by numbers kits? Yes, there are a few differences. The main one is that kits made for juniors are easier to paint. They have less intricate designs and simpler shapes so that the kid doesn’t find it hard to stay within the lines.

That’s one thing to look at when buying a kit for your junior – the design on the canvas. You can always tell by looking at the reference photo if the design is too complicated or not. Simple is better for kids, especially if they’re just starting to get a hang of this craft.

You can find more differences between adult and kids’ kits here. But for now, how about we look at other factors to keep in mind when buying a junior paint by numbers kit.


There are two main types of surfaces for painting by numbers: watercolor paper and canvas. The latter is more popular and often feature a linen or cotton material; both are equally good.

They are very durable and produce top-notch artwork. So if you want a surface that will last and look good over centuries, canvas is the way to go. And it goes well with acrylic and oil paints.

In case the kit comes with oil paint, you may have to prep the canvas before use. That process typically involves application of gesso. Check out this guide on how to prepare a paint by numbers canvas.

Watercolor paper, on the other hand, goes with watercolor paint. Therefore, if the surface is watercolor, then it only makes sense to choose its corresponding paint; i.e. watercolor paint.


Unless it’s a really cheap kit, your junior paint by numbers rig will include a set of paints.

Side note: stay away from suspiciously cheap paint by numbers kits. They’re not worth it.

There are usually three main types of paints: watercolor, acrylic and oil. The latter two are the most popular, with acrylic just edging oil in popularity. While watercolor is an excellent painting medium, it’s not the most ideal for juniors.

You should be looking at oil and acrylic paint by numbers kits for your little one. Although oil produces artwork that’s rich in color and texture, it’s very messy and hard to clean. You’ll need to use turpentine or white spirit, both of which are fire hazards.

That’s mostly what makes the case for acrylics. You only need water to clean and thin acrylic paint. And it produces art that’s just as good as oil paintings. Head over here for a more comprehensive comparison of these two paints.


Again, all the good paint by numbers kits come with brushes. If the maker doesn’t throw free brushes in the kit, then you have no business purchasing from them.

Ideally, you should get at least two brushes for simple paintings. That will leave your junior painter with one extra brush at any given time.

If the painting is too intricate (small shapes and many details), you will want a kit that has at least 3 brushes in increasing sizes. Your kid will use the smallest to paint small shapes and the largest brush for large-sized shapes.

If they have to use one brush for small and large shapes, they risk painting outside the lines. And that may compromise the look of the final art.


Look at the kit’s image before placing a purchase. It’s one of the most important considerations because that’s the photo that your young painter will reproduce. Make sure it is:

  • Appropriate
  • Close-up and clear enough
  • Not blurry

Check out this detailed guide on how to choose a paint by numbers image.

Additionally, check that there’s a miniature version of the photo in the kit. Your painter in the making will need it as a reference. Similarly, check that there’s a small duplicate of the canvas design.

It will come in handy when he/she covers the numbers with a wrong paint. He/she will need use that duplicate to know the covered number and correct its paint.

Additional Kit contents

–    Firstly, are there frames in the kit?

–    Secondly, will you get hooks?

–    Thirdly, is an easel included?

–    Is the canvas framed?

–    Finally, are you getting enough of everything?

That last question is very important because paint can run out before the child completes his/her painting project. Look at user reviews of the kit to ensure that they come with sufficient and possibly extra paints.

More often than not, kits that come with add-ons will cost slightly more. But in the end it’s always worth it. For example, spending too much time painting on a table can hurt your child’s neck, shoulders and arms. Therefore, it would be important to get a kit with an easel. As a result, he/she will switch between standing and sitting while painting.


Whatever you do, do not buy a kit with a folded canvas. Always choose the ones that have the canvas rolled (preferably on a tube).

Why? Because folding a canvas makes it crease and wrinkle. Some online guides like this one are very helpful when you need to remove wrinkles from a canvas. Unfortunately, the methods don’t work 100%. Therefore, someone will still see creases even in the final artwork.

To avoid all that, stay away from kits with folded canvases and stick to the rolled ones. Ledgebay uses this type of packaging perfectly.


Junior Paint By Numbers: To wrap it all up…

That’s about everything you need to know about buying junior paint by numbers kits. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when choosing (in case you are), hence this guide. But now you can go ahead and pick your most preferred kits from the 11 above.

Remember that you can always buy two, three, four or even more kits for your little one. In fact, the more kits they have, the more motivated they’ll feel about painting by numbers. And yes, it’s the perfect gateway into real painting.



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