Top 9 Religious Paint By Numbers Kits to Give as Gifts

In the following article, we will walk you through 9 excellent choices of religious paint by numbers kits.  Additionally, you’ll find a guide on how to use these kits in the best way possible! So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Painting by numbers is among the most popular hobbies of the new century. It’s an excellent way to have fun in a creative way while spending your free time.

Since they’re enjoyed by both kids and adults, they can be an excellent gift for your loved ones. If you’re looking for religious paint by numbers kits to give as a spiritual gift, you’re in for a treat!


Top 9 Religious Paint By Numbers Kits Available on the Market


To make things more streamlined for you, we’ll give you a brief overview of the best religious paint by numbers kits that you may come across.

1. DoMyArt – Jesus Lanterns



Kicking off the list with one of the most popular religious paint by numbers kits out there. The picture shows Jesus Christ a lit lantern as a symbol of guidance along your path.

DoMyArt is a reputable brand that uses authentic acrylic colors of high quality to exactly match the original photo.

The kit comes with all the colors you’ll need along with 3 high-quality brushes of different sizes to make the job easier in tight spots.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • High-quality acrylic colors
  • Preprinted canvas ensures high precision coloring
  • Comes with 3 brushes of different sizes


2. CaptainCrafts – Jesus and People



CaptainCrafts is also a popular name in the painting by numbers industry. This picture of Jesus with people is a popular image with warm colors. It acts as a perfect gift for houses with vintage furniture.

This model comes in both framed and frameless options, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Also, it comes with a durable canvas that can handle beginners’ extra pressure. As for the colors, they feature acrylic paint that doesn’t need color blending.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Comes with simple instructions
  • Doesn’t require color blending
  • Available in both framed and frameless options


3. CaptainCrafts – Jesus Embrace Small Lamb



This picture is available in simple dimensions of 16 x 20 inches, which are more than enough to suit most walls.

The package includes everything you might need while painting by numbers. This includes a pine frame, linen canvas, numbered paints, and traceless hooks.

Similar to most CaptainCrafts items, this one doesn’t require complicated color mixing, so it’s still a good option for first-timers.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Simple instructions
  • Comes with a referral insert
  • Doesn’t require blending


4. SROOD – The Last Supper



If you want a large painting to kick things up a notch, consider The Last Supper. It’s a wonderful picture with different colors to challenge yourself while having tons of fun.

However, you should know that the bigger the painting, the more time and effort it’ll take to finish.

If it’s your first painting, don’t go overboard with a large one that might take days to finish. Also, it carries a bigger chance of messing the painting up.


What Makes it Stand Out

  • High-quality brushes and canvas
  • Large painting
  • Acrylic paints don’t dry out quickly


5. CaptainCrafts – The Love of Jesus



The Love of Jesus is an average-sized picture that’s fun to draw. It can be a little tricky for a beginner because it has various arrangements of colors.

It features a wooden frame option that’s ready for direct hanging. Also, It comes with simple instructions that are easy to follow, so it’s perfect for adults and teens as well.

As for the canvas, it’s made of durable linen to ensure its sturdiness, so you can keep the memory of the painting for years to come.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Colorful painting option
  • Ideal for teens and adults
  • The final product exactly matches the image


6. MOEEY – Jesus on the Cross with a Lion



This one is also for a skilled hand that enjoys intricate painting by numbers. However, the final result does pay off!

The package includes a durable linen canvas as well as a numbered coloring set, won’t find any trouble finding the right color for each part.

Also, it comes with three brushes of different sizes, so you can paint the tightest spots with a high level of precision.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Ideal for skilled hobbyists
  • Made from safe materials
  • Non-fading colors


7. BYAMD – With God, All Things Are Good



The best thing about quoted paintings is that it’s an ideal choice to go creative with the colors. So, it’s a cool gift for teenagers who want to express themselves on a canvas.

Also, it’s available in both oil and diamond painting kits, so you can choose the one that you prefer.

Moreover, it takes a much smaller time to finish the drawing. This makes it ideal for those who have a busy schedule.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Available in oil and diamond painting
  • Ideal for freestyling colorists
  • Suitable for modern room designs


8. ABEUTY – Virgin Mary Catholic



In addition to traditional oil painting, you can also try the modern diamond painting by numbers kits.

This painting takes a bit longer than the usual painting. However, it’s a perfect way to make something huge if you’re willing to commit.

If you’re looking for an image that gives you a true sense of accomplishment while being relatively easy to draw, consider this one.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Has a 3D feeling
  • Modern and unique gift
  • Less clutter


9. TOPWOOZU – Colorful Cross



Lastly, this colorful cross from TOPWOOZU is a perfect gift for holidays. As you can see, the picture is all about being colorful and vibrant.

They’re a bit easier than oil painting and create a special mosaic final product. Additionally, they don’t make as much mess as an oil painting.

The kits come with tiny round diamonds that give a shiny and brilliant looking final result. Each one of these diamonds come with symbols that are easy to read, which makes the whole process much easier.


What Makes It Stand Out

  • Has an aesthetically pleasing final result
  • Suits all ages
  • Comes with clear symbols on where to place the diamonds


Things to Consider While Choosing a Religious Paint By Numbers Kit


Paint by numbers kits can vary in multiple aspects to suit different tastes and needs. Here are some of the most essential aspects to consider while shopping for a paint by number kit.


Framed or Unframed

While shopping for paint by numbers kits, you’ll find both framed and unframed options to choose from.

If you’re a beginner, it’s better to go with the framed ones, as framing a finished canvas might be a little difficult.

However, if you’re planning to frame your painting with a special one, you shouldn’t get a framed one. It might damage the canvas while removing the original frame.


Oil Painting or Diamond Painting


Paint by number kits is available in 2 popular forms. The first one is the standard oil painting canvas, which can be a bit tricky sometimes.

The other new form is the 3D diamond paint by number kits. It’s considered a combination of painting and cross-stitching.

To diamond paint, you simply apply adhesive diamond bits to a numbered canvas, just like the traditional oil paint by number kits.


The Size and Complexity of the Painting


Ideally, you should start with a 16 x 20-inch painting and work your way up as you hone your skills along the way.


The Precision and Quality of the Colors


Some paint by number kits doesn’t look like the original picture when they’re finished. This happens if the supplied colors are of low quality or they change color when they dry up.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the colors in the previous options list. These top 9 painting kits are tried by multiple users. They give almost identical results if they’re used properly.


Tips to Use Religious Paint By Numbers Kits Properly


Finding good paint by numbers kit is one thing. However, it’s important that you know how to use them correctly to have a final product that you’re proud of.

Here are some valuable tips that you should try while painting using paint by number kits:

  • Start painting in a well-lit room
  • Find a comfortable desk for your project
  • Close the paint cup when not in use
  • Take a digital photo of the canvas before painting
  • Keep a cup of water next to you for oil paintings to clean the brush frequently
  • Start from the top down to avoid smudges


Wrap Up – Religious paint by numbers kits


Finding religious paint by numbers kits might be a bit tricky with all the options in the market.

However, with our top 9 religious paint by numbers kits, you have the best options to choose from.

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