5 Reasons to Avoid Watercolor Painting by Numbers Kits

5 Reasons to Avoid Watercolor Painting by Numbers Kits. Watercolors are among the most popular kinds of colors used while painting, they have a lot of benefits that make them among the most popular colors for painting.

Despite their vast popularity in many fields of painting, they aren’t the ideal choice for paint by number kits

Of course, there are some reasons why watercolor paint by number kits isn’t popular among painting enthusiasts.

In the following article, we’ll give you a brief rundown on everything you need to know about watercolors, and why these kits should be avoided when painting by numbers.


What Are Watercolors?


Watercolors are painting colors developed from specific pigments that are highly soluble in water, hence their name.



These color pigments are dissolved and evenly dispersed in water to create a suspension-like consistency by utilizing binder ingredients that help the colors to stick to the painting background, which is usually paper or canvas to a lesser extent.

After the synthetic binders get these pigments to stick to the paper, the water starts to evaporate, giving the final color result of the painting.


What Are Watercolor Painting By Numbers Kits?


A watercolor paint by number kit usually comes with a canvas that’s pre-printed with outlines for colors and numbers that guide you on where to paint and what color to use.



These kits are similar to all other kinds on the market. However, the main difference between them and others is the type of paint used in them.

These ones come with a set of various watercolors to be used on the included canvas or paper sheet.


Why Are Watercolors Popular?


Watercolors are quite common for painting for multiple reasons. They’re quite affordable as they’re made of simple ingredients that don’t go into a lot of processing.

These ingredients are also widely available, which makes it easy to find and also makes them inexpensive.

This makes using watercolors for painting popular among students who are looking for an affordable and easy to get method to learn the use of the motion of strokes and colors.

Another reason that many people like watercolors is that they’re relatively non-toxic. Almost all dyes, pigments, and binders used in making them are relatively safe.

That’s why they’re commonly used for babies, as it would need a significant amount of the coloring to cause any harm and they can be easily washed down by drinking water.

Despite all these perks, watercolors aren’t fit for anyone who’s considering getting into the world of paint by number kit for a number of reasons. Which we’ll get to shortly.



Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Watercolor Painting By Numbers Kits


While there are many types of paints and colors used for paint by numbers kits.  It’s strongly advised that you avoid opting for a watercolor paint by numbers kit.

Here are some of the reasons that this recommendation is based upon.


1. Requires Extra Caution Against Water Damage


As you now know, watercolors are extremely soluble in water. This means that the moisture of the air will have a deteriorating effect on the colors after some time.

Not only moisture, but things can get dramatically worse as accidents as simple as water spills can ruin the entire painting irreversibility.  Wasting long hours of hard work and dedication. Not only with paintings, but storing watercolors can be quite a challenging process.

The stored watercolors suspensions might expire and go bad much quicker than other types. Additionally, they might start to change in color with time. But more on this later.


2. Doesn’t Work Well Paint By Number Canvas


Paint by number kits come with either printed paper sheets or professional looking and more appealing linen canvases.

The problem with watercolors is that they usually perform poorly on canvases and require a lot of pigmentation to be able to stay for longer.

This also leads to watercolor paint by number kits having various color attributes when used.  Showing different levels of pigmentation on the same sheet.

In a paint by number kit, you’re following a pattern and trying to make your painting similar to an original image. This leads to poor final results when using watercolors in paint by number kits.

Unfortunately, such a problem can only be avoided by a skilled painter with a lot of mastery and experience of watercolors on their hands.

Moreover, if you use paper instead of canvas, the paper will start to become a bit yellowish with time like an old newspaper.


3. Takes Forever to Dry Up, with Bigger Chance for Mess


While painting by numbers, you’ll want the paint to have the perfect combination of moderate runniness and quick-drying.

Not only will this help you avoid having a messy painting desk, but it’ll also help you dodge the smudge bullets that most beginners suffer from.

If the paint dries up quickly, you won’t have to wait for too long before you continue painting without worrying about accidents and smudges.

Watercolors are excessively runny, which can easily get them outside the painting borders with little to no room for corrections.

They also take too long to dry, which maximizes the risk of making smudges if you aren’t super careful.


4. Watercolor Paintings Lose Their Vibrancy After Some Time


Let’s say that you successfully painted the image with no mistakes. Also, you managed to seal the painting and keep it airtight, so it doesn’t get ruined by moisture or accidental spills.

After some time, you’ll notice some changes and dullness in the colors. The loss of vibrancy here happens simply because you can see the painting!

The inherently fragile watercolors are made of natural ingredients that are easily affected by the ultraviolet radiation.

This radiation is a specific light that we can’t see but is produced by both sunlight and fluorescent light bulbs.

This type of damage of watercolor is known as photo-oxidation, in which the pigments in the watercolors start to react with the very limited amount of oxygen available even inside a sealed art project.

However, other kinds of paints, such as acrylic colors, are far less affected by this photo-oxidation effect because they’re more synthetic and designed to overcome this phenomenon.


5. Most of the Watercolors Advantages Aren’t Applicable to Paint By Number Kits


One thing you should know about watercolors is that they aren’t bad on their own. In fact, they’re commonly used in various painting fields because they have some remarkably impressive features that you may not find in any other type of color.

However, just like everything in the world, it still has its pros and cons, and that’s where the watercolor paint by number kits arise.

The problem here is that most of the advantages of the watercolors are that useful for paint by number kits.

On the other hand, their drawbacks and issues are huge deterring factors and can theoretically ruin paint by number kits.

For instance, among the most significant qualities of watercolors is that they’re relatively inexpensive, excellent for transparent effect, blend quite easily, and show the points of highs and lows intensity nicely.

When you think about a paint by number kit, you’ll realize that such qualities aren’t necessary and even unwanted.

Being affordable is great but it shows if you use tons of color on a regular basis. However, the cost difference between watercolors and better colors for paint by number kits can be negligible.

Additionally, while the transparency element is great for painting.  It results in lower quality paint by number kits.  As the printed outlines and numbers might still be visible even from a distance.

Moreover, while painting by numbers, you’ll want the colors to be consistent and vibrant throughout the painting to give a nice finish. In that case, the blending and high/low details of watercolors would become a downside.



What Paint Should You Use while Painting By Numbers


While technically any paint can be used for painting by number kits, acrylic paints proved to be the best kind of paints for the job. Here’s why acrylic paint is superior to watercolors and other pigments in paint by number kits:

  • They’re made of synthetic polymers of various ultra-vibrant colors that don’t fade away easily.
  • They dry up much quicker and have a better runniness and consistency when compared to watercolors, minimizing accidents and smudges.
  • They work great with high-quality linen canvas that most paint by number kits use.
  • They’re less prone to water damage and can be easily fixed in many situations.
  • Their synthetic nature protects them from fading away or becoming dull with time.



Wrap Up – Watercolor Painting by Numbers


There you have it.  A complete guide on why you should avoid watercolor paint by number kits and what you should use instead.

Based on the reason mentioned in the article, watercolors don’t give a smooth performance or results when used for paint by number kits.

On the other hand, acrylic paints are more stable, easier to work with.   They also give much more refined results that suit the style of a paint by number image.

However, as you progress into watercolor painting by numbers skills.  You might start to blend watercolors with acrylic paint to give you a more gentle result.






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