What Are the Benefits of Joining a Local Art Group or Club?

Becoming part of a local art group has several benefits. Art groups can expand your creativity and help you make new friends in your field.

You may be a more introverted artist and prefer working alone in the confines of their room or studio. Breaking out of your comfort zone will do wonders for yourself and your community.

Nothing is more helpful to an artist than expanding their horizons. Meeting other artists offers rewards that are best experienced and we’re here to tempt you to them!

How to Find an Art Group

Finding an art group is easy. With a little footwork or a few clicks online you’ll be well on your way to bettering yourself as an artist.

21st Century Benefits

The fastest way to find an art group in your area is online.

Searching your city name and the type of art you’re most interested in is sure to pull up results. If you’re having trouble with a broad search you can go to Meetup or Facebook for tailored options.

You may even post on your own page for advice. A call to action from others will often help you find the best options in your area.

Some art groups meet online. New members can join these groups and they offer the same benefits as meeting individuals in person. This is a perfect option if you can’t find an art group near your home!

The Old Fashioned Way

You don’t have to be internet savvy to find the perfect art group.

Check your local paper for other artists in your area. Many art clubs advertise upcoming events or call for new members. Your local artists want you as much as you want them.

Even better than a paper, if your city or county publishes a community magazine you’ll have resources at your fingertips.

Local shops that post flyers, provide business cards or offer pamphlets can be your in. Small businesses are tightly knit with the community. You may even find an art group meeting at one.

Be Bold

There are always options.

If you’re having trouble, contact local community centers. A phone call can go a long way to finding local art clubs.

Going to local art events is a great way to meet other artists. You can learn where they meet, or start your own art group. Sometimes you have to take the first step.

The Best Part Of An Art Group

So you’ve found an art club. While you can learn on your own in the form of tutorials, kits, and more but that extra push is important.

Don’t be alone in your art, the encouragement of others who share your passion is important.


An artist never has to work alone.

The stereotype of the starving artist has never been further from the truth! With so many emerging artist associations, you have your pick of companions.

If you’re a beginner you can find local groups that not only paint but make a party of it. If you’re advanced you can find online courses to grow and meet others. There is no limit to art group options.

Whether in person or on the internet you’ll share a common interest with new people. A perfect way to make new friends and find support.


You won’t become an artist in a day. You need to set goals and the encouragement of an art group will keep you motivated.

Art groups are an amazing place to be lifted up. You’ll receive praise, support, and advice to become the best artist you can be. The best art clubs are places where everyone wants the best for everybody else.

Having this strong backbone to your work keeps an artist motivated. You’ll want to bring in finished products to show off and work hard during the group itself.

Contributing to the greater good becomes your practice.

Art Group Benefits

Art clubs aren’t all fun and games (okay, they are), they can also be a turning point for your abilities.

By joining an art group you’re able to meet people with a wide range of skills.

Suddenly, you’re learning an art form you never even knew about!


Let’s face it, being an artist is tough. If you keep other artists in your life you’ll have a wellspring of knowledge available.

Everybody needs advice, to be the best artist you can be you should be open to new ideas. Art groups are amazing for inspiring yourself through the visions of others.

Maybe you don’t know what to paint next? Ask your new friends.

Do you have a deadline coming up? You’ll get a supportive push.

Does that new piece look terrible to you? Put some fresh perspective on your work.

Your inspiration is one of your most important tools as an artist. Feed it not only from your own creativity but the creativity of others.

New Skills

Everybody in an art group contributes in unique ways.

Each artist works differently. Whether it’s medium, style, or their own unique flair you’ll always find something new at art clubs.

Art is about experiences, you’re learning to expand your creativity. One of the best ways to do that is with the help of others. Nothing can beat one on one advice.

Start slow and grow fast with the advice of your new friends.

Have Fun

Art isn’t all about hard work.

With a supportive art group at your side, full of new friends, you can experience so much the art world has to offer.

There are many events that are more fun with friends. Many art club ideas involve getting out in the world.

Museums are the perfect place to expand your artistic vision. Don’t constrain yourself to your own opinion, get input from others…and some drinks after!

Not only can you visit art shows together but you can also participate. Pooling together resources to make it to your first show is the perfect way to begin your career.

Art shows, festivals, group events and more. You’re far more likely to have varied experiences with friends by your side.

Take the Next Step To Find an Art Group

Art groups are never stagnant. Having an amazing group of people is only the beginning of an emerging artist association.

Help the Community

Art can benefit more than yourself and your new friends.

Contacting your local government can provide multiple ways to help your city and grow as an artist.

Murals are a welcome addition to many communities and a good art club is perfect for such a large project. You’ll have fun, your home will look better, and everyone will know you did it.

Your art group can create events. Even the smallest of art fairs will benefit your neighborhood. A group art exhibition can inspire others and get your name out.

Exposing the world to the beauty of art is one of the best joys of being an artist.

Invite Artists

You can benefit artists outside your circle by inviting them to speak at your group.

These events are not only perfect for learning new skills but help to put your community on the map. Even the smallest of towns can become an epicenter for art once the word gets out.

Small gatherings of interested artists or even the general public will help grow your group.

You can always think big, too! Invite multiple artists and become a yearly event. You will have as much fun inspiring others as you do inspiring yourself.

Further Your Career

An artist sells art.

Becoming a part of an emerging artist association gives you a leg up. Selling your art is difficult but rewarding and networking is the key.

Local artists inform you about the current artistic climate, give advice, and help find shows. With a creative network on your side, you can learn from one another to advance your business.

By learning from the difficulties of others you can forge your own path. You’ll still make your own mistakes but with helping hands and support you’ll go further faster.

Don’t Miss Out

An art group is a perfect place to grow as an artist.

Meeting new friends, furthering your career, or just having a good time you can do it all through art clubs.

We want to see you become the best artist you can be. Strive for your goals and urge others to do your same. We’re all artists at heart!

Do you still need help? We’re here for all the inspiration you need or personal help at support@ledgebay.com.



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