Paint by Numbers for Alzheimers Patients: Benefit Overview


Studies and research suggest that there are potential benefits from using paint by numbers for Alzheimers patients.

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through these claims and scientific findings. As well as great examples for paint by number kits that can help with such disorders. So without further ado, let’s dive in!



Top 5 Paint By Number Kits for Alzheimers Patients


Paint by numbers can offer a good distraction and relief for Alzheimers patients. Here are the top kits people have been getting for that purpose.


1. Ledgebay Climber Frog Paint by Numbers Kit for Beginners



Kicking off the list with an excellent choice for Alzheimers patients. This fairly affordable option includes a pre-printed canvas with colorful patterns. Also a set of acrylic colors to follow the preset.

However, this one gives the patients the opportunity to show their personality and use their favorite colors. Since they can choose any acrylic colors they like while painting this one.

The canvas is 12 x 16 inches and comes with a set of acrylic colors as well as brushes, hooks, and renderings!


2. Kimily DIY Tulip Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children



The sight of flowers can be highly therapeutic for Alzheimers patients. This is why this one from Kimily is a great choice to consider.

The package comes ready with everything the patient might need while painting. This includes a quality printed 15.7 x 19.7 inches art canvas that is wrinkles-free, 3 different brushes for fine painting.

Also, it comes with a full set of necessary acrylic colors that don’t require blending, as well as hooks, reference maps, and more!


3. Ledgebay Welcome Home Paint by Numbers Kit for Beginners



While picking a paint by number kit for Alzheimers patients, you have to pick one that’s relatively easy to follow, and requires no previous blending or mixing with water.

This is why the LEDGEBAY Welcome Home paint by numbers kit is a great option for seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimers disease.

This one comes with the ideal dimensions of 12 x 16 inches. Additionally, it comes with 3 different brushes, which allow for an excellent level of detailing and precision while painting.


4. Komking Colorful Balloons Paint by Numbers



Next up, we have this colorful balloon kit that is great for sensory stimulation! The canvas of the paint by number kit is 16 x 20 inches and patterns are carefully printed to make sure that the final result is up to the user’s expectations!

The highly vibrant colors of the balloons and the quality of acrylic pigments used in this package are excellent for Alzheimers patients.

Moreover, the package comes with instructions on how to paint the canvas properly to ward off confusion.

It also comes with 3 different painting brushes, a set of quality acrylic paints, and other accessories needed for immediate starting.


5. Season DIY Eiffel Tower Painting by Numbers for Adults



Last but not least, this paint by number kit isn’t only a great option for Alzheimers patients, but it also doubles as a perfect piece that they can use to remodel their wall.

The painting is the perfect mix between functionality and beauty! The dimensions of the kit are 16 x 20 inches. However, it also comes with a 10 x 6 reference card for guidance along the way!

Like other kits, this one comes with a full set of brushes and high-quality vibrant acrylic pigments.



The Benefits of Paint By Number Kits for Alzheimers Patients


Now that you have an idea about some great options for Alzheimers patients, here’s a brief overview of why getting paint by number kits will help their case!


1. Reduces Stress Associated with Alzheimers


Alzheimers patients are often described as cranky and stressed. However, it’s usually due to the alteration in brain chemistry, which leads to the increased production and secretion of the stress hormone, also known as “cortisol”.

While seeing specific colors might trigger certain emotions, it was found through scientific research that painting with colors is an excellent way to reduce stress.

This occurs due to the impact of both seeing multiple vibrant colors and the sense of creating art, which was found to reduce cortisol.


2. Stimulates Various Senses and Centers in the Brain


One of the most common symptoms that show in mental deterioration disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimers disease is the noticeable decline in sensory perception.

However, engaging in art and craft activities can have a positive impact on sensory perception and stimulation.

In fact, according to some studies about Alzheimers and sensory prescription, the subjects that tended to paint showed better stimulation by their surrounding environment, including colors, sounds, textures, and more!


3. Delays the Onset of Dementia and Memory Issues


Dementia and loss of memory are some of the primary symptoms of Alzheimers disease. However, painting by number can be an excellent way to delay the onset of memory loss in patients.

This is based on a study in 2015 that was published by the American Academy of Neurology. In that study, 256 people that are over the age of 85 participated in various art activities, including painting by numbers, sculpting, music, and free drawing.

The results of the study show that those involved in the program had a lower risk of developing early signs of memory loss and dementia by up to 73%.


4. May Help in Improving Memories


A study in 2014 that included various professors from top universities in Germany found that the activity of art production through painting, whether it’s general or by numbers, can also help in improving the memory and connections within the brain.


5. Improved Cognition and Awareness


Paint by number kits can also improve cognition and enhances the patient’s level of awareness. This was a result of a 2006 multi-center randomized control group trial to evaluate the short as well as the long-term effects of art therapy for older people with dementia.

The study was led by various researchers in the University of London in the United Kingdom. The group trails invited Alzheimers and dementia patients to attend weekly activities that include art production through painting.

Not only did the subjects of the experiment show a noticeable level of enhanced awareness and cognition, but they were also more social and calmer when compared to the control group!


6. Lifts up the Mood and decrease Agitation


Looking for a quick way to lift up the mood for an agitated Alzheimers patient or even someone at risk? Paint by number kits can help you do exactly that!

According to various brain scans on people who engage in visual art creation activities, there’s a significant rush of dopamine release in the brain.

Also, the scans noted excitation and activity in various centers in the brain, including the ones responsible for the sense of pleasure, love, and desire, and affection!


7. Stabilizes Emotions


Not only will painting by numbers evoke memories and enhance your mood, but it’ll also put you at ease and take the hassle out of the process of emotional stabilization.

It’s a known fact that art is liberating and gives a sense of freedom and self-expression. Sometimes, this is all that an emotional Alzheimers patient needs to communicate their feelings and thoughts easily.



Paint by Numbers for Alzheimers Patients – Wrap Up


With that said, you now know more about paint by numbers and its potential value for dementia and Alzheimers patients.

According to science, incorporating painting by numbers along with traditional therapy is an excellent method that is highly effective and free of adverse-effects!

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