The Top 6 Most Soothing Paint by Numbers to Try

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The Top 6 Most Soothing Paint by Numbers to Try.  After the recent hard times that struck the whole world because of COVID-19, stress has been lurking in our lives more than ever. Folks who already had fast-paced lifestyles are in extreme need of something to vent their fears and doubts into. If this applies to you, I can guarantee that painting will be your trusty savior.

I know what you’re probably thinking. How can you grab the brush and paint if you don’t have any previous experience? Well, that’s where paint by numbers kits come in handy. All you need is the basic skill of coloring inside lines. You’ll be painting masterpieces before you know it!

Today, I’ll review the best paint by numbers, soothing kits that can relieve stress. Let’s see!



Summer Wine – Judy Buswell  –  Paint By Numbers Soothing



I couldn’t think of an artist to start my soothing list better than the magnificent Judy Buswell.   If you aren’t familiar with Judy you can read her FULL BIO Here.

The majority of Buswell’s artwork features flowers or gardens – a universally appealing theme that accounts in part for her vast and growing popularity.

But there is more to it than that, and for many people, the appeal is hard to put into words; they just know that they love her art. For some it is the vividness of her colors; for others, it’s the familiarity or nostalgia the images evoke, and the sense that the images come straight from the heart.




Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt – Claude Monet  – Paint By Numbers Soothing



If there’s one art type that can be used for therapy, it has got to be the landscapes. And in that matter, you can’t find anyone better than Monet.

Monet practiced art between 1855 and 1926. In that period, the school of realism was still in control. In the first years, Monet followed that direction to establish himself as a commercially successful artist.

It wasn’t until 1880 that he started painting what he believed was beautiful. Most of his works focused on the overall feel of landscapes rather than the actual intricate details. Later, his efforts were considered as essential contributions in the school of impressionism.

As the name implies, this piece captures the mesmerizing view of the Seine river as seen from Lavacourt, a village close to where Monet was born.

In 1879, a year before this piece was painted, France was suffering from an exceptionally cold winter. In the following spring, the ice began to slowly thaw, which produced a cool mist that kept lurking in the sky for almost the whole day. Monet brilliantly captured this by the dispersed pink and white strokes.

The village faintly shows on the background with bright shadows, which further intensifies the mist effect.

With a clever remark, Monet placed the weak sun in the middle of the composition. This intensifies the urgent need for its warmth after the previously harsh weather.



  • Size: 16” x 20”
  • Colors: acrylic
  • Material: finely woven linen canvas.
  • Frame: DIY frame, pre-stretched canvas, or no frame


Seascape Near Les Saintes – Vincent van Gogh  – Paint By Numbers Soothing



Back again to Van Gogh, this time with a stunning seascape. He painted this piece in 1888, 2 years before his death.

Vincent was on a trip he took to Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a city in Southern France. There, Vincent had some relaxing moments that eased his depression to some extent.

Between all the natural sceneries, Van Gogh specifically adored the Mediterranean Sea. “[It] has a color like a Mackerel,” said Vincent in one of his letters. “You don’t always know if it’s green or purple, you don’t always know if it’s blue, because a second later, its changing reflection has taken on a pink or grey hue.”

To depict this unique nature, Van Gogh decided to ditch the paintbrush. He used a palette knife to let the smudges of unmixed paint form an amazing impasto. I always love this approach because the thick paint adds actual shadows in the rather flat canvas.

Sadly, the paint by numbers kit doesn’t have the same intricate details of the original piece. Still, the enhanced color saturation makes up for this fact by popping out the whitish spots dispersed into the sea.



  • Size: 16” x 20”
  • Colors: acrylic
  • Material: Frameless high-quality canvas


Almond Blossom – Vincent van Gogh  – Paint By Numbers Soothing



Blossoming branches were highly favored by Van Gogh. Here, he captured the characteristic white and yellow flowers of an almond tree. I like how he chose the light turquoise as a background that pops out the flowers instead of overwhelming them.

Despite being fairly simple, this is among my most favorite works by Van Gogh. In an absolutely sweet remark, Vincent painted this as a gift for Theo, his brother who had just had a baby boy. Why almond, you might ask? Well, Vincent chose it because it’s among the first trees to flower in the early spring. They’re considered as a stark symbol of new life.

In an even sweeter note, Theo decided to name his son after his brother. “I’m making the wish that he may be as determined and as courageous as you,” said Theo in a letter to Vincent.

Interestingly, this kind masterpiece had always been the favorite to Van Gogh’s family. Vincent Willem, Theo’s son, was the main person behind the establishment of Van Gogh Museum. If it weren’t for his extensive efforts, we would’ve never seen the full collection of Vincent’s masterpieces.



  • Size: 16” x 20”
  • Colors: acrylic
  • Material: finely woven linen canvas
  • Frame: DIY frame, pre-stretched canvas, or no frame


Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci  – Paint By Numbers Soothing



Yep, you read that write. Thanks to the ingenious technique of paint by numbers kits, you can recreate the worldwide-famous masterpiece, Mona Lisa.

I absolutely like how this particular kit preserves so many details. You can even see the small wrinkles in the dress. This will make the final piece look like it was painted by the brilliant brushstrokes of a savvy artist.

The Mona Lisa is believed to be Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco Giocondo, a silk and cloth merchant. Since this piece was added to the Louvre, it has amazed millions of people with its captivating gaze and mysterious smile.

In the background, Da Vinci opted for an imaginary landscape that lacks definitive lines or borders. This resulted in a piece in which the main character pops out without being overwhelmed by the surroundings.

All over the world, the Mona Lisa’s expression is considered to be the purest symbol of happiness. Fun fact: this masterpiece was originally named “La Gioconda”, which is Italian for “the jocund one”. It was also a clever pun on the husband’s last name, Giocondo.



  • Size: 16” x 20”
  • Colors: acrylic
  • Material: Frameless high-quality canvas


Irises in Monet’s Garden – Claude Monet  – Paint By Numbers Soothing



Did you know that Claude Monet had extensive knowledge of agriculture besides painting? In his house in Giverny, he grew dozens of flowers and trees that captures the interest of hundreds of tourists until today.

This particular flower bed was Monet’s favorite. He grew lots of irises right below his bedroom window to enjoy their beautiful blue and violet tones the first thing in the morning. His close friends interestingly reported that he had planned for this arrangement for years to mimic a similar garden that was grown in his aunt’s house.

Over the top, the weeping willow trees are dangling their leaves to closely watch over the irises. Monet was keen on regularly trimming their leaves to give his flowers a healthy sun exposure at all times. It’s a tiny detail, but you can actually see the tone shifting from yellow to dark blue at the lower third of this piece.



  • Size: 16” x 20”
  • Colors: acrylic
  • Material: Frameless high-quality canvas


The Verdict – Paint By Numbers Soothing


The best paint by numbers, therapy kits can be highly variable between people. Yet, I tried to pick the most beautiful pieces that received endless positive feedback throughout the years.

The Cafe Terrace at Night by Van Gogh effortlessly came as my top pick. Its amazing contrast between yellow and blue gives hints of warmth and relaxation.

In the second place, I picked Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt by Monet. He skillfully depicted the sunset in a mesmerizing misty landscape.

Did you like this list? Don’t let it stop at you. Share it with your friends who might be experiencing stressful times.


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