Paint by Numbers Winter Kits You’ll Love – Top 5

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Keep on reading this article to learn more about our paint by numbers winter themed kits, and tips on how to pick the right one for you.

Everyone who has considered picking a paint by numbers kit understands that they’re easy and fun. But what we all love about these kits is that there are literally dozens of themes and ideas that you can browse to pick a painting that really touches your heart to remind you of someone that you love and appreciate.

For this reason, we wanted to introduce you to our paint by numbers winter kits. These kits highlight the theme of winter with all its mystery and fun, using deep and rich colors that make your painting pop with life.

Why Do People Like Paint By Numbers Winter Themed Kits?

Of all the available themes and ideas, winter-themed paint by numbers kits are always popular and in demand, so why are they always so trendy? Here are a few reasons.

  • These paintings usually depend on deep and rich colors. When these rich colors combine together in a painting, they create an image that sends vibes of maturity, warmth, and professionalism. When it’s finished, anyone who sees your painting might think that a professional artist has painted it.
  • The deep strokes of the paint are less likely to show the mistakes that a novice artist might commit. This is a big plus if you’re a first-timer.
  • Although bright colors are fun, they don’t work with every décor style. Paint by numbers kits that involve darker shades are more versatile, so you can hang your painting in a bedroom, living room, or even in the office once it’s done.
  • These paintings usually involve several elements to add balance and tell a story. As a result, they look sophisticated and unique, even if you used your paint by numbers kit as a summer project to finish with your little one.

How to Pick the Right Paint By Numbers Winter Kit

Due to their popularity, you will probably find a lot of amazing pictures that you can experiment with. So, which one should you choose as your project? Here are a few things to think about before picking your kit.

Check Out the Picture

Seeing a detailed image on the box of your kit is a huge plus because you get the chance to explore every single element and detail before making a purchase. The image on the box shows you how the artwork will look when you’re done painting it, so there will be no surprises.

You can think of who is doing the kit and why they’re doing it and choose a picture that involves several elements that speak to them. For example, you can find an image that shows a replica of your car in real life or see a person in the picture that reminds you of a loved one.

Remember that these images were created by professional artists, so there are many exciting details that are unique to each image. You should spend time examining the picture from all angles to make sure that you’re choosing the right one.

Pay Attention to the Colors

If you’re planning to hang your painting on the wall, you need to make sure that you’re picking the right palette. There are lots of winter-themed pictures in our collection, but each one of them uses a different color palette.

By picking a picture with a color palette that matches the rest of your furniture, the art project will complement the look of your space and alleviate the mood in your room. You can also use a picture with a contrasting palette for a bolder effect.

Choose the Right Size

Each paint by numbers kit is available in two different sizes. The smaller size will take less time to finish, so it might be a suitable choice for someone who is trying paint by numbers kits for the first time. Larger paintings are more elegant, especially if you want to hang the artwork in a big room.

Consider Buying a Framed or Unframed Kit

Our paint by numbers kits come in two versions, framed and unframed. The framed kits are straightforward to use because you can easily hang the picture once it’s done. Unframed kits are more versatile because you can pick a frame of your choice when you paint your artwork.

5 Winter-Themed Paint by Numbers Kits You’ll Love

Our collection includes impressive paint by numbers kits, and we wanted to introduce you to some of the best ones that focus on winter and its magic. Here are our top picks.

1. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Aurora Bliss

In the middle of the night, the cabin in the woods represents the only safe spot that you can run to enjoy warmth and peace. We can see the campfire in the foreground, but no one is sitting next to it. Most likely, the people who were enjoying an intimate conversation by the fire ran into the cabin to grab a hot drink while sitting by the fireplace.

The snow covers the ground while the light of the moon shines off the water on the ground. The rich shades of blue and purple are brought to life by the whiteness in the snow, while the burning campfire adds the needed contrast.

We love how this painting reminds us of Brother Grimm’s stories, so we can think of the magical events that probably took place around this cabin. You should pick the appropriate size depending on where you want to hang this picture.

2. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults October

Although this painting doesn’t show snow or rain, the dark colors of the flowers remind us of the warm winter. The flowers are brightly colored, contrasting beautifully with the neutral background.

The shades of orange, purple, and red complement any neutral-colored room, making it pop with life. You can pick the smaller painting if you’re planning to hang more than one painting or the bigger one if you’re in the mood to finish one. The framed and unframed versions are available.

3. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Scenic Overlook

This scene proves that winter doesn’t have to be cold and gloomy. As we see the people enjoying the iconic view of the snowy mountain peak. We see a family looking at the mountain in awe. While the bright colors of their clothes and cars remind us of the 60s.

The earthy palette of this picture makes it suitable for multiple settings and rooms. Moreover, it’s a fun and easy kit to finish because there are large spots covered in the same color shade. So it will be suitable for a first-timer.

4. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Country Sunshine

Because it’s cold outside, the picture shows us a warm kitchen. One where love and the delicious aroma of the tasty food fill the space. The basket shows fresh winter oranges, with some purple grapes that add the contrast. The sunflowers managed to survive the winter, so they add the needed pop of color.

Looking at the picture will immediately bring back the feeling of nostalgia. It might remind you of the afternoons you spent at your grandma’s house while she was baking a delicious cake.

5. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Mountain Paradise

Looking at this beautiful scene reminds us of the last days of winter. When the temperature slightly rises and tempts us to spend some time away from home. We can see the cabin in the mountain, where a loving couple probably went to spend a weekend.

In front of the lake, we see two chairs where they enjoyed a delicious snack with some wine for warmth. There’s a boat and two curious ducks that look at the chairs and wonder where they went. But the fireplace shows us that they’re inside the cabin. Probably after the temperature got too cold outside.

Paint by Numbers Winter Kits – Wrap Up

Winter-themed paint by numbers kits are available for those who appreciate the deep rich colors. With lots of options, you will definitely find a kit that works for you and suits your space.

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