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Painting for Seniors – 11 Benefits (Backed by Science)


To help you convince your grandpa or grandma to consider this hobby, we’ve decided to share with you the 11 benefits of painting for seniors.

After retirement, seniors have a lot of time on their hands, so they might as well invest in a new hobby. A lot of people choose to go walking or running, others prefer to have fishing trips. But did you know that painting may have numerous health benefits for your grandparents?


11 Benefits of Painting for Seniors


Without further ado, let’s take a look at what science has discovered about painting as a therapeutic hobby for seniors.


1. A Great Mood Booster


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Seniors who create art will have the chance to improve their overall mental well-being. The reason behind this is that painting boosts a person’s self-esteem and sense of control. This can ultimately help fight off depression or anxiety.

Let’s not forget that making a piece of art that’s entirely yours could increase your sense of identity. As a senior, especially one who lives independently, this point could lead to a much-needed feeling of fulfilment.


2. Engages the Mind


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One of the greatest things about painting is that it helps seniors focus, using their brushes to get to that picture that they have in mind. This type of mental exercise can help seniors who live with memory loss.

See, painting engages several regions of the brain all at the same time, which helps the mind stay sharp and clear.

People who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may also use the help of painting. This hobby can establish connections and passions despite the loss of memory.


3. An Easy-to-Do Workout

Some seniors may have conditions that could limit their movement, which makes painting a fantastic activity to pursue. The entire act of holding the brush, straightening the canvas, and dipping the brush in the paint can be a good, low-impact workout for a senior.

This should help the muscles of the hands and arms stay firm, and it could be a perfect exercise for the joints. Speaking of joints, painting could provide some pain relief for those who have arthritis.

Plus, painting in an upright position may be another great workout idea for a senior who can stand. Spending some time in front of the easel engages core and leg muscles, which boosts the overall balance of the body.

senior painting

4. Improves Social Life

One of the things that some retired people suffer from is that their family members or friends tend to be busy most of the time. This could leave seniors bored and in need of fun company. Well, taking painting classes could solve this problem.

Being around people, even if they’re not seniors, and making art side by side could be entertaining. Plus, a senior will get to talk to many people from different backgrounds, hearing about their day and discussing countless topics.

According to scientists, social interactions could boost brain health. Besides, waking up every day to work on art pieces while communicating with friends can give seniors a sense of purpose.

Even when the painting session is over and the entire family gathers for dinner, your grandpa or grandma will have lots of stories to share with you. Being active in family gatherings can help fight off depression, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness.


5. Builds Better Dexterity

Another good thing to know about painting for seniors is that it enhances motor skills. Practicing painting and holding a brush to a canvas day after day will improve muscle coordination. Plus, painting increases blood flow.

This exercise may help seniors do other daily tasks a lot more easily thanks to their improved dexterity. Things like writing, sewing, or tying a knot may not require so much work anymore.


6. Leads to Successful Self-Expression

Something that a lot of people notice with their grandparents is that they might have issues with verbal communication. This could be due to a physical or mental cause. A good way to start establishing connections with troubled seniors is to encourage them to paint.

See, making art is an alternative way to share their emotions and thoughts without having to put them into words.


7. Helps Seniors Deal With Physical or Emotional Issues


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One of the greatest things about painting is that it engages the minds of people who deal with grief or other emotional problems. It gives the brain the chance to relax and process events at a slow pace. With time, things won’t be as overwhelming as they seemed to be.

The same goes for seniors who have medical issues and are unable to come to terms with them. Painting should help them adjust without putting any pressure on them.


8. Builds New Perspectives

Painting, as well as any form of creative activity, helps clear the mind, paving the path for new ideas. See, when someone works on a piece, they’ll engage several parts of their brains that they don’t use often.

This might lead a senior to explore new thoughts or emotions that can give life a whole different meaning. Ultimately, it could lead to them finding better ways to be happy and satisfied.


9. Helps With Decision-Making

Since painting gives the mind enough space and time to relax and think clearly, it can help seniors make decisions. These decisions may be related to their health, their loved ones, or anything else.

Even better, the feeling that you’re able to arrange your thoughts and come to reasonable conclusions can boost your self-esteem. Again, for a senior, it can be another form of happiness.


10. Reduces Stress


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Stress is something we all struggle with, but the majority of seniors tend to be stressed out on a daily basis. This could be due to physical or mental conditions that prevent someone from doing basic tasks.

Thankfully, painting can make this stress go away simply because this activity doesn’t put any pressure on the painter. There are no rules to follow, and a senior will be free to use whatever colors they like on their canvas.

This sense of freedom and control relieves stress. Therefore, painting may just become a soothing break from life’s challenges.


11. Creates Stronger Bonds

Painting helps a senior communicate with their families by sharing and talking about their art. However, you could strengthen your bonds even further by painting with your grandparents.

Imagine how fun that’ll be. Place your canvases, paints, and brushes on the table, get some healthy snacks, put some music on, and work on your art together with your grandpa.

Soon enough, you’ll start sharing ideas, thoughts, and comments on your art pieces. Even better, the more times you do this, the more you two will open up to each other. This will create unbreakable ties between the both of you.

Your grandparents will feel even more loved and appreciated by you, which is one of the best feelings in the world.


Painting for Seniors – Wrap Up


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If you want to improve the well-being of your grandparents, why don’t you encourage them to try painting as a hobby?

There are numerous health benefits of painting for seniors. For example, it boosts brain function, helps relieve joint pain, improves social skills, aids with dexterity, and more.

Even better, painting with your grandparents could be a wonderful idea. It’ll let them know how much you love them, which is just what they need.

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