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Release your inner artist and create a beautiful masterpiece to decorate your home or give as a gift. This paint by numbers kit from LedgeBay includes everything you need, and the easy to follow numbered system allows anyone to create a work of art. The kit includes a 16 x 20 inch canvas, a full set of acrylic paints, 4 paintbrushes of various sizes, wall mounting supplies, a 4 x 5 inch color reference of the painting, and a sample reference drawing on paper.


This romantic painting will bring a pop of color to any room, making it a great focal point and conversation piece. Using vibrant hues, the Colorful Cat painting captures the beauty of a collage of brught colors glowing to illuminate the face and bring out the colors from the surrounding canvas.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, this DIY craft project is for everyone. Beginners will love the guidance the paint by numbers system provides while pros will enjoy bringing their own unique style to the painting. Our kit allows anyone to become a true artist.


We want to ensure your artwork looks its best, which is why each of the professional grade canvases is rolled instead of folded when packaged for delivery. This ensures your canvas arrives wrinkle free and ready to paint.


The paint by number system couldn’t be easier to follow. Simply match the pre printed numbers on the canvas with the coordinating numbered paint and get started by painting the smallest sections first. Use enough paint to cover the number, but not so much that it runs into other areas. If possible let the painted area dry for 10 minutes before moving on to the next color, and remember to close the paints when not in use to prevent drying out. When finished, you can choose to apply a clear coat of acrylic sealer.

485 reviews for October

  1. Patricia T. (verified owner)

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    Received the first canvas promptly, but had a problem because it had no “border” to stretch properly. The painting itself came right to the edge. However, you guys refunded the money and sent me another canvas that is now stretched properly and I am working on it. I have ordered from other sites and NEVER was able to get in touch with them. IE: one set was missing 2 different pots of color. Good luck with that! Thanks..

  2. Joy N. (verified owner)

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    Thank you so much for sending this painting…I can’t wait to start it! It arrived in perfect condition. I love the colors in Judy Buswell’s flower paintings! I am creating a 4 painting wall display of them in my craft room. I’ve really enjoyed the quality of Ledgebay’s paintings.

  3. Herb (verified owner)

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    I notified your office when I received the merchandize that I was absolutely amazed a the quality, timing and the lst class service. Extremely satisfied. Thanks Herb

  4. Lily

    Giving this as a gift to my aunt, who loves to paint. I will be back to review when she is complete with the painting.

  5. elaine

    High quality I’ve tried lots this is the best just wish lines were a little darker

  6. Amazon Customer

    I have to be honest and say that this was a gift, so I haven’t personally haven’t used it, BUT, I paint often and recognize high quality when I see it. Even the packaging was high caliber. This was for my daughter and son-in-law to leave set up on the included easel and paint a little bit every time they pass it. They were thrilled with it. The shipping was fast AND they even sent instructions in advance to get mentally started. The instructions were very easy and welcoming for a b engineer. Best customer service ever! I’ll be ordering from them again.

  7. steven riley

    Great pbn

  8. Stephanie Burdette

    Bought for my mom for Xmas! She’s already started! Beautiful set and will definitely be buying from this seller agai!

  9. Patti Babcock

    Not started yet. But a beautiful pic.

  10. Jennifer Latham

    I enjoyed this picture greatly! It has wonderful colors and looks bright and cheery. I would highly recommend this sellers products!

  11. Jennifer Latham

    This picture is lovely! It was fun to do and so light and bright. I am going to order 2 more for my sister and friend!

  12. linda francis

    Item is gift. Expectations are high.

  13. Julia

    This is an amazing Paint by Numbers. Really nice packaging, the colors are beautiful. This was a great picture to paint! Really loved how this turned out.

  14. Selena C

    Very happy! The only thing I would change is the Copy write around the corner. It makes the painting look cheap in a way. The font is too big. Some artists signatures arent even that big on the canvas. Other than that, its great. Would recommend.

  15. Ashlee Gentile

    I bought this for my mom and she really enjoyed it! She said there were some areas that needed 2 coats but for the most as long as yours not looked up close, it looks great.Such a great way to pass the time during quarantine.

  16. Jenn

    This is an excellent product. It arrived in a mailing tube and is not folded so there are no creases in the canvas. It is very detailed and would be more suitable for an older child or an adult. I plan to order more from the same company.

  17. Amazon Customer

    One of the best PBN paintings I’ve ever bought. The colors are rich and the canvas is good quality with easy and clear outlines. The package includes an easel, paint, brushes and the screws to hang it when finished.I would recommend not just this particular painting but the company and their service. Upon opening the paints one of my colors was barely full so I contacted the company to ask for a bit more. They sent it to me extremely quickly and were so easy to deal with. This product and the company are above par in my opinion. I’ve done a number of these paintings from different vendors and can easily say this was above the rest. Wouldn’t hesitate.

  18. Amazon Customer

    This item is a gift so it hasn’t been used yet. I do love the way the picture looks.

  19. Ashley

    Beautiful photo and painting. Canvas was a nice thickness. Lovely! Great packaging too.

  20. Bev Bungert

    The sellers of this product is amazingly friendly and helpful in every way possible. Not only is the product fun to work with, all the materials and more are provided along with helpful tips on how to preserve your finished work. This is a small business run by vets and I will definitely look here first for my next artwork!

  21. Jack

    Ken is my grandfather. He sadly passed away a few years ago. Was happy to see his artwork on here. This is the original painting I have hanging in my house

  22. Barbara Richards

    liked it

  23. Randolph Lee Harkins

    A great stepping stone for very advanced nieces!

  24. Susan Foster

    Perfect gift for a beginner painter.

  25. Kimberly Davies

    I used to love paint-by-number kits as a kid, and wanted to try one now as an adult spending more time at home. My eyes are not what they used to be, so I am doing the painting with a magnifying glass. The canvas is clearly printed and stretched on a frame, and the easel is a really nice touch (keeps my cat from walking on the painting too). There are several nice paintbrushes and the paint is clearly labeled. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  26. Bob Nichols

    The only problem I had was that the printing was trimmed so close to the edge that there was no excess to staple the canvas to a stretched frame. I elected to spray the canvas with good quality glue (3M77) and applied it to the unstretched framed canvas. I will stretch after painting. Another option would be to glue it to I/O plywood.

  27. John

    Excellent product for adults or children. Canvas is very good along with supply of paitn

  28. esterri

    Was bought as a gift.

  29. Cecelia

    Never have done any painting this was fun and easy to do for a beginner…

  30. SDH

    The shipment to me was perfect. The painting was in excellent shape and fun but difficult to paint. For me the paint was a little to thick but manageable when thinned with a little water. The guilty of the product was excellent. I attached pictures of the finished product. I ordered and received Arora Bless for my next project and it also was received in excellent shape. LedgeBay appears to be a will run company and I recommend that you purchase from them.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, really fun to do

  32. Helen Orr

    I ordered Rita’s Pansies paint by number and it came within 5 days. I was happy that it came with an easel. I also liked the fact that you can order the painting with or without a frame. I ordered it with a frame. Anyway, it seems that all the paint containers are filled to capacity which has not been the case with other brands that I have bought. I ‘m not worried that I will run out of color. Paint by number has become my new hobby during this pandemic and has been a lifesaver for me (if I have a brush in my hand – I’m not eating – LOL). My only concern is that I will finish this one quickly and will run out of wall space.

  33. Amazon Customer

    I have inspected my kit, everything look great. mostly appreciate the fact that the canvas was rolled instead of folded.I am working on a project right now, I do not expect to start on this oneuntil after Christmas.How will I be able to tell your product from others.

  34. wendy

    Very pretty fall picture. Bright colors.

  35. septimus

    Everything you need is included. It’s going to be fun.

  36. theMoMMy

    Great product, just as listed

  37. claudia

    I gave 4 stars because the paint was glossy instead of flat paint.Paint was thick and when thinned went on smooth. There was more than enough paint to finish picture.Numbers were easy to read but not too dark as to need two coats of paint.

  38. tori rahm

    I bought this for a Christmas present for my Daughter in Law. I was very pleased with it. It looks it is going to be fun and challenging.

  39. Ekaterina Ledyaeva

    Still in the process but loving it a lot. The quality of everything in the package is good.

  40. James S. Lentz

    Very nice paint by numbers, but not for beginners. Lots of small spaces.

  41. Jackie

    My mom loved it

  42. Carly Bogan

    This is the best paint by numbers kit I’ve ever had. I haven’t done many, but most of the kits you get at craft stores, you have to mix the paints together at some point to get all the colors you need. That sucks if you miss a spot because the shade never seems to come out the same if you have to go back. I really like this kit because unlike the kits at the craft stores, it comes with all the paints you need and you don’t have to mix it. Plus the canvas is nice and 4 different size brushes is a bonus! I just started mine but definitely plan to order another.

  43. A34

    Comes rolled instead of folded and that helps a lot!

  44. Amazon Customer

    I liked the canvas and really enjoy the art work

  45. Amazon Customer


  46. Texas girl

    The picture you get doesn’t look like the painting as advertised. The painting when finished looks more like the picture you get. There really is a big difference. The water is not clear and the house appears a lot different in the reflection. I would have been a lot happier if it looked like it’s advertised This is the first one in this brand I wasn’t happy with. I hope they fix it. They always send a sight map, so if you didn’t get one it was missing. Send it back and reorder.

  47. MAW

    If you want a great paint by number kit, you should buy this product! I am very pleased with how nice it is and can’t wait to give it to my husband for Christmas! Before it arrived, they even sent an email with “Helpful tips and tricks”!I read a lot of reviews about different products – how cheesy they were – but this one is definitely well worth the money!

  48. Sharon Mathiason

    Many of the paintings from them are beautiful. love the pictures

  49. Linda P.

    Hadn’t done one of these since I was a child. Now with Covid restrictions it was a fun project & a change from puzzles. Started another one as well.

  50. Alicia campion

    While being on disability due to surgery this color by number kept me occupied and is turning out to be amazing. Def. Going to by more. Need more paint tho

  51. Amazon Customer

    This product is for personal use and was chosen because I like Lighthouses, especially Split-Rock. In my opinion it is a little too much for beginners as a lot of the sections are really tiny. I am maybe 1/3 into the painting and have enjoyed working with it. I only have time to paint in the evenings so it is slow progress.

  52. Donna B. Arnold

    As a beginner to PBN I jumped headfirst. It was only after I started painting that I read tips/tricks, do’s/don’t’s. So anxious to get started with another, but fearful of quality. Let’s just say, LedgeBay rocks!1. Canvas ROLLED, professionally packaged, reference sheet, and a thank you card (love), to name a few.2. Love the light printing on canvas, not the heavy black print. All reference numbers are shown in specific area, no overlapping. LOVE how reference numbers are shown multiple times in larger areas. No trying to follow a maze.3. Paints great. Great coverage. Second coats not required..thanks to the faint print and opaque paints.Work on canvas daily and anxious for end result. My only wish would be more canvas around border (unable to stretch on frame). Will shop frame options. Highly recommend!Will post update with end result.

  53. SoDevine84

    The Road Home: I absolutely enjoyed this painting very much! The packaging was great. The paints were easy to work with. I did have to add drops of water to some but that happens as time goes on. The brushes were a good quality as well. I did add some of my own details to the painting but overall I think it came out lovely. I would definitely recommend this company and would order again in the future.

  54. Ayla

    Love it. This is definitely not a beginner level paint my number. The straight lines required on the barn were very difficult. I thought it turned out amazing!This is definitely not a beginner level paint my number. The straight lines required on the barn were very difficult. I thought it turned out amazing

  55. Amazon Customer

    I chose this painting specifically to paint for my best friend’s birthday. I wanted to pick a style that would be interesting to look at and would be fun for me to paint. However, what I didn’t consider is how long it would actually take me. With school, work, and extracurriculars, I ended up giving her the painting a few months after her birthday (don’t worry, I took her out to dinner & the movies pre-COVID for her bday). One tip for these paintings: make sure the covers are closed on the paints!! A few of mine dried out because I didn’t close the little covers all the way. I just used a similar color towards the end and it came out beautiful anyway. I am so pleased with how it came out. For the price, it’s a perfect gift or stress-relieving activity! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this painting. It is absolutely gorgeous, especially with a white frame. It’s currently hanging up in our dorm room! I personally really enjoyed listening to a podcast episode while painting. It’s super relaxing and a great break from daily stress. The seller was so kind and it was a great experience! 10/10 recommend!

  56. Robert

    It was perfect gift

  57. Rachel

    I like that there is a kit with everything supplied, canvas was framed , easel three brushes numbers were is to read and for beginners excellent quality

  58. Keri Newell

    Love this picture! Easy to follow numbers and beautiful colors!

  59. Amazon Customer

    Have not started. I am organizing and ordering things we need because our house burnt down 1 year ago on the 19th. When the weather gets colder I will start. Plus, being stuck in our new home due to Covid. Autoimmune major. I will show the progress and finished.

  60. Sharon Mathiason

    love this picture. it is a beautiful painting

  61. Avid reader in the northwest

    I would definitely say it is for an older child at least teen or adult. Canvas is a nice thickness. Im still working on this one daily. It would take months I would say (at least 2) if you work on it daily for about an hour or so a day. I am enjoying it!

  62. Online shopper

    I found this picture to be very challenging as it has a high level of detail. I am almost finished with it.

  63. Jane F.

    Loved working with this company. I received this paint by number in two days, rolled in a sturdy tube with everything needed enclosed. Unlike many other PBN sellers on Amazon, this company works directly with the artists insuring that their is no copyright infringement. This means a lot to me. I also appreciate that this is a US company, employing veterans and other US citizens. I personally enjoy working on board instead of canvas, but it’s refreshing to have art that isn’t available elsewhere. Will be ordering from this company again.

  64. G. Finner

    Haven’t started it yet but the kit included everything that I will need to finish it.

  65. Sylvia M Piedra

    Am loving it!!

  66. Irene Haagsma

    Product good

  67. Traci Fuoss

    Enjoyed doing this. Love that it comes with a frame. Would make a great gift

  68. DrPaul0401

    This is Mary. I got this as a gift.This is my very first PBN as an adult. I absolutely love painting this canvas! It is intricate and takes lots of time (I have approximately 55 hours in it now and it is about 80% complete,) but I love every minutes of it!I have left the 7 paint (off-white) for last. My only concern is that I may run out of this color and wish that the kit had included two pots of this.If possible, please send a second 7 paint pot to me.Thank you! I cannot wait to start another soon!

  69. Sergio Sanchez

    I thoroughly enjoyed working on this painting! The seller was awesome when I needed something. He helped right away!!

  70. Grace Jeon

    *update*Just finished and added photo of it!!Took much longer than I expectedBut i really enjoyed this very much!!!I would recommend this to anyone:)))—————————————————first try one of paint by number products.The painting is one of great collections that they have.everything that you need is included in the package!and the seller provides detailed instruction and feedback.would recommend to anyone!!!

  71. Linh Vu

    The quality is good and the color comes out is good. The price is higher than other similar products which is a minus point for it.


    This was the third painting my husband has done by three different companies. This company was the best by far. It included great instructions and plenty of paint to complete the painting. We were very please with it.

  73. jaz

    Nice that an easel came with it. Colors are bright and vibrant. Well packaged, fast shipping, mounted well. Very fun watching it come together.

  74. Aly Hendrixson

    I absolutely love this one! I bought it as a Christmas present for my boss (because he’ll never know it was a paint by number and not a painting a bought), but I’ll definitely be buying a second for myself to keep.

  75. MDAS

    My Daughter is happy with it, as it was a gift. She loves these paint sets.

  76. r3vi3ws4u

    Bought this for my wife. She started doing paint by the numbers a few months ago so I figured I’d get her this kit. She really liked it. She especially liked the brushes. She was using the little plastic brushes that come with most kits and she says these are much easier to hold and paint with.

  77. Harvey Misenor


  78. Jacklyn (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    These guys are fabulous with customer service issues. One of my kits came without an easel and they immediately responded and replaced the kit at no charge. Thank you Ledgebay!!

  79. Amazon Customer

    Very fun. Thank you for making painting easy. Good work

  80. Barbara G.

    I purchased this painting for my teenage grandson’s bedroom. The material used is a nice weight canvas and came rolled inside a heavy cardboard mailing tube to protect the printed sheet of fabric. The paints were clearly numbered on white labels affixed to secure caps. The paints were vacuum-sealed in plastic to prevent any leakage or spillage within the mailing tube. A paper reference print of the painting was included to help identify the numbers on the canvas. Four paint brushes were included, one flat and three pointed of different thicknesses. Instruction were provided. They were very clear and should guide even a beginning painter to complete the painting. It’s important to understand that the painting is NOT stamped on a canvas board/mat, but is a stamped, loose piece of canvas that can be spread flat to work on or attached to strips, an easel, or the back of a frame. The painting is a an attractive and colorful addition to any room. If you are a beginner, just follow the instructions and take your time. The results are worth it. Enjoy.

  81. Anastasiia Smirnova

    Cool! Love it ??

  82. js

    I am enjoying my kit that is stretched on a frame and has a small easel that fits on my table and makes painting easy. The paints are good quality! I will order from this company again.

  83. Ann Clark

    This project is calming and easy to lose time working on it. It is a perfect activity during quarantining. It’s fun to create something so lovely when you are not artistic or a good painter.

  84. Robert Troudt

    This product exceeded my expectations. It was shipped and arrived ahead of the time I anticipated it. The contents were well packaged and thoughtful of someone who had not purchased a paint-by-number kit before. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. I feel the purchase was money well-spent. I organized and laid everything out in my camper and started painting this past weekend and found doing so very relaxing. I’m looking forward to completing my painting, framing it, and hanging it in a suitable place for me to enjoy after it’s been finished. Thank you.

  85. Kindle Customer

    Listen….I am a paint by number person and THIS is beautiful. LOVED that it comes rolled and not folded.

  86. Randi

    The canvas, paint and brushes were great quality. This was a very time consuming project, but the end result was very nice. I agree with other reviews that there is not enough border to wrap around anything making it very difficult to frame. I didn’t really notice that until I finished.

  87. Jean Styborski

    Appreciated the prompt service. Very great seller to deal with. Would definitely buy from them again. Highly recommend!!

  88. Abby Bush

    I’m a full time grad school student and I use these paintings—yes I’m currently working on three XD— as a break from my never ending reading list. Nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than seeing a painting come together. I’d recommend this for anyone.

  89. Caitlin W.

    I enjoy painting the canvas but I ran out of paint on one of the numbers. I’m only on number 6 (I’m going in order) and I ran out of color number 5. My canvas was cabin fever. However it’s very nice quality overall.

  90. Shlomo mhadker

    Good quality

  91. marilyn hodgson

    It was easy to use and I gave it to a friend as a gift after framing. I found paint numbers 3 and 4 to be very close in hue.

  92. Marisa McCarty

    I am so glad I settled on this company and paint by number kit. The painting came very well packaged in a cylinder container. The kit includes instructions, a small picture, a copy on paper with all the numbers in case you mess up, small paint pods, 4 paint brushes and of course the canvas. I have had no issue with the paint, although in the instructions it does mention if it’s to thick to add a drop of water which I’ve only had to do for about two of the paint pods. I did buy a new brush as a lot of numbers are pretty small but you can easily do it with the paint brushes they give you. I am just pretty new painting like this so I like a little bit more control. But seriously if you are looking for a good paint by number kit I highly recommend this one, they are not one of those company’s that try and bribe you for good reviews. Ths kit came the next day and I think it’s looking pretty good so far. It is a lot though, it’s taken me about 4 days to get as far as I have, I imagine it’ll take me about 3 weeks to finish. But I’ll update and post more pictures with the finished product when I’m done. P.S. the paint brushes are just wet and the little dot on top of the paint pods was to let me know which one I opened since some colors have two pods.

  93. Amazon Customer

    Love it. Good product. Easy to read. Just complex enough.

  94. satisfied customer

    Love these kits. I have already painted two others and ordered two more! Great fun and non stressful.

  95. Steena Jay

    Very well put together. Comes with 4 nice brushes and it’s already framed. Also comes in a very nice box with a carry handle! ????

  96. Sharon Heuring

    Beautiful. Love it.

  97. Samantha

    The canvas and paint came exactly as described and I enjoy painting it in my free time.

  98. Amazon Customer

    Paint a bit thick but added some drops of flow aid and perfect now. Love the lines and section numbers are gray not black. Easy to cover and usually with just one coat. Rita’s Pansies will be lovely once finished. In my opinion might be better for someone who has done PBN before.

  99. It’s only good if it works.

    This paint by numbers set arrived today. It is good quality – the printing is not overly dark. There is enough paints. And there is not a single crease on the canvas. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of a border. There is no way to frame it when it is done.

  100. Amazon Customer

    I love this company . Paintings are easy to see and mediate skill level is required. It comes with a pattern which helps out greatly have ordered from them before and will continue to do so.

  101. Npalmer

    Came nicely packaged in a tube so no wrinkles. I had enough paint to finish. Many of the areas are really small so I used a magnifying glass.

  102. Sierra Jones

    I loved this product! There was plenty of paint, the brushes I got were great, and the final product looks great! I will definitely be buying from this company again.

  103. vj

    Picture shown on internet was true to what I received. Colors are vibrant and the paints are of good quality. I’ve been doing painting as a pastime, but I’m picturing this one hanging on my wall. I do wish paintings were made in smaller sizes.

  104. Kathy Singleton

    It was fun to do!

  105. Laci

    A painting that makes you wonder and think about a lighthouse. A Beautifully put together Kit came in the mail. With a PDF file of that sent by email very helpful!

  106. Laci

    A summer night with the log cabin you take a moment and you breathe. This painting brings back memories of happy times a joy to paint.

  107. Amazon Customer

    High quality.

  108. Kristen

    Great looking design that comes with everything you need to paint. 5 stars!

  109. Xin Huang

    Good quality. Fun to paint. Wish it was bigger

  110. Xinran


  111. Debbie D.

    I appreciated that the canvas was rolled and shipped in a tube, not folded.

  112. lauri

    this paint by number is very nice.seller used shipping tube so it doesn’t have creases which are hard to get rid arrived on time and is a good value.

  113. Kblaha

    Came in a poster tube secured inside a box which meant no creases! Ordered one from a different place and steam ironing didnt take out all the creases. Decent brushes and clear numbers and instructions. Owners seem to care about their product and a positive experience with their product. Will buy from them exclusively in the future!

  114. Kirk R Mackey

    personal use wall hanging recommend it not your average cardboard paint by number but primo

  115. Manmeet Bhalla

    Liked the scenery and how the final product turned out. Good addition to my wall paintings. Actually wish to have a cabin house like this.

  116. big jon

    Love this company!! The care and service they offer is above par. The packaging is so nice. If travelling the tube can be used to safely take your painting with you. The paints are fresh. The brushes have wooden handles and come in different shapes and sizes. Everything about this company speaks to quality!!! I will always look here first!! Buy American!!

  117. fleadom

    looks great the quality is well worth the price!

  118. Jack

    Quick shipping. Great quality. Be sure to get the picture with a frame, it will make everything easier for you. This is an honest company with good communication. All as described. You won’t be disappointed.

  119. I

    Very nice quality, however the numbers and outline is very small and hard to see.

  120. Roula

    Love it so much worth the money

  121. Edie Bush

    Did not realize it was just a canvas rolled up. Need to mount on a board or something. Numbers are small in spots but that is to be expected.

  122. Caitlin Davidson

    The quality is super good and everything seems like it would last in shelf life.

  123. Sally C.

    Loved it. Had great time doing this one. So I hung it up.The Seller was great. Delivered it exactly when they said.

  124. Caroline foster

    Great quality canvas and brushes compared to others I have purchased. Easy to read, even with small print. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  125. Amazon Customer

    I am new to paint by numbers. This is only my third one, but i can tell you there is definitely a difference in quality. The canvas and paints for THIS paint by number is far superior to some of the others sold on Amazon. I highly recommend this product!

  126. Amazon Customer

    This was so pretty, just started, paint coverage we will see…. excited to see final product, will post pic when done. Either way fun to pick away at.

  127. Connie Worden

    Very nice quality PBN kit. I’ll be back.

  128. David Starkey

    Usually I don’t spend the extra for a frame but this one was nice and the stand a good bonus. The only issue is you’ll need every drop of of black and gray they give you.

  129. Amazon Customer

    A lot of fun to paint

  130. G. B. Rothman

    This is not a beginner painting. It is so intricate and really tests out your skills. I loved painting it!!! And it came out beautiful.

  131. Melissa

    I enjoyed this paint by numbers kit. Based on the reviews, it was exactly as I expected it to be. It was easy to follow, though some of the numbers were difficult to see. The brushes aren’t great and the bristles tend to split from each other. The paints are easy to use and the colors are nice. Some colors are thinner and less transparent than other colors, so I needed to go in with a second coat often just to cover up the lines and numbers. I like the linen paper and I appreciate that it came rolled instead of folded so no lines to iron out, but it would be nice if it came as like a canvas print – I think it would be easier to paint that way. Although my painting doesn’t look exactly as the example advertised (it never will with these kits lol), I’m really happy with the finished product and plan to frame it.

  132. Busy Mom

    Loved doing this, it was very relaxing and was a lot more complex than I expected but in a good way. I was surprised how many hours (thoroughly enjoyed) it took to complete and it turned out beautiful. I ordered the framed version which is the right way to go! Just ordered my second one and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can get started.

  133. Garima Singh

    Got it as a gift for my mom who’s 65…it was great to keep her busy for few days during quarantine.She became so obsessed with it that she finished it way faster than I wanted her to. However, some of the numbers/spaces are really small which made her eyes hurt and needed help.

  134. JG

    Great Quality PBN from this American Company!

  135. toneydtt

    I really liked completing my first paint by numbers from this company so I purchased a second one. Great response time and in excellent condition. This only problem I have is that the canvas is cut too small..There isn’t enough room to frame the finished work since it was cut out right on the outline. This was not the case with any other kits I have purchased before.

  136. Victoria FL


  137. Sra123

    This is a wonderful paint set it even has the stand for the canvas, it is not for me though the numbers are extremely small you need a magnifying glass if you are a little older or don’t have perfect vision. Other than that it’s great

  138. Hesed2020

    I got this paint by numbers to relive my interest in art when I was young. Enjoying working through the numbers, going in order 1,2,3… It’s not for beginners b/c it takes a very steady hand and patience. It’s going to take me months to finish it, very slow progress. Paints work well. Don’t like that the canvas is rolled up and repurposed a old canvas frame with a stapler to set it up flat as a work surface. Paint brushes are pretty good quality, especially for the fine work.

  139. Amazon Customer

    So much fun! Canvas and materials came in a tube, so there were no creases or folds – brilliant! The only thing is the brushes included weren’t the best, I had to use my own. Other than that though I had a blast painting this, very cool style, beautiful result, and it’s fun to watch the painting develop as you go!

  140. Jennifer Sharpe

    Loved painting this for my Mom. Thank you!


    Great product. Great customer service

  142. Stacey

    Good quality canvas and paints. The brushes weren’t the greatest quality, but they worked for the larger areas. The print on the canvas is very light, which can be difficult to see. However, on the plus side, the light printing means the numbers don’t show through the paint. Overall, this was a calming project and offered a chance to “turn off” my brain and just concentrate on something safe. Happily recommend.

  143. Raymond

    It was a gift for my wife as first time painting she love it

  144. cindy wang

    Great! Came with stand and paints were not dried out like other reviews mentioned.

  145. Stacey

    Good quality canvas and paints. The brushes weren’t the greatest quality, but they worked for the larger areas. The print on the canvas is very light, which can be difficult to see. However, on the plus side, the light printing means the numbers don’t show through the paint. Overall, this was a calming project and offered a chance to “turn off” my brain and just concentrate on something safe. Happily recommend.

  146. Edith Kloos Eisele

    I am very happy with this purchase. High quality paints and canvas. Very much like working with this.

  147. Deborah P. Basile

    This was a very well made and put together kit with everything you need for a fun experience! Shipped quickly

  148. linda ramler

    Very detailed painting. Should be for intermediate or advanced painter. Product was delivered timely and working with the seller was great!

  149. Linda 57

    This is my first paint by number. I am enjoying it. It is very detailed

  150. Britta

    I was extremely surprised with the quality of the painting. Thought with this Corona virus, it’s a great hobby that I can do

  151. Amazon Customer

    Love it- best family project during a pandemic!!

  152. Amanda A

    Product is of high quality and beautifully designed. Only 4 stars in the area of beginners because most people starting out wouldn’t know that this canvas needs to be stretched over a wooden frame before or after its finished.

  153. Phantom Phixer

    Quality of canvas, paint, and paint brushes was excellent. Fact that canvas was rolled rather than folded was also appreciated.

  154. CecilyK

    Came on a frame and with a basic tabletop easel. Really great colors and high detail painting. I’m enjoying it.

  155. Rachel

    This was very hard but keeps me very busy during quarantine!

  156. Kindle Customer

    I love how detailed and realistic these paint by numbers turn out. I also love that the canvas comes rolled up instead of folded so it doesn’t have any annoying creases. I have bought from this company before and each painting has turned out beautiful. I highly recommend their products.

  157. Scharlene

    Wonderful – arrived on time

  158. Hilary

    Great activity to pass the time during lockdown. Definitely a good challenge!

  159. Janet Ramis

    update: 5 star review, after purchasing another brand of paint by number acrylic paint set, I can appreciate the quality of the canvas and paints in this set. Worth the money.With no painting skills on my part it turned out well enough to put on the wall. I had enough paint. I would like better paint brushes, however I will invest in a better set for myself. They were adequate to complete the painting. I did trim them down as a few brushes loosened with use. I will purchase from this provider, when they have them available .

  160. Jennifer Vorreyer

    Arrived on time and in great condition. Everything seems of high quality. I’ll be working on this for a while, as it is definitely a fun challenge.

  161. deborah zaretsky

    This was a fun and challenging project. I am very happy with the outcome. See my ‘painting’ above. Great pandemic pass time.

  162. Tricia Feeley

    Very nice quality, it was more challenging than other paint by numbers which I enjoyed. I have it hung in my kitchen. I love that it came framed and with an easel.

  163. Kierstan

    This kit was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t end up using the easel. Just because the canvas was smaller than expected. So the numbered areas were small. I needed to paint on a flat surface. It took me about two days to complete. There was plenty of paint and the brushes were the perfect size!

  164. Luci Gonzales

    Nice thickness of material. Pretty!

  165. Debbie

    It was fun to do. Took some time but turned out great. I am no artist, but very forgivable as far as if I wasn’t perfect. Bought framed and so glad I did.

  166. marmar

    This is so relaxing and amazing to do. I’m a beginner so this is fun for me.

  167. Ron Tarvin

    I’ve never done paint-by-numbers before, but thought I’d give it a try. I found a scene that I loved and ordered. When it arrived I was overwhelmed by the level of detail. But Ledgebay sent helpful tips on how to approach the project. I’ve been working on the scene for about a week, and I’ve found the quality of the canvas and paints to be very good. And I’m surprised at how the detail painting actually helps me focus and relax. Once I’m done with this kit I plan to order another. Highly recommend!

  168. Kindle Customer

    I selected this product based on other positive reviews and mainly for the fact that it was a framed canvas already. Other kits seemed to typically come shipped out as folded canvas, or at best rolled. This is so much easier to work on with it already being stretched and framed. No worries about having to iron out creases, which was the main complaint about other paint by numbers. The kit also comes with a easel. Great to be able to have that to set the picture on while painting, or to display it when finished. There is also hardware included to hang the picture.I will definitely order another kit from this seller in the future !!

  169. Grace

    I loved it. I am currently working from home and so this was such a good stress reliever and it go my mind off a lot of things! I enjoyed painting with the numbers as well. The canvas and materials were all perfect! I sat for a few hours with occasional breaks and was able to finish it within a day. Overall- great product. I hope they restock soon so I can support their business again! Thank you!

  170. Patricia Hildebrandt

    This paint by number is keeping our whole family busy during quarantine – we’re loving it and can’t wait to see the final product. Our picture is advanced & provides us with hours of entertainment. Highly recommend buying from Ken, a small business owner!

  171. Tessa Vekich

    Wonderful quality, real canvas, smooth high quality paints. Easy to read and has been so fun!!

  172. Tamara Adkisson

    I love that the kit includes all paint, brushes instructions, and even a wood easel. Creativity is able to flow magically with these tools. The excitement of creating art is intoxicating. You have been forewarned.

  173. C. PINTO

    i love these kits very much as they are easy to see, the numbers are clear and the paints are vibrant. the seller has a commitment to high quality; each of the brushes is well suited for the painting. i just wish i could find more of them as they sell out quickly!

  174. Lauren M.

    Bought this for my uncle- who was having a hard time finding a painting within a reasonable amount of time during covid.This has been a great outlet for him as a distraction through the winter and while being stuck home. This will be his 6th painting, and said he is going to go blind for the small areas (joking he has a lighted magnifying glass)Thank you for providing an essential mental health product during this time!

  175. Sandi Williams

    Great service! Got product the day before it was supposed to be delivered! Love the paint by number! The only suggestion I would make is a little more sturdy brushes, strands come out pretty easily. But otherwise I’m very happy with this product and I’ll definitely order another painting when I’m done with this one. ??

  176. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this paint by number from Ledgebay along with two other from competitors. Ledgebay had their canvas nicely rolled up in a sturdy canvas tube with the brushes and paints perfectly packaged. The other two I received were folded in a square flimsy box and the canvases were so creased and wrinkly it was hard to lay it flat to paint on it. Ledgebay also included very detailed instructions and tips to make your painting perfect! I will definitely purchase from them again.

  177. J. Peplinski

    This is awkward because I got a different picture, and the thumbnail for my item to review keeps changing. I didn’t get the apple baskets (currently the photo for this item number) but I did get a cool paint-by-number of a chimpanzee wearing headphones. I like it a lot! The spaces are SMALL & the lines are quite light, so it’s complicated & fussy to paint but I think it’s going to look very cool if I ever finish it! I wish it came with a few bonus super-tiny paintbrushes (there are small brushes included, I could just use a backup or two because so many parts are so tiny) but I have some of my own so it’s all good. It comes in a nice sturdy cardboard tube, so the canvas needs a little help to uncurl but at least there are no creases! The paint is extremely thick but responds well to tiny amounts of water on the brush to loosen it up.Great kit, everything is included, it’s fun & relaxing, & honestly a great activity to do during self-quarantine! I feel like a real painter even though I’m just coloring inside the lines.

  178. Courtney Schoenholz

    This is a super cute and relaxing way to spend time with. Really good for advanced or beginners. I will buy more again once I finish the first one. Thank you!!

  179. Rob Zee

    This was a fun Project. I have no talent at all but because of how the colors lay out it’s looking pretty good.

  180. Dan P.

    Can’t wait to see it finished! Love this one!!!

  181. rosec

    Loved it!

  182. Cynthia

    Overall very satisfied with this kit. Very nice canvas and easel. Some of the paints are a little thick but mix with a toothpick and a few drops of water and your good to go. The brushes are just OK in quality. Considering the affordable price for the set, it’s well worth it. I would recommend.

  183. Anthony Pantliano

    This paint-by-numbers kit is nicely packaged in a cardboard tube. The canvas is done in a linen finished thick and pliable fabric. The paints are individually packaged and numbered. There are 4 paint brushes included. 3 of them are fine tipped and the other is a wider brush. Also included is a simple hanging kit, but no frame.The canvas is pre-marked with the design and each section is numbered. The paints and brushes included with the kit are high quality. The paint goes on smoothly and provides nice coverage. The colors are vibrant, as is the overall design. A lot of sections are smaller and require a steady hand, but since the overall painting is more abstract any “mistakes” can be happy accidents.All in all… a fine paint by number kit.

  184. Cassie Thompson

    Still painting this but it comes with everything you need plus more! I’ve been having a great time

  185. Missy St. Germain

    I thought the picture was great the paints were wonderful perfect consistency. However, I am very disappointed that there was no extra canvas around the edges so I could mount the picture on my own stretched frame that is 16“ x 20“. I had to order a different size frame to have enough extra canvas to mount on A 12“ x 14“ frame. It took away a large amount of the painting and if I centered it it would’ve cut off the top of the lighthouse.

  186. Leslie

    Gave it as a bday gift… something to do while sheltering in place. The seller made it super easy!!!!

  187. Stacy Orr

    I loved this product so much! The numbers were very easy to read and you didn’t have to mix colors which was definitely a plus. It also came with 4 paintbrushes compared to the last one I bought that just came with one. Definitely ordering more!!

  188. Erin

    I love this product so much! I myself like to paint but not creative enough to think of something to paint. So getting this is so much fun to do on my down time. I totally recommend!

  189. Amazon Customer

    Great product and packaging! Kit contained everything you need to paint: brushes, instructions, paint, canvas, easel and frame. So glad I ordered the frame as it makes it much easier to paint rather than laying the canvas flat (at least for me).

  190. Alex

    Paints, brushes, and canvas seem high quality. I really like the easel for displaying my work-in-progress! It’s taking me a lot longer than I thought, but that’s okay because it’s very relaxing. Would recommend reading glasses to avoid eye strain with the small sections.

  191. Annaly

    4 stars because some areas did not have a number. But overall it was great! Loved the finished outcome

  192. sunrise

    especially for number 1…….. and a few others. Lovely image and the maker LEDGEBAY seems to be higher quality than most. But I need more paint!

  193. Stacey King

    How am I supposed to attach this to a board to be able to flatten and paint? There was no extra cloth on the top and bottom of this print to stretch it out?? Is this defective?

  194. Kimberly

    Packaging was top notch! Yes, it came rolled up BUT there were no issues when it flattened out.I kept the business card to make sure I let others know and will definitely order again!

  195. Charlotte Brown

    Good ti pass time

  196. susan denny

    The product was as described. The paints were of good quality and easily appled with brushes included. I definitely recommend this paint by number kit for beginners or advanced painters.

  197. Pinkie

    Quality plus with abundance of supplies

  198. Lu

    This is an adorable little kit with everything you need. It came with a nice note from the owner, not too much packaging, and even a little hook to hang it on! My expectations have been exceeded

  199. Joshua T Cameron

    If you’re like me during this 2020 pandemic, you were likely looking to find some activities to stay busy at home. This project is the perfect thing! Just yesterday, I dove into a portion of my paint-by-number (while listening to a podcast) and before I knew it, it was 3 hours later. This product is of high quality canvas, comes with all the paints and brushes and instructions you need. I’d recommend!

  200. Catherine Marucha

    Legible canvas. pig arrived in a tube. So no wrinkles or fold lines in the canvas.

  201. Chris Jackson

    I liked them painting because it reminded me of how people would take trips to enjoy themselves. Sadly people don’t enjoy the ride as much anymore stopping to support the local businesses.

  202. donna

    product is exactly what I ordered,

  203. Amazon Customer

    I bought a paint by numbers kit to work on during the pandemic isolation. The canvas came rolled up so no folds! There are 4 brushes and clearly labeled paints. There are lots of small spaces to paint, so it’s better for adults. I taped my canvas to a board so when I’m not working on it, I just put it in a safe space to dry. Also, I can rotate the board if I want to work on a different section. I found the paint covered the numbers with no problem. The brushes are not the best, so you might want to get better brushes, but I was just looking for an indoor activity, not to necessarily create an amazing work of art, which I may end up with anyway!

  204. Bryce Goyer

    Great product and a fun way to pass the time!

  205. Bayan

    Turned out nice for someone who has no painting experience

  206. Heidi

    I purchased this in the pre-virus days and I’m so happy I did as it is bringing me peace and joy.

  207. C

    Quick shipping, email with tips and great followup by the seller. Great project for any teen or adult.

  208. moden

    Such a great craft to pass the time! Everything was neatly packaged, and it even came with a helpful quote with tips and tricks. Love it! Will definitely buy again!

  209. Natalie

    You become obsessed with it!

  210. Cara

    amazing piece, but way too hard for anyone not committed entirely to the project

  211. Stealth_pineapple

    It’s a little messy looking, gives you black paint without numbers and no instructions on shading or outlining.

  212. Alicia

    I have an 8 year old who really wants to paint with me when I paint but can’t figure out what to paint. These help a lot. This is great for beginners. It’s very easy to read and find the right colors. He enjoys how this is starting to come together.

  213. JJo

    Turned out amazing but this is not for anyone without patience and the ability to stay within teeny tiny lines.

  214. Lyudmyla Chudnovska

    Thank you I like it

  215. William N Auth Sr.

    Would have liked a paper reference copy.Had more than enough paint to finish paintingWill purchase more from this supplier

  216. KK

    I liked everything about this.

  217. Texas Musicman

    Relaxing, turns out great, even there is no reference chart or page. No blending needed. Would be great for beginners.

  218. ReviewToaKill

    I’ve done a lot of paint by number projects over the years. Every couple of years, I’ll buy a fancy one and try to finish it. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not. That has gotten a bit more challenging since having children, I must say. It doesn’t help that what was once my craft/project/guest room now belongs to a kid. In short, I don’t have anywhere where I can work on projects and then leave it to dry.It does help that this kit can roll up. Once I’m sure the paint has dried on the section I was working on, I can carefully store it until I can find 30 minutes to myself to work. That’s a nice feature!I do like that you get the 4 different brushes. The rest is rather self-explanatory. I will say, I will always abhor those silly little pots of paint, as they’re a pain to deal with and tend to dry out fairly quickly. More impetus to hurry up and finish the project!

  219. Samantha

    I am generally someone who gets impatient with projects and start slow and end up rushing through and getting annoyed but this was surprisingly calming! I didn’t rush at all, and it looked intimidating at first but was easy once I got going. I loved the end result and gave it to my mom and she loved it! I’m excited to do another one

  220. Heidi

    Really amazing way to learn to paint and/or just have fun!!

  221. Oliver DeMille, TJEd

    This is a BEAUTIFUL image, and so fun for this kind of project! It’s not just a fun crafty project, it’s a great piece for display after your done!

  222. Oliver DeMille, TJEd

    The quality of the color by numbers plan is actually quite good. The movement of the lines is spot-on, and the choices for colors and sectioning is cleverly done to create a relatively faithful rendition that is still doable for a paint-by-numbers version. Super fun!

  223. Victoria Moore

    I am working on this painting with my 13-year-old niece and we are having a lot of fun with it! The kit comes with everything you need including the paintbrushes, but I still pulled out a few of my own brushes to go along with it. All the paint tubs are clearly numbered, and though the outlines and numbering on the canvas are a bit faint, I could still clearly see them all, if you have weak eyes you might need a magnification glass though. I had no problem laying the canvas flat, just left it out overnight, and I thought painting all the small areas would be tedious but actually preferred the smaller areas to the larger one. It’s a great project to do with a friend, and it’s not just a quick project either, it takes some time providing long term entertainment. Great set!

  224. Amazon Customer

    This was the first paint by numbers I have ever purchased – for my wife. We were nervous because we’ve heard a lot of horror stories about the paint coming dry or the picture being too small, however, this one has blown our expectations. The fabric is unique and the paints came in perfect condition, the brushes are perfect for the detail you need to apply. This does take a while, my wife spent 3+ hours and only has the top left hand corner done but there are a lot of small areas and different color paints close together but it looks really good. Highly recommend this product and are impressed with the quality!TIP: make sure to double coat the white as the number slightly pops through with 1 coat, also make sure to wait a few minutes between colors to make sure they are dry and don’t smear into other colors. My only complaint is that I don’t have paper weights or anything to clip it too and it came rolled up, I have yet to get it to lay flat on my table but when you do sections at a time it isn’t a huge deal and we plan to frame it later anyway!

  225. Mido

    Of the four paint-by-number kits by Ledgebay that I got to review, this is my favorite. It’s both cute enough that I think I might be able to hang it once it’s done and varied enough that it’s entertaining. I love the packaging of these kits: everything comes in a sturdy cardboard tube, the canvas is unwrinkled, the paints vibrant. The weakest component is the brushes; if you plan on keeping painting, treat yourself with a better set.

  226. Mido

    I got four of these paint-by-numbers kits and, since I am new to painting with acrylics (I am more familiar with watercolors and gauche), I decided to start with the one I liked the least, in case I messed things up. So I began with the wolf, which is way too psychedelic for me to ever hang it on my walls. On the other hand, if your goal is not getting a picture you can hang but just enjoying the process, this wolf is great, cause it has soo many little parts in different colors that it keeps you entertained. I spent two hours on the wolf today and barely covered a tenth of the painting — and I had a great time (I was listening to an audio book while painting). So if you consider how many hours of entertainment you can get from a single kit, this is a great deal!

  227. Jess

    This is so beautiful and easy to do. Great gift for anyone who likes painting or who has some time on their hands. Just know that you would need to complete it within a few months of buying and opening it or the paints will dry out.

  228. Mido

    I got four paint-by-number kits by Ledgebay and while this one might be the one I am most likely to hang on a wall, it’s also the less entertaining to paint, because it has so much grey (background) and black and white (the chimp), and not many other colored details. But the kit is high quality — the canvas comes rolled and it’s very easy to spread without any wrinkles, and the paint is smooth and vibrant. The weakest component are the brushes.

  229. Mido

    Doing something art-related relaxes me. Unfortunately, I am not a very creative person and I agonize in front of a blank canvas. So this paint-by-numbers kit is perfect for me. Even when this was my first time trying out acrylic paint, it came with everything I needed and clear instructions. It took me a but to get used to the thickness of the paint (I am more familiar with watercolor and gauche), but once I got going I had a great time. The brushes are not great quality, though: if you’re only planning on painting one canvas, you can make do with it, but if you think you might keep going, invest in a slightly better quality set of miniature brushes.

  230. Meredith

    Nicest paint by number out there!

  231. J. Viola

    Love this set!!!


    I enjoyed the process – the finished picture was a gift. They loved it!

  233. Kandylen

    So much fun but very detailed!

  234. Amazon Customer

    Good quality brushes, paints and canvas. I’m excited to start painting!

  235. Lori CalvertAmazon Customer


  236. Amazon Customer

    Loved painting this. Very good for beginners. Can’t wait to finish! Will probably take a while but it is worth it.

  237. Thomas N. Gregoretti

    I am really enjoying this . I do a few hours at a time…

  238. Paz Stutzman

    Love it!

  239. Amazon Customer

    A gift for my wife, she thinks it’s beautiful , but she’s having problems (older eyes) lol

  240. Jamie Foltz

    Bought for my teenager. She loves spending time working on it. You do have to take your time on it, as she spends hours, and feels she gets little done. But it takes her mind off of things, and keeps her out of trouble. So very much worth the purchase. Cant wait till shes done, as I told her I would frame it and hang on the wall. I would include pictures, but she has not competed it yet.

  241. Kirk

    Love these !! … looking forward to doing many more .!!Fantastic company … great customer service!!

  242. Amazon Customer

    It was a gift and she is really enjoying it

  243. Amazon Customer

    This was my daughters birthday present, and she loved it!

  244. John Emil

    Some paints arrive starting to dry out. Beautiful when finished. Canvas being rolled Instead of folded is a great benefit

  245. Jessica Flores

    Its good quality for the price you pay.

  246. Floresita89

    Have not started painting this yet but I did open it, I love that the canvas cane rolled and not folded like other brands , brushes look like they will be good for the project and the paint was not dry. Great customer service, the seller send a message to make sure I received my item and attached a handy tips and tricks document! Can’t wait to start ! Would buy again!

  247. Liz

    I’ve only put a couple hours into this painting but I love it so far. Comes on a canvas-like paper, paints cover nicely and the seller even threw in a couple of extra pot paints for colors you use a lot of. I will most definitely order another one once I’m done!

  248. KDK

    This is a quality product. Much better than any other paint by number I’ve done. I would recommend this to anybody that enjoys this kind of thing.

  249. L Trout

    I love this! Delightful colors, and large numbers in the cells.

  250. clarissa

    Great product! Rolled up with no wrinkles. I painted over it twice to make it look nicer. The first time I ordered I was missing some paint but worth re-ordering it and the second one came with all of the paint. I recommend buying nicer brushes vs the ones that come with it. Overall, happy with the finished product.

  251. Priscila Silva

    Definitely worth the buy, such an awesome present idea.

  252. PT

    I received numerous compliments on my finished paining. I loved the process of painting – so peaceful and relaxing while I was listening to calm music in the background.

  253. Patricia Pearce

    My sister loves it, she 58 (mental age 6). but a perfectionist. She uses 4.0 reading glasses.

  254. Brendan

    good customer service. Got me brushes the next day

  255. Jenn Kacewich

    I absolutely loved painting this! The price wasn’t bad, especially going through Amazon, and all the supplies came with it. It definitely helps to have a desk easel, but it’s not a must-have.One of the few hobbies I’ve tried where the process is so much more rewarding than the result. You can be as meticulous or not as you want, but I was delighted to see that even when I thought I had messed up a section that the result still looked amazing.Beautifully done and a project that lasted a good long while. I enjoy painting freehand, but this was more of a relaxing activity than that. I would just play a couple episodes of some favorite podcasts and go to town.Definitely reccommend!

  256. Marianna V.

    Really great product. Authentic painter’s canvas!

  257. Sarena Davis

    It is easy to use i gave it to my 15 year old granddaughter who is having fun painting the pictures

  258. Lucas Pearson

    I really loved how the painting came in a tube instead of being folded up and getting creases. You get more than enough paint for each number and I wish this company would get more designs so I could get more!

  259. Francisco Navarrete

    We have not started yet but the package quality looks really good I recommend this product

  260. Kelley

    Lots of fun

  261. Amazon Customer

    Sirve para distraerse y concentratse

  262. John Emil

    Very small detail painting. For experienced users. Had to use a magnifying glass for 90 percent of the picture. Printing is extremely light and very hard to see. They should print the lines and numbers heavier on the canvas.It is not all bad. The picture comes out great and most of the paints flow very well. Would only recommend for experienced users

  263. Amazon Customer

  264. Michael Sandoval

    Daughter is extremely happy with her very first paint-by-numbers.

  265. Louisa

    So this product came rolled in a tube. Which is perfect because it wasn’t creased. I bought one for my mom from another company and it cake folded and had lines through it. So this was great. Brushes are good and so far it’s coming along great. Highly recommend!

  266. GWC1215

    was little bit hard hard to read numbers some spots did not have any numbers at all but overall was fun and relaxing

  267. JKAM

    Exactly as advertised. It would have been nice to have had a border of canvas in order to frame easier.

  268. Michelle

    Good quality canvas and easy to read manual. I have never made anything like this (painting) but if you know how to color within the lines you can figure it out! Very nice design and good for some self-care :)!

  269. BT

    If you are buying this for a weekend project, think again. I was hoping someone would advise how long it takes, the answer is 2.5 weeks if you dedicate several hours a night. (True story) I needed to buy another set of brushes from Michaels, because the first ones fell apart. I also ran out of black paint, but that was an easy fix. All in all I’m impressed how well this is put together, because the final image is pretty spot on. Cons: running out of paint, time commitment and very hard to read numbers. This is certainly not for beginners, as the smallest spots; the tip of the brush is too large. You need patience & great vision. I wouldn’t say this is difficult though. Some areas are not numbered at all. Sometimes I would come out with a “blob” where a cup or vase was supposed to be, so I tried to copy the small image it came with. This was certainly better than hours of TV a night, and you feel accomplished with the final product. I would absolutely do it again. If you’d like a recommendation, mentally block off a small area. I started in the top left and work in sections. It’s easy to fix mistakes that way & the image seemed to come together quicker. Try it! It’s fun if you have the time!

  270. Lindsay

    Love this! Very high quality paint and canvas. The numbers are very easy to cover, even with light colors. Such a fun product!

  271. Nancy Rutkosky

    A gift for my very talented granddaughter. It’s a great way for her to learn to paint.

  272. K. Hunter

    It is very relaxing to do and I’m sure it will be beautiful once I finish. Only suggestions for the company I would have would be to have more blank edging around the art in case someone wants to frame or mount it the picture isnt cut off. Right now there is about 1/16 of and edge. It would also be nice if a larger finished product picture was included. The tiny picture currently included is hard to refer to. Otherwise, I love it. Anyone purchasing will need a magnifying light so you can see what you are doing. Don’t know how it would even be possible without one! The numbers and paint areas are really small in a lot of areas.

  273. Emily Brevard

    This was my first paint by number and I was perfectly fine doing it! It was very fun and I’m gonna give it to my mom for her birthday! 10/10 would recommend

  274. Corry Goedhard

    The painting cam very quickly. I like that it came in a protective tube with no wrinkle.The canvas was cut short not able to staple to a frame. Had to glue it to a canvas. The painting is very challenging. There was not enough paint. In number one tube. The paint was a bit on the thick side.

  275. Ryan Williams

    Teen Christmas gift

  276. Rahim Lalani

    I LOVED THIS! It was my first paint with numbers and I just couldn’t stop painting! It came with more than enough paint that was thick enough to cover all the canvas, even the white! The only color I actually used all of was the black because I covered alllll the corners of my frame and had enough to go over it again! Would highly recommend!

  277. Mark Miller

    Loved making this, will be buying more from your small business!

  278. bruna

    Very fun and high quality, would buy again

  279. Melissa

    I loved the way this turned out! The only problem I had was I ran out of paint for one color that was used the most for this painting, should have come with 2 for that color. Otherwise I loved it!

  280. Christina D

    I bought this for my 11 year old daughter and she LOVED it. She spent many hours working on it and it came out beautiful. I would definitely buy again.

  281. Amazon Customer

    Some of the paints didn’t cover the numbers very well, but overall I am happy with the results and it turned out beautifully!

  282. Clay Gosney

    The numbers on the canvas are easy to read. I had a question that I posted to the seller on email and got a quick concise response. The canvas and supplies arrived as advertised. My only real (and it’s a small) issue was with the canvas not laying completely flat even after putting books on it for 24 hours to help flatten it. Just a little curve on both ends of the canvas but still relatively easy to work with. I recommend this product 5 stars.

  283. Stacy Aaron

    Love this paint by numbers. My opion not for beginners. Paint very fresh and lots of colors. You get four paint brushes. Would purchase from this company again.

  284. Connie Cauchon

    Very nice product, great price and quick shipping

  285. KarBra

    This was a gift. The sunflower picture is lovely and I knew she would enjoy painting it

  286. cathy butts

    This company is fantastic! Everything came as presented. I only just started their new painting, but I am very excited. Love the rolled canvas. No creases to iron out. Great product. Great company.

  287. stereogirl

    I wanted a creative outlet to relieve stress. This is my first paint by number and I absolutely LOVE it. It took me a total of 22 hours over several days to complete. Good quality paint, all the brushes you need and excellent that it comes rolled (no creases).Now I want to do another….


    Impressed with the canvas material

  289. Amazon Customer

    I like everything about this painting.I only wish that I could afford to keep doing them,as I am on a very restricted income. Will try and not complete it too fast. Thx. Gary S.

  290. keriG

    love it . fun to do

  291. Gemz

    Very good quality product. More than enough paint is include and the finished product is looks very nice. Very satisfied with purchase.

  292. Rosiejane

    It looks just like my daughter’s kitten. She completed the painting in a day, and it’s fabulous!

  293. cathy butts

    I got this as a gift. I love it. Very relaxing. Love that the canvas is rolled so there is no need to iron. No creases! I have already bought another one. Buy this. It’s a good idea!

  294. nalissa

    My daughter and I are new at this, but found this set very do-able. The picture is lovely, the paints are beautiful colors (though they don’t really match the colors as advertised), and the brushes are … acceptable. We found we only used the smallest brushes, and happily there are two of those. But I also invested in a set of sable brushes, and those are MUCH better. For the light colors, you need to paint a little thick to cover the numbers, and for the dark colors, adding a little water makes them much easier to use. But overall, a great set. Oh, and the canvas paper is rolled, so no creases. It came in a hard cardboard tube, and was in perfect condition.

  295. shaikha

    Very fun

  296. Ahtumn Tomkins

    such great quality & so beautiful! thank you so much !!

  297. Tara S

    So excited to get started on this! The canvas was rolled, so you’ll need something to weight the corners down until it flattens. The instructions are very helpful. This painting is pretty detailed and there are a lot of small areas, but it seems like it would be a fun small project that will take some time.

  298. ARG

    This is my first adult paint by numbers and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Very nicely packaged. The numbers and lines are clear. The paints seem to be of good quality. It’s much more complicated and will take longer than I anticipated but that is a pleasant surprise. My husband ordered one that needed to be steamed to take out the folds which was a nuisance. Also his brushes are of a lower quality. He ended up ordering replacement brushes. Also his looked like it would have the same complexity, but it is nowhere near as detailed as my picture. I have absolutely no complaints with my set!

  299. ltf

    Very nice picture and it was send rolled up , so lays flat. The paints cover well, except the light colors as I have noticed all the paint by number do, so I go over them again. I have not finished it yet, but I think there is enough paint to do the job well. The only thing I would like to see included is a plain sheet with the numbers on it. Otherwise it is fun to play around with and the brushes are included. I have finally realized that I can actually shape my brushes to my liking and wich makes it easier for a non artistic person like me.

  300. Robert Cappelli

    The set is good but the brushes are cheap and the hair falls out after cleaning.

  301. rockstar0510

    So far, this has been great. Fun, relaxing project to do at your own pace! Is my first paint by numbers and don’t think it will be my last. Picture is about 1/3 complete.Update: Finished this in a week! 2nd photo is the completed one. ????

  302. Amazon Customer

    This product is outstanding quality! I’m glad I bought this!

  303. Shirley

    I received this order as expected and its such a beautiful piece Ive been working on. Its a stress buster and definitely takes a while to finish but worth every buck! Thank you so much, will be ordering more once I’m done painting my handsome lion!

  304. Cherry Pirozzoli

    I only had 1 problem with this. The print is very small you need a high powered magnifing glass to see the numbers. But it was fun to do

  305. kathy Torres

    This is definitely a paint by number for adults or someone with the patience for detail..alot of very small spaces that the brushes given do not work for. I had to buy better brushes because the ones supplied kept in fraying and falling apart..but over all is very relaxing

  306. Christina Gabriella


  307. Jessica thoresen


  308. Anna M Ice

    Wonderful product and so fun to do! So easy to follow. Not done yet but it’s starting off great!

  309. Hayley

    really easy and a great way to unwind and relax 🙂 turns out amazing!

  310. John Emil

    Very easy to follow. Number of brushes included is great. Gave 4 stars because most of the paints had started drying out

  311. Cara U

    Such detail

  312. Ela

    I just love hanging paintings in my home, so I decided to buy this so that somehow there’s a painting with MY personal touch. Painting with this is truly easy, and the paint and brushes have pretty good quality as well. Also, I have to admit, this is kind of fun!

  313. GATOR

    This was a lot of fun to paint. Everything you need included

  314. Emily hurt

    The product has a more green hue than what is depicted in the picture. The clarity of the actual paint by numbers is not as good as the image presented. Brushed that come with the kit we’re not great.

  315. Fif

    This is a great training ground for amateur painters. Just a few trials of this, I’m pretty sure any artist can paint their masterpiece right after.

  316. Jack Perdue

    The brushes were cheap but otherwise great.

  317. Amazon Customer

    Very cute idea. Came nicely rolled in a cardboard tube, which is much better than other paint by number canvases that come folded and have permanent creases in them. The numbers are very small and might be hard to see for children or older folks. The “cabin in the woods” that I purchased wouldn’t be good for a beginner or young child as it wasvery detailed. I bought it for a 17 year old girl. My only complaint it that canvas was not cut to allow room for stretching it over a wood frame. The canvas was cut at the very edge of the painted area. So stretching it over a wood frame causes about an inch of the painted picture to wrap around the wood on all 4 sides. It would be better if the canvas was cut in a way that leaves about an inch of blank canvas on all 4 sides for framing. I also purchased additional brushes of different sizes to supplement the brushes that it came with.

  318. Paula

    Exactly as described! The way it was packed was beautiful and I am in love with the quality ! One of the best paint by numbers I have gotten

  319. Amazon Customer

    Really impressed with the presentation, the piece itself and the final product. Great to keep myself busy, rather than scrolling on my phone all night. Fun for someone who loves art but isn’t super artistic!

  320. Nadia A Robie

    I’m still working on it but I am enjoying it. The brushes are good and the paint is smooth. I would buy again from this company. I read TONS of reviews in different paintings and this one had the most consistent positive reviews.

  321. Nicole patrick

    I love it! It arrived early and in secure packaging

  322. Carol Cruzer

    I like everything about this painting. Its easy to understand and paint. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a back frame, but no problem I put one on myself. I love it.

  323. Amazon Customer

    I am not a painter by nature, and I did good with this one. Loved how easy it was, even though it might seem intimidating first. The instructions were great. I also reached out to the company asking tips and got an immediate and super helpful answer. And the further I got with my painting, the more excited I got of the end result. Reserve enough time though. It took me closer to two weeks to finish this. With the lighter colors I had to touch up them couple of times to cover all the numbers. I made this for my husband and got it framed. He was super happy and didn’t almost believe that I had made it.

  324. James wallace

    The only thing I would add would be a sight map…like a copy of the painting on paper to show you numbers that may inadvertently get covered up….I took a high quality picture of it so I can zoom and read what number is what. So be sure to take a picture of the blank canvas before you get started. Quality paints and quality brushes. And it came rolled, not folded…so no ironing.

  325. Mme Giesela O. Kane

    I enjoy painting and have done so for many years on porcelain but never on canvas! I came upon Ledgebay who had many pictures by numbers for beginners to Advanced Painting Kit! They appealed to me and I would recommend them! Very helpful and obliging! You even get a notice how to start your picture and how it will eventually come all together!

  326. Kmur77

    Easy and forgiving for first timerEasy and forgiving for first timer

  327. Miss B

    This is a lot of fun. Highly recommended. The product turns out great, even if you aren’t a great painter. I hung mine up in the doorway and get a lot of compliments. The seller has integrity!

  328. Mpado16

    Such a nice relaxing way to unwind.

  329. Kregrub

    Loved it. Was the first one and I have followed with more. This one came rolled in a tube which is much nicer. Others are shipped folded and it takes a while to get the creases out. It took two coats for most. The paint is not entirely consistent in thickness so some needed more than others. But I was able to do it with the brushes provided. Haven’t tried to hang it yet.

  330. Shoe

    This is a very nice paint by number kit. There is one small gripe that does not subtract from the five star rating. The paint, which is very high quality, is over filled into too small a container. The paint needs to be thinned with water and in the small container makes for somewhat of a mess.

  331. Divya Singh

    Great painting. Enough paints, didnt run out of any color at all. There were extra tub of paints for 23. But i didnt need it. The finished product is very close to what’s advertised here.

  332. Becca

    I liked that this paint by number was on canvas and it turned out really pretty in the end. Definitely have to water down the paint a bit or it’s not very usable though. Still a great product!

  333. Amazon Customer

    A friend and mine wanted to do a wine and paint night, but decided to have our own at home instead! This was such a great solution and even though this isn’t something you will most likely finish in one night, it is a great relaxing activity. I can’t wait to finish it and for my son to be a little older so he can do these too!

  334. Christina Gabriella


  335. Amazon Customer

    I bought it to my daughter as beginning paint and she loved it, soon I will post the picture done. thanks

  336. Nielle

    I’m trying to start a new hobby, so I started with this before I go for the actual painting, and I got to say it really does feel like painting a masterpiece. I’ve been enjoying this very much, and it’s a good way to let out the artist in me!

  337. Julen

    I bought this item so that I can use it on my lunch break. I’m crazy about it. I didn’t know that I can paint until I tried this out. I’m like a pro, lol.

  338. Amazon Customer

    Great product!

  339. Beckie

    This paint by numbers is the best hobby for me. I’m really enjoying it. I showed it to my nana, and she wants to have one. So I’m going to purchase another one for her.

  340. Beckie

    The set has exceptional quality, and adults could definitely enjoy this one. It’s not that hard to paint with this since the paint that came along is pigmented. The brush is pretty nice also. I’m dying to finish this cat already!

  341. Amazon Customer

    Very time consuming and detailed but perfect for first timers like myself.

  342. andria woody

    Best PBN I’ve gotten so far! Good quality paint, it’s rolled instead of folded, and the brushes are really small. And the finished product is amazing. Highly recommend. It took me 3 days

  343. House Stark

    Loved doing this painting! Only complaint is that it didnt come with a seperate paper showing the numbers incase you painted over a spot but i did fine without it!

  344. nikila

    Low price great quality. Brushes could be better but definitely not horrible

  345. Share

    I love painting on weekends, and this is perfect for my next painting.

  346. Chris Will

    I never thought that I’d be painting by numbers again, and it truly is therapeutic! This brings me back to my childhood, but the quality of this set is much better. Brush is nice, and so is the paint. The magnifying glass that’s included is a great addition, by the way!

  347. Nathaniel

    I was really happy with the quality of this kit! The print was great and the paint and brushes were very good! Definitely a great gift for anyone looking to try out some painting and you’ll end up with a beautiful picture!

  348. Diane M. Vadala

    This picture came out beautiful. Unfortunately like most paint by numbers, the painting didn’t really match the picture that was sent with it. But It did come out beautiful. I really enjoyed painting.Please note: This is very very detailed painting with a lot of tiny areas. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids or for beginners.

  349. mitch

    Good price! It comes with a magnifying glass to see small numbers .. my daughter is still working on it

  350. Carmen Stalker

    Love this kit

  351. Chuck

    Numbers are quite hard to see.

  352. Leah B

    I love this painting set. It does take a long time to make any progress but I don’t mind. It comes with easy instructions, paint and paint brushes. Make sure to keep your brushes clean!

  353. Lan

    I was bored and bought this. I never got in touch with my artist self since my parents said it wasn’t practical, so I thought now that I’m independent, maybe I can try again, hehe. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

  354. David standaertKindle Customer

    Actually liked how lite the numbers and lines were. Much easier to conceal than others I have done . Wish they had put a drawing with the numbers on it with the painting.

  355. Linda Wheeler

    My son in law loved this!

  356. Lois

    I ordered a paint by number picture. The seller-Ledgebay sent it right away. It was exactly as he described it. I would recommend his paintings if you’re looking for good for the money product’s. Lois

  357. Stephanie Thomas

    Loved this

  358. Sukumar T.

    I am giving 4 only because one of the colors did not have good consistency and I had to use an alternate paint for that. But the overall final output came out beautiful. Very satisfied about it.

  359. SJM94010

    Loved everything about this color by number. This was my first but not my last. I have no experience with painting & thought this would give me some introduction. It was fun to complete. Very intricate in some areas for which ended up purchasing a tiny paint brush for. The brushes that come with this are not the highest quality but they’ll do the job if you take care of them. So I learned how to take care of brushes, keep paint from drying out and how to put the paint on the canvas in the way I intend it – this was a challenge. This took me a while to complete. I would estimate about 4 hours altogether over several days. It was relaxing and meditative as well as challenging at times. Only one suggestion to improve this product is to include the drawing with the numbers so you can use it for reference when numbers are not visible or get covered up. I really messed up the beak and only have the picture to refer to. The colors are very similar so it’s hard to tell which colors to use without the numbers but mostly I need to know the shape of the area to paint. Overall, this was a great purchase and a good price.

  360. B Poncel


  361. Robert Goranson

    Fun to do. Relaxing.

  362. Sheree Tubbs

    I like the quality of the materials. I just wish they would include a paper copy of the unpainted canvas. This is a necessary item for reference as you progress and for touch ups at the end.

  363. Lisa Druhan

    Purchased item for my son’s girlfriend (28 yrs) birthday. LOVE it! I purchased more. Great item.

  364. Stephie

    This was an absolute pleasure to do. This was from Ledgebay, the colors wereso bibtsnt.

  365. Cheno

    I’m going to buy another set of this paint by numbers since I’m done and will have it framed within the week. I feel like a pro. So easy to use and understand.

  366. Kelcey

    This is a great long term project! Everything came as described and if you just throw on some music you can get lost in your own painting! Definitely read the instructions before you paint for the best result.

  367. Thar

    So much fun and a total stress relief

  368. Roan

    IT was my first time doing paint by numbers and i really enjoyed it. I love that this comes in roll so it doesn’t have unwanted wrinkles when delivered unlike others that comes folded in a box.

  369. Marnie

    I have ordered several paint by numbers from different companies and this is the first company to send the canvas rolled. It is so much better. Thanks Ledgebay!

  370. Ienie

    I love painting this picture. It was my first project, but can’t wait to start another one.

  371. Ronie

    Absolutely love this! You may need to do a few coats and it is VERY time consuming but came out amazing. I made extra art around it..

  372. becky

    The colors aren’t as vibrant as shown. They went on smoothly though. I would buy another

  373. cassandra pecaro

    Packaging of the product was unique.

  374. Monique M.

    Good print and paint quality

  375. Amazon Customer

    It was a gift

  376. Ashley

    No ceases on the canvas and product is as shown. Absolutely perfect!

  377. Toadie

    Worked on this all day today. Coming along great. Darker colors don’t apply well. Don’t fret just let it dry and apply a second coat. Make sure to buy better brushes. The added easel is fantastic.

  378. Morgy

    I love the paint’s opacity, and the colors look so vibrant! I am such a fan of colorful paintings that is why I tried this colorful lion, and so far, it’s a pretty good experience. I can’t wait for how this will look when I’m done.

  379. Lacey

    I’ve always enjoyed painting, always calming for me.

  380. Penny

    I didn’t not expect that I could even be this good at painting! This set is turned me into a talented painter, and I sure love the outcome. It’s very easy to follow, and the quality of the inclusions isn’t compromised despite the affordable price.

  381. Kelly

    My sister took a break from her job, and I hate seeing doing nothing. So I bought her one of these, and she was so thankful that I made her vacation an amazing one!

  382. jj

    I am addicted to doing these. So much fun

  383. Iamanurse.

    The size, the detail and product value are excellent.

  384. ChrisBert of Boston

    I love the packaging, it comes in a tube no fold marks on the canvass.

  385. shalisha roberts

    It’s a lot of fun, only complaint is the paint starts to thicken a little bit as you open each color and it makes it harder to get precise lines. will order another when i’m done though.

  386. Catlover

    Looks like quality product. Cannot wait to start painting.

  387. Amazon Customer

    The end result looked just like the picture. I had very good time painting this. The brush set that comes with it is bad. You better buy a nice brush to enjoy this. I bought another paint by numbers set, and it came with a better brush. It was Twilight Fairy Silhouette. Beautiful results, I am planning to hang this on my wall.

  388. Debbie Caughron

    Can’t wait to get started painting!

  389. Janet L.

    Disliked color provided for some of surround on background, looks light green in picture, paint received to use is more of a light brown.

  390. SmileyGirl7283

    This was pretty fun! It took awhile, I worked on it for about 5 weeks, but not daily. It takes some finesse to get the lines even. I did not use the paint brushes it came with. Also, the paint isn’t the best, but there is plenty of it. I was able to go over the areas a few times to make sure the paint looked even. Considering the price though, I feel like it’s a good value.I had it mounted on a foam board because the borders were not enough to allow it to be stretched without losing some of the image on the edges.

  391. K. Young

    Love it Paint was great!

  392. Lynette

    Good way to distress

  393. Lena

    I didn’t expect to buy one of these out of boredom, but it’s worth it. It’s so hard to use it at first, but when you get used to it, it’s so easy to apply. Now, I can say that I so loved it!

  394. Darlene Budde

    Makes a great picture and with a silver frame…

  395. Helen

    I really like this product. The only thing i wish the manufacturer would change is the color of the numbers. I wish the numbers were the same color as it calls for. Black numbers can be hard to cover with light colored paint.

  396. Jay

    I did have problems with my products but the owner was great in making this right. I’d highly recommend!

  397. Agata

    I suck at painting, but I still want to try this anyway out of curiosity. The package arrived in good condition. There weren’t any creases on the canvas, and the paint seems to be good of quality. I just started working on this, and it IS pretty fun!

  398. melissa laviage

    My only issue and was why I returned it was most of the paints were dry. I would have liked to get another one but the only option available was to return and receive a refund.

  399. Thea

    Love it! So relaxing and addicting. Will definitely be ordering more. I love that it came with an easel. That was such a nice touch. Definitely worth the $18!

  400. Meggy

    I thought that it’s not going to work for me because the numbers are too small. And then I realized that this paint by numbers is so perfect for my hobby. I love it!

  401. Van

    At first, I only do coloring books and puzzles because I don’t know how to draw nor paint. But then I found out about this numbered painting, so I decided to give it a try. It’s practically a larger coloring book but with the paint; kind of makes it better than coloring books. It also helps me get my mind off of things. The after product looks incredible and display-worthy.

  402. Linda De Los Santos

    This was so much fun to do and my painting came out exactly like the small picture I got with the kit (so helpful).My favorite thing about Ledgebay kits is the fact that the canvas is rolled and not folded which means NO CREASES! Also if you have any questions at all Ken with Ledgebay Customer service will personally email you back and is super helpful and will keep in touch with you about your painting.I enjoyed this kit so much I am now a loyal Ledgebay customer for life ??.

  403. Kellie

    By far this Company has the best Paint by number kit!Thank you I will thoroughly enjoy painting.??

  404. very happy with product performance

    Great product….. sharp vivid color paint

  405. Bristers

    The package is complete with instructions and just about everything you’ll need to complete a painting. Easy to follow with all the guides. Makes you feel like an artist!

  406. Bevilley

    For just a couple of bucks, you would not expect this kind of quality. It is way better than what I pictured in my head, especially the paint! The paints apply flawlessly and their colors show immediately. I’d buy myself more, but this time, it would be the blue owl.

  407. Christine sanborn

    would have liked an extra copy of the paint by number for reference

  408. Denise Davis

    Just what I was looking for.

  409. Amazon Customer

    This project helps alot with my anxiety its stop my heads for awhile thinking somethings.,looking forward to order more!

  410. Samantha

    Absolutely loved this! Kept me busy, calm and focused. Would recommend to anyone.

  411. Lydia

    Easy enough to understand. Makes me feel like a professional painter. The painting looks fantastic after!Museum-worthy lol.

  412. Carl

    I just tried this out because the reviews were good and there were absolutely no lies there. This is such an amazing and relaxing pastime!

  413. Michelle

    Great quality kit for the price. Provided many hours of entertainment and great customer service experience

  414. Camille Kott

    Such a fun painting to do! Totally have bought my friends some now!

  415. Dirk Diggler

    Came mounted with an easel and a magnifying glass.

  416. Tammy

    This lion would be the prettiest wall decor that I have, and I can’t wait to finish it! I don’t have the patience for these kinds of things, but since it’s fun to do, I could definitely get this painting done.

  417. Nana

    I just finished this painting and it was a pleasure to do. The brushes were good, paints were good quality and they included a magnifying glass which made it easier to see. Highly recommend!

  418. Nicole

    Quality canvas, Vacuum packed paints to ensure they don’t dry out, brushes and instructions included. Best part is, small company. It’s awesome to support small businesses even while shopping online! Thanks

  419. Audrina Rose

    Great paints, fantastic canvas quality, paint dries a little fast but I expected that. The numbers could be a little clearer though. And the only complaint I really have is that it is a more advanced paint by number which we weren’t prepared for.

  420. mlf

    I love everything about this kit! Nice quality canvas, great instructions, a variety of brushes and bright paints!I also appreciate the little info sheet that comes w it about the maker- small town boy/veteran who followed his dreams and started his own company.

  421. Dana


  422. Jean

    I have a friend who was going through a rough stage in her life. I read on the web that coloring has various effects on the brain and helps a person feel more relaxed. Knowing that my friend was also an artist who loves to draw, I wanted to give her a coloring book of some sort. Instead, I found this and thought that this may be much better than a book so I purchased it and gave it as a gift. She said it was indeed a great help to get her through some stages in her life. I very much appreciate the positive effects it gives to people.

  423. D. Pendragon

    Great product with excellent quality canvas and brushes. Rolled canvas, not folded. Brushes did not shed! My mother is demanding that I give it to her! LoL

  424. Wachalo

    Increíble la pintura y los colores se adaptan bien unos a otros , buen envase sustentable . A mejorar los pinceles

  425. Lee. Lurks

    Not having a extra paper printing to refer to. Didn’t have a paint thinner. Paint was firming too much!!!

  426. Rupa

    User friendly design and markings. Easy for a beginner to complete.

  427. D k

    It’s a beautiful picture very easy to follow and especially love it comes in a tube I’ll be getting more thank you

  428. Sara L.

    Great quality, fast shipping and super fun.

  429. Moo Moo

    I was worried about not having enough paint but they provide plenty of paint! I still have to put on a more layers for some of the colors, but I really enjoyed painting this I finished it with in a couple days and I’m looking forward to getting more

  430. Jess

    Such a cute, fun activity! Definitely would buy and do this again!

  431. Lindsay

    I’m painting this now for fall decor because I like the colors. Even though I have some artistic background, you really don’t need any.

  432. Ted

    14 year old daughter loved it

  433. Amber Shinn

    I got this because I’m not the best painter but I like to paint because it’s relaxing. It was a huge stress relief! I’d do a number or two after getting home from work before bed and it just helped relieve the stress and calm me down. It says recommend a mafnifying glass. There are some small areas. Some of it is tedious and requires focus to stay in the lines. Only downfall is the one I got had much more green hues and I thought it was a grayscale. However, in the end, it still looked great! Package came with everything I needed and I can’t wait to do the next one. It’s definitely frame worthy.

  434. A Chrisman

    I am enjoying working on this painting. The canvas is great quality and the paints are smooth and easy to apply. The brushes are better than I had expected, with 4 different sizes to choose from. Would buy again.

  435. Kay

    One of the nicest paint by number kits I have gotten! The canvas was rolled around a tube so it was very smooth, no wrinkles, and highly detailed just like I like! The paints came in vacuum sealed packages and were very fresh. I am about half way through painting it and it’s turning out stunning! Highly recommend this seller and product!

  436. Orlando Fl

    Nice Quality!! Love doing this, fast shipping and great price with everything included! It will take a while to finish but a great stress relief project. My sister will get it when I’m finished!! She will love it!Update: My sister loved it! Makes a great gift! I put it in a frame before I gave it to her

  437. Faviola F.

    Great for art projects with the children. Packaging was awesome. Would highly recommend

  438. debra roberson

    Liked doing this picture. Pretty scene

  439. Lexi Green

    I enjoy having something to be able to hang up. It’s fun, ordered 2 more.

  440. Aurora

    You have all you need in this set. Good paint, a straight canvas and some good quality brushes. I have no complains, really. I think it’s a good purchase! I can’t wait to start painting!

  441. Alexandria Cunningham

    Loved this product the only thing I dislike is that I did not have paint for 23 and 24 but I’ll solve that problem when I come to it

  442. Howard

    I love it! You’ll get a little intimidated at first but once you started, it’s hard to stop. I’m taking this cat painting slow for me to make it a beautiful artwork and it’s indeed paying off. I’m excited to try the other designs!

  443. Meagan Mcgarry

    I love this product and for how much it was I was surprised! Will buy more from them!

  444. Amazon Customer

    Nice canvas and paint set, should be fun. This canvas arrived rolled instead of folded like another seller, thus no wrinkles to deal with.

  445. Amazon Customer

    The canvas was rolled instead of folded, which made it much easier to get the wrinkles out before attaching it to a piece of cardboard backing.

  446. Savannah

    I got mine in the mail yesterday, it’s certainly going to take a while and is a very detailed canvas(I got the owl)Make sure to lay some heavy books down on the corners for 1-2 hours to help flatten it out!You will defiantly have enough paint! I recommended buying a set of detailed brushes, as some of these areas are very small. Overall, I can tell this is going to be a fun and great project! Price point is unbeatable! I plan on framing mine when done. I give it a 5/5! I’ve done many DIY paints, so far this quality is my favorite. In my opinion, I wouldn’t listen to the negative reviews, I honestly have no idea why they are having trouble or see their perspective on the canvas. If you think the paint is too thick for your preference, simple and quick fix is to mix in a drop of water. Done!

  447. holly

    I’ve done quite a few paint by number kits and this was one of the easiest ones. Good for a beginner. I really appreciated that the canvas was rolled and arrived protected in a cardboard tube. Would definitely order from this company again.

  448. Meep

    So much fun to do! Comes in a tube so there’s no wrinkles.

  449. Christopher Lewis

    Great for beginners, some of the colors are a little too light. If you go over the lighter colors twice looks great.

  450. Tonie

    Excellent quality. All the items consisting of this set are all essential in obtaining a perfect work of art. They are of high quality and exceptional. Highly recommendable!

  451. anonymous reviewer

    The painting turned out beautiful. The blushes were great. Usually, over time the tip of the blushes split up. But, a blush came with this picture never got worn out, making it easy to work on this picture the whole time. I am very happy with the outcome!

  452. Baily

    My daughter loves to paint so after seeing this online, I purchase one as her birthday present. She totally loved it. The items in the package are all useful and the colors are all vibrant. It’s all worth the price!

  453. Bonggo

    This is perfect for someone like me who just started their journey to painting. This is a really big help to train my hands and creativity. It includes various paints and paintbrushes to familiarize me with the basics.

  454. nica

    It’s always been a dream of mine to paint and now it can come true thanks to this. So far, I think I’ve been doing a really good job since the instructions make it very easy to follow. Also, the paint sets and brushes are all in very good condition for those wondering.

  455. linda r thompson

    First time with the paint by number, very easy to see all the numbers and have already ordered another one!

  456. Amazon Customer

    Just finished painting this cute picture for our dining room. The canvas sheet is sturdy and the picture is very nice. The paints were easy to use and the numbers were easy to find. Probably rank difficult at a 8/10 though because of all the numbers haha

  457. chestergirl

    One of the highest quality sets I have ever used. Highly impressed. Canvas comes rolled, not folded, so no need to steam or iron out the creases. Plenty of paint.

  458. Nicole

    I like the paint by numbers theme they make for great family time!

  459. mieka

    I am having such an incredibly fun experience painting this. I thought even with a guide I’d make a terrible mess of the painting, but so far I’ve been doing great. I can’t wait to see my masterpiece.

  460. Flor

    It’s always been a small dream of mine to paint, but sadly I didn’t have the talent for it. My roommate suggested I get this kit after I confessed this to her. I’ve been absolutely entranced with the contents after it was delivered. I felt like a real painter going through all the materials in the kit. I’ve already started and the directions are very easy to follow. I can’t wait to finish the painting and show it to my friends.

  461. vicki sartin

    This is a very nice kit. I can’t wait to use it. It’s my first time painting on canvas in a very long time. I didn’t even know they made paint by number kits on canvas. It would make a great gift too. I know as soon as I finish this one I’ll be buying another one. I’m also loving the tiny brushes that came with it. And….no paint mixing! That always makes me feel like I’m going to run out of paint. Totally love this kit.

  462. Isma

    All the materials included in this kit are complete when delivered. I really like the idea and purpose of this painting kit. It is like doing cross-stitch. It is more fun and challenging. It is actually easier than it looks. I’ve somehow gotten over my frustration of doing a painting because of this kit.

  463. Pen

    I just finished my diamond painting last month and wanted to find another project to make me busy. This is a great painting, the canvas is thick and their designs are admirable. I bought the Fall Tree, I went to Nami Island in Korea last October and it really looks like this. My friends might think that I drew/painted it on my own.

  464. Elaine

    Ordered this because of the beautiful painting which made me want to recreate it. I really love the beautiful hues which make the painting alive. I’m glad that I decided to get this.

  465. Jay

    The kit came to me complete without a single thing missing. I also didn’t have any troubles painting and even though I suck at this, I still had fun. I will definitely be ordering again in the coming days or months.

  466. Nicki

    This is my first Paint in Numbers and I was excited for it to arrive. Thankfully it shipped smoothly and undamaged. Looks like I’ve found a worthwhile hobby.

  467. David Falcione

    Second one I bought, it’s a good product but two of the paints were completely dried. Contacted them and they replied within minutes and is going to send a replacement. Excellent customer service!!!!

  468. Karen Crocker

    I like how challenging this is to paint.

  469. Freeda Babson

    Everything you need is included! Makes a great gift!

  470. Rachel S.

    Unlike other person I had no issues. Paints were all wet. Oil is a thicker paint than watercolor. Only had problems after storing it for several months before finishing due to oxygen exposure on my part. I just used my own oil paints or the next closest still wet colors to finish. As you use only one color at a time until done with that number at most after storing that one color that was half finished might dry out. All openings did have numbers. If you color half of a section and redip your brush you may have covered up the number and confused your self. To fix this just choose whatever color you think would have been there or consult the extra blanket that they provide you to see what the number would have been. Took me about 80+ hours. Highly recommend setting a alarm clock so you remember to stretch during long paint sessions. Also if you want to do one color a day each color takes about 45-80 minutes.

  471. Nataly Estrada

    I loved how the canvas was packaged… I have bought other paint by numbers products where the canvas has been folded multiple times making it difficult to actually get a nice line over those creases. The tips included with the purchase are also very helpful!

  472. Matt

    First off, I was impressed by how great the packaging was compared to the basic paint by number brands. I also thought the brushes that were included were MUCH better than the plastic ones I’ve had in the past with other kits. I will definitely be putchasing with this company again in the future. Highly recommend!!!

  473. AnitaLQ

    Great but some colors were dry.

  474. Amazon Customer

    I love the packaging how everything is in one tub. The canvas has clear numbers you see, nice paint brushes! Over all this is the best paint by number kit I have purchased… and will continue to purchase.

  475. Tori

    Turned out beautiful! Very relaxing to do!

  476. Breland

    This paint by numbers kit is the perfect gift! Everything you need is included and the painting is beautiful when completed. It definitely doesn’t look like a paint by number painting!

  477. Ralph S. Parks

    Nice product, great packaging

  478. Lori

    This paint by number kit turned out really nice when it was all finished. The paint quality was the only thing keeping this from a 5-star rating; while most of the paints were fine some were really goopy and thick, almost like they were starting to dry out. Other paints were too thin so it was difficult to cover the number on the canvas. This was not just a matter of the lighter paints (like yellows and whites) needing several coats, as some of the yellows and whites were thick enough to cover the numbers in one try, while certain darker reds and blues also showed the number through. Overall a good product, but be prepared for inconsistent paint quality.

  479. Kristi C

    This is only the second paint by number kit I’ve done as an adult, but I will definitely choose this company again! The supplies came conveniently packed and the canvas was great quality. The paints were a perfect consistency with beautiful vibrant colors. It made a fun relaxing weekend activity easy and enjoyable!

  480. Amazon Customer

    Can’t wait to paint this looks like so much fun

  481. Will

    Very nice kit for a paint by numbers deal. I can’t speak as for the quality of the paint ad I’m using my own but over all good stuff. Nice canvas for a paint by numbers. I would recommend to anyone looking for a weekend project to help hone your painting.

  482. SAS

    This product is great! The delivery was very quick and the item was packed well. Everything is on order and I look forward to beginning my painting project.

  483. student_ice

    I have many years of experience with acryllics and oil paints, however, it doesn’t make this kit any less enjoyable. It’s very fun and it’s very calming to paint with.

  484. dgrochester

    The equipment is packaged in an easy convenient way. The canvas is easy to set up and what has been done so far has a professional look to it. This may be considered challenging to some, but the brushes included make the job much easier. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when done. My only concern is that the amount of paint looks like it would be enough but does not leave much room for error.

  485. Laura A. Hazan

    This looks like a challenging paint by number. It came with all the supplies I need to get started. The painting itself is on a really nice canvas and there is a picture of the what the original painting looks like – I will aim to get mine to look like that too!

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