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Is Selling Finished Paint by Numbers a Viable Side Income?

selling finished paint by numbers

We’ve received customer reports about selling finished paint by numbers kits for profit. While the idea sounds strange, well-painted artworks can indeed be sold.

Many of us know and love paint by numbers kits. They’re an excellent way to unwind at the end of the day, let out some creative energy, or improve your artistic skills.

Whether you decide to take it up as a hobby or use it as a relaxing technique, one thing is for sure – the resulting painting will come out pretty. In fact, some users produce paintings so good that they end up selling them for profit!

This brings us to our question of the day: Is selling finished paint by numbers works a viable side income idea? Well, let’s find out.

What Makes Side Income Viable? Does Selling Finished Paint by Numbers Fit the Criteria?

To determine whether or not selling finished paint by numbers works is a viable idea for a side income, we should first look at the criteria that make any source of side income viable, then see if selling finished paint by numbers works fits these criteria.

1. It Has to be Legal

The number one condition for a side income to be viable is, of course, to be legal. Any side hustle that breaks the law in any way isn’t safe nor dependable. It may even get you into more financial trouble than you started.

So, is it legal to buy paint by number kits, paint them, and then sell the finished works for profit? According to IP (intellectual property) lawyer, Alex Reese, selling artworks that you create from paint by numbers kits is totally legal.

He also advises that you include such information in the description of your product. This will keep you on the safe side by avoiding any claims of fraud or deception. But, it’s also the decent thing to do. Your customers have the right to know what they’re getting.

While we’re at it, you may be wondering about the copyright situation of paint by numbers artworks. Are they copyrighted to the company that produced the kit? Luckily, that’s a no.

Although copyright laws are becoming more and more protective each day, painting from paint by numbers kits are free of copyright. This makes selling them a lot easier.

2. It Has to be Reproducible

For any side income idea to be viable, it should be reliable. Such reliability comes from reproducibility, which means having the ability to recreate the product or service as many times as needed with the same quality.

For example, if you’re making jewelry and two clients asked for the same design and color, the pieces you craft should be of equal quality. Of course, there’s a bit of room for variation since they’re handmade, but they should essentially be the same in terms of overall look and quality.

Additionally, you should be able to provide the service of making jewelry as frequently as customers require.

Applying this concept to your paint by numbers artworks, they should be reproducible to an acceptable degree. You need to be able to regularly produce well-painted works, and even recreate certain paintings if need be.

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3. It Has to Have Customers

You can’t make money if no one is willing to pay for what you have to offer – it’s as simple as that. So, to deem a side income viable, it should have a target audience that’ll potentially purchase the product or service.

While artworks and paintings undoubtedly have a wide market, such items are usually original works of artists. While some may call paint by numbers painting “unoriginal” or “cheating”, many art lovers don’t discriminate as long as the painting job is up to standards.

It helps that a lot of paint by numbers paintings come out so good that people have a hard time believing they were guided at all. Not to mention, many customers who like owning artwork can’t afford completely authentic works so they’ll happily go for the next best thing if the price is right.

4. Has to Have a Selling Platform

Imagine making hundreds of pieces of jewelry but not having a shop or a retail space to display them. How will potential customers see them? The same goes for selling your finished paint by numbers works. They should be on a selling platform where customers can see them and, hopefully, buy.

For paint by numbers works, this platform is mainly online stores such as eBay and Etsy. A simple search on these websites will show that there are plenty of people already doing it.

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Is Selling Finished Paint by Numbers a Viable Side Income?

It’s safe to say selling your finished paint by numbers works can be a viable idea for side income. After all, it’s legal, reproducible, has customers, and has selling platforms.

What to do with Your Finished Paint by Numbers Works

  1. Make sure it’s actually finished: knowing when to call a painting finished is a skill on its own. You may consider a painting finished, only to pick the brush back up a few days later to do some fix-ups.

So before you put the painting up for sale or proceed to practice the next tip, you need to make sure you’re completely happy with the way it turned out.

Start by putting the painting in a well-lit place to make it clearly visible. This allows you to view the painting from different perspectives to determine if anything still needs some work or retouching.

  1. Take good photographs of your painting: this is easier said than done as there’s a high chance your pictures will turn out too light/dark, too warm/cool, with parts cropped out, or not clear enough. The thing is, you need these photos to be good enough. This is because customers will them use to decide if they want to buy your painting or not. Also, they’re the only way to ensure you keep some form of your art forever.

As such, don’t rest until you set up a spot with proper lighting. You may want to invest in a decent camera while you’re at it.

  1. Include the details: as we mentioned earlier, it’s a good move to let your customers know exactly what they’re getting. This includes details such as the name, dimensions, materials, and date of all your paintings.
  2. Clean up the edges: if your canvas is unframed, you may want to get it framed or paint over the edges with white or black colors to cover up any untidiness.
  3. Consider varnishing: Varnish can protect your painting from dirt and debris that may get into the paint and compromise its integrity.

Selling Finished Paint by Numbers – Wrap Up

So, is selling finished paint by numbers works a viable side income idea? The answer is yes. It may sound unconventional, but it’s legit.

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