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Sorrow Art for Grief Relief: Top 5 Tips


Sorrow art is considered therapy and will help you surf through the waves of sorrow and grief like it’s helped hundreds of people before you.

I can’t paint, but I love coloring books. They take my mind off stressful events and help me think clearly. Incorporating the coloring activity into my weekly routine has helped me find some “me time” amid a busy schedule.

The benefits are way more efficient when I’m going through a tough time. I know that because I’ve experienced it firsthand. I’m telling you based on experience; it’s worth a try.



5 Tips to Get Started With Sorrow Art Therapy


Keep these tips in mind when you’re starting with art therapy.


1. Let Go


The whole idea of engaging in an artistic endeavor while you’re grieving is to set your mind free. You don’t want the negative thoughts and feelings to lead the way, but rather try to be mindful of the process and let go of any ideas that aren’t related to what you’re doing right now.


2. Use Metaphors


Identify metaphors that resonate with you when you’re working on your art piece. Let them guide you throughout the process. They might help you think clearer and give names to some feelings that you’re struggling with.


3. Don’t Be Harsh


The last thing you need while you’re feeling sad is being harsh on yourself. If art is not your territory, then there’s a big chance you’ll screw some stuff up. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself over that, and even try to be creative about the solutions.


4. Celebrate


When you’re done with your art piece, you’ll start to feel slightly better. Let’s be realistic, you won’t change from a grieving Eeyore to the happiest on the planet over your art piece, but these endorphins will make you feel better.

Let that sink in and own the feeling of finishing this beautiful thing while you’re feeling under the weather.


5. Try Sorrow Art Painting by Numbers


There are numerous art activities to reduce stress, starting from coloring to sculpting clay, but one of our favorites is painting by numbers. The reasoning is simple; the activity requires pretty basic skills, but it produces fantastic results.


Top 5 Sorrow Art Paint by Number Kits to Help You Heal


If you’re convinced, take a look at these paint by number sets that have helped our readers with times of distress. We hope they’ll help you too!


1. Painted Deer – Paint by Numbers by YXQSED


Toudorp Paint by Numbers Kits 16x20 inches Canvas Painting for Adults Beginner and Kids with Acrylic Paints and Brushes - Neon Sika Deer (Without Frame)
  • SUFFICIENT PAINTS: Our painting by number Neon Sika Deer provides 30% more paints to ensure every customer have enough paints to finish their...
  • UPGRADED VERSION: Toudorp's paint by numbers canvas is rolled that not have to worry about removing the creases anymore. The package has already...
  • COMPLETE TOOLS:The Neon Sika Deer paint by number kit contains 4 different sizes brushes.By choosing the right brush, it can help you finish your...


A while back, BBC News did a story about how painting by numbers have helped people navigate their bouts of sadness and overcome stressful times.

One of the most memorable people they interviewed, a lady called Miranda Wyeth, told them how painting by numbers has ‘saved her life.’ In her own words, painting by numbers had given her a break from pain at a time when she was constantly crying. Her favorite piece was a picture of a deer that she enjoyed painting and whose eyes expressed sadness she resonated with.

Courtesy of Miranda Wyeth, we recommend this similar dear picture from YXQSED in the hope that it has the same effect on you.

The kit measures 16 x 20 inches and comes with a set of three brushes of different sizes alongside a set of bright acrylic paint. Beware that you’ll have to steam the canvas well to straighten the wrinkles before you start working on it.


2. Dimensions Canoe Lake Paint by Numbers Craft Kit


Dimensions Canoe Lake Paint by Numbers Craft Kit, 14'' x 20'', None
  • Paint by numbers kit contains high-quality acrylic paints, (1) pre-printed textured art board, (1) set of instructions, and (1) paintbrush.
  • Finished painting measures 14'' W x 20'' L.
  • Paint this tranquil scene with the materials provided in this acrylic paint set and recreate an Indian canoe resting on the edge of lake and...


Nature provides refuge and solace to us when we’re grieving. It demands nothing from you and just lets you be, which is helpful during the hard times of sorrow and grief.

Besides, contemplating nature helps distract you from your daily problems. You shift your focus from your currently miserable life to a bigger picture full of vitality, from which you learn one of the absolute truths of life; it goes on.

Apart from being in nature through either walking, hiking, or just sitting under a tree meditating, you can get yourself a paint by numbers kit that depicts a natural scene. You’ll lose yourself in the beauty of nature, and you’ll get a chance to construct the beautiful scenery yourself!

Many beautiful paint by numbers kits follow the theme of nature. The Canoe Lake painting from Dimensions is one of our favorites. The kit is of high quality and comes with premium acrylic paint that produces a beautiful end result.

Unlike other kits, this is one of the rare paint by number kits with an actual canvas board, so there is no need to worry about wrinkles or external frames!


3. DIY Sky Beach Oil Painting Kits Acrylic Canvas Painting


OyeArts Paint by Number for Adults, DIY Sky Beach Oil Painting Kits Acrylic Canvas Painting of 16" x 20" for Beginner to Advanced
  • 【Light Color Canvas】---OyeArts paint by number provides a more advanced light color canvas. Very light colors are preset on the canvas in...
  • 【High-quality Pigments】-pigments with stronger coverage, and have passed the SDS safety certification, the color is exactly the same as the...
  • 【Elegant Hobby】---digital oil painting is leisure and entertainment, relieves pressure, and is an elegant home pastime, which can improve...


Following on the ‘healing power of nature’ theme, we have another beautiful scenery from the sea this time. It’s guaranteed that this Sky Beach painting from OyeArts will take your mind off your problems once you start working on it.

Seas and oceans represent a source of healing and serenity to many. Letting go and going with the flow like waves do can help provide you with some relief.

The Sky Beach oil painting has garnered some 4 and 5-star reviews for its quality and ease of use. Some sections are tiny, though. They’ll need some attention to detail from your side.

The colors that come with that kit are a bit light and provide sheer coverage. You’ll need to build up several layers to get better coverage. Yet, we find that challenge an opportunity for you to be creative in executing your own version of those sea waves.


4. Van Gogh The Starry Night by Banlana


Paint by Numbers for Adults by BANLANA, DIY Adult Paint by Number Kits for Beginners on Canvas Rolled 16' by 20' (Van Gogh The Starry Night)
2,411 Reviews
Paint by Numbers for Adults by BANLANA, DIY Adult Paint by Number Kits for Beginners on Canvas Rolled 16" by 20" (Van Gogh The Starry Night)
  • ♥️ Paint by Numbers for Adults is for you to create your own masterpiece, paint it together with your loved ones!
  • ♥️ How To Do: use the acrylic paint which is marked with numbers, to fill in the areas on the canvas which is marked with the same numbers.
  • ♥️ Gifts Idea: PBN is a great choice as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving day, new year and birthday to your family or friends.


We probably don’t have to introduce the distinguished Starry Night by Van Gogh. You also probably know that Van Gogh had a mental illness. He painted this beautiful painting while he was in his asylum room in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. He admitted himself after cutting his own ear during a mental breakdown in 1888.

The painting shows the view from Van Gogh’s room before sunrise, a starry sky brimming with energy over a quiet village. The light and dark blue hues are so comforting to work with, and although the painting looks hard to color, the instructions are pretty straightforward. You’ll be amazed at yourself for how this turns out!

Concerning quality, this kit is as good as it gets. It comes with a 16 x 20 inches canvas, a set of 20 colors of acrylic paint, and not just 3 but 6 brushes to accommodate different sizes of the coloring sections. In addition, you’ll get a detailed instructions manual to guide you through your painting.


5. Night Venice – ColorMaize DIY Paint by Numbers Kit


COLORMAIZE DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Kids & Adults, Rolled Creases-Free Canvas Oil Painting, Paint by Numbers for Adults with Paint Brushes, Acrylic Paints 16' W x 20' L - Night Venice
837 Reviews
COLORMAIZE DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Kids & Adults, Rolled Creases-Free Canvas Oil Painting, Paint by Numbers for Adults with Paint Brushes, Acrylic Paints 16" W x 20" L - Night Venice
  • ✓PRODUCT FEATURE - Offered by COLORMAIZE, frameless paint by number kit on canvas, 16x20 inch, Night Venice
  • ✓ELEGANT GIFTABLE ROLLED PACKAGING - With our enhanced special designed rolled-canvas box packaging, it provides you with a perfect...
  • ✓DIY OIL PAINTING - Want to feel like an artist? This DIY oil number painting kit will assist you in achieving your artistic dreams easily!...


I don’t know about you, but I’d love to fantasize about a dreamy romantic night under the sky of Venice, and this painting gives me a glimpse of just that!

The canvas measures 16 x 20 inches, and it comes rolled with no frame. The rolled packaging is supposed to prevent creasing, and it does. However, you’ll need to fix it on something or iron it so that it doesn’t roll back while you’re working on it.

The painting has intricate details and a unique mix of cold and warm colors producing an aesthetically appealing, elegant result. The colors might evoke emotions of hope, tranquility, and even love, which would be helpful in times of distress.

On top of all that, this painting would be a nice addition to your wall once it’s finished. Then, you can frame it and hang it using the hooks and screws it comes with to remember that you got over that rough time thanks to this beautiful scene.


Sorrow Art Therapy – Wrap Up


Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes Fine Tip Brush Set for Micro Detail | Hand Crafted Perfectly Balanced & Weighted Wood Handles, Taklon Bristles for Painting Model, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor (15, Wood)
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Ledgebay Miniature Paint Brushes Fine Tip Brush Set for Micro Detail | Hand Crafted Perfectly Balanced & Weighted Wood Handles, Taklon Bristles for Painting Model, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor (15, Wood)
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You don’t necessarily need to talk it out or take medications to help you through times of grief. Sometimes you need to be patient while walking through these dark emotions and use some help from alternative resources, such as sorrow art therapy. Art can be a great companion at these times, and these paint by number kits will surely help you do so.

Stay strong!

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