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Kim Norlien

Kim Norlien

Best known for creating scenes of beauty with breathtaking realism, Kim Norlien is one of America’s most collected artists. His masterful interplay of light and shadow celebrates the true, unblemished splendor of nature’s wildlife and the beauty of the world around them.

Each painting of Kim’s is painstakingly researched to ensure that every detail – whether it be architecture, landscape, or wildlife – is captured precisely as it would be found in Mother Nature’s domain. Painting predominately in acrylics, Kim complements his technical detail with skillful interplay of light and shadow. The result is subtle, yet powerful – vibrant, lifelike, and compelling. His award-winning nostalgia pieces are reminiscent of Currier & Ives, capturing the joy and simplicity of days gone by. Equally captivating are his wildlife scenes, which invite viewers to peacefully gaze upon wildlife in its natural state.

As a Christian artist, Kim believes all of creation is a reflection of God’s glory and nothing is impossible with the Lord and His guidance in our lives. It is his hope and prayer that his art work will continue to be a source of encouragement to others around the world.

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