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Release your inner artist and create a beautiful masterpiece to decorate your home or give as a gift. This paint by numbers kit from LedgeBay includes everything you need, and the easy to follow numbered system allows anyone to create a work of art. The kit includes a 16 x 20 inch canvas, a full set of acrylic paints, 4 paintbrushes of various sizes, wall mounting supplies, a 4 x 5 inch color reference of the painting, and a sample reference drawing on paper.


This romantic painting will bring a pop of color to any room, making it a great focal point and conversation piece. Using vibrant hues, the Colorful Cat painting captures the beauty of a collage of brught colors glowing to illuminate the face and bring out the colors from the surrounding canvas.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, this DIY craft project is for everyone. Beginners will love the guidance the paint by numbers system provides while pros will enjoy bringing their own unique style to the painting. Our kit allows anyone to become a true artist.


We want to ensure your artwork looks its best, which is why each of the professional grade canvases is rolled instead of folded when packaged for delivery. This ensures your canvas arrives wrinkle free and ready to paint.


The paint by number system couldn’t be easier to follow. Simply match the pre printed numbers on the canvas with the coordinating numbered paint and get started by painting the smallest sections first. Use enough paint to cover the number, but not so much that it runs into other areas. If possible let the painted area dry for 10 minutes before moving on to the next color, and remember to close the paints when not in use to prevent drying out. When finished, you can choose to apply a clear coat of acrylic sealer.

64 reviews for Moonlight Bay

  1. Amazon Customer

    Just finished painting this cute picture for our dining room. The canvas sheet is sturdy and the picture is very nice. The paints were easy to use and the numbers were easy to find. Probably rank difficult at a 8/10 though because of all the numbers haha

  2. linda r thompson

    First time with the paint by number, very easy to see all the numbers and have already ordered another one!

  3. Savannah

    I got mine in the mail yesterday, it’s certainly going to take a while and is a very detailed canvas(I got the owl)Make sure to lay some heavy books down on the corners for 1-2 hours to help flatten it out!You will defiantly have enough paint! I recommended buying a set of detailed brushes, as some of these areas are very small. Overall, I can tell this is going to be a fun and great project! Price point is unbeatable! I plan on framing mine when done. I give it a 5/5! I’ve done many DIY paints, so far this quality is my favorite. In my opinion, I wouldn’t listen to the negative reviews, I honestly have no idea why they are having trouble or see their perspective on the canvas. If you think the paint is too thick for your preference, simple and quick fix is to mix in a drop of water. Done!

  4. A Chrisman

    I am enjoying working on this painting. The canvas is great quality and the paints are smooth and easy to apply. The brushes are better than I had expected, with 4 different sizes to choose from. Would buy again.

  5. D k

    It’s a beautiful picture very easy to follow and especially love it comes in a tube I’ll be getting more thank you

  6. D. Pendragon

    Great product with excellent quality canvas and brushes. Rolled canvas, not folded. Brushes did not shed! My mother is demanding that I give it to her! LoL

  7. Dana


  8. very happy with product performance

    Great product….. sharp vivid color paint

  9. Elena

    I really like this product. The only thing i wish the manufacturer would change is the color of the numbers. I wish the numbers were the same color as it calls for. Black numbers can be hard to cover with light colored paint.

  10. Janet L.

    Disliked color provided for some of surround on background, looks light green in picture, paint received to use is more of a light brown.

  11. Monique M.

    Good print and paint quality

  12. cassandra pecaro

    Packaging of the product was unique.

  13. Marnie

    I have ordered several paint by numbers from different companies and this is the first company to send the canvas rolled. It is so much better. Thanks Ledgebay!

  14. SJM94010

    Loved everything about this color by number. This was my first but not my last. I have no experience with painting & thought this would give me some introduction. It was fun to complete. Very intricate in some areas for which ended up purchasing a tiny paint brush for. The brushes that come with this are not the highest quality but they’ll do the job if you take care of them. So I learned how to take care of brushes, keep paint from drying out and how to put the paint on the canvas in the way I intend it – this was a challenge. This took me a while to complete. I would estimate about 4 hours altogether over several days. It was relaxing and meditative as well as challenging at times. Only one suggestion to improve this product is to include the drawing with the numbers so you can use it for reference when numbers are not visible or get covered up. I really messed up the beak and only have the picture to refer to. The colors are very similar so it’s hard to tell which colors to use without the numbers but mostly I need to know the shape of the area to paint. Overall, this was a great purchase and a good price.

  15. Stephanie Thomas

    Loved this

  16. Linda Wheeler

    My son in law loved this!

  17. David standaertKindle Customer

    Actually liked how lite the numbers and lines were. Much easier to conceal than others I have done . Wish they had put a drawing with the numbers on it with the painting.

  18. Leah B

    I love this painting set. It does take a long time to make any progress but I don’t mind. It comes with easy instructions, paint and paint brushes. Make sure to keep your brushes clean!

  19. Nathaniel

    I was really happy with the quality of this kit! The print was great and the paint and brushes were very good! Definitely a great gift for anyone looking to try out some painting and you’ll end up with a beautiful picture!

  20. andria woody

    Best PBN I’ve gotten so far! Good quality paint, it’s rolled instead of folded, and the brushes are really small. And the finished product is amazing. Highly recommend. It took me 3 days

  21. Divya Singh

    Great painting. Enough paints, didnt run out of any color at all. There were extra tub of paints for #23. But i didnt need it. The finished product is very close to what’s advertised here.

  22. Kmur77

    Easy and forgiving for first timerEasy and forgiving for first timer

  23. Amazon Customer

    I am not a painter by nature, and I did good with this one. Loved how easy it was, even though it might seem intimidating first. The instructions were great. I also reached out to the company asking tips and got an immediate and super helpful answer. And the further I got with my painting, the more excited I got of the end result. Reserve enough time though. It took me closer to two weeks to finish this. With the lighter colors I had to touch up them couple of times to cover all the numbers. I made this for my husband and got it framed. He was super happy and didn’t almost believe that I had made it.

  24. Nadia A Robie

    I’m still working on it but I am enjoying it. The brushes are good and the paint is smooth. I would buy again from this company. I read TONS of reviews in different paintings and this one had the most consistent positive reviews.

  25. Paula

    Exactly as described! The way it was packed was beautiful and I am in love with the quality ! One of the best paint by numbers I have gotten

  26. Christina Gabriella


  27. kathy Torres

    This is definitely a paint by number for adults or someone with the patience for detail..alot of very small spaces that the brushes given do not work for. I had to buy better brushes because the ones supplied kept in fraying and falling apart..but over all is very relaxing

  28. Cherry Pirozzoli

    I only had 1 problem with this. The print is very small you need a high powered magnifing glass to see the numbers. But it was fun to do

  29. rockstar0510

    So far, this has been great. Fun, relaxing project to do at your own pace! Is my first paint by numbers and don’t think it will be my last. Picture is about 1/3 complete.Update: Finished this in a week! 2nd photo is the completed one. ????

  30. ARG

    This is my first adult paint by numbers and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Very nicely packaged. The numbers and lines are clear. The paints seem to be of good quality. It’s much more complicated and will take longer than I anticipated but that is a pleasant surprise. My husband ordered one that needed to be steamed to take out the folds which was a nuisance. Also his brushes are of a lower quality. He ended up ordering replacement brushes. Also his looked like it would have the same complexity, but it is nowhere near as detailed as my picture. I have absolutely no complaints with my set!

  31. Tara S

    So excited to get started on this! The canvas was rolled, so you’ll need something to weight the corners down until it flattens. The instructions are very helpful. This painting is pretty detailed and there are a lot of small areas, but it seems like it would be a fun small project that will take some time.

  32. cathy butts

    I got this as a gift. I love it. Very relaxing. Love that the canvas is rolled so there is no need to iron. No creases! I have already bought another one. Buy this. It’s a good idea!

  33. Gemz

    Very good quality product. More than enough paint is include and the finished product is looks very nice. Very satisfied with purchase.

  34. stereogirl

    I wanted a creative outlet to relieve stress. This is my first paint by number and I absolutely LOVE it. It took me a total of 22 hours over several days to complete. Good quality paint, all the brushes you need and excellent that it comes rolled (no creases).Now I want to do another….

  35. KarBra

    This was a gift. The sunflower picture is lovely and I knew she would enjoy painting it

  36. JKAM

    Exactly as advertised. It would have been nice to have had a border of canvas in order to frame easier.

  37. Francisco Navarrete

    We have not started yet but the package quality looks really good I recommend this product

  38. Priscila Silva

    Definitely worth the buy, such an awesome present idea.

  39. Amazon Customer

    I’ve only put a couple hours into this painting but I love it so far. Comes on a canvas-like paper, paints cover nicely and the seller even threw in a couple of extra pot paints for colors you use a lot of. I will most definitely order another one once I’m done!

  40. Floresita89

    Have not started painting this yet but I did open it, I love that the canvas cane rolled and not folded like other brands , brushes look like they will be good for the project and the paint was not dry. Great customer service, the seller send a message to make sure I received my item and attached a handy tips and tricks document! Can’t wait to start ! Would buy again!

  41. KDK

    This is a quality product. Much better than any other paint by number I’ve done. I would recommend this to anybody that enjoys this kind of thing.

  42. John Emil

    Some paints arrive starting to dry out. Beautiful when finished. Canvas being rolled Instead of folded is a great benefit


    I enjoyed the process – the finished picture was a gift. They loved it!

  44. J. Viola

    Love this set!!!

  45. Jess

    This is so beautiful and easy to do. Great gift for anyone who likes painting or who has some time on their hands. Just know that you would need to complete it within a few months of buying and opening it or the paints will dry out.

  46. Mido

    Of the four paint-by-number kits by Ledgebay that I got to review, this is my favorite. It’s both cute enough that I think I might be able to hang it once it’s done and varied enough that it’s entertaining. I love the packaging of these kits: everything comes in a sturdy cardboard tube, the canvas is unwrinkled, the paints vibrant. The weakest component is the brushes; if you plan on keeping painting, treat yourself with a better set.

  47. Amazon Customer

    This was the first paint by numbers I have ever purchased – for my wife. We were nervous because we’ve heard a lot of horror stories about the paint coming dry or the picture being too small, however, this one has blown our expectations. The fabric is unique and the paints came in perfect condition, the brushes are perfect for the detail you need to apply. This does take a while, my wife spent 3+ hours and only has the top left hand corner done but there are a lot of small areas and different color paints close together but it looks really good. Highly recommend this product and are impressed with the quality!TIP: make sure to double coat the white as the number slightly pops through with 1 coat, also make sure to wait a few minutes between colors to make sure they are dry and don’t smear into other colors. My only complaint is that I don’t have paper weights or anything to clip it too and it came rolled up, I have yet to get it to lay flat on my table but when you do sections at a time it isn’t a huge deal and we plan to frame it later anyway!

  48. Natalie Dawn

    I am working on this painting with my 13-year-old niece and we are having a lot of fun with it! The kit comes with everything you need including the paintbrushes, but I still pulled out a few of my own brushes to go along with it. All the paint tubs are clearly numbered, and though the outlines and numbering on the canvas are a bit faint, I could still clearly see them all, if you have weak eyes you might need a magnification glass though. I had no problem laying the canvas flat, just left it out overnight, and I thought painting all the small areas would be tedious but actually preferred the smaller areas to the larger one. It’s a great project to do with a friend, and it’s not just a quick project either, it takes some time providing long term entertainment. Great set!

  49. Oliver DeMille, TJEd

    This is a BEAUTIFUL image, and so fun for this kind of project! It’s not just a fun crafty project, it’s a great piece for display after your done!

  50. Texas Musicman

    Relaxing, turns out great, even there is no reference chart or page. No blending needed. Would be great for beginners.

  51. Lyudmyla Chudnovska

    Thank you I like it

  52. Natalie

    You become obsessed with it!

  53. Joshua T Cameron

    If you’re like me during this 2020 pandemic, you were likely looking to find some activities to stay busy at home. This project is the perfect thing! Just yesterday, I dove into a portion of my paint-by-number (while listening to a podcast) and before I knew it, it was 3 hours later. This product is of high quality canvas, comes with all the paints and brushes and instructions you need. I’d recommend!

  54. Cassie Thompson

    Still painting this but it comes with everything you need plus more! I’ve been having a great time

  55. Cynthia

    Overall very satisfied with this kit. Very nice canvas and easel. Some of the paints are a little thick but mix with a toothpick and a few drops of water and your good to go. The brushes are just OK in quality. Considering the affordable price for the set, it’s well worth it. I would recommend.

  56. rosec

    Loved it!

  57. Dan P.

    Can’t wait to see it finished! Love this one!!!

  58. Courtney Schoenholz

    This is a super cute and relaxing way to spend time with. Really good for advanced or beginners. I will buy more again once I finish the first one. Thank you!!

  59. Sandi Williams

    Great service! Got product the day before it was supposed to be delivered! Love the paint by number! The only suggestion I would make is a little more sturdy brushes, strands come out pretty easily. But otherwise I’m very happy with this product and I’ll definitely order another painting when I’m done with this one. ??

  60. Tessa Vekich

    Wonderful quality, real canvas, smooth high quality paints. Easy to read and has been so fun!!

  61. marmar

    This is so relaxing and amazing to do. I’m a beginner so this is fun for me.

  62. Rachel

    This was very hard but keeps me very busy during quarantine!

  63. cindy wang

    Great! Came with stand and paints were not dried out like other reviews mentioned.

  64. Stacey

    Good quality canvas and paints. The brushes weren’t the greatest quality, but they worked for the larger areas. The print on the canvas is very light, which can be difficult to see. However, on the plus side, the light printing means the numbers don’t show through the paint. Overall, this was a calming project and offered a chance to “turn off” my brain and just concentrate on something safe. Happily recommend.

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