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Sunflower Color by Number: Easy DIY Paintings for Kids and Adults

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Have you tried a sunflower color by number?

Have you ever wondered how to paint flowers as a beginner? Flowers are the easiest to makewhen it comes to artwork. In fact, you do not need to be a professional artist to shape, layer, and frame a collection of flowers on your wall framing.


You can make anything from a simple sun, light petals, brown trees, and a million other things your mind can conjure up.

All it really takes is a brush, a canvas, some artwork inspiration image, and some paint to turn your ideas into a reality. But what if don’t have a single art bone in your body? how will you make paintings? The answer is quite easy.


You can use a paint by numbers kits. A sunflower paint canvas numbers artwork kit is an easy way for you to recreate your favorite flowers in an image canvas. It’s great for beginners and the best part about is you don’t need to be an expert to paint the canvas.

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All you need to do is follow the beginner instructions, and you’ll end up with a bright, well painted flower art canvas without that much effort.

Of course if you want to be a little daring, you can take a pencil, a painting tutorial video, and a step painting guide to paint the sunflowers that you want. You can make use of colors like:

  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Burnt umber
  • Titanium white
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green

All these color acrylics will bring life into the picture artwork that you make. You can even be as creative as you want and paint sunflowers with a sky or a ship and then hang the picture on your wall or give it as a gift to your friends of all ages.

Details are always important when you are trying to draw, print, or paint. So, the finished product has to show all of those fun collection of colors and the shape of a sun in the frame. If you are interested in becoming a painter even as beginners, then you have come to the right place.

plants vs zombies sunflower coloring pages


In this article, we will be teaching you how to make your own sunlflower paint canvas paintings even without any background in art. We will also be teaching you how to make use of the bright colors in your background, and how to use different brush techniques.

By the end of this article, you will be able to frame or give your finished painting canvas frame as a gift to your friends.

SunFlower Paint: How Did Sunflowers Get Their Name?

Since our main topic is related to sunflowers, where did sunflowers get their name from? When you look at a sunflower/sunflowers, it’s pretty self explanatory how they got the name of a sunflower.


It’s simply because the face of a sunflower has the frame or the shape of sun. Sunflower petals flourish when they are basking underneath the rays of actual ray, where they get enough Vitamin D.

If you want to get technical with sunflowers/sunflower though, their scientific name is helianthus.


The sunflowers/sunflower originates from the greek word, which literally means sunflower or sun. In greek mythology, the story goes with a nymph named Clytie who was in love with the god Apollo.

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So, you can be sure that when you see sunflowers/sunflower around you, you’ll be tempted to make a sunflower print shirt, or at least sunflower print learn about how to make one on a canvas.

Paint Sunflowers with Acrylic Paint: What Does a Sunflower Symbolize?

Sunflower/sunflowers symbolize a lot of things. Among many interpretations, a sunflowers/sunflower represents adoration and loyalty.


Sunflowers/sunflower are known to be happy flowers because when they are in bloom, sunflower/sunflowers are very pretty to look at.

Painting sunflowers is kind of the same thing. When you take a flat brush and start your sunflower paint art, you’ll notice that it will also brighten your mood even when its painted.


If you use colors like burnt umber, yellow, titanium white, orange, blue and verdant you can make a lot of detail around the petal/petals in the image.

In other cultures, sunflower paint paintings also have different meanings. The yellow color in the petals symbolize vitality, long life, and goodluck. To native Americans, a yellow petals flower photo or paint painting means provision and harvest.


Basically regardless if you draw and image of yellow petals on a flower or you paint/painting them, the yellow petals will always bring someone joy.

Painting Sunflowers: Are There Different Colors?

sun coloring page

When you think of a Yellow painting/paint flower made with burnt umber, you’ll probably ask yourself if there’s different varieties to the yellow flower other than it’s original paint/painting color.

So it may surprise you to learn that there are actually different colors to this paint/painting than others know. Each of these paint/painting also has different meanings.

Sunflower Color by Number: Red Sunflowers

Red sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers to paint. Their vibrant color and simple form make them a perfect subject for beginners and experienced painters alike. When painting red sunflowers, it’s important to use a high-quality paintbrush.

A good brush will help you to make smooth, even strokes that will bring your painting to life. Red sunflowers are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any room. Whether you paint them alone or in a bouquet, they’re sure to brighten up your day.

Sunflower Color by Number: Orange Sunflowers

Orange sunflowers are one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. They’re also one of the easiest to grow, making them a great choice for beginner gardeners. Sunflowers need full ray and well-drained soil, and they’re relatively drought-tolerant once they’re established.

sun picture to color


When planting sunflowers, be sure to give them enough room to grow – each plant can reach up to six feet tall!

You can sow sunflower seeds directly in the ground in early spring, or start them indoors about six weeks before your last frost date. Once they emerge, thin out the seedlings so that each plant has about a foot of space.


When the plants are young, you may need to stake them to prevent them from falling over in heavy winds. As they mature, the weight of the flowers will help to anchor the plants.

Sunflowers are relatively low-maintenance flowers, but they will need regular watering – especially during hot, dry periods. They also attract bees and other pollinators, so if you have allergies, you may want to plant them away from seating areas. With a little care, your orange sunflowers will provide you with months of beauty!

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Trying to pain sunflowers with a brush is always such a fun project! first start by mixing up a bright orange paint with the brush, then load the paint to the brush and get to work. You can paint the center of the floret first with your brush, then add the petals around it.

As you paint with the brush, It’s always good to think about how the sunflower is following the rays throughout the day. It’s such a happy little floret, and you should always feel good when you finish with your paint project.

White Sunflowers

printable pictures of the sun

If you’re looking for a beautiful flower to paint, you can’t go wrong with a white sunflower. They make a stunning addition to any painting, and their bright colors really stand out against a green or blue background.

Plus, they’re relatively easy to paint; just use a large paintbrush and start from the center of the floret, working your way outwards.

And if you want to add a bit of dimension to your painting, try using different shades of white paint to create shadows and highlights. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, white sunflowers are a great option for your next project.

Sunflower Color by Number: Yellow Sunflowers

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For many people, sunflowers are the quintessential summer flower. Their large, yellow petals are impossible to miss, and their cheerful faces seem to follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Given their bright appearance, it’s no surprise that sunflowers have long been associated with happiness and positive vibes.

However, there’s more to these flowers than meets the eye. Sunflowers are actually native to North America, and they were first cultivated by Native Americans.

The seeds of the sunflower were a staple of the diet of many indigenous tribes, and the flowers were often used in ceremonial dress and paint.

Today, sunflowers remain a popular decorative plant, but their history is often forgotten. The next time you see a sunflower, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and its fascinating backstory.

Sunflower Color by Number: What Colors Do You Mix to Get Sunflower Yellow?

flower color by numbers

Colors have long been used to express emotions, convey messages, and create everything from a calming atmosphere to an uproar. And while everyone has their favorite color, there is one hue that seems to instantly bring a smile to people’s faces: yellow.

Sunflowers, daffodils, lemonade, and golden summer sunsets are just a few of the things that bring happiness and warmth to our lives. But what colors do you mix to get sunflower yellow?

Most yellows are made by mixing two or more colors together, and sunflower yellow is no different. The most common way to create this color is by mixing equal parts of lemon yellow and orange. You can also add a small amount of green to create a lighter shade of yellow.

For a deeper, more vibrant hue, mix in red or purple. And if you want to add some sparkle to your sunflower yellow, mix in a bit of gold or silver glitter.

No matter what colors you choose to mix together, remember that adding a little bit of sunshine will always brighten your day.How Do You Paint Sunflowers for Kids?

No petal must be created. And make sure that every single petal is visible; use a lighter.

Sunflower Color by Number: How Do You Make Paint by Numbers Look Real?

flower color by number printables

Starting with large areas and focusing on the smaller regions. To stop dirt, turn left to right and work your way up. To achieve smoother surfaces with acrylic paint, paint darker sections first and lighter sections first. The darker part is darker.

Do You Start With Dark or Light Colors When Painting by Numbers?

How does it affect the color palette kit? The paint by number instructions suggest you first paint dim colors.

Some people say that you should always start with the dark colors when painting by numbers. These folks argue that it’s easier to cover up mistakes with darker shades, and that you can always add lighter colors later on if you need to. Others contend that it’s better to start with light colors, as they can be layered over more easily if you make a mistake. So, which is the right approach?

There’s no definitive answer, and ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Some people find that starting with dark colors helps them stay focused and prevented them from making too many mistakes.

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