pinterest Are Expensive Paint Brushes Worth It? Complete Market Overview

Are Expensive Paint Brushes Worth It? Complete Market Overview


Let’s take a look at how cheap and expensive paint brushes compare and the correct uses for each one.

The quality of your paint brush may make or break your work of art. Unless the brush is well-made, the bristles are soft, and the tip is fine, you won’t get the satisfying painting feel you’re aiming for.

Cheap paint brushes are tempting to buy because they won’t cost you a fortune. However, will they give you the quality you’re looking for? Let’s see!

Cheap vs Expensive Paint Brushes – A Quick Comparison

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Cheap Paint Brushes

With cheap paintbrushes, you’ll think you’ll be saving money by buying them, but it’s quite the opposite. They’ll cost you more time to use them, and the frustration is not worth it. You can use them to apply glue or any paint that doesn’t need a fine finish. But when it comes to professional painting, they will do you no good.

No matter how good of a painter you are, cheap brushes will make your work look mediocre. They mostly have synthetic bristles, which are known for their poor ability to hold enough paint on their tips. As a result, your paint job will be streaky and blotchy.

Furthermore, the metal strap around the bristles, called the ferrule, won’t be tight enough in cheap brushes. The hairs will start falling apart and end up ruining your work.

Even if you get foam brushes, they still won’t be satisfying to use. You may use them for minor touch-ups, but don’t rely on them to finish a complete paint job.

Expensive Paint Brushes

Expensive brushes mean you’ll be getting high-quality, soft bristles and tight, neat ferrules. The bristles will be either completely natural or a blend of natural and synthetic hairs. Each type has a different use. For instance, natural bristles work perfectly well with oil-based paint, but we can’t say the same about water-based colors. Synthetic bristles work well with both.

Expensive brushes are tapered near the end to allow the tip to hold enough paint. Plus, the tips will look like split-end hairs. You can easily tell them apart from cheap brushes.

The ferrules of expensive brushes will be non-corrosive to stay durable for the longest time possible. They’ll also be tight to hold the bristles securely without letting them shed.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Paint Brushes

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There are a lot of reasons you should opt for expensive paint brushes. Most problems associated with cheap brushes will only appear when you start painting, which will be too late already. Learning about them here will help you make the right choice.

The Bristles Are Too Loose

Loose bristles are incredibly frustrating. You try to paint, but they keep getting stuck in the wet paint, and the finish looks too blotchy for its own good. You keep reapplying the paint, but nothing works. It’s a loss of both energy and time.

Brushes with high-quality bristles won’t shed on your work, and they’ll give you a smooth finish on the first try.

The Tips Are Stiff

If you painted with high-quality, reputable paint brushes before, you probably know the texture of their tips. They’re soft and smooth, feeling like fine hairs. That’s because they’re mostly natural, contrary to the synthetic bristles of cheap brushes.

Synthetic bristles are stiff, which causes visible strokes on the canvas. You’ll need to apply more paint coats to fix the streaking and get a smooth finish, which is a loss of time and effort.

On top of that, the bristles may be limp, which will cause the paint to drip and splatter everywhere. In both cases, the finish won’t look as good as you’re hoping.

They’ll Need Frequent Replacements

All cheap products have short lifespans, starting from paintbrushes and all the way to cars. So, it’s only natural your brush will need frequent replacements, which isn’t ideal.

Whether it’s a wobbly handle, a blunt tip, or loose bristles, the brush will break apart sooner than you expect. You’ll need to buy another paintbrush, which means you’ll pay double, and you’ll get the same quality. On the other hand, quality paint brushes are highly durable; you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

Don’t get tricked by budget-friendly brushes. They’ll seem like a good investment at the start, but they’ll need replacement soon. Besides, they’ll waste your time while painting because of their low quality.

How to Care for Your Expensive Paint Brushes

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When you care for your paint brushes, they’ll stay usable for the longest time possible. That way, you’ll have gotten value back for every dollar you’ve paid, and you won’t need to replace the brush anytime soon. Here are all the essential steps you should take.

Consider the Paint Type

Considering the right brush for the right paint type is essential for your brushes’ safety. Try not to use an oil paint brush for a water-color project, and vice versa.

If the brush’s label says it’s not suitable for solvents or oils, don’t try to break the rules and use it on these projects. The bristles will get ruined after a couple of uses, and you’ll have wasted an expensive brush.

Keep Your Brush Wet

As long as you’re still painting, keep your brush wet without letting it dry out. If you’re taking a break, you can wash your brush to ensure it keeps its moisture. Alternatively, you can drop it in a cup of water or keep it in a plastic bag.

Letting it dry and wetting it again and again while painting will cause the bristles to wear out much faster than they should

Clean the Brushes Thoroughly

If you find your paint brush dry and stiff when you’re about to paint, that’s a sign that you hadn’t cleaned it well when you finished painting before. Your brush needs to be 100% empty of paint before you store it or let it sit for long.

You can make sure of that by bending the bristles and spreading them around under the water to get the paint out. A lot of the paint will be hiding in the ferrule, so make sure to flip the brush and get the water inside. You can also use warm water if there’s dry paint.

After you’re done, move the bristles around and check the brush thoroughly to make sure it’s clean.

Store the Brushes in Their Covers

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Paint brushes mostly come in covers that contour to their shapes. All of us throw the covers away, thinking their only purpose is to make the brush look appealing for the purchase.

However, these covers help the bristles stay in their original form so they don’t bend or come loose. If you’re storing your brush for a long time, it’s better to keep it in its dedicated case so it doesn’t lose its original shape.

The Verdict: Are Expensive Paint Brushes Worth it?

Expensive paint brushes are definitely worth it, especially for beginners. They’re a good investment in the long run. You won’t have to buy new brushes soon, and you’ll have a pleasant experience while painting.

No more loose bristles or wobbly handles anymore! You’ll pay a lot for the paintbrush, but you’ll only pay the price once without needing to replace it soon, as the way it is with cheap brushes.

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