10 Abstract Paint by Numbers To Display In Your Living Room

abstract paint by numbers
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Living rooms are the heart of every home, and this heart deserves an artistic touch that would match your taste. But what if i told you, that you can make your own artistic piece all by yourself? This is when painting by numbers makes a grand entrance. Yes, it’s that simple, the childish activity turns into a grown-up therapeutic one. Read more to know about our top abstract paint by numbers masterpieces you’ll be able to use in your living room.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me first break it down to you. The painting by number kit consists of a sheet with printed numbers on it. Each number matches a color of the set sent to you along with the sheet.

You color each section as it’s numbered and voila! You’ve gotten yourself a piece of art for your home.


Our Top 10 Favorite Abstract Paint by Numbers


Choosing the right painting to meet both your taste, and your living room style is an underrated art. But no need to worry, as we consider ourselves to be the masters of the craft.

Here are our top picks for an elegant living room, and a fun activity with abstract paint by numbers.


1. Lady With a Fan



Gustav Klimt is an Australian landscape artist of the 19th century. In his portraits, Klimt likes to mix the colors of nature to show the fascinating natural life away from all human interventions.

The mixture of colors in this painting could come in handy, especially when you’re trying to blow off some steam and pour yourself into an activity.  Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the different shades of green along with the bright yellow and red. Also, with this painting you’ll add a little piece of nature to your indoor space.


2. Mulberry Tree by Van Gogh



This world-renowned artist is known for his nature portraits. The Mulberry Tree painting is said to be one of Van Gogh’s favorite paintings. He painted it in the Autumn of 1889, less than a year before he passed away.

This painting shows a tree coming from a rocky ground, standing alone in a vast space. Surrounded by other greens growing in distance.

I believe, the contrast of colors between the tree and the space around it, gives the painting a strong spirit that would add a sense of luxury to your living room.


3. Blue Flower Sea



For a nature geek like myself, sea and flowers are the best example for a combination between two of life’s natural elements: water and earth.

For some additional elegance to your wall, both the flowers’ and the calm water of the night will surely give you that.

The painting is beating with a contrast between pink and blue. These two colors will give your living room the serenity it deserves.


4. Road With Cypress and Star




For starters, having a piece by this brilliant artist on your wall is definitely a bonus. Not just this, you’ll also manage to express whatever you’re feeling while coloring this gorgeous piece.

This painting is said to represent his fears. I believe we can notice that in its gloomy atmosphere.

One more interesting aspect of this painting is the mirroring style. Unlike the new moon turned to the cypress, Van Gogh painted Mercury and Venus in a mirror image.

With too many subjects tackled in the painting, you’ll have the perfect ice-breaking discussion with your guests.


5. Modern Instruments



If you’re into wild artistic pieces, then this one is right for you. It’s a very controversial piece of art. Some might describe it as the result of colors merging together after water spilled over a bunch of different colors.

Each color, texture, and material used to create an abstract painting reveals a unique subjective aspect of life. Even though some may think that abstract paintings are a bit messy, the interpretation of each piece will differ from one viewer to another according to their state of mind.

This painting is suitable for modern and semi formal living rooms. The mixture of blue, green and yellow is perfect for a natural energetic atmosphere.


6. Study Squares with Concentric Circles



This is one of Wassily Kandinsky’s most recognized paintings. He uses these many colors to show the different sides of each personality. After all he’s always believed that each color has a soul that could be heard.

The concentric circles have a soothing effect on the eye, along with the squares that divide the painting into symmetrical parts. This gives a satisfying feeling when looking at it.

I believe this piece has everything you’ll need to add life to your furniture. The multiple different colors of the painting will suit every taste and style.


7. African American Woman With Pink Gum



This painting represents the African style of clothing and accessories, along with a side of the African heritage that no one usually sees.

The strong confident look of the woman adds magnificent energy to the piece. It could be one way to shed some light on women’s rights in general, or in the African culture in particular.

Besides the deep message this painting sends to the viewer, having an African piece on your wall has become more stylish than ever.


8. Psychedelic Kaleidoscope



Space is probably the first thing that pops into one’s head when they hear that name. That’s why in this painting, the artist used mostly geometrical shapes to present the idea of infinite space.

Kaleidoscope art has only started to get popular in the 90s. It’s derived from shapes of nature and space seen from a kaleidoscopic lense. The art is usually made digitally to ensure perfect symmetrical shapes.

The fascinating mixture of colors along with the defined shapes will add a space to your living room.


9. Mr. Cat



If you’re an animal lover then you’d surely fall for this one. With what looks like wings, a bow tie, and a man-like mustache, humanizing animals has been an artistic mystery for centuries.

Whether it’s used literally or figuratively, cats have been considered as Gods in ancient Egypt. However, in contemporary art, the meaning started differing from one artist to another.

With its colors, details, and perfect size, this painting is suitable for all living room styles, from modern, to formal, to semi formal.


10. Composition IV



He is known for his landscape and abstract oil paintings. This piece is intended to represent music through painting.

Kandinsky was always drawn to spiritual ideas, that’s why he used chaotic shapes and colors to convey emotional and spiritual meanings.

This painting is the perfect example of improvisation to disconnect from the real world. It will send you the intended artistic sensation the moment it’s on your wall.


Abstract Paint by Numbers – Conclusion


Abstract art has a way of expressing different layers of emotions. Adding it to your wall will give your living room the depth, warmth, and colorful sensation it needs.

Through paint by numbers, not only you will be adding your signature to your wall, but also you’ll be able to relax while doing so.

To see a full gallery of our paint by numbers kits, CLICK HERE!




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