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Tree of Life: the Popular William Morris Paint by Numbers

william morris paint by numbers


Do you love the look of William Morris paintings? If so, you will love William Morris Paint by Numbers Tree of Life.

This paint by number kit Tree of Life kit allows you to create your own masterpiece by numbers kit in the style of one of the most famous painters William Morris of all time. The best part is that it is easy to do, even for beginners!

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of how to use the Tree of Life: the Popular William Morris Paint by Numbers kit, as well as some tips for creating a beautiful painting.

Paint By Numbers William Morris Tree Of Life

If you haven’t heard of the William Morris tree of life paint by numbers, you’re in for a fun treat. This acrylic based paint is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own wall art or a full page acrylic based paint tree of life with zero artistic ability or no painting skills experienced.

There are different versions of this artwork. Tree of life paint by numbers kits are available online and in some craft stores. This numbers kit artwork comes with everything you need. The paint by number kits include a full page of the detail tree template, quality paints, and instructions.

The package also provides you with canvas numbers kit, and quality free brushes. So all you need to do is to relax and enjoy the quality time and creative activities you spend with your friends, loved ones and family members while completing this paint by numbers kit.

Paint by numbers kit is a perfect gift for adults, kids or any family members. Once you’ve finished your numbers kit, you’ll have a beautiful framed painting that is sure to impress family and friends.

What’s Inside The Box Of The William Morris Paint By Numbers Kits?

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A William Morris paint by numbers kit comes with:

  • Canvases that are 24×30″ will be folded if you choose standard shipping. However, if you choose FedEx expedited shipping will be used at checkout.
  • Each number kit has a set of acrylic based paint with numbers on them. This numbers kit doesn’t need to be mixed and is safe for the environment. The paint by number kit is safe for babies and kids.
  • Standard free paint brushes in a set of three per kit (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large).
  • This William Morris Tree of Life Paint by number kit has screws for hanging, with two screws and two hooks that don’t go on a track.
  • The pre-stretched numbers kit comes in a box that keeps it safe during transport and makes this numbers kit a great gift.
  • Free canvas and paint by numbers kit with directions.

William Morris Paint by Numbers tree of life

  • Free 1 high-quality numbers kit canvas with numbers already printed on it
  • 1 free full page picture of the Tree of Life
  • Free 3 brushes for painting (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large)
  • 1 wooden frame and a numbers kit to hang it (optional – select from a DIY frame or Canvas numbers kit already stretched for you on a frame)

You can buy a Canvas By Numbers kit with or without a frame. You can also buy it already stretched on a frame.

No Frame: The canvas numbers kit comes rolled up in a tube for protection. There is no frame.

DIY Frame: The canvas numbers kit comes rolled up in a protective tube with four stretcher bars made of pine wood. Easy to put together in just minutes! In step 3 of our paint-by-numbers kit guide, you can watch the video.

Framed: The canvas numbers kit is already stretched over the frame. Ready to paint & hang. Ships in a box with a lot of bubble wrap to protect the numbers kit.

How Do You Make Your William Morris Paint By Numbers Look Better?

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Buy The Best Paint-by-number Kit You Can.

The first thing you need to do to make a paint by numbers tree of life picture look better is to buy the best kind of paint by number kit. Better results will come from a better paint by number kit. Different stores vary based on quality. Some stores like Ledgebay sell best paints and brushes in their number kits.

Apart from William Morris paint by numbers paint, choose a brand that has large numbers kit selection results on many different topics, such as animals, landscapes, and abstract paint by number design. Search for a seller that produces extra-high-quality paints packages that make the artwork look glossier and more professional.

Add A Lot Of Extra Layers And Blend Like A Pro

Don’t skimp on painting. Fill the numbers kit with a lot of paint. You get more paint than you need in our kits, so you can add more than just the base layer. If you think some parts of the paint by number painting look patchy or light.

Add more layers to make the whole thing look stronger, smoother, and more finished. Two thick layers should be enough, but if you want more color, don’t be afraid to add more.

Paint by numbers is a type of creative activity where some shades will be barred with sharp edges because that’s how it works. But if you desire your artwork to have edges that look more natural and soft, don’t be afraid to blend the colors together gently.

You can do this by moving the brush gently back and forth along the edge in which the two colors meet.

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How To Mix Colors In Paint by Numbers

Here are some more tips to help you blend and fill the edges of your paint-by-numbers picture like a pro:

  • Mix paint with a number of acrylics while the paint is still wet!
  • Be careful and take your time. Relatively small brushwork is your best option.
  • Most adults when doing paint numbers kit start on smaller areas. You can be more daring the more you practice.
  • Blending is best for certain things that make the most sense (ie. an ocean, the sky, a distant landscape, etc.)

When Purchasing Paint by Numbers Make Sure Your Canvas Has A Strong Frame And Use Water To Thin Your Paints.

Want to know a simple way to make a paint-by-numbers picture look more real? Well, all you have to do before you start is put a frame around your canvas. Wet acrylic based paint often makes the sheet wrinkle and distort, but a plain hardwood structure will keep the canvas pulled tight.

Our custom paint-by-numbers kit comes with its own wooden frame, which makes it easy to keep it from warping. Get yours today to start making your own unique piece of art!

A lot of people who are new to paint by number don’t know that acrylic paint dissolves in water. So, if your paints are too thick, add water to thin them out. You’ll have more paint to work with, and thinner, waterier paints can be used to make some really cool effects.

For example, the light reflections of plants, leaves, and flowers look great when painted with acrylic paint that has been watered down. Just make sure you try it out on a scrap piece of paper before you put it on your canvas.

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Make Sure You Are Using The Right Color And Don’t Be Afraid To Add Your Own Touches.

One of the easiest paint-by-number tips is to make sure you’re using the right color. We know from experience that painting should and can be relaxing, but that makes it too easy to get lost in a trance. So have fun, but remember to check the color again before you paint. Don’t forget how to do it!

Paint by numbers is all about following the rules, but sometimes rules are made to be broken, right? If you feel good enough about your guesses, don’t be afraid to move away from certain numbers and colors.

Remember that there are no right or wrong ways to express yourself through crafts. So feel free to add your own touches or extra decorations on top of the kit’s basic parts. Don’t be afraid to be creative and let your mind wander.

Pick The Right Level Of Difficulty For You And Hide The Numbers.

Paint By Numbers, you can choose from a huge number of designs. We’re sure you’ll love a kit, whether it’s about puppies, places, or pop art. But you should also know that some kits will be harder than others, so choose wisely.

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If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with a paint by numbers kit that is easier or smaller (browse our kids selection). In the same way, you can up the ante by choosing paintings that get harder as you get better. For adults, if you want a hard project, try our best-selling cloudy landscape kit.

One of the best tips for paint by number is to hide the numbers before you start painting. When the free paint is thin or the color is a lighter shade, the number on the canvas can sometimes be seen through it. So fill it up with a simple white pencil. If you add an extra layer that is thicker, the number should stop showing through.

Want to know how to make your finished paint-by-numbers look better? So, you just need to use a sealant! It will not only help protect the painting from the weather, but it will also make the varnish look better and more professional. Only the best finishing touch will do for your new work of art.

What Is The Meaning Of William Morris Paint by Numbers Tree Of Life

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Adults see the tree as a holy symbol that has significant meaning in both religious and spiritual beliefs. Even though the Tree of Life means many different things in different cultures, there are some things that the symbol always means.

A Connection to Everything: Ancestors, Families, and Fertility:

As a symbol of everything’s a gift of interdependence, the Tree of Life is frequently used to illustrate this idea. It’s a sign of solidarity and a constant reminder that you’re not alone in the world, but rather an integral part of it.

The Tree of Life draws sustenance from Mother Earth through its extensive root system and vitality from the sun and moon through its outstretched branches.

The Tree of Life symbol in paint by numbers also shows the connection to one’s family and ancestors. Tree of Life is made up of a stock network of branches that show how a family is stock to each other, grows and changes over time.

It’s also a sign of fertility because it always finds a way to keep growing, whether through seeds or new plants. It’s also a sign of health because it’s lush and green.

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Growth And Strength:

Trees all over the world stand tall and strong. So paint by numbers tree of life illustrates strength and growth. They put their stock of roots deep into the ground to help them stay stable. Trees can survive even the worst storms, which is why they are often used as a symbol by adults as a source of strength.

The Tree of Life is a symbol of growth, since a tree starts out as a small, fragile sapling and grows into a big, strong tree over time. The way the tree grows up and out shows how a person gets stronger and learns more and more as they go through life.


The Tree of Life is a symbol of a person’s uniqueness, since every tree is different and has branches that are stock to each other and grow in different places and in different directions. It shows how different things in a person’s life shape them into the unique person they are today.

Over time, paint by number trees get more unique features as old branches fall off, new ones grow, and the weather does its thing, but the tree stays strong and stable the whole time. This is a metaphor for how people change and grow over the course of their lives and how their unique experiences shape them and make them more unique.

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Immortality, Rebirth and Peace:

The Tree of Life is a symbol of rebirth. During the winter, trees lose their leaves and look dead, but in the spring, new buds grow and new, fresh leaves open up. This is the start of a new life and a chance to start over.

The Tree of Life is also a symbol of immortality, because as the tree ages, it makes seeds that carry its spirit into new saplings, so it lives on.

A lot of people consider it as a perfect gift idea, for their friends and family members because of the message and meaning it brings to the people looking at it. It could be in a form of acrylic based paint, a wall art, or a a fabric design.

Trees have always brought a sense of calm and peace, so it’s not surprising that the Tree of Life is also a symbol for peace and relaxation. Trees are calming to look at because they stand still and tall, and their leaves move in the wind. The Tree of Life is a reminder of how trees have a special, calming effect on people.

The History of the Tree of Life Symbol

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The Tree of Life has been a sign since the beginning of time. The oldest tree of life we know of was found during excavations at Domuztepe in Turkey. It was made around 7000 BC. People think that the symbol spread in different ways from there.

The Acadians, who lived around 3000 BC, had a similar picture of the tree. The symbols showed a pine tree, and since pine trees don’t die, people think they were the first pictures of the Tree of Life.

The Ancient Celts also put a lot of weight on the Tree of Life. It was a very important symbol in the Celtic culture because it showed harmony and balance.

They thought it had magical powers, so when they cleared their land, they would leave one tree standing in the middle. They would hold important meetings under this tree, and it was a very serious crime to cut it down.

Who Is William Morris?

William Morris was called “Topsy.” Named for a person in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” He was married and had two little girls. He married Jane Burden, who was one of the most well-known muses of all time. Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones, who were friends of Morris and representatives of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, saw her and brought her to Morris.

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This is how they met. They saw her at an art play in Oxford but also wanted to use her as a model for their art paint. Rossetti thought she would make a great Queen Guinevere. Even though she didn’t want to at first, she ended up sitting for their paintings, and Morris proposed to her soon after. Jenny Morris and May Morris are their daughters.

Morris was not only a designer. William was a socialist. Morris started the Socialist League in 1884. During a socialist rally in 1885, he was even arrested for being a bad person. “I don’t want art for a few. Don’t want education for a few and don’t want freedom for a few.”

William Morris Has A Strong Political View And Was Supposed To Be A Religious Leader

Along with his buddy Edward Burne-Jones, he made the decision to become a priest. They wanted to live a life of chastity and put their energy into art. In the end, a journey to the country such as Belgium and northern France, where they saw churches and cathedrals from the Middle Ages, made them decide to become artists instead. 

He worked hard to make beautiful books with designs that took type, images, and decorative elements into account. If you do a quick search on the Kelmscott Press, you can see beautiful examples of what he did.

Morris went to Iceland in July 1871 with Faulkner, W.H. Evans, and Magnusson. He came here twice, and seeing how poor people live here helped shape and confirm his political views on class differences. Morris didn’t stop at making designs for fabrics and wallpaper. He also started the Kelmscott Press.

He wrote about the project, “Here is a new skill to master and improve.” In the spring of 1891, the press began to print. He made many fonts, such as the “Golden” Roman typeface, the “Troy” Gothic type, and the “Chaucer” font.

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The Firm Is Named Morris, Marhsall, Faulkner & Co.

In April 1861, Morris and his friends Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Philip Webb, Ford Madox Brown, Charles Faulker, and Peter Paul Marshall started the decorative arts firm. It was because he had just bought Red House and couldn’t find any textiles that met his standards and taste.

He wanted to make something, and he saw a chance to do so here. Morris broke up the company in March 1875, and the original partners went on to work on their own projects while the company became Morris & Co. But Burne-Jones and Philip Webb, two lifelong friends, kept making designs for Morris & Co

His designs are still popular after so many years and so many generations. His designs are just as likely to be made into beautiful furniture for stately homes or as a wall art of funky cafes. This was a nod to the fact that Morris’ designs are often seen on the couch of one of the couples on Gogglebox.

As part of H&M’s new collection for this season, his designs will be shown on the runway.

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Even though his legacy includes his writing, poetry, and political ideas, he is best known today for his designs, which are becoming more and more popular. Today’s designers and artists, as well as everyone else who loves his work, are influenced by him.

During his life, he did a lot of different things, like designing, working in politics, and writing. With the Kelmscott Press, he also invented new ways to print textiles and books. So much did he do that when he died, his doctor said that he died because he was William Morris and had done more work than most ten men.

Morris Wallpaper Designs Collection

William Morris’s designs have a unique, timeless quality that comes from things with life like, branches of a big tree, swirling leaves, stealing birds, rose-filled trellises, and fruit tree branches. He created wallpaper designs in 1862, but he didn’t sell them for a few years while he tried out printing from zinc plates.

Morris’ designs are full of leaves, vines, and flowers that he saw in his garden or while walking in the country. Instead of pictures that look like real life, his are slightly stylized versions. In 1864, Morris’s first wallpaper design was Daisy, which was a simple pattern of meadow flowers.

Morris made Trellis because he couldn’t find a wallpaper that he liked enough to put in his own home. Morris made the pattern in 1864. He was inspired by the rose trellis in the garden of the Red House.

Interestingly, Morris couldn’t draw birds, so his friends Brown and Philip Webb did it for him. They are one of his friends and architects who designed the Red House, decorating it with birds as part of the design.

Now William Morris designs are used to bring life to different kinds of platforms and canvas. Because of the quality of his collection, William Morris paint by numbers is one of the most requested artwork from any paint by number stores’ kit collection.

The William Morris tree of life brings hope, relaxation and removes stress from anyone who looks at his designs. A perfect gift to love ones

Benefits Of Doing William Morris Paint by Numbers Tree Of Life

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Painting Paint by Numbers Tree of Life Allow You To Express And Believe In Yourself

Frida Kahlo was able to turn her disability into a work of art through her paintings. She indulges in different creative activities and creates different art masterpieces even with a minimum painting skills to show her true self instead of hiding it and to show, in the exact way she lived, that nothing can stop inner strength, liberty of motivations if they are sincere, and beauty outside of conventional schemes.

When you paint, you are free to show how you feel and to put your thoughts, dreams, hopes, and desires on the canvas.

To be a pro at anything, you need to be sure of yourself. Once you understand the fundamentals and believe in theirselves, you start doing things better. And the same is true when making art.

Paint by numbers makes you learn the basics of painting, which helps you believe in yourself. The numbers on your personalized paint-by-number canvas tell you what to do, making it easier to understand and paint.

Anti stress And A Creative Activities That Kids Enjoy Doing

Adults aren’t the only ones who really love doing creative activities such painting by numbers; very young people do too. Paint-by-number kits for kids are an easy way to let kids’ minds run wild in a world of color, excitement, and new ideas, and they can keep children busy for hours.

Would you believe it if someone told you that painting affects our quality of life and your mental and physical health?

As mentioned earlier, one of the main and most immediate benefits of painting William Morris Paint by numbers is that it makes kids and adults relax and reduces stress. This is because emotions as well as your painting skills can be expressed in a way that doesn’t risk getting in the way of others or being misunderstood.

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It Makes It Easier To Focus And Makes The Brain Move More And Improves Our Motor Skills

Putting time and effort into painting takes focus. Painting is a careful job that lets you forget about your surroundings and let go, so you don’t even notice how much time has passed.

Both the right and left sides of the brain are stimulated by the painting. The left side of the brain deals with logic and reason, while the right side deals with creativity and feelings. It’s about setting the mind free and letting it fly, so that even the deepest ideas can live.

With William Morris painting-by-numbers canvas, we learn how to move our hands when we use a brush or pencil in painting and build brain connections that help us do this, just like when we play an instrument. Paint by number kit helps adults improve their fine motor skills and have fun while painting.

William Morris Paint by numbers Is Easy To Create

Well a lot of people desired to have William Morris paint by numbers painting to decorate or displayed in their own wall art.

For those of us who have ever looked at a blank canvas and thought “there’s no way I could ever paint that,” paint by numbers kits are a God’s perfect gift Rather than starting with a blank Canvas, paint by numbers kits provide a framework that makes paint easy to create a beautiful work of art.

Most kits come with a pre-printed outline of the design, and each section is numbered to correspond with a specific color. As a result, all you need to do is match the colors and fill in the sections – no artistic talent required!

Paint by numbers kits are an easy way to get started with painting, and they can provide hours of enjoyment. For anyone who has ever wanted to try their hand at painting, tree of life paint by numbers kits are a great place to start.

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How To Purchase William Morris Paint by Numbers Kits

If you want to purchase a paint by numbers kits tree of life first look for painting stores such as Ledgebay. Check their display and selection results. See the collection of paintings they have. Provide a detailed description of the item you wanted to purchase. Check if they have a stock of the item in their warehouse.

Then fill up the information sheet. provide the store your name, shipping address, You may ask their customer service before you checkout the item how long before the coloring paint by the numbers item will arrive.

You may tell them to direct the product to you or the person you wanted it to receive. Before you click cart add a note to the seller, inform them if you want to add frame, canvas or additional paints in your order.

Shipping Information

Orders placed in the US before 12 p.m. Eastern time are sent out the same business day! Standard shipping usually takes between 2 and 5 business days, or 1 to 2 business days (Expedited).

Framed kits and canvas sizes larger than 16×20″ are made to order and must be shipped directly from our factory overseas because they need special care. Any orders from outside the US will also be sent from our factory overseas, where they can be tracked and insured.

You will receive your order within 10-15 working days, depending on the delivery option you select. After the item has been checked out. People from the warehouse will prepare the kit. The warehouse then handles it in up to two days. After two days before the item will be ready to be shipped out of the warehouse. Your account will get a tracking number and the order dispatched.

After that, the kit will be ship to different countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Las Palmas, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States takes 6-11 days (depending on the delivery method you choose).

All delivery times of paint by numbers do not account for clearance/customs delays.

Adults canvas paint by numbers kit

Shipping Procedures

  1. Our paint-by-numbers canvases are double-checked in Florida before being shipped to ensure they are flawless.
  2. We provide free shipping on all orders to the United States.
  3. We ship every day from our Florida headquarters. For all stock paintings, standard delivery timeframes to all US regions are 2-5 days.
  4. Please wait 6-8 weeks for your bespoke artwork to be delivered.
  5. All orders are sent within one business day (usually the same day) through UPS or USPS. When your order is sent, you will receive an email with the tracking number.
  6. NOTE: Normal delivery dates are 2-5 days; however, delays in some states may occur due to Covid-19 difficulties.
  7. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues or are experiencing any unexpected delays in obtaining your order.
  8. Please do not deny any Paint by Numbers packages, as we will not get them and will not be able to repay you. Please accept all deliveries and contact us directly.

Customers Reviews:

free stock paint by number tree of life

Amy, A Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

I have two teenage nieces. And every year it is a struggle to try to figure out what is the perfect gift to give them. However, this year I went for something a little different and went for one of these paint by number pieces. I purchased their new products, which is the William Morris numbers kit. She absolutely loved it!

Not only was it a huge success with the niece that I gifted it to, her sister, my other niece wanted one so badly that I am currently looking for another kit for their upcoming birthday. These are truly just lovely! If you have any interest at all, do not hesitate! You will be doing yourself a favor.

These would also be great for kids and adults to spend and bond together, maybe a family project? And come on, they’re just fun!!! In fact, I’m also looking for one or two for myself and my loved ones.



I purchased the William Morris Tree of Life, and I love it. I liked the variety of brushes and paints that were included in the paint by numbers kit. Not to mention the numerous pre mixed numbers kit paint; the coloring paint provided did not run out. Furthermore, the canvas was of high quality. The picture was clear and easy to follow. It should not be too thin or overly thick.


While working with the Paint by number kit Tree of Life. I wish I had considered the creases in the canvas before painting. But it still ended out gorgeous and I was able to lengthen it significantly.

Consider where you’ll keep the piece in between sessions; luckily, I had a large piece of thin board I could tape it to, but if I hadn’t had that or an easel it might not have been as easy to spend it during the painting process.


William Morris Tree of Life was my first paint by number painting, and I was blown away by the results. I got a cheap frame from Michael’s and voila! I’m hoping that any future ones are half as lovely as this one. I love to put and decorate my wall with this piece.

 relax paint by number gift kit search stock diy frame william morris


This is my first attempt at a paint-by-numbers canvas. I’m an adult but I am also a beginner in painting, so I expected mistakes and didn’t want to spend a fortune on a canvas that would end up in the back of the closet. It is unquestionably a learning experience.

The canvas itself is thick and pliable, allowing me to easily move where I painted. The creases that gave me stress at first were first visible and were smoothed out over time. The paints were a little too thick for my coloring. A small bit of water and a gentle stir softened the paint, and saved my artwork, allowing for a smoother application with the brushes.

William Morris Paint by number kit Tree of Life is not only a great masterpiece to decorate your house, but it also creates quality, fun and exciting experiences with me and my loved ones. I’m excited to try new quality paint by number kit and gradually improve my technique so that one day I’ll have one up on my walls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How Does Paint by Numbers Work?

Paint by Numbers is a style of art that has been around since the 1950s. Fill in pre-numbered areas on a canvas or canvas panel with specific colors of paint. This popular art style is making a comeback, and Masterpiece By Numbers is selling kits of these designs.

How long does a Masterpiece by Numbers project take to dry? 

Also, how long it takes to finish a Masterpiece by Numbers kit depends on how big the picture is and how many hours you spend working on it. Masterpiece by Numbers is a relaxing form of art. Easy to finish. Can finish the project in a couple of days or slowly over a few weeks or months. It is completely up to each person.

Since the paint is acrylic with a water base, it will be dry to the touch in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how thickly it was applied.

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How Do You Paint A Tree of Life?

Instructions in Detail:

It is not necessary to dilute the paint. You can stir the paint if you want, but you don’t have to.

Calibrate the paint containers to the amount needed for your canvas. Using small amounts of paint for each number helps ensure that you have enough to complete your picture.

Look at the photo. For beginners, they should begin at the top of the page and work their way down the canvas, one number/color at a time. That way, you won’t smear the paint as you make your way down.

You should paint on a flat surface, and if necessary, secure the corners with a hefty item. If you become more comfortable, you can surely utilize an easel.

When changing colors or after each painting session, wipe your brushes in warm water and let them air dry on a cloth or kitchen roll. Seal all your paints after each usage.

william morris relax paint by number gift kit search stock diy frame

Returns Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will provide a complete refund. We gladly accept returns within 30 days after the order date. If you need to return an item, kindly contact us and ask for a return number.

  • Provide a full refund for any items returned.
  • Please keep in mind that we do not cover the costs of any things returned to us.
  • Please keep in mind that paint by numbers cannot be refunded.
  • If you have any more questions, please contact our support team, who will be pleased to assist you.
  • You will be responsible for paying for your own return shipping fees. The cost of shipping is non-refundable.
  • The time it takes for your returned product to reach you may vary depending on where you live.
  • If you are shipping an item worth more than $75, you should use a trackable shipping service or get shipping insurance. We cannot guarantee that your returned item will be received.
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