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Acrylic Glass Painting Kit, Paints, and Brushes

glass painting kit

There are thousands of glass painting kits available in the market. We’ll help you choose a glass painting kit. Often, this type of kit includes quality bottles, easels, beads, brushes, and paint tube.

Glass is one of the most challenging media to paint on. It’s transparent, sleek, and breakable. That’s why you’ll want to give some thought before choosing your paint.

They would work great for wine glasses if you want to decorate the glass surface of your wine glass with pink flowers, or green leaves, or gold branches, or silver lines, or orange shapes. You can search for fantastic designs that you can use.

You probably don’t know this, but acrylic paint leftovers can become a separate art project if you use them to paint on glass! Learn more here.

glass painting supplies

Get All Your Art Supplies

Before you can start your voyage to glass painting, you might want to get all the art supplies that you might need. Although many glass painting kit includes everything you might need to create fantastic glass art, you might want to check on your supplies first.

Your art supplies for glass painting should include a regular glass cleaner. You might need a few drops of it to clean the painting site or the surface of your ceramics, glasses, windows, or wine glasses.

Get rubbing alcohol or white vinegar for cleaning the surface. You will also likely need a tabletop easel or a mixing palette if you’re going to paint on flat surfaces rather than wine glasses.

Mixing colors can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools.

Glass Painting Kits – Does Acrylic Paint Work?

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Acrylic is one of the most versatile paints; it can work on a wide variety of surfaces, including wine glasses or prime glass. It is highly durable so that it won’t flake off your project in the long run. Plus, it’s relatively easy to use on smooth surfaces like ceramic or glass.

The best pick for glass painting is acrylic enamel paint of any color including light green, deep blue, orange yellow, cerulean blue, mid yellow, silver, pink, brown, yellow, gold, turquoise, titanium white, or burnt umber.

stained glass painting kit

Painting on Glass Isn’t Particularly Easy, Though.

You won’t have the white background the canvas provides. Instead, you’ll be painting on a transparent, smooth medium.

Applying a primer before painting is a must to ensure your paint will stick to the surface. On top of that, most people who paint on glass apply a sealant after they’re done. That way, the paint doesn’t chip or fall off over time.

Acrylic is one of the best paints for glass because it dries in a short time, it’s easy to apply, and it’s long-lasting. Not to mention, it’s waterproof and non-toxic, so it’s ideal for glasses and plates.

Will My Paint by Numbers Leftovers Work on Glass?

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Paint by numbers kits come with acrylic paint. More than often, there’s leftover paint after you’re done with the painting. Can you use that leftover paint for glass?

A thermostat would be ideal for monitoring the room’s temperature and humidity. Try not to get the paint anywhere near water because it’s water-based. It’ll rot after a while if it’s exposed to moisture. Storing the acrylic paint right can help it last for years.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Glass Painting Kits

painted stained glass kitsBuying acrylic for glass projects is more challenging than buying it for regular canvas. Only a small minority of acrylic paints work well with glass because it’s fully transparent. You’ll need your paint to stick well, cover the transparency, and last for a long time.

When it comes to paints, you have the option to get quick drying ones or water based paint – something that you can wash off if you wish. Your choice is up to your crafts. There are a lot of other considerations as well.

Here’s a Roundup of the Essential Ones:

deco art glass paint


The paint’s opacity will significantly affect your final result. Some people prefer their colors to be entirely opaque to cover the glass’s transparency. However, that defies the purpose of painting on glass in the first place.

The transparency gives some brightness to the colors, and the light shining through the paint will make it look even better. You can only achieve that with paint that’s not too opaque. Still, it depends on your preference and style of painting.

materials for glass painting


The paint’s consistency can make or break your project. You don’t want to end up with paint that doesn’t blend well or doesn’t stick to the glass. Try to opt for colors that mix well with each other—preferably from the same brand.

To test the paint’s consistency, mix two equal portions together using a brush. Move your brush slowly, and observe how the colors blend to become one. If one color is still visible in the end, the consistency isn’t good.


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The paint’s finish is its final look and texture on the glass after it dries. The market is full of different paint finishes, including matte, glossy, and frosted.

Frosty colors look the best on glass because they damp down the reflection. On top of that, they give a light coat, making it easier for you to control them. Meanwhile, some glass paint colors can end up being too reflective. Matte colors look well, but they eliminate the glass’s transparency.

If you want your finish to be somewhere between being frosty, you can opt for crystal gloss enamel paint. But be sure that regardless of what glass paint you opt to get, you have to get one that is dishwasher safe.

How to Choose Acrylic Glass Painting Kit Brushes

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Choosing brushes for any paint job requires patience and some thinking. When it comes to glass, you need your brush to be soft enough to create the effect you’re aiming for.

Here Are the Three Essential Considerations When Choosing Glass Painting Brushes:

Hair Texture

The hair texture of your brush varies according to different uses. For example, there are sable hair brush, which are the softest type available. They work well for painting oil, acrylic, and watercolors.

Coarse and squirrel synthetic brush is a bit stiffer, making them more suited for heavy acrylic painting, usually requiring a paper canvas.

For glass painting, opt for a medium-soft brush with some spring to it. Spring means that the brush hairs will spring back to their place after you make a paint stroke with them.

Brushes that are too soft will work well for ceramic painting, but they won’t be right for glass painting.

glass painting set


Brushes come in an array of different shapes. There are flat, round, and angular brushes. Have you ever asked yourself what each one is good for?

For starters, a flat brush is the right choice for filling in shapes, but they don’t make a lot of effects like other shapes do. They’ll work well if your painting is mostly solid areas that need to be filled in.

As for the round brush, it is mostly for painting circle-shaped designs and curves, such as flower petals and such.

Lastly, the angular brush works for most applications. You can use them to paint leaves, stems, and flowers, and they’re useful for curves as well.

glass painting kits


If you’re painting on a large glass, opt for #10 brush and higher. Large brushes provide better coverage for a larger canvas. However, they won’t be of much help when it comes to small details. It’s better to get a smaller brush for that purpose, such as #1 and #0 ones.

A small brush doesn’t provide coverage, but they’re excellent for small lines, swirls, and dashes. If your painting is intricate, you’ll need a brush of each size.

glass painting kits for adultsHow to Paint on Glass Using Acrylics

Acrylic glass painting is a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to your wine glasses, vases, and other glassware. With a glass painting kit, you can create beautiful and unique designs that are perfect for gifts or home décor.

Your kids will enjoy it as well. You can even look for kits for kids, and let them create their own masterpiece. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Choose the Right Glass Painting Kit

There are many different brands and types of glass painting kits available, so do some research to find the one that’s right for you. Of course, you should also prepare your art supplies. The kit includes some items, but not everything like a tabletop easel.

glass painting kit price

Select the Glassware You Want to Paint

Wine glasses, vases, and other glassware make great canvas for your designs. You can use a paper towel to remove the dust, dirt, or oils on the surface. Preparing your glass is a step that you can’t afford to forget if you want a quality painting.

Follow the Instructions Included With Your Glass Painting Kit

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon, glass painting is a great option. And with glass painting kits available online and in craft stores, it’s easy to get started. But before you start painting, be sure to read the instructions that come with your kit.

The instructions will tell you everything you need to know about the paint and supplies included in the kit.

They’ll also give you some helpful tips on how to create a masterpiece. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned glass painter, be sure to follow the instructions included with your glass painting kit.

glass painting kit cost

Be Creative!

Have fun with it and experiment with different colors and designs. One of the great things about glass painting is that it’s a relatively low-cost hobby that can yield high-quality results.

You can purchase a kit that includes all the paints and other supplies you need to get started, or you can buy each item separately. The sky is the limit when it comes to glass painting, and you can use your creativity to create any design you can imagine.

If you’re looking for something simple, try painting a light green leaf on a window or green grasses on a mirror. For something more elaborate, try adding gold details to a vase or creating a colorful blue design on a set of glasses.

Let It Dry Completely

Allow the paint to dry completely before using or displaying your glassware. Most acrylic paints will take 24 hours to fully cure.

glass painting for sale

Acrylic Glass Paint Kit – Closing Thoughts

Glass painting may not be too hard if you know your way around it, but choosing the right equipment for it is a bit challenging. Any wrong choice can significantly affect the quality of your painting, whether it’s a brush or a specific color.

Perhaps in time, you can even have a masterpiece – a collection of beautiful glass painting that you can sell.

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