Acrylic Glass Painting Kits You Can Get in 2021 – Top 17


When searching for the best acrylic glass painting kits, there are a few things to consider. For example, you want a kit that is simple and easy to use. There are several benefits to all of the glass painting kits listed below. The goal is to find one that works best for you. The following glass painting kits feature bright colors, bold pigments, convenient size, glossy finishes and kid-friendly use. It is very important to select the right glass paint for your project. These are the top 17 acrylic glass painting kits you can buy in 2021.



1) ColorMaster by Krylon



This glass paint from Krylon is unique, as it is featured in satin, flat, semi-gloss, gloss and primer finishes. The finish is very strong and easily adheres to metal, wood and glass. ColorMaster by Krylon is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The paint is dry to the touch within 10 minutes. Color options for this paint are extremely versatile, including some of the most popular colors such as rich plum, watermelon, sun yellow and smoke grey. Krylon has created a paint that is suitable for everyone and their specific needs and preferences. Every project has specific color requirements and ColorMaster by Krylon easily fulfills this request. ColorMaster also provides enhanced coverage for glass projects. The bottle is 12 ounces and features spill protection.



2) Promogls16 by FolkArt



This glass painting kit is perfect for all projects, featuring a wide variety of different colors. Promogls16 features 16 colors. Each bottle is 2 ounces. The colors range from sea blue to metallic silver and gold. Promogls16 is a water-based paint. This makes it suitable for delicate glass. The finish is strong, scratch-resistant and glossy. The pigments are potent which ensures opaque coverage. After curing, glass will be dishwasher-safe as a result of the strong, durable formula.



3) Enamel Glass/ Ceramic by FolkArt



This painting kit comes with extensive options for your next project. The kit includes 37 different color options. Each bottle is 2 ounces. They are ideal for glass. This kit is perfect for a project with many different colors. The colors can even be combined to create a unique shade. This kit includes unique shades such as warm white, school bus yellow and licorice. This enamel glass/ ceramic kit also features glitter gold and glitter silver. You can truly create an original piece with all of the options this FolkArt kit provides. The kit has been used by professionals and is highly acclaimed for its scratch-resistant, full-coverage finish. The coverage level is great for imperfections. This kit provides impressive pigmentation for your project.



4) Quick-Dry Pens by PaintMark



These pens are one of the easiest ways to paint your glass without the mess of regular paint. They are extremely quick and convenient. Quick-Dry pens can be purchased in a variety of sizes including 15, 20 and 24. Each pack includes a spectrum of essential colors, along with a few metallic ones to enhance your project. The pens are multi-functional. They can be used on glass, canvas, ceramic, stone and wood. The paint inside the pens is oil-based. This guarantees your art will not fade. The pens are especially ideal for small, intricate details. They are easy to transport and take on the go.




5) Paint Pens by Artistro



These pens are perfect for glass painting. They feature bright, vibrant colors. Each pack contains a total of 12 colors. The finish is opaque and will look slightly different depending upon the surface they are used on. For example, lighter glass surfaces will provide a glossy look. One of the main benefits of these pens are their versatility. They can be used for all types of surfaces including textiles, plastic, stone, metal and glass. The finish is resistant to water, scratches and fading. After the glass has been properly cured, the design will be permanent. However, it is not safe for dishwashers. These paint pens feature a 3mm tip. The application process is simple. These paint pens are non-toxic and do not emit an odor during application.



6) Color Value Set by DecoArt



This kit of 34 paints from DecoArt provides many benefits. This kit features 32, 1.5 ounce paints. It also comes with 2, 2 ounce paints. The kit ensures you are fully stocked with enough options for your project. The paint is non-toxic and ideal for all types of crafts. Once the paint has been cured, it becomes dishwasher-safe.



7) Stained Glass Paint by Magicdo



The stained glass paint kit from Magicdo features 12 natural colors. Each bottle is 0.44 ounces. All the essential rainbow colors are provided in this kit. They are odorless and non-toxic. They apply well on glass surfaces and are ideal for all types of projects. The color palette is more natural with earthy tones. The colors feature heat insulation, anti-UV ray protection as well as water and scratch resistance. This kit is long lasting. After 24 hours of painting, it is advised to bake the painted glass for approximately 2 hours at a temperature of 176� F. This will lock in your vibrant color and help keep it highly resistant to heat, UV rays, water and scratches. These paints provide a satin glass finish.



8) Multi-Surface Set by FolkArt



This kit of multi-surface paints feature 12 different colors. They can be used for surfaces such as fabric, ceramic, wood and glass. The colors are strong and vibrant. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are versatile and non toxic. Each bottle features 2 ounces of color.



9) Gallery Glass Beginner Set by Plaid



This kit of 8 paints is ideal for a beginner. They feature the most essential colors such as red, white, blue, green, yellow and purple. They can be easily washed with soap and water. The kits are perfect for individuals who are experimenting with painting. They provide a stained glass look.



10) Gallery Glass Value Set by Plaid



This kit provides 32 colors, making it a value pack. The kit contains 24 bottles with 0.16 ounces of paint each. This provides more than enough colors for all types of projects. This kit also contains 6 bottles with 0.44 ounces of paint each (more commonly used colors). On top of this, a 2 ounce bottle of clear and 2 ounce bottle of liquid leaning is included with the kit. Gallery Glass Value Set truly provides all you need for creative stained glass projects/ crafts.



11) Acrylic Paint Basics by Liquitex



This kit of basics comes in a variety of sizes, with a total of 48 bottles. The pigmentation on each color is potent, vibrant and stands out. The manufacturing process for these paints is on a professional level. They can be easily cleaned with water while still wet. They also dry quickly and adhere to glass, canvas, paper, masonry, wood, ceramics, stone and metal. The kits are versatile and ideal for custom projects.



12) Window Acrylic by Gallery Glass



This kit of window acrylic paint from Gallery Glass provides 18 bottles, each containing 2 ounces. The kit offers assorted colors I and II. The result is a dazzling, high-quality finish.



13) Glass Paint by Bearals



This kit of glass paint from Bearals comes with 12 different shades, each containing 0.84 ounces. The kit comes with a brush. The colors are ideal for all ages. They are non-toxic and fast-drying. They are resistant to water and scratches. The more coats applied, the brighter the colors will be. Artwork can be baked in the oven for 2 hours at a temperature of 176� F.



14) Stained Glass by Happlee




This kit comes with 12 bright colors that are beautiful and non-toxic. The kit is perfect for strong adhesion to glass, because they dry quickly and provide resistance against scratches. They can be used by all ages and levels, so both beginners and professionals can utilize this stained glass kit by Happlee.



15) Acrylic Paint by Arteza



This kit of 60 acrylic paints offer a rich pigment that is fade-resistant and they are perfect for everyone, including children and adults. The colors include highly pigmented shades such as crimson red and lemon yellow. Everyone can make use of the wide range of shades, because they are formulated with care and provide a non-toxic painting experience.



16) Matte Acrylic Paint by Apple Barrel



This kit of 18 colors comes in 2 ounce bottles. The colors include flag red and fuchsia. They are ideal for a variety of surfaces including plastic, wood and glass, because they are water-based and non-toxic.



17) Acrylic Paint Set by Shuttle Art



This kit from Shuttle Art features a 46 pack with 30 colors, 10 brushes and extra supplies. The 30 colors are vibrant and help you create the ideal project, so they are perfect for glass, fabric, wood, canvas, blackboard easel and more. The pigment is thick and rich, which makes it long-lasting and high-quality.


Regardless of which painting kit you choose, it is important to find the right one for you. Using acrylic paint on glass produces a beautiful result. Glass painting kits are ideal for everyone, from beginners to professionals. Glass painting kits can be easily found at many retailers in 2021.  Simply select the best kit for your project, and paint away!


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