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Painting Kits for Kids – Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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We are here to help you with the task of finding the best painting kits for kids out there. We’ve scoured the market and looked through thousands of options to find the most suitable ones for kids of all difficulty levels. Let’s have a brief overview of the top 5 options we have found.

Paint by number kits is among the most popular activities among kids as well as adults. The therapeutic and extremely rewarding activity also doubles as one of the most thoughtful gift ideas.

Top 5 Painting Kits for Kids Available on the Market


1. Painting Kits for Kids – CANDYL DIY Pikachu


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Kicking off the list with one of the ideal choices for kids of all ages! Pokemon monsters, and especially Pikachu, are liked by many. And they double as a perfect painting kit and a thoughtful gift.

What’s great about cartoon characters, in general, is that they’re adored by all kids. Additionally, they’re always drawn and painted with as few lines and color variations as possible. This facilitates animation, so you can use that to your benefit.

Moreover, the kit is significantly affordable. So, it also doubles as an affordable gift that would still put a smile on their faces!

As for the kit itself, it comes with a pre-printed 16 x 20 inches premium canvas. In addition to a high-quality acrylic paint set that is safe for kids. It also comes with a brush set that consists of 3 different brushes for ease of use and painting.

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with a frame, so you’ll have to buy one separately if you want to hang it on a wall!


2. Liam the Lion – Ledgebay Paint by Numbers Acrylic Kit



Next up we have the Ledgebay Liam the Lion Paint by Number Kits for kids and beginners. This kit is available at a highly affordable price. This makes it one of the perfect choices for buyers on a strict budget.

The size of the painting canvas is a standard 12 x 16 inches and it uses acrylic paint kits to keep the colors vibrant. Acrylic is also easy to deal with and has a relatively controllable after-mess.

The kit also comes in a variety of sizes. Kids can use the large one to fill large areas or the small one to fill fine lines without errors.

The picture in this kit is rather lovely and can be a pretty decent decorative piece in various spots around the house if painted correctly.


3. Painting Kits for Kids – Color Talk DIY Cool Car


DIY Oil Painting, Paint by Number Kits for Kids - Cool Car 8x12 inch
  • 3 size high quality painting brushes
  • Using high-quality safe acrylic paints
  • pre-printed textured art canvas


A lot of kids show great interest in car toys from a very young age. So, it would be a brilliant idea to gift them with a paint by number kit that carries the same theme.

This kit consists of a pre-printed canvas of high quality, so it can handle the extra brush pressure that beginners and kids make.

The size of the painting canvas is 20 x 30 inches, which is a little larger than the average 20 x 16 inches. This makes it ideal for kids’ bedroom decoration when it’s done.

The details of the car and the surrounding background are connected with a few lines. However, the cartoonish effect will cover up for it.

It comes with a variety of premium and safe acrylic paints. This allows the kids to follow the color pattern of the canvas or choose their favorite color to paint the car! The package also includes simple instructions that an adult or a kid can grasp and apply.


4. Ledgebay Princess Ava and Her Kingdom Paint by Number Kit



For older toddlers and very young kids, you might want to look for the simplest possible paint by number kit out there. In that case, this kit would be a perfect choice because it combines all the elements you’re looking for.

It’s vibrant, cartoonish, kid-friendly, and simply one of the easiest kits in terms of the numbers of numbers and color choices.

In addition to all that, the overall size of the painting canvas here is just 12 x 16 inches, which adds to the simplicity of the kit. This makes it ideal for kids who get bored easily or using paint by number kits for the first time in their life!

The kit features premium quality canvas with safe and vibrant acrylic paints. It also comes with different brushes to fill up the large area.


5. Ledgebay Durango the Dinosaur Paint by Numbers for Kids



Lastly, if this kit isn’t the first one that your kids have painted before, you can give them a slightly challenging one to advance their skills.

It’s also an ideal choice if you usually join the kids while painting because the dinosaur design features multiple color patches that you can bond over.

What’s awesome about this kid specifically is that it has similar results to the image and comes with an excellent acrylic paint set, brushes, and others.


What Are the Differences Between Painting Kits for Kids and Adults?


Technically speaking, there isn’t a true difference between a paint by number kit that’s made for children and another one that’s made for adults, at least in terms of the kit itself.

In other words, they use the same canvas sheets and acrylic paint. They also have the same instructions and paint brushes.

However, the true difference between the two lies in the details of the painting itself. Kids paint by number kits are characterized by having fewer color and number choices, so that they’re less confusing and easier to follow.

That’s why cartoonish kits are a popular choice for kids. They contain fewer color variations and vibrant colors that produce a high quality painting with minimal effort!


The Benefits of Painting Kits for Kids


There are a wide variety of benefits that a child would benefit from by using paint by number kits. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • Boost children’s confidence
  • Great activity for bonding between kids and parents
  • They encourage kids to take an interest in art
  • Therapeutic and help in reducing cortisol hormone levels, which reduces stress
  • They help in improving cognitive functions and motor coordination at a young age
  • Boost memory


Where to Find the Best Paint Kits for Children



You can buy paint by number kits whether online or at a local art store. However, we recommend that you consider the online option, especially for kids.

One of the greatest benefits of shopping for paint by number kits online is that there’s a wider variety of kits available out there. You can browse thousands of painting kit options in a significantly short time, so you can find the ideal one for your kid’s taste.

Moreover, they are available around the clock, so this can be convenient for anyone with a tight schedule.


Painting Kits for Kids – Wrap Up


There you have it! A complete guide for painting kits for kids! As you can see, there are tons of thoughtful gift ideas that you can find out there in the form of a paint by number kit!

To shop our complete selection of paint by numbers kits for kids and beginners, CLICK HERE!



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