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Unicorns Paintings: Create Adorable Art With Acrylic Paint

unicorns paintings

Do you love unicorns paintings? Who doesn’t, right? They are the most magical creatures on earth! Now, you can bring their magic to your artwork by learning how to paint them with acrylic paint. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create adorable unicorns using just a few simple steps. So grab your paints and get started!

What Materials To Use?

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Acrylic Paint

Don’t be swayed by the variety of paint colors available. Begin with a few key paint colors and get to know each look and mix. Purchase a tube of each of the following paint colors:

  • Naphthol red medium or cadmium
  • Red Phthalo blue
  • Azo yellow medium or cadmium yellow
  • Burnt umber

You don’t need black to darken colors or create shadows because combinations of the other colors will produce dark colors. We prefer cadmium red medium and cadmium yellow, but avoid getting the paint on your skin because cadmium pigments are poisonous.

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Again, you don’t need a slew of brushes of various sizes and shapes. With time, you’ll develop a preference for brush size and shape, as well as hair type. To begin, we recommend two different sizes of stiff-haired filbert brushes.

Purchasing a canvas that has already been stretched and primed allows you to devote more time to painting. Search for a variety of sizes and shapes canvas to make it more creative. Landscapes benefit from being long and thin.

A Canvas Or Wood Panel

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We like to use a pre-stretched canvas because it’s easy to find at an art supply store. A wood panel will also work, but unlike canvas you’ll need to prime it first with gesso.

Purchasing canvas that has already been stretched and primed allows you to devote more time to painting. Purchase a variety of sizes and shapes. Landscapes benefit from being long and thin.

Paper Towels

You’ll need something to wipe off extra paint and get most of the paint out of the brush before washing it. You don’t want to add anything to your paint, so don’t use anything with moisturizer or cleanser in it.


There are many kinds of easels, but our favorite is a floor-standing, H-frame easel because it is very stable. If you don’t have a lot of room, think about the table-top version.

How To Paint Unicorn Step by Step

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Step One: Prepare The Materials Needed For The Unicorn Paint.

First, you have to decide how big of a canvas you want to use and what colors you want to use.

For the Unicorn’s Hair I used acrylic paint in the following colors: Bright Magenta, Purple Iris, White, Metallic Bronze, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Orange.

Step Two: Sketch Your Unicorn Design.

First, you will need to sketch out your design on the canvas or other painting surface. If you are not sure how to do unicorn drawings, there are many tutorials and resources online that can help you.

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Step Three: Paint The Background.

Once you have your sketch ready, it’s time to start painting! Begin by painting the background of your unicorns painting. You can use any color you like, but we recommend using a light blue or other pastel color. This will help make your unicorns really pop!

Step Four: Paint The Unicorns.

Put white paint on the unicorn. I did this and the blue shading with a 3/4-inch flat. When you shade with blue, mix it with white by putting both blue and white on the canvas at the same time.

Don’t add too much blue, just a little bit! Now it’s time to paint the unicorns! Start with their bodies and then add in their manes and tails. Use whatever colors you like, but we think that traditional unicorn colors look best. Play each hair individually with a small round brush, following the lines of the curves you drew.

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Outline some parts of the unicorn in black with a small round brush and black paint to make them stand out. Don’t outline everything, just a little bit here and there. Draw black ovals on the horn. Use a toothbrush to splatter and fill white paint, sequins or gemstones over parts of the hair and horn. This makes it look like glitter.

Now that your unicorns are painted, it’s time to add some final details. To make it shine more. You can add rainbows and stars in the background or put some decor like sequins and flower accessories into your canvas. Get creative and have fun with your art!

Best Unicorn Paint By Number Kits

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Unicorn Paint by Numbers Stretched Canvas for Kids,

Paint by Number for Kids – Kids Paint Set DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids ages 8-12 9-12 4-8 | Kids Painting Set for Girls Easy Painting Kits for Kids Paint by Number Unicorn Paint Set for Kids
  • Paint By Number For Kids - Challenging unicorn designs made for a long lasting experience rather than a one time use.
  • All In One Kids' Paint By Number Kits – 2 (8"x12") painting by numbers for kids canvas, 24 acrylic paint pots, 5 paintbrushes, giftable...
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee – We stand by the quality of our paint by numbers kids set 100%. In the rare case you may not be satisfied by our...

Let your children enjoy hours of fun and creativity with this Unicorn paint by numbers kit! This kit includes everything they need to create their very own unicorn art paint, including two stretched canvases, 24 acrylic paint pots, and five high-quality paint brushes. A great gift idea because of its non-toxic and vibrant color are sure to bring your own unicorn to life!

DIY Unicorn Paint by Number Kit, Pink Unicorn Pattern Canvas Painting

DIY Paint by Numbers,Pink unicorn Pattern Canvas Painting,Oil Paintwork by Number Kit for Adults or Kids Beginner,with Paintbrushes,16”x 20”inch Acrylic Paint for Home Decoration,without Frame
  • ❈Product features: The package contains an unicorn picture, each picture size is 16 x 20 inches, each pack has 3 different sizes of brushes,...
  • ❈Are you tired or stressed? The digital painting kit can help you relax and reduce stress in your free time. It can also increase your intimacy...
  • ❈Easy to draw: follow the detailed instructions in the packaged product, according to the number corresponding to different colors, very...

This Pink Unicorn paint by number kit comes with a picture of a unicorn. Each picture is 16 x 20 inches. Each number kit comes with three different-sized brushes that can be used in small and large spaces to easily draw fine lines and details.

In your free time, the digital Unicorn paint by number kit can help you calm down and feel less stressed. This paint by number kit can also help you grow closer to your family, kids and friends. During your free time over the holidays, you can do something useful with your kids in a happy setting.

These numbers kits will help your kids get interested in painting. Follow the detailed instructions on the package. Each number corresponds to a different color. Great for kids and adults who are just starting out and are patient (pregnant women can also touch the product)

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ColorOki 2-Pack Easy Unicorn Paint By Number Kit For Kids

2-Pack Easy Paint by Numbers Kits for Kids, DIY Oil Painting for Children Seniors Beginners, Framed Pre Drawn Canvas Painting Craft Set, Color According to Numbers 8x8 inch (Unicorn)
52 Reviews
2-Pack Easy Paint by Numbers Kits for Kids, DIY Oil Painting for Children Seniors Beginners, Framed Pre Drawn Canvas Painting Craft Set, Color According to Numbers 8x8 inch (Unicorn)
  • 🎨SIMPLE DESIGN - Starter kit, right difficulty level, Children neither bored nor frustrated;
  • 🎨KEEP KIDS BUSY - Hours of DIY fun; no guidance needed for kids ages 6-year-old and above;
  • 🎨FUN FOR ALL AGES - Great for kids 4-8, 8-12, teens, adult beginners, seniors; and people with special needs;

ColorOki Unicorn paint by number kit level of difficulty is just right, so kids won’t get bored or frustrated. Hours of do-it-yourself fun that kids over 6 can do without help. It’s great for kids ages 4 to 8, 8 to 12, teens, adults just starting out, and older people.

It comes with high-quality acrylic paints that don’t smell and are easy to use on preprinted canvas. This art crafts will help customers develop patience and creativity.

iKEYKIN Paint By Numbers DIY Acrylic Painting Number Kit For Children And Adults

iKEYKIN Paint by Numbers DIY Acrylic Painting Kit for Kids & Adults Beginner – 16” x 20” Colorful Unicorn - Without Framed
  • You Will Get - Painting by numbers kit include 1 pc pre-printed textured art canvas(without Framed) , 1 set acrylic paints, 1 set brushes(include...
  • DIY Oil Painting - Suitable to make it in your spare time and for beginner to practice painting , This is a pretty choice as a gift birthday or...
  • How To Paint - The painting is suit for all skills levels, DIY paint by numbers for Adults & Kids & Beginner, follow the instructions, paint by...

With this unicorn paint by numbers kit you will get 1 piece of pre-printed textured unicorn art canvas (not framed). Accessories such as 1 set of acrylic paints, 1 set of brush (3 pieces), and a beautiful gift package from Ikeykin.

This unicorn paint by number art crafts are pretty gifts for birthdays. When you’re done, it can be a great decoration in your living room and bedroom, making your home feel more alive.

Premium quality bright acrylic paints that are safe, and this paint by number custom beginner kit comes with high-quality brushes and acrylic paints that are safe for your family’s health and the environment.

Unicorn Paint By Number Kit With Acrylic Pigment for Children And Adults

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Unicorn paint by number kit for children is a great pastime for your children and their friends. Children and beginner adults can start painting right away because the canvas is the right size, the pattern is simple and cute, and the texture is clear and pre-printed.

The paint by number kits have a wooden frame inside, and once they’re done, they can be hung on the wall.

The Unicorn Paint by Numbers kits includes. Two canvases, four paint brushes, four screws, and two hooks.

This kit is made for kids ages 6 and up who want to start painting but haven’t done it before. Children can let their imaginations run wild when they paint. Apart from that it helps develop hand eye coordination for kids and adults

Your own unicorn paint by number is now complete! We hope you had fun creating this adorable art craft. Be sure to hang them in your home as a decor or share it with your friends and family!

How To Buy Unicorn Paint By Numbers Kit In An Online Store?

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Paint by numbers kit is a great way to get creative. However, it can be tricky to know where to start. Before you go shopping online first, consider what size of canvas and kit you need. Second, create an online account and search for an art store that sells Unicorn Paint by Numbers Kit.

Don’t forget to review the policy on how the product will be shipped, if they have promotions, deals, stock and customer’s review. Proceed to the store site and fill out the form with your information like name, age, shipping address, product details.

Don’t forget to send a note to the sellers if you want your paint by numbers kit to have special accessories such as sequins, gemstones, pin or a frame. Before you hit the checkout button make sure that you review your shopping details.

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