Best Place to Buy Paint by Numbers Kits


Remember those paint by numbers sheets you used to do as a kid? Well, they’re back, and they’re not just for kids anymore. Why should they get all the fun?

Paint by numbers is a fun and stress-relieving activity no matter who you are. Once you get into it, you’re never going to want to stop.

There are tons of printable paint by numbers pages out there, covering all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for landscapes, abstract scenes, or animals, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best places to get paint by numbers and printable paint by numbers.


Buying Printable Paint by Numbers


You’ll have a hard time finding websites that sell printable paint by numbers pages. The demand simply isn’t there. If you’re purchasing paint by numbers pages, you might as well get something physical that you don’t have to print yourself.

This way, there’s no worry of quality loss. It also allows you to have larger paint by numbers, as opposed to a restrictive printer-sized page. People are also wary of buying digital images off the web, as it’s hard to determine what price would be worth it.

There are, however, plenty of websites that offer free paint by numbers pages. These are a great way to dip your toe into the water and test out painting by numbers. Here are a few options for both free printable sheets, and physical purchases.




Pinterest should be a staple app on every artist’s phone. This goes for paint by numbers artists, too.

Searching for “printable paint by numbers” will give you plenty of options. This is a great way to get free, varied paint by numbers pages.

The paint by numbers pages on Pinterest are about as varied as they come. A quick browse shows intricate cityscapes, flower patterns, and hypnotizing swirling designs. Plus, if you find an uploader you like you can follow them and have a constant source of paint by numbers sheets!

Printing pages from Pinterest is about as easy as it gets. Visit Pinterest on your computer, find the image you want, and left click to expand it. Then right-click and hit ‘save image as’, and save the image to your computer.

Now, just print it as you would anything else. You shouldn’t notice any quality loss. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


The Spruce Crafts


Art blog The Spruce Crafts offers a webpage full of printable paint by numbers pages.

If you’re looking to get your kid interested in paint by numbers this should be your first stop. They have a great selection of kid-friendly paint by numbers pages. These include Care Bears, fruit, fish, and an adorable frog!

They’ve also got math-based paint by numbers sheets. These pages feature math equations within white, outlined blocks. The color you paint each block depends on the answer to the equation.

Paint by numbers sheets are a really fun way to help your kid learn math. It may even help them learn to paint in the process! Talk about a win-win! offers a selection of over 20 printable paint by numbers sheets. Most of these are abstract pattern designs, but there are also birds, flowers, and even a MAD Magazine cover for fans of the late great Alfred E. Neuman.

These are complete, licensing-free pages with color guidance and all. They all come in high resolution, meaning no quality loss or blurriness. Plus, they’re totally free!


DIY Paint By Numbers For


Our paint by numbers pages may not be printable, but they are varied and beautiful. Plus, they’re all perfect for adults. No kids allowed!

Once you’ve done a few printable pages, it’s time to upgrade with one of our pieces. You can get framed or unframed pieces, as well as paint and brush sets. That’s everything you need to get started with paint by numbers.

Buying paint by numbers offers better designs than free, printable options. You can also buy something framed, letting you hang your finished masterpiece. What a great way to show your pride!

We also do custom paint by numbers pieces!


Michaels/Art Shops



Most art shops, including Michaels, carry a wide selection of paint by numbers books. These pages range from kid-centric to adult, and some even include paint and brushes. This is a great way to get started and to stock up on pages.

Many shops offer single-sheet paint by numbers based on actual paintings or landscapes. These may come framed, on canvas, or just on paper. They’ll let you know all the paints you’ll need, and may even come with paints.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, try your local art shop. If they don’t have paint by numbers, they can probably point you in the right direction.


Google Images


One of your best options for printable paint by numbers pages is Google Images.

Simply Googling “printable paint by numbers” and heading to Google Images will give you dozens of pages of results. Not all of these come with color guides, so you might have to do a little searching. But you’re sure to find something you like this way.

These results come from a variety of paint by numbers sites, Pinterest, and blogs. It’s as simple as right-clicking and hitting ‘save as’, just like from Pinterest. If you’re looking for free printables, it’s definitely worth a shot.


Printable Paint By Numbers – Damask Love



Damask Love has plenty of printable paint by numbers options.

Damask Love’s pages are hidden behind a password-protected page. To access this page, you’ll need to sign up for their site. They’ll send you an email including a password that gives you access to all their printables.

Their printables come in high-quality PDF form. They’ve got a nice range of selections, aimed mostly at adults. The reviews are nothing but glowing, so you know you’re getting some great quality sheets.

Buy a high-quality paint kit and try out one of Damask Love’s pages. You might just fall in love with paint by numbers!


PBNify is one of the coolest tools for paint by numbers fans. It allows you to turn any image you want into a paint by numbers sheet. Photographs, drawings, paintings — they’re all fair game with PBNify.

First, navigate to Drag and drop your image of choice into the square labeled ‘Drop image here…’. Your image will appear in the box.

The next step is to click on points of the image with different colors. Anywhere you see a variable color, click. This lets PBNify scan the image for these colors and number them, resulting in a perfect paint by numbers outline.

Once you’ve selected the colors you want, hit the ‘PBNify’ button. Your image will then be converted into a paint by numbers page! With the options above the image, you can view the original, the outline, and save your palette and image.

To save you paint by numbers, hit ‘save’ next to the ‘outline’ option. You’ll be brought to a page featuring your full-sized paint by numbers image. Right-click, ‘save as’, and you’re ready to print.

Any image will work, but it’s best to stick with something with some easily definable colors. Abstract photographs are trickier to PBNify than drawings and more concrete subjects. Test the site out, make a few pages, and see what works best for you!


Paint by Number App


For something a little different, try the free Paint By Number app on Android and iOS.

With Paint By Number, you get access to a ton of free paint by number pages without even needing to purchase paint. Just use your finger to select colors and fill in the spaces from the comfort of your tablet or phone! If you want to destress easily on the bus, in the doctor’s office, or anywhere else, you’re going to love Paint By Number.

The app is entirely free, with an option to pay to remove watermarks from the image. You can also watch a brief ad to get rid of these watermarks.

Some users even screenshot the Paint By Number images and convert them into printable pages. Doing this with no quality loss, however, might take some technical know-how.

It’s not quite the same as physically painting by numbers, but it’s a good start. There are plenty of paint by numbers apps available on both iPhone and Android. You’re sure to find something you like!


Paint by Numbers Is Back



If you’ve never tried painting by numbers, you’ve got no excuse. There are lots of free, printable paint by numbers sheets available for all levels of painters. Pick one of the sites above and see what all the fuss is about!

And once you’ve got the hang of it, try a framed paint by numbers! There’s nothing better than having a piece of your own art framed and hanging on the wall. Who knows, you could be the first paint by numbers Picasso!

For framed paint by numbers, check out our shop. Contact us with any comments or questions. We’d be happy to help!



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