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What Are Thanksgiving Colors? Putting Them on Canvas


Do you plan on painting Monica Geller with her head inside a Tarboosh-wearing Turkey? Maybe you want to go all out with your own copy of The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth? Either way, particular colors should make it to the list to make the perfect Thanksgiving palette.

Here’s your guide to understanding what are Thanksgiving colors and how to get started with putting them on canvas.

What Are Thanksgiving Colours?

The Thanksgiving palette is composed of four specific colors: brown, orange, red, and yellow. Why these colors, in particular? Let’s find out!


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In any Thanksgiving feast, you’ll find the brown gravy and ham ready to be devoured. However, the color’s part in Thanksgiving goes beyond that; it radiates reliability and strength! Even in nature, it’s the earthy color of solid tree bark and breathing soil.


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If you’re a vegetarian, then thanksgiving for you is all about the glazed carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato casserole, with the orange color acting like a beaming sun at the head of the table.

The rush of excitement and warmth felt at a friends’ gathering on Thanksgiving could only be attributed to the power of the color orange.


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Thanksgiving is all about the things we’re grateful for. And who isn’t grateful for some love? You sure won’t miss the scarlet color on Thanksgiving. The juicy cranberry sauce makes a statement on any dinner table, next to some blooming red flowers.

The color is also the one responsible for the big appetites and watering mouths all around the table.


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On any thanksgiving, yellow and gold make a grand appearance, starting with the main centerpiece, the golden crispy turkey, and ending with some delicious corn, and mashed potatoes.

The yellow on Thanksgiving is the one behind all the giggles. It stimulates the release of serotonin, which is your feel-good hormone.

Looking outside your window, you’ll find leaves in all four colors strewn under tree shades. Since Thanksgiving is originally about understanding nature, it’s only natural that nature’s colors are used in the celebration.

How to Start Adding Thanksgiving Colors to a Canvas?

There’s no better joy than documenting a moment that’s dear to your heart, and there’s no better way to do so other than turning your Thanksgiving memories into paintings!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used a paintbrush before you picked up a pencil or if you don’t know the difference between acrylic paint and gouache, paint by numbers kits are your go-to for a Thanksgiving masterpiece.

A paint by numbers kit offers you a canvas that has numbered outlines that you need to fill up. One outline after the other, you’ll start noticing your canvas coming to life.

You can customize the painting with a picture of your roasted turkey for a sentimental piece. Or you can simply choose a painting from our huge Paint by Numbers collection that reflects the real spirit of Thanksgiving.

What are Thanksgiving Colors? Two Paintings You Can Frame

Your dining room isn’t complete without a painting that embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving. There’s no better painting than the one you do from scratch. You can even let your friends and family join in for a piece made entirely with love.

Pumpkin Bucket Full Drill Embroidery Paint with Diamond

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This painting embraces all Thanksgiving themes for a sentimental effect. It has a big old bucket with a couple of pumpkins inside. The bucket is adorned with leaves, and there are two beautiful birds there.

Country Cabin Tracks Landscapes

Are you looking for some peaceful countryside landscape painting for this Thanksgiving? This one’s for you.

The painting depicts a beautiful scene of a country cabin in the woods during autumn. The colors are opaque and vibrant, giving the Thanksgiving feels!

What are Thanksgiving Colors? Step by Step Instructions for Painting by Numbers

Paint by number kits make painting an immersive experience for any artist. Most packages include the outlined canvas, colors, and brushes, so you won’t have to buy any tools separately.

Here are the steps you need to follow to start painting by numbers:

Prep the Canvas

To begin painting, you have to set up everything first by unrolling your canvas. If you notice any wrinkles in your canvas, iron it. You don’t have to worry about damaging the canvas since most paint by number canvases are made of durable cotton.

Once it’s wrinkle-free, you can pin it down to an easel, a foam board, or a piece of cardboard. Then, use removable tape and go all around to cover the white frame. This way, the white frame remains clean, even if you paint outside the lines.

Now, it’s time to prime up your painting with some gesso. It isn’t an essential step, but it helps your colors stick better to the canvas and gives it texture.

Make sure to thin the gesso with some water so that the thin layer doesn’t cover up the numbers or blur the lines.

Gather Your Brushes

You’ll find three different types of paint brushes in most paint by number kits. If you’re a newbie, the three sizes would be all you need for your painting.

However, you might need to trim one or two brushes a little so that they don’t annoy you while painting. Wet the brush and cut any straying bristles with a pair of scissors.

Prepare the Paint

You’ll be getting a maximum of acrylic 24 colors for each painting. The colors are the exact shades you’ll need for the painting, so you won’t have to mix any colors.

You’ll need to add a few drops of water to each color before you use it. The water will make the paint creamy and ready for use.

Sometimes the colors get too clumpy, which may lead you to use up more paint than needed. In this case, you may need to purchase extra paint to finish your painting.

Once the setup is done, you’re ready to put your colors to canvas.

Start Painting

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If you’re right-handed, you should always start painting from the left side then head to the right, and vice versa. You don’t want your forearm doing freestyle painting as you move your hands!

Thanksgiving colors could be transparent, so you might have to add more than one layer to cover up the black ink underneath.

Some sections could be tiny. If you’re afraid your color will ruin the neighboring section, use a toothpick to get the color in the right place.

Some paintings with their intricate details, like the Apple Harvest, might need 10 to 15 hours to complete. This means your work in progress has to be well-maintained.

You can store your canvas in a styrofoam box until you’re ready to use it again. In this case, pack your acrylic paint in sealing bags.

What are Thanksgiving Colors? – Wrap Up

Thanksgiving is a lot more than just the Thanksgiving table, the thanksgiving décor, or family gatherings; it’s a day to show gratitude to God for all His blessings.

It’s also a celebration of peace between people of different backgrounds and cultures. Above all, it’s a chance for people to come together for some cherished quality time.

This is why the fall colors should convey the holiness, serenity, and hominess that this beloved holiday is all about.

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