Paint by Numbers Sunset Kits to Wow your Friends and Family

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Our paint by numbers sunset kits are available for those who want to create a piece of art that combines rich and vibrant colors in an iconic scene. These kits are replicas of real masterpieces created by the talented artists we collaborate with. So, keep on reading to learn more about our paint by numbers sunset kits and why they’re so popular.

Picking your paint by numbers kit to finish on your own, with a family member, or to send as a gift is a wise decision. These kits allow beginners and first-timers to enjoy an unmatched sense of achievement as they see their artwork project brought to life.


Choosing the Best Paint By Numbers Sunset Kits


Paint by number kits are created by various talented artists who share their talent with the world. But picking the right one can be an overwhelming task, especially that there are several options to choose from.

Selecting the right paint by numbers kit starts with picking the most appropriate theme. There are fun, bright, dark, and mystic themes. So what makes the sunset theme so majestic and unique? Here are a few reasons why our sunset paint by numbers kits are always in demand.


  • Sunset paint by numbers kits usually show iconic landscape scenes that combine different elements of nature. The combination of rich and deep colors creates the perfect addition to any room as they add the needed pop of color.
  • On any given day, the sunset combines several shades of orange, yellow, red, purple, and blue in a unique combination that changes every day. In your painting, you get to record one special sunset moment forever in your artwork, so you can always admire the beauty of nature and its magic.
  • The rich and bright colors of the sun and the rays that reflect off different elements in the painting will add more illumination to your space.
  • Seeing a sunset brings memories of special days that we probably spent as children or as adults with our loved ones. We can all think of a special sunset by the sea or a lake where we enjoyed an intimate conversation with someone that means a lot to us.


Mental Health Benefits of Sunsets


  • The scene of sunset evokes feelings of calmness and relaxation. It refers to the end of a long day, with all its chores and responsibilities. The different colors that occur during the sunset can make us get lost in the magic of nature.
  • The sunset signifies the door that stands between the dark and light. It symbolizes the transition between two worlds and combines their beauty in a single element.
  • The warm and rich colors of the sunset make us feel the mystery because we don’t know what will follow. People change their plans after sunset. They go inside or get dressed to enjoy a night out, so picking a scene that shows the sunset will keep us wondering because it’s unexpected.


Which Painters Made Famous Paintings of the Sunset?


In art, the sunset was always the symbol of the evil and the good, the beginning and the end, the mystery and the clarity. This is why several artists tried to capture the beauty and magic of the sun during its final moment as it goes to rest before it shines on a new day.

San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk is a masterpiece by Claude Monet, the founder of the French Impressionist painting, where the shades of the sun reflect off the water. The famous painting was used in the heist film The Thomas Crown Affair.

Olive Trees With Yellow Sky And Sun was created by Vincent van Gogh as part of this olive trees series that combine different elements of nature to signify life and death. The artist also created another famous sunset scene in his masterpiece The Red Vineyard, which was focused on richer colors and shades. This painting is well known to be the only painting Van Gogh sold during his lifetime.

Your paint by numbers kit won’t allow you to create a replica of these masterpieces. However, you can create a rich painting that captures all the beauty and majesty of the sunset. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and pay attention to the canvas as it shows an outline of your painting.

Next, you need to check the numbers on the canvas and how they respond to the numbers on the paint pots. All you have to do is dip your brush in the paint and color the empty spot that corresponds to the number on the canvas.


Paint By Numbers Sunset Kits


Are you a big fan of the sunset and its beauty? If so, picking one of the following paint by numbers kits will be an excellent decision. Check out our sunset paint by numbers kits.


1. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Mountain Paradise



In this scene, the sun represents the focal point. Around which all the elements arrange in a majestic scene that evokes feelings of calmness, nostalgia, and love. The trees and the lake create the perfect setting for an outing for a couple who got tired after spending their day on their wooden boat.

We can imagine the intimate conversation they enjoyed while the curious ducks kept on roaming around them. After enjoying snacks, they went in front of the fireplace to open up to each other.

Due to the warmth of this artwork, it represents a great gift to someone close to your heart. You can also hang it in a living room or bedroom.


2. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults The Road Home



If you feel like missing childhood days, this kit will bring back the feelings of nostalgia. Especially as you watch the kid enjoying his time on the swing while playing with his dog. The farmhouse and the barn sit in the background to create the perfect setting for our childhood memories. While the trees bring the needed balance.

The road to the house will probably remind us of the time we spent playing in the countryside. Back when we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We can’t see the sun. But, the rich lighting leaves no doubt that it’s hiding behind the trees to keep us warm and happy.

This is a wonderful gift to a family member that you shared childhood memories with. You can also hang it in a summer house as a tribute to the old days.


3. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults Country Sunshine



Inspired by the rich shades of the sun, this painting combines several elements to bring feelings of warmth and safety. Perhaps it refers to a long lazy afternoon. One where you preferred to spend inside while watching the beauty of the sun.

The rich and deep shades of the fruit and the sunflowers are inspired by the sunset palette. While the overall painting reminds us of countryside vibes. You can hang this painting in a kitchen or a living room because it looks so peaceful and inviting.


Wrap Up



For years, the sunset has inspired artists to create their masterpieces. And our paint by numbers kits are available to help you enjoy its beauty. There are several paintings to choose from, so you can easily pick the one that you like the most.

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