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Best Easel for Painting: Tips On How To Choose The Right One

best easel for painting

Do you love to paint but don’t have the space for an art studio? Or maybe you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest in a lot of supplies until you know if painting is really your thing. In either case, an easel is a great investment. But with so many on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

We’ve put together 10 tips to help you make the best decision possible. So whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden easel or something a little more high-tech, read on!

What Is A Painting Art Easel?

best easels quality art supplies

A painting easel is a three-legged support system that holds your canvas in place while you work. It is a stand that can be used to show something off or hold it in place at an angle of about 20 degrees to the vertical.

In particular, painters use easels to hold their paintings while they work on them, usually while standing up. Sometimes, easels are also used to show off finished paintings. It’s important to have a sturdy easel that won’t tip over when you’re working on large or heavy canvases.

Why Do You Need An Art Easel?

 Allows You To See Your Work From The Best Point Of View

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Most works of art are meant to be hung on a wall and looked at while standing up. So, when we make art, it’s important to keep the paper or canvas upright so that the viewing angle isn’t messed up.

When we put our paper flat on a table to work, the angle of view changes. This also changes the way you look at things. We all know that things in the distance look smaller than things up close.

So long as we keep drawing and the paper stays flat, it might look fine. But when we’re done and hold the paper straight up, the drawing may look crooked and heavy on top.

When we draw with our paper standing up on an easel, our view is less skewed because we can see most of the art just by looking straight ahead. This makes it much easier to keep the right amounts and proportions.

Now, this effect is subtle, and it also depends on how big your paper is. The bigger the paper, the bigger the difference in perspective, and the more likely it is that your measurements will be wrong. But the basic idea is always true.

To Move Around More Freely

most easels canvas sizes

Another important reason to use an easel is that it gives you more room to move around. When you draw on a flat piece of paper, your hand or wrist rests on the table.

That makes it harder to move around than when you work at an easel, where you can move your whole hand and even your arm to make marks and strokes. This is very important if you want to draw in a loose or expressive style.

When you stand at an easel to work, it’s also easier to move around and take a step back from time to time. When you look at your work from a distance, you can see it with “fresh eyes” and get a better overall picture.

You can also sit down in front of your easel if you can’t stand for long periods of time. Make sure you can lower your easel so that your work is at the right height and you don’t have to tilt your head.

To Keep A Good Posture

melissa doug bench easel

Lastly, working at an easel is good because it helps you stand up straight. If your paper is flat on a table and you are drawing, you are probably leaning over it.

After a while, that posture can make your neck and shoulder muscles very tight, which can cause headaches and pain in your neck, shoulders, and even back. It is much better to stand up straight at an easel so that your head and neck can stay straight while you work.

Display Paintings Or Other Artworks

They are not just for painters! If you have a nice piece of calligraphy, a family photo, or even an antique mirror that you want to display, an easel is the perfect way to do it.

You can find all sorts of different styles of easels to match any decor. For example, there are metal easels, wooden easels, and even plastic ones. And they come in all sorts of different sizes, too.

Types Of Art Easel

Outdoor And Portable Art Easel

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An easel is a type of stand that is used to support a variety of different art boards and canvases. There are many different types of easels available on the market, but outdoor and portable easels are two of the most popular options.

Outdoor easels are typically made from weather-resistant materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor spaces, such as gardens or balconies.

Portable Art Easel

Are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. They are often made from wood or plastic, and they usually have folding legs that make them easy to pack up and take with you on the go.

Whether you’re an artist who likes to paint outdoors or a student who needs a portable desk for your art classes, an easel can be a great investment.

Sketching Field Art Easel

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Field Easels for sketching look like camera tripods. They have three legs and a footprint in the shape of a triangle. At the point where the three legs come together, there will be a central column that can hold artwork. This column has a lower canvas support and an upper canvas support to help you place your work.

Lightweight Aluminum Easels Options

Are popular because they are easy to move, but you can also choose a traditional wood finish. Telescoping legs make portable easels easy to fold up when not in use. When you’re ready to paint, it’s easy to make them longer. Some models can be used as tabletop easels when the legs are completely pulled back.

This type of easel is great for painting outside, but because of its shape, it can be a little unsteady. Since they are small and light, they are not as stable as a studio easel. If it’s windy and you’re painting, you might want to put a bag of supplies in the middle of the easel to keep it steady.

melissa doug hybrid easels

Box stools

Box easels are a type of portable easel that can be used outside. They have a drawer or other storage space for materials. They are set up like a tripod, but there is a box in the middle instead of just a single column.

This easel functions as a storage box for your box for your art supplies. Apart from an easy storage for your materials, it also holds the central column and supports all canvas sizes whether large canvases or small canvases . Like field easels, box easels can be folded down to make them easy to move and store. If you are painting on small canvas boards, you can sometimes put them in the box compartment. These easels are made of real wood.

Indoor Art Easel

Indoor easels are a type of easel that is used for paintings and artwork that are going to be displayed inside. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a small tabletop easel to large floor easels.

Some indoor easels even come with built-in shelves or drawers, which can be handy for storing art supplies. Most indoor easels are made from wood, although there are some metal and plastic options available as well.

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Studio easels

Type of easel that is intended for use in an artist’s studio. They are typically larger and sturdier than indoor easels, as they need to be able to support heavy canvases.

Just like a field easel, studio easels have an adjustable canvas holder, so that the artist can position the easel stand and the canvas at the perfect angle. Like indoor easels, studio easels come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

Art Tabletop Easel

Tabletop easels are great if you don’t have a permanent place to paint. They are easy to set up and take down, so you can use the table for something else.

Some of these easels look like a small “H” frame, some look like an “A” frame, and some have a solid back. There are also some models that have a small space for storage, which is great if you need to put your materials away quickly.

You can change the angle of your painting surface by moving the support on these easels. Most of the time, this is done with wingnuts that can be tightened or loosened to get the angle you want. However, some models have notches cut in certain places that only let you work at certain angles.

Most of the time, this type works best for small scale paintings. If you are working on something big, it probably won’t work. Most models also have a fixed height, which means that the lower support for the canvas can’t be moved up or down.

This is important to remember, especially if you are making very small paintings. You should try to keep your work close to eye level instead of close to the table. In this case, the best easel would be a table easel with a lower support that can be moved.

single mast easel

Radial Easel

Radial easels are the kind that you’ll usually find in art schools and colleges. They can be used instead of bulky studio easels to save space. The only support in the middle is hinged, and a short tripod holds it up.

The hinge lets you tilt the easel to change the working angle, and you can move the two canvas supports to fit your work. This kind of easel is not as stable or strong as an H-frame or A-frame easel, but it is much cheaper and can be folded up when not in use.

Classic A-frame Easel

One of the two types of Studio easels we sell are A-Frame Easels, which are also called “Lyre” easels. Their shape and footprint are both triangular. The front of the easel is made of wood in the shape of a “A,” with the supports for the canvas and the column in the middle.

The main frame is balanced by a single leg in the back, so the easel is held up like a tripod. On less expensive “A” frame models, the canvas support is at the angle of the two front legs. You can tilt the column that holds the canvas support on more expensive models.

They work well for paintings that are small to medium in size. A-frame easels are the lighter of the two types of studio easels, but they are also more stable than portable easels. They cost less than a H frame as well.

dry erase board art materials

H-frame Easels

H Frame Easels are the strongest of our studio easels. Their name comes from the shape of the sturdy frame that holds them together. The biggest base of these easels makes them stable enough for even the most active painters.

Most of the time, a professional artist sets up H-frame easels in one place and leaves it there. They aren’t as simple to take apart. You would have to find a special place for one. If your studio is big enough, an H-frame easel is a great investment.

Even though they are big, they are easy to change so that you can paint at different angles and on surfaces of different sizes. Most of the time, the main frame is attached to the legs with wingnuts, so it can be removed. The braces that hold the canvas supports can also be moved to different positions, depending on your needs.

You should buy an H-frame easel if you are a serious artist who wants a permanent place to paint. These easels are very strong and stable, so they will last a long time and can accommodate canvases you created . They are heavy duty easels therefore are more expensive than other types of easels, so they are a good investment.

Convertible Art Easels

Convertible art easels is a type of easel that can be used in more than one way. For example, a convertible easel can be used as a desktop easel or a floor easel. Convertible easels are usually made of wood or metal and have three legs.

The legs can be adjusted to different heights, so you can use the easel in different ways. Convertible easel is a good choice for artists who want to be able to use their easel in more than one way.

They are also a good choice for artists who have limited space because they can be used as frame easels, a floor easel or a desktop easel. Convertible easels are great beginner’s easels and are usually more expensive than other types of easels.

Tips For Purchasing The Best Easel For Painting

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Decide What Type Of Painting You’ll Be Doing

When it comes to choosing art easels, there are a few things you should take into consideration. First and foremost, you need to decide what type of painting you’ll be doing. Are you planning on oil painting? Watercolors? Both?

Knowing the medium you’ll be using will help narrow down your choices. For example, if you’re only going to be painting with watercolors, you won’t need an easel that’s as sturdy as one you would use for oil painting since watercolors are lighter in weight.

Finalize How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Like anything else, you get what you pay for when it comes to art easels. However, there are plenty of high-quality options at different price points. It is important to find one that fits your budget without sacrificing quality or functionality.

There are a wide range of art easels available at different price points, so it’s important to set a budget before beginning your search. With these factors in mind, finding the perfect easel for your needs will be a breeze.

Check The Mechanism Of The Adjustable Easel

Make sure it is sturdy and can be easily adjusted. The last thing you want is an unstable easel that topples over every time you reach for a new color.

Bolt and Screw

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The bolt and screw that lets you change how the painting hangs must work right, or the painting will keep falling down. Make sure the wing-nut fits on the bolt and tightens up well. Check the screw’s thread to make sure there aren’t any cross threads that would keep the wingnut from tightening.

Ratchet Locking System

In the same way, the ratchet locking system needs to be tested. This makes height and angle adjustment of the adjustable easels possible. With this mechanism, this easel folds flat up into a small space.

Consider Portability

if you plan to use your easel for an outdoor painting or take it with you to different locations, make sure it is easy to set up and break down than other easels

Consider how much space you have for storage and where you will be using your easel. If you have a small studio, a large floor easel might not be the best option.

Check Reviews

Before making any purchase, be sure to do your research and read reviews from other artists. This is the best way to get an unbiased opinion on different products and find the perfect easel for your needs.

Look for items with the most number of positive reviews and with high ratings. You may also check whether they give discounts or promos .

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Check For Second Hand Easel

Sometimes, colleges and universities will sell used high quality easels. You can also look on eBay and in second-hand stores, but make sure the easel meets some basic standards.

Look for signs that the easel has been kept in a damp place, like woodworm or dry rot. Again, make sure that the locks and adjustable legs are working properly. Professional artists might be able to use an easel that looks beat up because dried paint and dents can be sanded off and cleaned up.

Determine If Your The Type Who Wants To Stand Up Or Sit Down

Really, there are two kinds of easels: those for artists who want to sit down and those who want to stand up (or those that perch on a stool). The tabletop easel might be the best choice for an artist who likes to work while sitting at a table.

The table easel, as its name suggests, is made to sit on a tabletop and hold the painting at an angle. Some table easels have built-in storage spaces that open into trays where you can put paints, paint brushes, a paper roll holder and can accommodate canvas or mediums.

best art easels two large plastic trays

Size Of The Paintings

If an artist likes to make bigger paintings, the painting will need a firm place to rest. In this case, you might want to use these two easels: the A-frame or H-frame easel. The most common choices for larger paintings are the A-frame easel (also called a camera tripod easel) or its lighter cousin, the French easel.

Both are easy to fold up and store art supplies in small spaces. The lighter ones often come with a carrying case and a stool that folds up.

H-frame Easel Is The Best Art Easel In Studio

If an artist is lucky enough to have a big studio with lots of space for big paintings or large canvases, he or she may want to use a studio easel, also called an H-frame easel. While you are painting, these sturdy easels can hold canvases or heavy panels

The Pochade Box Works Well When Used Outside.

It looks like a regular painter’s travel case from the outside, but inside the lid is a board that folds flat out at an angle when the lid is fully open. Clips on this board can be used to hold painting panels in place.

When folds flat, there’s enough room in the box to store your paints, brushes, and mediums. The lid that keeps your paint tubes in the box also has some holes that you can use to keep your brushes handy. The pochade also comes with a tripod, so you can set it up and paint anywhere.

Radial Easel Perfect For Observational Work

The radial easel, which stands on three short legs at the base, is perfect for life drawing and other observational work because it is easy to place in front of a subject and doesn’t take up much space.

If you prefer to work while sitting down, the Donkey easel has a seat for you to sit on, a place to prop up your drawing board, and a drawer for your pencils on the other end.

Look For Easel That Can Be Tilted

You can move your easel or tilt it to find the best place to work in a certain area. Their ability to tilt is also useful for different ways of painting.

If you’re painting with watercolors, you don’t want your easel to be at a sharp vertical angle because that could make your paint run. Smooth washes will be easier to paint if your easel is at a lower vertical angle or even flat on the ground.

Artists who varnish their work can also benefit from horizontal tilting. Because of the angle, it is easier to put on layers of varnish that are smooth and even. You can also get more done if you tilt your work forward if you paint in more than one session.

At a forward tilt, your art will be less exposed to dust, so it’s less likely that dust will get stuck to it. This is also good for pastel artists because it lets any extra dust fall off the surface.

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Best Art Easel in Amazon

Jekkis 16 Inch Table Top Easel for Painting

Jekkis 3 Packs 16 Inch Easel Stand, Table Top Easel for Painting, Wooden Tabletop Display Easels, Art Craft Painting Easel Stand for Kids Artist Adults Students Classroom
  • 【Size】: 3 Packs 40cm (16 inches) high, 19 cm (7.7 inches) wide, professional triangular wooden easel, can meet all your needs....
  • 【High quality】: Our easel is made of solid pine wood and is sturdy. The rear tripod is fixed by a rope, keeping the easel balanced and...
  • 【Portability】: Foldable design, no need of assembly, light weight, easy to carry. high-quality small size 16 inch wood tabletop display...

One of the best easels on Amazon. It is made of solid pine wood and will last for a long time. The back tripod is held in place by a rope, making the easel stable and hard to knock over. The size is 40 cm (16 inches) tall and 24 cm (9 inches) wide (9.5 inches).

It’s easy to carry because it folds up and doesn’t need to be put together. The package comes with 3 easels. It can be used for classroom art projects, painting parties, exhibitions, and other decorative projects.

Louise Maelys Tabletop Easel

Louise Maelys Tabletop Easel Beechwood Art Easel for Painting Canvases Table Easel Stand for Painters Painting by Numbers, Students Beginners Artist Adults
  • ˂Material˃ Made from solid quality European beech (Fagus sylvatica) material. Easel with superior brass hardware, not easy to rust. And there...
  • ˂Easel Dimensions˃ 14*10*3.5 inch(36*28*9 cm). Canvas up to 20 inch high. It has enough space to place the paper on easel. L shape bottom rung...
  • ˂Widely Applicable˃ Suitable for kids, beginners, students, professional artists and people who love paintings. Suitable for studios, painting...

Made from high-quality European beech wood (Fagus sylvatica). Easel with high-quality brass hardware that doesn’t rust easily. And it has a feather handle that makes it easy to carry. Its size is 14 by 10 by 3.5 inches (36 by 28 by 9 cm). Canvas as high as 20 inches.

It has enough room for the paper to be put on the easel. The paints won’t fall off because the bottom rung is in the shape of a “L.” Fits kids, people who have never painted before, students, professional artists, and people who love to paint. Suitable for studios, painting classes, sketching indoors and outdoors, and traveling artists.

And it can be the perfect birthday present for your children, parents, and friends. Metal fixings make painting more stable, and you can change the angle and height of the canvas to suit your needs. There is also a rubber mat on the bottom that helps keep the easel steady.

This painting easel is made of beechwood and has four storage spaces inside. You can use it for your paint-by-number kits, put your paintings and painting art supply inside, and use it as a tabletop easel.

Mont Marte Tripod Easel

Mont Marte Tripod Easel H.D. Beech
  • Classic A-frame easel suitable for all levels of artists. Perfect for home or studio use
  • Beautifully handcrafted from seasoned beech wood with high-quality steel fittings to ensure the ultimate in stability and durability.
  • Includes a ledge for brushes and paints. Easily adjustable to a multitude of positions to suit your painting style.

Mont Marte Tripod Easel H.D. Beech A-frame easel for artists of all skill levels. Ideal for use at home or in a studio. Beautifully made by hand from well-seasoned beech wood and high-quality steel fittings to make sure it is the most stable and long-lasting chair possible.

It has a storage drawer for paint brushes and paints. Easy to move into a number of different positions to fit your painting style. It can be folded flat so it’s easy to carry or store. Canvas fits about 52 “high. Assembled is about 31 1/2 inches wide, 39 1/2 inches deep, and 89 inches tall.”

Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood Table Top Easel

Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood Table Top Easel
  • Table Top Easel
  • Maximum canvas height up to 40 in
  • Assembly required

Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood Table Top Easel is made of plantation-grown Lyptus hardwood, which is as strong as oak but much lighter. It’s a beautiful wood that’s perfect for artists who want an easel that’s both sturdy and easy to carry.

The easel is 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 20 inches tall, and it folds up for easy storage. It has a brass-plated steel clamp that holds canvases up to 34 inches high, and the easel comes with a matching wood palette.

VISWIN Adjustable Height Tripod Painting Easel

VISWIN Adjustable Height Tripod Painting Easel 51" to 76", Beech Wood Portable Display Easel for indoor & Field, Foldable Design with Tray, for Art Students, Landscape Artists, Hold Canvases Up To 44"
  • Classic A-frame easel suitable for all levels of artists. Perfect for home or studio use.
  • Beautifully handcrafted from seasoned beech wood with high-quality steel fittings to ensure the ultimate in stability and durability.
  • Includes a ledge for brushes and paints. Easily adjustable to a multitude of positions to suit your painting style.

This field easel is made of beech wood and can be adjusted to fit your needs. It’s 51″ to 76″ tall and can hold canvases up to 44″. The tray is perfect for holding an art supply such as paints, brushes, and other supplies. When you’re done, you may fold this field easel and use it to store an art supply.

all the easels storage drawer


Before you buy an easel, you should think about what the artist needs. When choosing the best easel, you should think about how much space you have, how much money you have, and how big your paintings are.

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