Art Kits for Teenagers You Can Get Under $100 – Top 8 Picks.


Whether it’s Christmas, their birthday, or for no special occasion, here are some of our favorite art kits for teenagers you can get under $100.

Not only is it a way for them to channel their inner artist, but it’s also a great way to relieve stress. Yes, teenagers experience a lot of stress, and they need to let it out in a constructive way. Paint by number kits are a marvelous way to do so. They require concentration and handwork. Then after some time, you produce a nice end product that might end up hanging on your wall!


1. Art Kits for Teenagers – DoMyArt Acrylic Paint by Number Kit – Rainbow Owl



This Rainbow Owl painting by DoMyArt is intended for adults at a beginner’s level. The art canvas is textured, enriching the final product, which measures 16 x 20 inches. It comes with three brushes of different sizes to fit into different parts of the painting.

DotMyArt’s kit comes with its own set of acrylic paints. They’re of good quality, but they dry quickly, which is in favor of your painting, but you have to pay attention not to leave it open without the lid, or it’ll dry out. If it happens, pour in one or two drops of water and stir in until it gets back to the desired texture.

The fabric of the canvas is decent, and it takes color well. Yet, it comes with no external frame. If you intend to hang it on the wall, you’ll need to get a separate one.

This kit will be a nice gift for an artsy teenager, and the catch is that it’s dirt cheap! Less than ten bucks!

However, the small price comes at the expense of the brushes. They’re okay, but they’re not the best quality, and their hair does come off.


2. Komking Paint by Numbers for Adults – Magic Cat



Do you know how nearly every teenager goes through a period when they’re totally invested in gothic art? Do you remember the emo trend? Yes, I don’t want to recall these memories too!

Anyhow, this paint by numbers kit features a gothic style young lady with her ‘magic cat’ as the name of the painting suggests. The painting instructions are pretty straightforward and it’s divided into fairly large sections that you can easily go through. The black, blue, turquoise and beige color hues give a nice end result when you’re done.

Like most kits, this one comes with its own set of acrylic paint, a set of three brushes, and no frame. We just don’t like the fact that it comes folded, not rolled, so you might encounter some creases as you paint.


3. Art Kits for Teenagers – Camoyai 5D Full Drill Round Crystal Rhinestone Harry Diamond Painting Craft Canvas


Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Nearly no one, especially in the teenage population!

Camoyai’s Harry Potter-themed diamond painting would be an ideal gift for a Potterhead. This is not a paint by number kit per se, but rather a diamond painting, where you glue the small ‘diamonds’ using a glue pen and place them in their corresponding sections to produce a 5D painting at the end.

The diamonds are made of resins that shine bright with 17 shiny square sections, giving the painting this illuminating effect. These paintings look good and last long, so they’ll be ideal for you to use as decorative pieces when you finish them.


4. Climber Frog – Ledgebay



You don’t need to get an art piece by Picasso or Van Gogh to produce an impressive paint by number artwork. A cute, nice frog painting would do!

This colorful frog painting from Ledgebay will appeal to children, teenagers, and adults equally. It’s colorful with a few details, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll reach the end result easily.

The package comes with the textured canvas, set of brushes, and acrylic paint. It has the same issue as other artworks, it comes folded, not rolled, so there will be creases on the surface.


5. Art Kits for Teenagers – Geboor DIY Oil Painting Drawing with Brushes Paint – Butterfly Beauty Girl



This one is a back profile of a girl with a bunch of colorful butterflies up her back. This DIY kit from Geboor produces an elegant end result that’d be appealing for any teenager to work it out and hang it on the wall in their room after it’s finished.

The canvas is pure cotton, and the accompanying set of brushes is of high quality. The acrylic paint is well pigmented and odorless. Overall this is a great kit that comes at a small price.


6. Arte Vita DIY Acrylic Painting – Flower Roe Deer



We don’t know about you, but we definitely find deers adorable! This innocent face and wide eyes are irresistible for us.

This kit from Arte Vita is an acrylic paint by numbers one, featuring a flower roe deer with warm color hues. The end product is something you’d love to put in your room!

The kit is advertised to be for kids. However, the only negative reviews it got are because reviewers think it’s not suitable for kids. They found it hard for them, even one’s with good dexterity skills. This is particularly why we believe it’s convenient for teenagers, as it’ll match their skill levels easily.

What makes Arte Vita’s kit different from other kits is its small size, as it measures 8 x 8 inches, probably because it’s intended for kids.


7. Faber-Castell – Paint by Number Mermaids



Faber-Castell is a giant in the world of drawing instruments. You might think they only produce coloring kits, only to find that they have a pretty paint by number set featuring three cartoonish mermaids.

Faber-Castell’s kit is different in that it uses its proprietary watercolor pencils. They’re regular coloring pencils on which you can add water to get the watercolor effect. The set comes with a 9 x 9 inches square canvas, seven coloring pencils, a paintbrush, and -wait for it- a display board!

This kit is available in multiple variations. Apart from the mermaids’ painting, there’s the Fairy Garden and the Bloomin’ Butterflies, in addition to the marker version in Woodland Forest Friends. While they might look a bit childish, we assure you they’re not. It’s because of the nature of the pencil or marker colors. They have to be this way.

It’s also available in regular watercolor through a series called the Museum series. We particularly like The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat.


8. Welcome Home – Ledgebay



What we love about the “Welcome Home” pattern is that it looks sophisticated but it’s really not hard to paint. The painting is composed of geometrical shapes, mostly concentric circles, that are easy to follow when you’re painting by numbers.

The canvas is 12 x 16 inches, and the acrylic colors are light enough that they don’t need to be mixed with water unless they dry out. The downside is that some sections are really small, so they might be challenging.


Art Kits for Teenagers – Wrap Up


Paint by number kits can introduce your teenage kids to a whole new world they didn’t know existed. If they’re interested in art, they’ll enjoy them. If not, they’ll love doing something new that requires a minimal amount of skills to produce a fantastic piece of art!

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