Forest Paint by Numbers Kits – Top 5 Choices for Your Walls


If you’re a fan of painting and the masses of green, the following forest paint by numbers kits will help you get lost in the trees.

Forests are where we are at peace with ourselves. There’s just something soothing about these natural landscapes that most of us can’t help but relax at their sight.


1. Lapoea DIY Paint by Number Kit Firefly Forest



Kicking off our list, if you’re looking for a forest paint by numbers kit that’ll add a magical touch to your wall, then this DIY kit from Lapoea can be just what you need.

Not only can this kit help you relax after a busy day by directing your focus onto filling in its sections, but also once you’re finished, you end up with a stunning view of a surreal firefly forest that’s straight out of a fantasy world.

There’s no need for you to mix or blend paint, but you’re free to do so if you want to create a picture according to your own vision. The included set of acrylic paints is eco-friendly with bright colors and adequate pigmentation to easily cover the numbers and lines.

The Lapoea Firefly Forest Paint by Numbers Kit also comes with a paintbrush set that consists of 3 different brush sizes to help you paint large or small areas with improved precision. Not to mention, they’re pretty easy to clean.

With a high-density frameless canvas that’s easy to apply paint on, this kit makes for a nice gift for artists of all skill levels.


2. ShuaXin Paint by Numbers Kit Autumn Forest Landscape



If you’re a fan of the coziness that accompanies the fall season, then you may be interested in a paint by numbers kit that captures the spirit of a forest in autumn. Luckily, we managed to find a nice kit from ShuaXin featuring a beautiful autumn forest that’s gracefully transitioning from summer to winter.

The package comes with a set of high-quality acrylic paint with heavy pigmentation and no need for prior blending. It paints vivid colors on the canvas with full concentration, making it easier to cover the printed numbers and lines.

This ShuaXin forest paint by numbers kit also includes a set of 3 high-stretch paintbrushes made out of nylon. They’re very easy to clean with sturdy handles. The elasticity of the bristles allows for more comfortable painting while keeping the shape of the brush for extended use.

If you go for this kit, you can choose from two options: either a framed or a frameless canvas. With the first option, you’ll receive a solid 16 x 20 inches wooden frame. But the second option only offers you a high-quality linen canvas with clear print so you can easily read the numbers.

Additionally, both options come with 2 wall hooks and 2 screws made of metal to help you hang the canvas on your wall once you’re done.


3. Ledgebay Aurora Bliss Paint by Numbers Kit



This Aurora Bliss kit is another excellent paint by numbers kit option for those with a soft spot for nature and forests. It comes with a 16 inches W x 20 inches L framed linen canvas, a set of eco-friendly and non-toxic acrylic paints, as well as 3 paintbrushes of different sizes: small, middle, and big.

These brushes are made out of high stretch nylon so they don’t depilate and are very easy to clean.

You don’t need to mix or add water to the paint before coloring in the canvas, which makes this kit all the more convenient for beginners. Remember to always close the pot after every use to keep the acrylic paint moist.

This beautiful painting of a snowy forest is great for a winter-themed decoration, and will look great hanging on your wall when you finish your masterpiece!


4. Ledgebay Still Waters DIY Paint by Number Kit



This forest paint by numbers kit is a good match for anyone trying to create more colorful scenery with extra dimensions.

Unlike the previous candidates on our list, this kit displays a cabin in a forest surrounded by tall trees and vibrant flowers. It gives a nice soothing feeling while you work on it and a peaceful vibe as you look at it once you’re done.

This kit includes a 16 W inches x 20 L inches framed pre-printed texture canvas along with a set of non-toxic, safe acrylic paints. Additionally, it comes with a set of 3 paintbrushes made of high resilient nylon for easy cleaning and painting.

You’ll definitely want to use this beautiful piece to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, or living room!


5. TUMOVO Forest Landscape Paint by Numbers Kit



Last but not least, we have a modern forest landscape painting from TUMOVO. Not only does this paint by numbers kit feature rich colors that are non-toxic, non-polluting, and fade-resistant, but it also uses clearly visible figures that you can easily cover with a single layer of paint.

This is one of the best gifts for beginner artists in need of something that’s on the more simple side. It includes 3 different sizes of high stretch nylon paintbrushes for better precision when applying color.

Additionally, this kit becomes waterproof after the pigment completely dries up, so you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth if the surface collects dust. You can also use your iron to flatten the creases out from the backside of the canvas before painting.


Tips for Applying Color in Paint by Numbers Kits


We have presented you with our top 5 forest paint by numbers kits to add to your decor. Now, here are some tips to help you achieve the best results as you color to your canvas:

  1. You should paint the larger sections first, then go smaller as you progress. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll also help you avoid accidental smudging.
  2. Try to fill in all the sections corresponding to the color you’re using before moving using a different color. This will help take away any confusion in terms of the coloring sequence.
  3. Start painting at the top section of the canvas, then move to lower areas as you progress. This will also help you avoid smudges.
  4. Always clean your brush before going in with a different color.
  5. Cover the numbers by using multiple layers of paint if the pigmentation is lacking.
  6. Don’t rush the painting process and allow enough drying time.
  7. Close the paint cup when not in use. Otherwise, the paint may become too dry to apply.
  8. Plan the amount of paint you’ll lay down carefully. You should use enough paint to provide good coverage but still try to be as precise as possible. Don’t apply too much paint so you don’t run out of colors mid-painting.


Wrap Up


There you have it, our top 5 forest paint by numbers kits for a dreamy feel on your walls.

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