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Top Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge Kits


We made a list of the five top paint by numbers autumn bridge kits. Autumn sceneries offer an amazing color palette that’s extremely pleasant to look at, and these are some of the best on the market.

Painters are like magicians. They take a few colors, some brushes, and a canvas. Then, voila! They create exquisite artworks full of life and vibrancy.

A lot of times we think we can do what they do. Yet, few of us follow through. Let’s face it, painting from scratch can be overwhelming.

Luckily, someone felt the same way and was smart enough to come up with the ingenious idea of making paint by numbers kits. These DIY paintings allow you to color in section by section until you’ve painted a bonafide masterpiece.

The Top Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge Kits

Take a look at our top five picks. These paint by numbers kits with autumn bridges will help you relax while showing off your artistic abilities.

1. Adam’s Mill

Schipper 609240799 Paint by Numbers - Old Mill - Painting Pictures for Adults Including Brush and Acrylic Paints 24 x 30 cm
  • Great template – with the Schipper colouring template for adults, every hobby painter and beginner gets a work of art on the canvas that works...
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  • Oil on canvas effect – the finely pre-printed canvas has a noticeable and visible linen texture. This highlights the self-painted character of...

This gorgeous scene has it all. An autumn bridge, a watermill, and a wooden barn. Not only that, but the river adds a classic touch as it reflects the colors surrounding it.

The entire painting consists of warm earth tones, like oranges and yellows. It’s so serene, you can almost hear the rustling of the leaves.

With this kit, you get a certified wrinkle-free linen canvas, which comes rolled in a sturdy tube. In addition, you get a full set of acrylic paints and four brushes in various sizes. There’s also a small colored version of your painting. Use it as a reference to make sure everything’s turning out the way it should.

The Adam’s Mill paint by numbers is sold without a frame. Another option is to get it with a DIY frame that you can set up at home.

2. Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge in a Forest

DIY Digital Oil Painting Set Bridge in Autumn Forest Paint by Numbers Kits for Adult Beginner Children Wooden Frame Art Craft for Home Wall Decor-16x20"
  • Product - 20" x 16" linen canvas with wooden frame. The canvas is mounted on a wooden frame, you don't need to buy another wooden frame.
  • Flexible Paint - High-quality Safe Acrylic Paints. It is environmentally friendly and tasteless, with strong coverage. It can cover the original...
  • Paint With Your Style - Paint by color numbers or do it yourself mixed color. Each digit have a matched acrylic paint in the pigment set. You can...

Featuring soft browns and oranges, this paint by numbers autumn bridge will brighten any room. The colors flow into one another to create a seamless landscape

It’s perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike. With a bit of artistic skill and a good deal of patience, you can have a colorful piece of art to hang on your wall.

This autumn bridge landscape painting comes with a numbered acrylic-based paint set. There are also three paintbrushes in different sizes. The canvas is high-quality linen. It’s sold as frameless or with a DIY frame and hanging kit for added convenience.

3. Country Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge

Paint by Number for Adults Beginner,Landscape Paint by Numbers Rural Small River Houses,Countryside Scenery Paint by Number Riverside Country Small Stone Bridge,With Brushes and Acrylic Pigment
  • ❤ [Paint by number for adults]: This painting has landscape paint by number rural houses small river, countryside scenery paint by numbers...
  • ❤ [The joy of life]: green trees forest paint by numbers landscape is suitable for parent-child interaction, paint by numbers for kids...
  • ❤ [Exquisite decoration]: If you think the room decoration is plain and ordinary, multicolored colour spring paint by numbers scenery riverside...

Full of details, this DIY landscape painting isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s full of intricate detailing that adds life and texture to the finished product.

You’ll enjoy hours of calm and quiet as you paint the bridge, stream, and horse-drawn carriage. The trees are also magnificent in their orange and yellow leaves in time for autumn.

In the kit, there’s a 16 x 20-inch linen canvas. It’s available in three frame options: frameless, framed, and a DIY frame. Plus, you get three different-sized paintbrushes and a full set of acrylic paints.

Another nice addition, which you don’t find on many of these DIY paintings is the hanging hardware kit. It comes with two screws and two traceless hooks to make hanging your showpiece quick and hassle-free.

4. Bridge at Sunset

ACANDYL Paint by Number Bridge DIY Painting Paint by Number Kit for Adults Kids Sunset DIY Canvas Painting by Numbers Acrylic Painting Arts Craft for Home Wall Decoration Paint by Number Sunset 16x20
  • ★Product Feature★Bridge DIY Painting by numbers for adults ,beginner,kids,students , easy to-follow instructions, everyone can be artist , an...
  • ★Ideal Gift★ Sunset DIY Painting is perfect gift for parents, friends, lovers, children on birthday, weddings parties etc.
  • ★How To Paint★ You could match the numbers of the paint and the figures on the canvas to fill in the paint, or do it yourself mixed color.

Anyone can try their hand at the Bridge at Sunset paint by numbers. Fallen leaves, earth-tone colors, and a beautiful sunset—this DIY piece has it all!

Set yourself up in a quiet corner, and enjoy long hours of one-on-one time painting your autumn bridge. Then, once you’re done, there’s no doubt it’ll add warmth and charm to any room.

Included in the kit is a rolled-up premium 16 x 20-inch frameless canvas. You also get a set of acrylic paints and three brushes in various sizes.

5. Autumn at the Lake

5D Diamond Painting Kit for Adults or Kids,2 Deers at The Riverside Lake Cottage Fall Autumn Full Drill Paint with Diamond Art Painting by Number Kits Home Wall Decor 11.8x15.7 inch
  • [5D Full drill] The 5D full drill diamond painting are more shiny and colorful than ordinary diamond painting, looks like a beautiful 5D art...
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Nothing can be better than painting a canvas with such soothing tones. Originally by Darrell Bush, this paint by numbers autumn bridge set is inspired.

It’s filled with layers and dimensions that give it depth. You’ll feel as if you’re standing at the edge of the lake, surrounded by all the beautiful colors of autumn.

This kit comes with everything you need. There’s a rolled-up high-quality linen 16 x 20-inch canvas. It also comes with three paintbrushes and a full set of acrylics.

You can purchase the canvas without a frame. Or, if you don’t mind paying a little bit extra, you can get it framed with a stand as well.

Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge Kits – Tips

Called one of the 100 best hobbies of the century by Time magazine, paint by numbers is a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. The best thing about paint by numbers is that they’re for everyone. All you need is a basic understanding of colors, shades, and brushes.

No matter what your level of expertise is, follow these simple tips to create amazing works of art.

Paint Large Sections First

Some people start from the top of the canvas and work their way down. Others pick one of the dark colors and launch off from there.

It’s basically up to you. However, from experience, we’ve noticed that when you start with the big areas, you get a general idea of what you’re about to paint. It also makes the transition from one color to the next a bit smoother.

Use a White Pencil to Cover the Numbers

PANDAFLY White Charcoal Pencils Drawing Set, Professional 5 Pieces White Sketch Pencils for Drawing, Sketching, Shading, Blending, White Chalk Pencils for Beginners & Artists
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This is a great tip, especially if you’re using a light shade of paint. Working section by section, color over the number with the white pencil. Then, wait a few seconds before coloring over it.

Use Paints in Moderation

Those little paint pots have to make it until the painting is finished. One way to conserve paint is to dip only the tip of the brush into the paint.

A handy art technique, it prevents picking up too much paint on the brush only to have to wash it off. It’ll also protect the bristles from drying up.

Close the Lid

Acrylic paint is one of the best mediums for painting on canvas. Yet, it dries quickly. To avoid this, make sure you always close the lids once you’re done with a specific color.

Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge – Benefits of Painting

In general, creating any type of artform enhances our mental and emotional health. Here are several benefits linked with paint by numbers in particular.

Reduces Stress Levels

Art, in general, is used as a form of therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Painting, especially painting by numbers, makes you feel calmer and less anxious. It’s a great opportunity for your mind to take a break from the daily worries.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Studies show that the creation of art encourages the new neuron pathways in our brains. These pathways help transfer feel-good hormones that make us feel happy and stress-free. As a result, we concentrate better and we’re able to remember things more clearly.

Painting by numbers also trains our eyes to pick up on tiny details. As a result, we become more patient and diligent with the task at hand.

Boosts Creativity

Working on a paint by numbers kit from start to finish fills you with a great sense of pride and achievement. It boosts your creative thinking and individuality.

It’s also quite addictive, once you feel that boost of confidence. You’ll be motivated to accomplish more similar tasks.

Paint by Numbers Autumn Bridge – A Final Note

It was in the 1940s when Dan Robbins first developed the idea of paint by numbers, and we’ve been hooked ever since! This fun hobby provides us with an outlet for our stress and frustrations. It also boosts our confidence and gives us a better appreciation for details.

Get your creative juices flowing with the five top paint by numbers kits with autumn bridges listed above. They’re guaranteed to add life and spark to any room!

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