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Bridge Paint by Numbers Kits – The 2022 Selection


In this article, we’ll review the 2022 selection of the best bridge paint by numbers kits. We’ll also explain why buying one should be on your to-do list. So, keep on reading.

There are about 600,000 bridges in the world. But, the idea of connecting two points started before humans tried to build any structure. Most likely, the oldest bridge was a fallen tree that people used to cross from one point to another.

In today’s world, bridges are built to connect people and cultures. We try to build bridges with other people to communicate with them and understand their feelings.

In the artistic sense, painting bridges feels satisfying and relaxing. Finding the best bridges on paint by numbers kits will help you enjoy your time to the maximum.

Why Should You Get One?

Do you want to paint and draw but think that you lack the talent? There’s no doubt that some people are natural-born geniuses. Some painters started creating masterpieces when they were little children.

But if you’re not one of them, hope is not lost. You can still create unique paintings to add a personal touch to your space. Or to give as a gift to a loved one. This is possible when you buy a paint by numbers kit.

A paint by numbers kit is a DIY project that you can finish with proper guidance. The kit is made up of canvas that comes with the drawing of your choice and a set of colors and paint brushes that you can use to complete your painting.

The drawing on the canvas is divided into small pieces, and each small part is assigned a number. These numbers correspond to the shades that you need to use to fill in the parts until the canvas resembles the painting on the box.

Why is Paint by Numbers so Popular?

Paint by numbers kits are extremely popular for several reasons.

Bridge Paint by Number Kits

DoMyArt Acrylic Paint by Number Kit On Canvas for Adults Beginner,DIY Adult Crafts Acrylic Art Painting Project - Bridge 16X20 Inch (Brooklyn Bridge)
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As early as the stone age, Neolithic people started building boardwalk bridges or elevated paths to help them move around across marshland where walking on the ground wasn’t accessible. There is a lot of historical evidence that shows how the building of bridges has evolved throughout the years.

The Arkadiko Bridge is located in southern Greece and dates back to the 13th century BC. Built towards the end of the stone age, this is one of the oldest surviving arc bridges in the world that is still in use.

But the definition of bridges extends beyond the physical meaning of the word. Education is a bridge that takes people to new destinations where they can realize their full potential. The effort that someone puts into their studies represents the foundation and the stones that build a bridge that leads to a better future.

Understanding and appreciation of one another represent a bridge that extends between cultures. People can learn how to accept those who don’t share their beliefs and defend their rights to practice them in peace.

Cultural Bridges

Cultural events that spread awareness represent a bridge that connects us to other people. We can become more appreciative of what others go through and how they feel by understanding where they’re coming from.

Proper communication with no prior judgment is a bridge that can help you connect with people who mean a lot to you and can have a profound effect on your life. While today’s world seems extremely busy, lots of people feel lonely because they’re unable to communicate and connect with others who can understand them. Speaking up and listening to others will create a bridge that takes you out of your bubble, where you can build a long-lasting connection with another human being based on mutual care and interaction.

Spiritual Bridges

Our deeds and actions connect us to a higher power that runs this universe. Whether you believe in the Divine or in the power of the universe, for every action, there’s a reaction. The energy you put out there comes back to you through a bridge that you build every day by interacting with others.

According to their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual meanings, bridges have always been fascinating. For this reason, we created multiple paint by numbers kits that contain different bridges, so you can enjoy painting them and bringing them back to life.

Some of our kits will remind you of your childhood. Perhaps, you can remember a bridge that you once saw while enjoying your summer vacation when you were a child.

You might see a fascinating bridge that looks like it doesn’t belong to this world. Maybe you will think of a bridge that can take you where your dreams will become true.

Whatever you think of, you will find a bridge paint by numbers kit that definitely matches your preferences, so check out our 2022 list.

1. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults – A Day to Remember

Ledgebay Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults: Beginner to Advanced Number Painting Kit - Fun DIY Arts & Crafts | Color by Numbers for Adults - Kits Include - (Mountain Village 16" x 20" Unframed)
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With 50’s vibes, this canvas shows a couple enjoying a canoe ride on one sunny afternoon while the canoe goes under a bridge. The dog is watching curiously as two ducks are wondering what this couple is up to. This beautiful scenery is set against a remarkable background that features amazing trees that come in all shades of green.

The combination of greens and blues makes this an interesting choice for a summer house or a bedroom. The scene looks peaceful, as we can see a smile on the couple’s faces. The painting comes in multiple sizes and in framed and unframed versions. All the tools needed to have it completed will arrive with your kit.

2. Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults – Summit Pass

Ledgebay DIY Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Framed Canvas: Beginner to Advanced Paint by Numbers Kit - Kits Include Acrylic Paints, (4) Brushes & Tabletop Easel (Nature's Blessing 12" x 16" Framed)
  • REAL LICENSED ARTWORK - Our paint by numbers for adults with the Ledgebay kit features designs from authentic licensed artwork. The artist makes...
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In this scene, we can see a steam train that passes a bridge that was probably built a long time ago. Although we can’t see the passengers, it’s a fun thing to think about where they’re going or what they’re up to.

Upon first glance, this scene seems like it’s coming from a Western movie, so it might be what you need to change the ambiance of a rustic-style living room or office room. The background shows high mountains that are covered with snow, despite the sunny weather. The green treetops bring more balance to the scene.

Because this bridge paint by numbers kit will arrive with all the paint colors and brushes that you need, you will be able to finish it in no time. You can also choose between the framed and unframed versions and check out the sizes available to pick the most appropriate one.

Wrap Up

A bridge to your commute, between you and the ones you love, or between you and your future, will have a huge impact on your everyday life. Pay tribute to the bridges you build and cross and enjoy one of our bridge paint by numbers kits.

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